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The Dead Unknown To Disband Later This Year

The Dead Unknown have revealed intentions to disband later this year. Here's a statement from the band:

"After 6+ years, The Dead Unknown is coming to an end. It's difficult to sit here and expound upon what the end of this band will mean for our lives. In recent times, it has become very difficult for Poop and I to find people that share our level of passion and commitment for this band, which somewhat makes it feel as though the passion that kept us alive for so long has come full circle to kill us. We would much rather lay this to rest now, than ever watch it grow into something that we hate and view as a burden. I feel we've accomplished a lot over the last six years. When we started this band, it was the first band most of us had ever really been in, and in such, we experienced everything together. We may have been a tad naïve, but we had fun, and the thought of this band ever not being fun destroys me. Persistent black clouds, cancelled tours, cancelled shows that forced long drives on tours and many other setbacks never stopped us. In spite of every setback, we never gave up our integrity. We were unyielding in what we knew this band could be, and it's difficult to now watch it crumble before our eyes. We never gave this band anything less than one hundred percent of ourselves. When all is said and done, we did this OUR way. We never compromised and we never pandered to what could have gained us a particular audience. I hope that we were able to challenge at least a few people to look at their lives a bit differently, and I hope we'll be remembered fondly by those that truly understood what we were trying to accomplish every time we played a show or tortured ourselves in the studio. Putting the final nail in the coffin is the hardest thing we've ever done, but the time has clearly been drawn upon us. To everyone that has supported The Dead Unknown, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

We have been able to reassemble what was by far our most solid lineup from the days of the "Hope's Last Breath" EP, and in the coming months, the five of us are going to sit down and have a good time writing and recording some new songs. Hopefully sometimes this fall, we'll have a final show and a final recording to put into people's hands at said show. More details will follow."

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