"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2003
From: Glendale, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


We began in 2003 as a band called Black Rose, group of kids from Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta. BR consisted of only a few of the members that exist in Orcus (Hayg, John Paul and Andrew). Hayg was playing bass at the time, JP was playing rhythm and ex-member Xander was playing lead. Andrew was on keys and ex-member Lana was playing drums. Due to conflicting interest, Xander and Lana decided that Black metal wasn't quite their thing. The remaining three members decided to get together with drummer Rob Terzian, Hayg's cousin, to fill Lana's part. Hayg decided to switch to lead guitar and BR sought out another bassist. Karo Torosyan, long time friend of John Paul, was asked if he'd like to take up the position, and Karo gladly agreed. BR played a few shows at the Whisky, but Rob was having difficulty keeping up with the pace and the progressiveness of the music. He left in September of 2005

The following month, BR came across a drummer by the name of Chris Moore. Chris had played with many other bands before BR, and was fairly well known in the industry. After a few weeks of jamming with Chris, the music of BR had been enhanced two fold. At this moment, it was decided the band was going to change their name to Orcus. With Chris topping off the mix, all the members realized that they had reached a point of amazing chemistry, friendship, and musical skill, and that the five of them would be the ones to take this band to the next stage.

Since the joining of Chris Moore and the name change to "Orcus", We have become a regular sight at the Whisky. We've opened for Rattlehead, Dragon Lord and Bleed the Sky, as well as headlined the Whisky ourselves. We just recently played a big show at the House of Blues and plan to play there many more times in the future. We've just finished recording an entire album with Poison Carousel Productions. Special thanks to Anna Cumming and Bill Metoyer for their excellent help on the album, and everything else you guys have done for us. We are currently unsigned, but definitely looking for a label that well suits us.

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Deathriders Posts New Song Online

DEATHRIDERS has posted a second new song, "Riders Of The Apocalypse," available for streaming on MySpace.

DEATHRIDERS new album "Back With A Vengeance" is currently being recorded and mixed by Ken Orth at Alpine Sound in Mesa, Arizona. "Riders Of The Apocalypse," which is a rough mix, is a new song from DEATHRIDERS forthcoming album "Back With A Vengeance." All Words and Music by Neil Turbin. DEATHRIDERS have already been performing the song live at festivals and concerts in Europe, Japan and the US. "Riders Of The Apocalypse" features the Swedish guitarist Jonas Hornqvist of the band Treasure Land in collaboration with DEATHRIDERS which also features DEATHRIDERS guitarists Dave Watson and Mike Guerrero. More...

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Ascension, Damcyan & Orcus At The Key Club 11/24

I was getting hammered in the infamous Green Room backstage when Hollywood's black metal outfit ASCENSION took the stage but I did make it out to catch the majority of their set. I have no clue what the hell the names are of any of their band members and they are 'green' enough still in the business apparently to not have any of that info available on their MySpace site. I will say that the lead vocalist/lead guitarist is probably one of the strongest talents of his kind, the likes of which hasn't been seen since James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine began terrorizing the metal world in separate bands near the end of the 80's. He's a tall kid. Maybe twenty. Long blonde hair down to his ass... and oh yeah, he was built like a twig wearing a bullet belt. All this said, the band obviously has a bit of a reputation built up for itself and the kid can play his electrc guitar about as good as any young virtuouso on the planet. Citing Carcass, The Haunted, Slayer and In Flames as their main influences, I could totally see this band going somewhere mainly built upon the kid's simply mutant-like ferocious riff domination and lead soloing. I also have no idea what their song titles were except for one 'The Left Hand Path' and let me say that this is a brutal and all out grooving mosher for certain. The kid rates a five out of a possible ten on singing skills but that's okay because he makes up for it in uncanny stage presence and that's just a flatout gift. His backup band of serious skill itself made the whole experience with him doing his awesome and in full command prancing around the stage that much richer. This is a great young metal band in our midst. More...

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Orcus Defiles The Whisky A Go Go Oct 28th

The opener was Hollywood's HEXEN and they erupted with an old school thrash metal intensity that the Los Angeles scene has been lacking amid all the other glam revival acts that are crowding The Sunset Strip again with their shitty music. The band consists of Andre Hartoonian on bass/vocals, Vahe Yaymayan on lead/rhythm guitars, Ronny Dorian on lead/rhythm guitars and Greg Maksudyan working over the drums with a monsterous double bass drum attack. The band simply rampaged through their offerings such as 'The Serpent' and 'Bedlam Walls' with a literal Megadeth workman-like speed. They had the pits absolutely going off larger than I've seen any band be able to do at this venue this year. It was a very cool sight to see and they are definitely a must see for any fan of this sub-genre and I'm real excited to see what's to come from them.

The moment came for Glendale's mighty ORCUS to take the stage for this Halloween Holocaust. It was roughly 9:35PM when they did make their appearance dressed in dark clothing and wearing black and white Kabuki makeup that was designed as an homage to the black metal legend's IMMORTAL and DIMMU BORGIR. And with the opening strains from keyboardist, Andrew De Lange, they began their set with the cut 'Embers Of Their Lost Domain' from their debut EP 'Birth' and it was a perfect choice. The crowd around me seemed to come to life as if a new black metal God stood before them in lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist John Paul Fernandes, who looked to be more in his element than I've seen him before as the pit in front of him at center stage started to swirl with an immediate raging fervor. The drumming from Chris Moore was absolutely on mark and crushing as always but seemed to have an extra charge of energy behind each smashing kill-stroke to his drumkit. The band next dropped a big surprise on all with two new killer tracks that will be on their next album. They were 'Deus est Mortus' and 'The Immolation' and let me just say that the crowd seemed to really enjoy all of the fresh dynamics to be heard in both along with the purely ominous-sounding lead guitar and bass work from Hayg Terzian and Karo Torosyan. The pits seemed to be as strong here and the vibe the band was giving off with its unbridled energy really seemed to be what kept everyone so involved. The band closed their set with 'Sorgens Kammer II', which is a cover from Dimmu Borgir's new album, the remake of Stormblast. And what a song to bring it all to a close. I couldn't help but notice that the young metalers standing around me were checking to see if their faces had actually been ripped off. I even heard one of the survivors of this wicked progressive black metal onslaught they'd just witnessed say, "Man, these dudes are ready to play Ozzfest!"

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666 Degrees Of Metal: My Ruin Murders The Whisky

On Saturday, April 1st, with some serious heavy metal electricity in the air, I was in person to see a rather large bill of underground metal bands at The Whisky A Go Go here in Los Angeles. First up was Coalition Bear from Thousand Oaks, featuring Jake Goodrich on Vocals, Brett Leonard on Drums, Jack Howard on Guitars, Quinn Brentson on Bass and Aaron Collins on Keyboard. Citing influences ranging from Lamb of God, Misery Signals, Darkest Hour to Toad the Wet Sprocket, I found this act to be one that wasn't too original or too stimulating, yet somehow still captured some of my interest during their thirty minutes as the show opener. The vocalist, Goodrich, worked the crowd with some light-hearted jokes and flat out had the death growl down better than most that are trying to emulate the work of Randy Blythe. Remnants Of Solace is a song that has some cool moments, certainly the repetetive end lyric howl of "I will make you remember."

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