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Formed: 1983
From: New York City, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Anthrax's Belladonna States Big 4 Possible in 2013

New York thrash outfit Anthrax released albums such as “Spreading the Disease” and “Among the Living,” in the 1980s, which will forever be understood as not only classic thrash albums but classic heavy metal in general. In 1992, Anthrax replaced singer Joey Belladonna with John Bush from Armored Saint. Even though the group stepped down the speed of earlier recordings, the first two Bush albums, “The Sound of White Noise” and “Stomp 442” were well received. Then the group experienced a blurry period, releasing only "Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real" in 1998 and “We’ve Come For You All” in 2003.

Belladonna rejoined in 2005 only to be ousted in 2007 to make way for an unknown singer named Dan Nelson. In 2010, Anthrax returned to its greatest glory in twenty years as part of the Big 4 European Tour (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth) and Festival in California. American fans were afforded the chance to see three of the big four thrash bands with Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax that very summer on the “American Carnage” tour. This tour was a return to the “Clash of the Titans” lineup, bar Alice in Chains, of 1991.

These tours surely recharged the group’s batteries. A year later, the group has released what many consider the best Anthrax album since…well, since the last album featuring Joey Belladonna. Belladonna may not touch the sky in a Halford fashion on “Worship Music,” but good luck finding a vocalist with as much passion and tone clarity. As he proved on stage after this interview, he can still hit every high note with perfection. “Worship Music” relates a modern sound that just doesn’t warrant this type of vocal style. With said album came a headlining tour with Testament and Death Angel in tow (read the show report).

Metal Underground went backstage to speak with Joey about returning to the group and their recent resurgence. Drummer, Charlie Benante sat next to us in the dressing room, playing an unplugged electric guitar. Guitarist Scott Ian came in to give exciting news about the crowd and comment on Belladonna’s vocal talents. Belladonna frantically changed clothes, hurrying to make way for our interview. While putting on a clean t-shirt he alluded to the movie “Airplane,” saying, “Have you ever seen a grown man naked, Joey?” Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda warmed up his voice outside the door, letting loose soaring, eagle screams. This all made for an interesting and somewhat hectic interview, but other than a few words obscured by Osegueda’s voice, Belladonna gave us a candid look at his life as the front man for thrash legends Anthrax. More...

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Interview With Anthrax Frontman Joey Belladonna

A man that needs no introduction, but here's one anyway. Joey Belladonna is the singer from the classic lineup of the iconic thrashers Anthrax. In and out of the band, Joey is back to the delight of fans everywhere. Recently off of the Big Four Tour, Anthrax joins Megadeth and Slayer for the American Carnage Tour, carving it's way through the States as we speak. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Belladonna before his show in New Orleans where we discussed a new Anthrax album, his solo career, and just what it was like being on the show "Married...With Children." A transcription follows. More...

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