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Evoken Photo

Band Photo: Evoken (?)

Formed: 1994
From: Lyndhurst, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Evoken is an American funeral doom/death metal band that is influenced by the Australian band Disembowelment and the Finnish band Thergothon. The band name Evoken was taken from the Thergothon song found on the Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth demo. The band was founded by guitarist Nick Orlando under the name Funereus in April of 1992. It was with the original line-up of Rob-Bass/Vocals; Nick-Guitar; Phil-Guitar & Vince-Drums that they recorded what would be the first & only Funereus release...the Rehersal/Demo 1992. After briefly changing their name to Asmodeus the following year, the band eventually decided upon the name Evoken in 1994 after several line up changes. They headlined the Dutch Doomsday Festival in 2003 during a brief European tour of Holland, Belgium & the UK.

Incorporating deeply reverbed clean guitars, keyboards, cello and a strong dark ambient influence to their cavernous sound, the band has since grown more hypnotic and experimental in their approach from earlier days-yet still maintain their death/doom/funeral influences. Evoken is one of the earliest U.S. doom/death metal bands that are still active today.

Evoken have recently left Avantgarde Music of Italy after releasing two albums with the label & have signed to I Hate Records of Sweden as of January 2007. Their new album entitled "A Caress Of the Void" has been completed & will be released later this summer.

Evoken Interviews and Features

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Evoken's Nick Orlando On Caressing The Void

Obsidian droplets of rain trace a slow procession down the face of a midnight sky. The scent of moss and forgotten bouquets fill the air, spiraling in a Venetian waltz with the mist as it settles around the shroud of earth draping you.

You sink ever further into the oblivion of this landscape…only this is not your death, it is Evoken’s 11 minute masterpiece “The Last of Vitality”, from their late album Antithesis of Light, and one of the most provocative Doom compositions to reach our ears. With a new label and new album Caress of the Void soon to be unleashed, guitarist Nick Orlando let me into the scattered realm of his tortured mind to discuss his journey through the Metal Underground. More...

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