"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2003
From: Glendale, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


We began in 2003 as a band called Black Rose, group of kids from Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta. BR consisted of only a few of the members that exist in Orcus (Hayg, John Paul and Andrew). Hayg was playing bass at the time, JP was playing rhythm and ex-member Xander was playing lead. Andrew was on keys and ex-member Lana was playing drums. Due to conflicting interest, Xander and Lana decided that Black metal wasn't quite their thing. The remaining three members decided to get together with drummer Rob Terzian, Hayg's cousin, to fill Lana's part. Hayg decided to switch to lead guitar and BR sought out another bassist. Karo Torosyan, long time friend of John Paul, was asked if he'd like to take up the position, and Karo gladly agreed. BR played a few shows at the Whisky, but Rob was having difficulty keeping up with the pace and the progressiveness of the music. He left in September of 2005

The following month, BR came across a drummer by the name of Chris Moore. Chris had played with many other bands before BR, and was fairly well known in the industry. After a few weeks of jamming with Chris, the music of BR had been enhanced two fold. At this moment, it was decided the band was going to change their name to Orcus. With Chris topping off the mix, all the members realized that they had reached a point of amazing chemistry, friendship, and musical skill, and that the five of them would be the ones to take this band to the next stage.

Since the joining of Chris Moore and the name change to "Orcus", We have become a regular sight at the Whisky. We've opened for Rattlehead, Dragon Lord and Bleed the Sky, as well as headlined the Whisky ourselves. We just recently played a big show at the House of Blues and plan to play there many more times in the future. We've just finished recording an entire album with Poison Carousel Productions. Special thanks to Anna Cumming and Bill Metoyer for their excellent help on the album, and everything else you guys have done for us. We are currently unsigned, but definitely looking for a label that well suits us.

Orcus Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Orcus.


Interview With Andrew De Lange Of Orcus

Glendale, California's ORCUS has been feeding the Los Angeles Rock scene a steady diet of its unique brand of progressive black metal music since originally forming back in 2003. They have quickly become a favorite to many diehard metalers, due to the fact that they pretty much 'out talent' most groups of musicians around them. They remain unsigned, but I see them becoming attached very soon, having opened for such well known acts as OBITUARY and MY RUIN, all the while easily managing to hold their own and in some instances, in moments of sheer sonic beauty, obliterating anyone else that unfortunately has to share the stage with them. They have a new self-released album out entitled 'Birth' and I am happy to have had a chance to interview their keyboard player, Andrew De Lange. More...

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Interview With Karo Torosyan From Orcus

Glendale, California's progressive black metal band, Orcus has been making its mark on the local Los Angeles music scene with their dark and mysterious brand of heavy music. They are getting ready to release their debut album 'Birth' on June 26th and have recently opened for the likes of Obituary and My Ruin. I took some time recently to get some questions answered by their bassist, Karo Torosyan. More...

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Interview With Hayg Terzian From Orcus

Hayg Terzian on lead guitar for the poignant yet darkly themed progressive black metal band called Orcus is quite a pleasant revelation. He is not one of the new breed of axe slingers that thinks going fast is the only way to impress anyone, yet he seems to be more than capable with both tremendous dexterity and ability to stir emotion from his notes, which is the highest compliment I think that can be paid to any electric guitarist, no matter what style of music they play. Orcus is a very unique and I believe meaningful unsigned metal band at this point in time and are due to be releasing their new album entitled Birth at a record release party Saturday, June 17th at the famed Whisky A Go Go. More...

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Taking It To The Extreme With John Paul Of Orcus

Underground metal has a new sensation in its midst and it comes in the form of Glendale, California's progressive black metal act, Orcus. This group freshly mixes in extreme metal influences ranging from Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Devil Driver to Amon Amarth. They are a band, beyond its mutant-like musicianship and songwriting prowess, that has been truly blessed with one of the stronger vocal talents in black metal that I've ever heard in the affable John Paul Fernandes. He and I shared some discussion recently, traversing further down that chilling road of musical darkness that is Orcus. More...

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