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Outlaw Order

From: New Orleans, LA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Eyehategod Drummer Passes Away

Joey Lacaze, the drummer for Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Ten Suicides, and Italian Cemetery Suicide Accidents, has passed away.

Eyehategod had just returned days ago from a successful month-long tour in Europe. You can visit EyeHateGod's Facebook profile to catch up on any released statements.

EyeHateGod had recently announced three 25th anniversary shows to take place in September and October. As there has been no official statement from the band, it is unclear if these will go on as planned or are more likely going to be cancelled.

Officials listed the cause of death due to respiratory failure; he was afflicted with long-term asthma.

An account is set up for the benefit of his daughter Lilith LaCaze. Checks can be made payable to the Lilith LaCaze or Joseph LaCaze donation fund at any Capital One Bank in any city.

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Arson Anthem Announces Debut Release Date

Arson Anthem, the band featuring former Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and current Down frontman Phil Anselmo, along with Hank Williams III (also formerly of Superjoint Ritual), Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod, Outlaw Order) and Colin Yeo of Ponykiller fame, has announced that they will be releasing their debut full length album, "Insecurity Notoriety" on October 12th through Anselmo's Housecore Records.

Anselmo comments: "I'm not sure what it is... but when Hank III, Colin, Mike and I get into "Arson" mode, time stops. We know the mission is to write unforgiving hardcore inspired by a slew of '80's bands... but the result is its own animal, yet not too terrible removed from the genuine article.

"With that said, Insecurity Notoriety is like listening to an old favorite blast from the skanking past... vicious, snotty, grating and anthemic! I know it's typical to call a modern-day hardcore band 'fresh' or 'different', especially when it's your band, but... it is! This effort makes our first EP sound like child's play, as it should. Play it over and over! Piss everyone off!"

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Black Skies Issues Tour Update

North Carolina doom metal band BLACK SKIES, who kicked off their US tour July 1st, are currently with a new lineup and new songs. Founding members Kevin Clark and Michelle Temple are joined by recent recruit, ex-Des Ark drummer Tim Herzog.

Said Michelle from the road, "The our is going great! In Pittsburgh, Chicago and Iowa City where we've played before and people have seen the band's various lineups, the new material has been very well-received, some saying it's our best yet! This was our first time as a band to Columbus and Madison. Both shows went really well and we plan to make these regular stops on future tours. We've made new friendships with some great bands as well. My personal favorite so far was Rebreather from Youngstown. Awesome guys and amazing band! We have the night off tonight (July 6th), our only day off during the 24-day tour, so we're going to find a good spot to camp somewhere then it's off to Denver to play with Black Lamb! We're looking forward to getting back at it and playing every night until the tour ends in Nashville. We all feel very grateful for everyone's support and for the ability to be able to do this!" More...

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Outlaw Order Takes Over Metairie

Back home from their West Coast tour, Outlaw Order had a welcome back show for their New Orleans brethren. Opening the show were the strange The Foot and Flesh Parade. Us New Orleans's metal heads are proud of having Outlaw Order here almost as much as we're proud of our football team. Although the bar was not packed to the brim, everyone in attendance heard some great music. Outlaw Order's entire set can be seen below. More...

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Soilent Green is Doled Out to New Orleans Citizens

It truly was a night to remember. The club was packed to the gills and filled with smoke from various substances. Everyone was chattering away while the bands mingled with old friends and made us wait with ardor to until they would make music for us. First on the bill was a crust punk band called Tire Fire, the singer of which is out of his fucking mind. In previous performances I’ve seen, Matt throws himself on the floor which would normally knocked the wind out of somebody, but he just keeps singing (or screaming). As the audience knocks him around, picks him up to throw him back down and kicks him, he just keeps going. He was not as crazy this night because there were barricades along the stage in anticipation of a rough night, but he still managed to kick the faces and chests of the people in the front row while he said, “Fuck barricades.” If you ever see these madmen live, check out their merch table where you can purchase a bottle of Asian whiskey that has a cobra and scorpion in it for just over $100. More...

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Los Angeles Murderfest 5.0 Taking Shape

Tickets are now on sale for the fifth annual Los Angeles Murderfest, set to take place May 9-10, 2009 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California. Visit losangelesmurderfest.com for information on how to buy tickets.

Recent additions to the line-up include SKARP, RECIPROCAL, DESTROYED IN SECONDS. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, May 9th: More...

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New Bands Confirmed For L.A. Murderfest 2009

The 2009 L.A. Murderfest will be taking place on May 9th and 10th at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. The official L.A. Murderfest website has been updated with the following list of confirmed bands:


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NOLA Underground Raise the Dead Fest Announced

NOLA Underground presents Raise the Dead Festival 3 on November 1 at the Howlin' Wolf.

Acts performing are Outlaw Order 00%, Flesh Parade, Hostile Apostle, Ritual Killer, and Pain Tribe.

More information can be found here

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Outlaw Order Announces New Release Date

Due to manufacturing issues, "Dragging Down the Enforcer" will not be released until November 25, 2008 overseas and November 26, 2008 in the United States. You can check out their song, "Siege Mentality" on the band's myspace page.

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Outlaw Order Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Outlaw Order, the band comprised entirely of Eyehategod members, has revaled the track listing and artwork (viewable here) of their upcoming album. You can also download a full song off the album and also hear it on their MySpace page.

1. Intro
2. Relive the Crime
3. Safety off
4. Double Barrel solves everything
5. Alcohol Tobacco Firearms
6. Mercy Shot
7. Narco-Terroristos
8. Siege Mentality (MP3)
9. Walking Papers
10. Dragging down the Enforcer
11. Outro

Due to manufacturing issues, "Dragging Down the Enforcer" will be out November 10th instead of October 13th.

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Outlaw Order Signs To Season Of Mist

New Orleans metal band OUTLAW ORDER has signed to Season Of Mist. The band boasts members of local New Orleans conspiracists EYEHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN and HAWGJAW. Their debut full-length, entitled "Dragging Down The Enforcer" is set for release this October, and the band plans to tour during the fall in support of their debut release.

Outlaw Order is comprised of:

Michael D. Williams (EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM) - vocals
Brian Patton (EYHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN) - guitar
Gary Mader (EYEHATEGOD, HAWGJAW) - guitar
Joey LaCaze (EYEHATEGOD) - drums
Justin Grisoli (ex-EYEHATEGOD) - bass

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Outlaw Order To Record Full-Length Album

OUTLAW ORDER, the New Orleans-based band featuring members of EYEHATEGOD, has issued the following update:

"After years of talking about it, we are finally getting into the studio to record the first full-length. We go in the studio March 29th, so we are hoping to have this in your hands by summer or fall at the latest."


Gary Mader (EYEHATEGOD, HAWG JAW) - Guitar
Mike Williams - Vocals (EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM)
Justin Grisoli - Bass
Joey Lacaze (EYEHATEGOD, CLEARLIGHT) – Drums More...

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Arson Anthem Debut CD Expected In February

ARSON ANTHEM — the new band featuring Philip Anselmo (DOWN, ex-PANTERA), Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD), and Hank Williams III (SUPERJOINT RITUAL) — is tentatively scheduled to release its debut CD in February 2008. More information will be made available soon.

Fan-filmed video footage of ARSON ANTHEM's September 13, 2006 concert at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans, Lousiana can be viewed below. The unannounced appearance took place during Hank Williams III's solo headlining concert at the venue.


Mike D. Williams (EYEHATEGOD, OUTLAW ORDER) – Vocals
Philip H. Anselmo (DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA) – Guitar
Hank Williams III (SUPERJOINT RITUAL) – Drums
Collin Yeo - Bass More...

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