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Formed: 1983
From: New York City, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Manntis Added To Anthrax Tour

According to a post on the official Anthrax website, Manntis has been added to their upcoming tour in January. Tour dates are as follows:

Jan. 06 Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head Live
Jan. 07 NYC, NY- Nokia Theatre
Jan. 13 Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
Jan. 21 Hollywood, CA - The Avalon

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Q&A With Joey Belladona

Tartarean Desire caught up with Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna, and asked how his second stint with the band compares to the earlier years. "Totally the same," he said. "In fact if anything, other than not knowing the future [of the reunited band recording together], or knowing where we stand [in terms of the reunion's longevity], I'm totally psyched about this whole thing because it's really neat to just pull it all back together. Plus we're one of the bands that's had the longevity and it would be a shame for us not to come out again [with another tour or a new album in this 'classic' lineup]. I think that's where everybody's coming from."

Read the full article at Tartarean Desire.

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Anthrax Presale Tickets For January Tour Dates

Anthrax just finished a successful arena tour with Judas Priest and are all now taking some well deserved time off. PRE-SALE tickets for the upcoming January 2006 tour are on sale now, however. There are a limited number of pre-sale tickets still available at ArtistArena.com for the following shows:

Fri 01/06/06 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
Sat. 01/07/06 - Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
Fri. 01/13/06 - House Of Blues, Chicago IL
Sat. 01/21/06 - The Avalon, Hollywood, CA

All pre-sale tix INCLUDE admission to that show's soundcheck. GOD FORBID & SWORN ENEMY are opening.

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Charlie Benante Promo Video Online

A video interview with Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has been posted online at VicFirth.com. Benante promoted the band's live album 'Alive 2' and 'Anthrology' and revealed his drum stick of choice.

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Rock School Band To Open For Judas Priest

The band from the second series of the tv show Rock School - who are calling themselves No Comment - have just landed the gig as the opening act for Judas Priest in Long Beach, California as part of the 'Priest Feast' triple bill that also includes Rob Zombie and Anthrax. The band will make their national debut in front of some 8000 people October 30th at the Long Beach Arena.

Rock School, which is one of VH1's most successful shows, has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon as legendary Kiss bassist Gene Simmons shows fledgling musicians how to rock out, heavy-metal style!

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Bush Discusses Future w/ Anthrax, Armored Saint

On Thursday, October 13, 2005, The Dio Message Board conducted an interview with ANTHRAX and current ARMORED SAINT vocalist John Bush. A few excerpts from the question-and-answer session follow:

The Dio Message Board: First things first, John. How are you and the family? Enjoy being a dad?

John Bush: "I love being a dad. It's exceeded all of my expectations. Our child is so awesome. She's so nice!! My wife is also great and we're enjoying spending lots of time together. I help her with her business. We run a commercial casting facility. She just cast the new KORN video."

The Dio Message Board: I don't want to harp on about the current ANTHRAX situation, so I'm only going to ask one question to you on this. I find it ironic that when you first joined ANTHRAX many fans wanted Joey Belladonna to remain in the band and now he's in the band all these years later many more fans want you back in ANTHRAX! At this stage are you still available for ANTHRAX in the future or do you feel that the door is closed on this?

John Bush: "Well, I guess people are fickle, aren't they?! [Laughs] Sounds like a case of 'The grass is always greener on the other side.' I would say, 'Never say never.' But from a standpoint of how to properly live my life now, I need to think of it as over. Otherwise I'd feel stuck in the mud. Not a healthy place to be."

The Dio Message Board: "We've Come for You All" is widely regarded as ANTHRAX's best album by many. What's your favorite ANTHRAX album that you've sung on and why?

John Bush: "I like them all 'cause they're all different. 'We've Come for You All' is really strong. I think the song 'Catharsis' on 'Volume 8' is maybe the best song we ever wrote together. 'Sound of White Noise' was very important cause it showed a ton of growth by the band. No better song live than 'Only'. I'm proud of them all. 'Random Acts' on 'Stomp' is one of the heaviest things I ever sang."

The Dio Message Board: The ANTHRAX live DVD from last year was awesome and to hear you singing the old-era ANTHRAX was great too. I also enjoyed the "Greater of Two Evils" album you followed it up with. Most notably the musical change of "Deathrider". Any thoughts about this album?

John Bush: "Well... I think it's a cool record, especially the philosophy of it. Me singing those old songs on a record. I stuck my neck out there, but [I have] no regrets. Unfortunately, the reunion tour happened shortly after it came out, so I don't know if that sent the best message. But I still think it came out pretty good."

The Dio Message Board: And so to the future. What's next for John Bush? Many fans are wanting a new ARMORED SAINT album and full tour. What are the chances of that happening?

John Bush: "Don't know yet. I think time will help figure it out. Music has been my life, but sometimes a break gives you clarity and I think that's happening now. Whatever I do, I want to do it from a place of love, not need. Nothing is in the works yet. I'll let you know."

Read the full article at Dio Message Board.

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Scott Ian Can't Wait To Play Bush-Era Songs

Shawn Macomber of The Nashua Telegraph recently conducted an interview with ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian. Several excerpts from the chat follow:

On the different reactions to the reunion of the group's "classic" lineup:

"We're not U2. Everyone doesn't love us all the time. I'm not surprised by any of the reactions. Music comes down to two things: You either like it or you don't, and everybody has an opinion. It's a very volatile thing. If we spent our time listening to people outside of the band about everything we do, ANTHRAX never would have even made our first record. So I have to go with what my heart, my gut and my soul are telling me."

On touring with JUDAS PRIEST:

"The only way I can look at this tour is from the point of view of myself as a 16-year-old kid going to JUDAS PRIEST shows. That's how I feel whenever I'm around these guys, even though I've known them for years. It's a win-win situation for us. The shows are killer, and we get to hang out with our heroes."

On the relationship with his bandmates:

"Well, the only way it’s really progressing is on a personal level. We haven't really tried to move forward musically or creatively in any way. I can honestly say we're in a better place, personally, than ever before. I just basically attribute that to the fact that we've grown up. Things that seemed important 15 years ago definitely aren't as important now."

On the John Bush-era material:

"I absolutely miss those songs from 'Sound of White Noise', 'We've Come for You All' and the other records we did with John Bush. I can't wait to be able to play those songs again."

On the band's future:

"Believe me, it’s as confusing to me as anyone else. I feel like I'm living in this alternate reality where I'm somehow in two different versions of ANTHRAX at the same time. The only thing that's going to define it for me is the music we come up with, and we'll just have to take it from there."

On playing their greatest hits from their 1985-91 halcyon days in their original form rather than the shortened, altered arrangements of recent years:

"I understand why we did what we did to these songs in the '90s because we had this huge catalog to play from, all the old stuff as well as all the records we did with John Bush, so it made sense. Our attitude going into this reunion was 'Let's play these songs note for note how we played and recorded them in the '80s. Truthfully, they're so much better this way."

On the band's early days:

"People so often look back with rose-colored glasses and say those were the good old days, but back when we first signed our record contract in 1985, those really were the good old days. We've seen it go from a business run by music lovers at all these different labels to two or three corporations run by lawyers and accountants.

"In the '80s we had to fight for everything we got. Nobody knew how to market a band like ANTHRAX at Island Records in 1985. We basically learned together and had huge success together. That couldn't happen today. There is no such thing as a label giving bands a few records to develop their careers. If you don’t go gold or platinum on your first record, you're done, over. Next.

"If that had been the case in the '60s, '70s or '80s, every great band everybody loves and listens to today wouldn't exist. They never would have made it."

Read the full article at Nashua Telegraph.

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Anthrax Show Report From Jaxx in Springfield, VA

Thursday, October 6, I made it out to Springfield, VA to see Anthrax play at Jaxx. I’d been looking to catch them live since before they started touring with their reunited “classic” lineup including singer Joey Belladonna, but I thought the classic lineup would great to see as well. I was actually quite pleased that they had a headlining gig in my area since I’m not a big Priest fan and would rather Anthrax had a headliner’s time to play.

I’d read on the Internet that day before getting in my car for the hour and fifteen minute drive - due to traffic and rain – that the show was nearly sold out. It didn’t surprise me, as Jaxx is a pretty small club, holding maybe a few hundred people at most. What did surprise me was that Anthrax was playing there in the first place, but apparently they have some history with the club and/or owner.

I barely got there in time to make my interview with Joey (which will be online shortly). Just as I wrapped that up and made my way back into the club, the first local opener was just about set up and ready to play. More...

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John Bush Says He Will Not Be Rejoining Anthrax

Totalrock is reporting that vocalist John Bush told them that he will not be returning to Anthrax. After 13 years with the band, the singer had to step aside earlier this year, when his predecessor Joey Belladonna re-joined the band for a re-union tour featuring what many regard as their classic line-up. But, until now, Bush has remained silent about whether he would consider a return. Now, he's publicly stated that he will move on.

This isn't much different from his previous statement, but sounds a little more definite, leaving less doubt.

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Gigantour Report From Vancouver, BC

I went to the Gigantour show at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC on September 9. Because I have been busy for the past little while, I haven’t got the chance to get this done until now. As far as I know, the Montreal date has been filmed for the upcoming Gigantour DVD to feature Dream Theater and the Vancouver show was filmed for Anthrax.

Although originally scheduled to play, the Dillinger Escape Plan had to back out due to an injury suffered by guitarist Ben Weinman, which is a bit of a downer. On the bright side, DEP will be back in Vancouver in November. More...

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Scott Ian Addresses Bush's Comments

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has commented on an article in the latest issue of Revolver magazine in which vocalist John Bush appears to distance himself from the possibility of ever returning to the band following the group's decision to reunite with their previous singer, Joey Belladonna.

In a posting at the band's official web site, Ian had the following to say regarding Bush's comments:

"Nothing has changed because of an interview that we all participated in four months ago. What it doesn't say is that without this reunion tour, the band is over. No new record, nothing. It would've been impossible for us to continue as ANTHRAX. This tour is a bridge to the future of this band. Don't bother speculating on it. It's all going to come down to the music. We'll start writing and see where it takes us just like we've always done."

In a later posting, Ian elaborates further on his statement, saying, "[The comment about] not being able to continue relates to us not flushing another two years of our lives down the toilet. That's all I can say."

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Headline News

John Bush: My Time With Anthrax Is 'Over'

In a brand-new interview with Revolver magazine — his first since being "replaced" as the voice of ANTHRAX by his predecessor, Joey Belladonna — vocalist John Bush confirmed that the original idea for the band's current reunion trek was to bring both Belladonna and Bush on tour, as ANTHRAX had planned in 2000, but Bush wasn't interested. "At one time, I had been willing to tour with Joey, but now everything is different," Bush says. "It just wasn't in my heart. I figured I had been in this band 12 and a half years, and we felt positive about what we had done, and we all thought our last album, 'We've Come for You All', was the best record we'd made together. So I just wanted to move forward and do another album."

Bush's refusal to take part in the tour complicates his relationship with the band. He's still officially a member of ANTHRAX, but he's not on retainer and hasn't been given a date to report back to duty. In addition, ANTHRAX released two albums in September, neither of which involved Bush; a double-disc collection of their studio songs with Belladonna, 'Anthrology', and a live album of the reunion tour, 'Alive 2'. In Bush's mind, that doesn't bode well.

"The idea of this reunion tour was to generate a bunch of enthusiasm for the band. But if they get people excited, they're going to want a new record, so they're going to follow up with a new album with Joey," Bush says. "So for me, I look at it as it's over. The last thing I want to do is say, 'Hey, I'll be here if you want me.'"

Strangely, ANTHRAX haven't actually committed to a new CD with Belladonna, which is trying for the man who rode with them to their greatest heights in the Eighties.

"I can't even begin to understand how this all works," Belladonna says. "People are all worried about Bush not being here. I know for a fact he wasn't booted out. I was. I had to go. I had no choice. But the minute I start thinking about stuff like that, I'm not getting anywhere. Right now, I'm just doing the best job I can, and That's what I'm focused on. But I'm not just here for a temporary run. I'm ready for the ride."

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Anthrax Post DVD E-card Online

Anthrax has got the new flash E-card Anthrax.com their new DVD "Alive 2 & Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985 - 1991)" up. Check it out at Anthrax.com.

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Anthrax 'Alive 2: The Music' Listening Party

AOL Music is hosting an online listening party for Anthrax's latest effort 'Alive 2: The Music', released today (September 20). You can listen to the album in full here.

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More Anthrax Audio Streams and Tracklistings

There are a few new audio streams available online to promote Anthrax's upcoming releases of Alive 2 and Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991). Here they are:

Here are the various tracklistings for the upcoming Anthrax video and CD packages and products. More...

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Anthrax Release Notes and Tour Dates

Fresh off of a successful run on Gigantour, Anthrax continues to blaze a trail on tour with Judas Priest. Anthrax will support Judas Priest on a US/Canadian run this Fall in support their new releases: Anthrology - No Hit Wonders (CD and DVD) and Alive 2 (CD and DVD).

Anthrology - No Hit Wonders is a remastered 2-disc "Best Of" set spanning the band's hits from 1985-1991 with an accompanying DVD collection of the band's Island years videos. Alive 2 (the album) captures the band's explosive June 3rd, 2005 performance at Starland Ballroom while Alive 2 (the DVD) features the Starland Ballroom concert and a documentary chronicling the band's historic reunion.

In addition to the Judas Priest dates, Anthrax will be playing select headline shows across the country. The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Vote For Bands To Perform At Sweden Rock Fest

Sweden Rock Festival is asking fans to vote for 30 bands they want to see at the festival. To vote, visit www.swedenrock.com and click on "Vi frågar er." Click on up to 30 of the bands you want to see, then click the "Skicka" button.

Some of the bands you can vote for: More...

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Priest, Zombie and Anthrax To Do Priest Fest

JUDAS PRIEST, ROB ZOMBIE and ANTHRAX will be teaming up for Priest Feast, a special, one-time only event to take place on October 30 at the Long Beach Arena. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, September 17 at 10:00 a.m. Get tickets at AvalonAttractions.com. Tickets also available at all Ticketmaster outlets, including Tower Records/Robinsons, May/Ritmo Latino and Wherehouse Music locations, via Charge by Phone: (213) 480-3232; (714) 740-2000; (805) 583-8700; and at www.ticketmaster.com. Tickets also available at venue box office (11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday).

The Long Beach Arena is located at 300 E. Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach, California.

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Anthrax Guitarist Checks In With Gigantour Update

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following Gigantour update on the band's official website:


"Cold and rainy Seattle on a Saturday afternoon and we're playing outside! Well at least the seats are covered. Gigantour has been a blast. Too short. We're only on 5 shows on this traveling metal extravaganza and I wish it was going longer. Everyone's been great to us like we've been here the whole time. Us newbies were treated very well. Edmonton and Calgary were killer. We hadn't been in those cities since 1988 if memory serves and the crowds were crazy. I am so stoked we will be back with Priest so soon. Vancouver was the best show so far. We were there last in 2000 (with Snake Sabo on guitar) so it had not been as long as the other cities but damn they were hungry. Vancouver was nuts. The circle-pit in Indians was huuuuuuge! Thank you so much and we'll see you in a few weeks as well on the Priest tour. We went to see Oasis on our night off in Vancouver. They were good. Beyond all the hype and bullshit they are a great rock band. That's my story. We've been hanging with the LOA guys who kick ass every night. I've been talking to Dave about next year. Things are in the works. I hope it pans out. I have to thank Dave as well for being so persistent in getting us on this tour. It's been a blast for us and I think for the fans as well. Our two bands together work very well. I fucking love metal. Seattle tonight.


PS The CDC will launch soon. We are compiling loads of content. And there will be live chats for sure. I did one yesterday in the Gigantour forum and it was great."

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Anthrax Confirms More N. American Tour Dates

Anthrax has added a few more dates to their upcoming North American tour with Judas Priest following Gigantour. Dates confirmed so far are as follows:

Sept. 23 Ft Wayne, IN - Piere's (headlining)
Sept. 24 Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom (headlining)
Sept. 25 Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
Sept. 27 Champaign, IL - Aseembly Hall
Sept. 28 Rockford, IL - Rockford Metrocentre
Sept. 29 Kalamazoo, MI - Wings Stadium
Oct. 01Milwaukee, WI - US Cellular Arena
Oct. 02 Moline, IL - The Mark Of The Quad Cities
Oct. 04 Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights (headlining)
Oct. 05 Bridgeport, CT - Arena at Harbor Yard
Oct. 06 Springfield, VA - Jaxx (headlining)
Oct. 07 Lowell, MA Paul - E Tsongas Arena
Oct. 09 Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata Casino & Spa
Oct. 11 Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Oct. 12 Montréal, QUE- Bell Centre
Oct. 14 Ottawa, ONT - Corel Centre
Oct. 15 London, ONT - John Labatt Centre
Oct. 16 Flint, MI - Machine Shop (headlining)
Oct. 18 Winnipeg, MAN - MTS Centre
Oct. 22 Spokane, WA - The Big Easy (headlining)
Oct. 24 Vernon, BC - Vernon Multiplex
Oct. 26 Salt Lake City, UT - The "E" Center of West Valley
Oct. 27 Boise, ID - The Big Easy (headlining)
Oct. 28 Kelseyville, CA - Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa

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