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Formed: 1983
From: New York City, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Anthrax "Alive 2 (2005)" Audio Streams Available

Audio streams from Anthrax's upcoming live album, "Alive 2 (2005)", have been posted at MonstersAndCritics.com. Two tracks are available, "I Am The Law" and "Among The Living", and can be found here.

"Alive 2 (2005)" is due to be released on both CD and DVD on September 20th via Sanctuary. The cover can be viewed here.

The tracklisting for the CD is as follows:

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Anthrax Announce A Few Headlining Dates

ANTHRAX have confirmed four headlining dates for this fall during off dates from their tour with JUDAS PRIEST. They are as follows:

September 22 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater
September 23 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Piere's
October 6 - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
October 16 - Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop

No national opening bands have been confirmed for any of the dates, though according to the Jaxx website, one national act will perform with ANTHRAX at that stop. Local bands will open each show.

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Anthrax's Bello Participate In Reality Show

In the midst of America's obsession with reality television, the YES Network has created their first reality show entitled, YES' Ultimate Road Trip.

The show revolves around four diehard Yankee fans whom are provided the opportunity to follow the Yankees on the entire 162 game schedule.

While essentially touring with the Yankees, the fans will perform assigned tasks and compete for prizes.

A fellow New Yorker and dedicated New York Yankees follower, Anthrax's Frankie Bello had the opportunity recently to partake in YES' Ultimate Road Trip.

Be sure to catch Frankie on the YES Network on Sunday, August 28th at 7:30 PM (EST).

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Judas Priest Add More Tour Dates

Judas Priest has added more dates to the second leg of their upcoming North American tour. Anthrax will be special guests. They will not be on every show - but most of them. Anthrax have not been comfirmed for Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver yet.

Tour dates are as follows: More...

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Anthrax Drummer Checks In From Ozzfest

Anthrax drummer, Charlie Benante, has posted this update on the band's official website:

PRIEST BABY! We are heading out to the Highway! Check the dates and see when we come to your town.

I'm excited to play with JP, well I'm not playing with them... But I would LOVE TO!!!! HINT HINT. This is the metal tour I've been waiting for and I hope you have wanted this as well. I must give a BIG BIG "THANK YOU" to Judas Priest.

We will see you for 5 shows in September on the GIGANTOUR. We haven't played those cities in a long time - Get Ready!

I went to the Ozzfest last week and had a ball. Iron maiden were ON FIRE, whew! I felt like a young metal head again. The Muds, the Shads, the Mastodons were killer. The one thing that wasn't killer was that shitty hot dog I ate. What is wrong with me, I never eat hot dogs and here I was eating one, what the hell was I thinking? The "dog" did not sit well with my metal. Thanks to Mr. Bitner for supplying me with beer to wash the "dog" OUT!!!

I just watched the Pam Anderson ROAST, Jeff Ross is a god. The shit he was saying... I almost pissed myself Okay, I gotta go and do something productive.

See your faces soon,
Charles in Charge

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Anthrax to Support Judas Priest on Tour

Anthrax will be the support act for most of the Judas Priest shows on 2nd leg of their "Angel of Retribution" tour. The tour starts in Mexico and so far goes through October. Confirmed dates with Anthrax so far are as follows:

September 24 - Burgettstown, PA @ Post-Gazette Pavilion
October 12 - Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
October 14 - Ottawa, ONT @ Corel Center
October 15 - London, ONT @ John Labatt Centre

A complete tour itinerary can be found at the following site: http://www.pollstar.com/tour/searchall.pl?By=All&Content=judas+priest&go_green.x=11&go_green.y=19

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Anthrax Posts Photos From Spain Online

Anthrax has posted some live photos from their show in Valencia, Spain in June on their official website. Check them out here.

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Anthrax Guitarist's New Guitar Pedal

Notorious signal processing developers DigiTech have posted the following on their official website:

Scott Ian delivers bone-crushing rhythms and some of the most scorching riffs ever nailed into a fretboard.

Now Scott’s teamed up with DigiTech® to unleash Black-13™, a stompbox that lets guitarists dial up his signature sounds, giving Anthrax and metal fans all the blistering tone they can handle.

Plug into the Black-13™ pedal, select a tone, and shred. Your playing goes in, Scott Ian’s tones come out. Redo your favorite Anthrax song, or write a new one. It’s your pedal. It’s your guitar. And now it’s Scott Ian’s historic metal tones. The tones that built a legend.

Read more at DigiTech.com.

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S.O.D. To Finally Release DVD

Megaforce Records will release a new DVD from metal/hardcore pioneers S.O.D. (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH) entitled, "20 Years of Dysfunction", on July 26, 2005. The DVD will include the classic "Pussywhipped" as a bonus CD and extensive liner notes celebrating 20 years of the band.

S.O.D. began in the mid-1980s during a break in the recording of ANTHRAX's "Spreading the Disease". What started out as a quick, satirical release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the infamous Billy Milano, S.O.D. has turned into a seminal band influencing countless hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore bands. Their first album, "Speak English Or Die", has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and remains an underground classic.

"The great thing about this DVD is that it’s mostly shot from the angle and perspective of S.O.D. fans," Milano said in a statement. "No bullshit, just in-your-face performances the way they should be shot, with camcorders and handhelds."

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Unearth Frontman Says Megadeth Is Total Horseshit

Abrasive Rock recently conducted an interview with UNEARTH frontman Trevor Phipps. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Abrasive Rock: With all the reunion shows going on right now is there one that really excites you?

Trevor Phipps: "I'd love to see TESTAMENT. I guess they're back together with Alex Skolnick, and the all original live up. I did just have the honor to see ANTHRAX play in London at the Download Festival. We played the same day as them about 3 weeks ago. That was killer. It was a favorite of mine back when I was a kid, so that was really cool to see, but I think the two main bands ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT.

Abrasive Rock: Is there one that you think is a complete joke?

Trevor Phipps: "MEGADETH, I would say, because it's just him. There's no Dave Ellefson, there's nobody. It's just Dave Mustaine. It's kinda ridiculous. Nick Menza's not there, it's just Dave Mustaine. It's a joke. It's not really MEGADETH. I think it's a total horseshit joke."

Read the entire interview at AbrasiveRock.com.

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Cincinnati Show Added To Gigantour

An August 16th Cincinnati show has been added to Megadeth's upcoming Gigantour, which features Megadeth, Dream Theater (July 21 to September 3), Anthrax (September 6 to 11), Fear Factory, the Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore on the main stage, and Dry Kill Logic, Symphony X and Bobaflex on the Second Stage. However, there will be no second stage bands at the newly-announced Cincinnati show, nor at the San Antonio, San Diego or Boston shows. Also, second stage bands will be dropped after the Toronto date on September 3rd.

Tour dates so far: More...

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Thrash Against Cancer Wrapup

Over 700 metal fans turned out for the Thrash Against Cancer benefit on July 9 at the Pound amphitheatre in San Francisco. Bands playing the benfit included: TESTAMENT, HIRAX, LAAZ ROCKIT, VICIOUS RUMORS, MUDFACE, AGENT STEEL, IMAGIKA, DEKAPITATOR, KAOS, BROCAS HELM, RIGHTEOUS SIRE, HANGAR 18, NEIL TURBIN'S DEATHRIDERS (featuring original ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin), DREAMS OF DAMNATION (featuring former DARK ANGEL guitarist Jim Durkin), ANGER AS ART, MYSTIC RAGE.

Keith Regan, whose family is one of the recipients of the proceeds from the show, was extremely pleased with how the event turned out. “The crew from TAC deserves the utmost respect and praise from my family and everyone who decided to attend the show, “ Regan said. “They were instrumental in every aspect of the behind the scenes and made the day go as smooth as it could be. The show it self was incredible! All the people that approached us had nothing but high praise to say about every band!” Regan is looking into organizing another Thrash Against Cancer show next year, possibly involving different genres of music, in order to raise money for families with children who have pediatric cancer.

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Anthrax Added To Gigantour

Anthrax has been added to Megadeth's Gigantour and will be performing on the following dates in place of Dream Theatre:

Sept. 06 Edmonton, AB Shaw Convention Center
Sept. 07 Calgary, AB Stampede Corral
Sept. 09 Vancouver, BC PNE Coliseum
Sept. 10 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheater
Sept. 11 Portland, OR Clark County Amphitheater

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Scott Ian Issues Anthrax Tour Report

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"I'm sitting in a cafe in Zagreb drinking really strong coffee and watching some guy with the greatest mullet I have ever seen. It's magnificent! The anti-mullet forces have not reached this far yet. Thank God! And he's got a Ditka moustache! I would try and take a picture but he's a shady character. Every ten minutes or so, young women who look to be of the world’s oldest profession, or whores as they like to be called, come in and talk to him. He hands them pieces of paper and they leave. Croatian pimps need to watch some rap videos for lessons in bling. This guy looks like the guy you'd buy a hot dog from outside Wrigley. More...

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Former Anthrax Drummer Joins Antiproduct

After spending the last few years as a successful producer in Los Angeles, former ANTHRAX/ZAKK WYLDE/WHITE LION drummer Greg D'Angelo (or "GD3", as he's now known) has joined ANTIPRODUCT as permanent replacement for ailing drummer Simon the Gonk.

ANTIPRODUCT are continuing work on recordings at Albert Studios (AC/DC, BREED 77) with famed producer Ray McVeigh (PERRY FARRELL, THE PROFESSIONALS, DANZIG) for a late summer release. "This is the first time we've ever been able to spend time recording in a real studio rather than counting change and breaking piggy banks to finish tracking!" states singer A. Product. "It sounds unlike anything we've ever done."

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Metal Hammer Award Winners Announced

The following are the award winners at last night's Metal Hammer awards ceremoney:

Best Live Band: SLIPKNOT
Best International Band: THE USED
Best Underground Band: MESHUGGAH/MASTODON
Best Metal Record Label: Roadrunner
Incoming Award For Best Newcomer: NIGHTWISH
Best Video: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 'Helena'
Riff Lord Award: Zakk Wylde
Shredder Award: Herman Li, DRAGONFORCE
Best Metal Band: ANTHRAX
Best album: JUDAS PRIEST 'Angel Of Retribution'
Icon Award: Ville Valo
The Spirit Of Hammer: BLACK SABBATH
The Golden God Award: Lemmy

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France's Fury Fest in Danger of Being Cancelled

France's Fury Fest is in danger of being cancelled after the festival's organizers failed to provide "any guarantees concerning the security of the public and other people present," according to a local media report. In addition, there weren't any guarantees about hygienic conditions for campers and the festival is said to be not fully insured. Maurice Nakache, the organizer of the Fury Fest, announced that the missing paperwork will be delivered to the appropriate authorities by Friday (June 10).

Fury Fest is scheduled to take place June 24-26 in Le Mans, France. Acts confirmed to appear at the festival include MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, KREATOR, SLAYER and MOTÖRHEAD.

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Former Anthrax, Hades Singers For Seven Witches

Neil Turbin (ex-ANTHRAX) and Alan Tecchio (ex-HADES, WATCHTOWER) are the two vocalists currently in the running for the vacant singer slot in SEVEN WITCHES, according to informed sources. Both vocalists recently appeared on SEVEN WITCHES guitarist Jack Frost's upcoming solo CD, "Out in the Cold", tentatively due in September (Turbin can be heard on "Crucifixation", while Tecchio appears on "Hell or High Water"). Other singers that have lent their pipes to the CD include Terry Ilous from XYZ ("Out in the Cold"), and Ted Poley of DANGER DANGER (cover of APRIL WINE's "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" and "Wasted Love").

Vocalist James Rivera (HELSTAR, DISTANT THUNDER) quit SEVEN WITCHES in April in order to focus on his other projects.

In related news, BRONX CASKET COMPANY — which features in its ranks Frost and OVERKILL bassist D.D. Verni — recently shot a video for the track "Little Dead Girl" from their forthcoming album, due later in the year via Regain Records. The animated video for the upbeat-yet-haunting song is said to be in the style of Tim Burton's work, featuring dark but very tongue-in-cheek characters and imagery.

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Anthrax Adds More European Tour Dates

Anthrax's reunited classic lineup of Joey Belladonna (vocals), Dan Spitz (guitar), Frank Bello (bass), Scott Ian (guitar) and Charlie Benante (drums) have added more European tour dates to their current itinerary.

The group's schedule is shaping up as follows: More...

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Anthrax Checks In From Australia

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian checked in from the group's Australian tour on the "Friday Night Rocks" show on New York's Q104.3 FM this past Friday (May 13). Several excerpts from the interview follow:

On how the reunion tour has been going so far:

"It's been going really well. It came together really quickly. We only had three days rehearsal and most of that was spent just busting each other's balls. The shows have been great. Chicago was amazing. We played a couple of shows in Europe. Specifically the show in Glasgow in Scotland was unbelievable. We've done one show here so far in Australia, in Brisbane, and tonight is Sydney, and I expect tonight to be pretty insane."

On whether same people are coming to the shows that have been seeing the band on the last few tours or if there are a lot of new faces in the crowd:

"I would say it's a combination of both. It's people who have been coming to us all these years who are obviously coming out because of the curiosity to see what it's like, as well as people who haven't seen the band in a long time who are coming out to see Joey [Belladonna, vocals] again, and as well as, I just think, new people who never had a chance… 'cause we are playing to more people and the shows have been doing really well. We've got this [New] Jersey show coming up that I believe is really close to being sold out, which we were kind of nervous, actually, thinking, 'We're only gonna have a couple of weeks to sell this show, and we're filming a DVD there and we wanna make sure it's packed,' and it's almost sold out, so the response has been really good."

On whether they are playing songs they haven't done in a long time:

"Yeah, we're playing all kinds of stuff. If we were gonna have Joey come back out and sing with us, we felt we had to do songs that people haven't seen us play since '86/'87. So, yeah, we're doing things like 'Medusa', 'Lone Justice', 'Armed and Dangerous' with the intro. We've been doing 'Gung Ho'. There's other ones, too. I think we might try the song 'Time' — not 'Got the Time', but the song 'Time', the opening song on »Persistence of Time« — we might try that tonight for the first time since like the IRON MAIDEN tour in '91. So, yeah, we're playing stuff that we haven't done in forever, which, in a weird way, makes us feel new, because even though it's reunion tour, we haven't played these songs in forever, so it keeps it really fresh for us."

On how if felt to share the stage with Joey Belladonna and Danny Spitz again after all these years:

"We did go into this with that advantage… We were a band for… this lineup was a band for eight years — from '84 until '92. That was the whole genesis of this band. So the bonds that were made at that point, it was very easy for that to come back, especially live. I mean, it's not like everyone had to study and go and had weeks' rehearsal to learn this stuff. I mean, it came back really, really fast. Really after the Detroit show, which was the first show on April 29th, that was the one… all the bugs just were out of us pretty much right after that show, 'cause going into Chicago, the two nights we did there, it was just instantly, we felt like a band, it felt like ANTHRAX. Looking over and seeing Danny [Spitz, guitar] and seeing Joey, it's strange, but at the same time, it's very normal. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it feels really good. It's a lot of fun, actually."

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