"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1993
From: Gundelsheim, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Lanfear News

Below is our complete Lanfear news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Them Signs to SPV/Steamhammer

The German-American band Them has signed to Steamhammer/SPV. The band features vocalist KK Fossor (ex-Coldsteel), guitarist Markus Ullrich (Lanfear, Septagon, A Cosmic Trail), guitarist Markus Johansson (Sylencer, 4ARM), bassist Mike Lepond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss), drummer Angel Cotte (Demolition Hammer) and keyboardist Richie Seibel (Lanfear, Ivanhoe). The release of their second album, "Manor Of The Se7en Gables," has been announced for October 2018.

Head of Steamhammer Olly Hahn has great confidence in the new SPV signing: "Thanks to their charismatic frontman KK Fossor and their extremely interesting concept it shouldn't take long for Them to establish themselves at the very top of the metal scene. We're delighted to support them in achieving their goal."

Markus Ullrich is also thoroughly optimistic: "We're convinced that SPV is the perfect label to take the next steps with and turn Them into an internationally acclaimed act."

THEM has a couple of live shows planned as of now:

10.05.18 DE-Bad Friedrichshall - Lemmy's
11.05.18 DE-Oberndorf - Metalheads Open Air

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Lanfear Announces New Album "The Code Inherited"

German progressive/power metal act Lanfear will issue the seventh studio effort to be entitled "The Code Inherited" on July 1st via Pure Legend Records, a division of Pure Steel Records. The album is the band's first since 2012's "This Harmonic Consonance."

The track list for the album is:

1. The Delusionist
2. The Opaque Hourglass
3. Evidence Based Ignorance
4. The Code Inherited
5. Self-Assembled
6. Converging Saints
7. Remain Undone
8. Summer Of ‘89 More...

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Strangelet Posts "Privilege Of Power" Video

Germany's Strangelet has a new video out now for the track "Privilege Of Power," which also features a guest spot by Markus Ullrich (Lanfear).

For more info on Strangelet, head over to the band's official website here. The group consists of:

Stefan Zörner - Vocals
Tobias Eurich - Guitar
Jonas Kümmerle - Keys
Jessica Stuart - Drums
Finn Janetzky - Bass

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Lanfear To Enter The Studio

While the band originally planned to enter the studio earlier this year, now Lanfear has issued the following update about recording a new album in January of 2014:

"Okay, 'entering studio right before Xmas' maybe was a very optimistic announcement but we'll definitely start with the recordings on January 17th, 2014. Hey, this is nothing compared to our usual delays.

"As always, Gen will record the drums Dreamsound Studios Munchen which was an easy decision. It's always fun to work together with Jan Vacik and the recording room simply has great acoustics.
Munich is also known for good food and good beer which means that Gen will not lose weight. Never fear!

"After that we'll record guitars, keys & bass in our home studios and we all hope Nuno gets well soon to start with the vocals.

"The new tracks are of course melodic, powerful, heavy, catchy, sophisticated, commercial, fast, slow and thrashy and we reinvented the wheel with these tracks. You know that phrase-mongering, don't you?"

Further details will be forthcoming, and this album will follow previous full-length "This Harmonic Consance" (reviewed here).

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Lanfear Issues Year-End Recap

Germany's Lanfear has checked in with the following year-end recap and announcement about writing for a new album:

"?2012 was a blast! We received fantastic reviews for our latest album and had a great release party! We played the BYH festival & our first gig in the states at the famous ProgPower festival in Atlanta. Pretty kuul!

"While you read this we're already in songwriting mood so there maybe will be a new album out in late 2013. We wish you a merry x-mas and a great 2013 - STAY TUNED."

You can also check out our coverage of Lanfear's appearance at the ProgPower festival at this location. The new material currently being written will be the follow-up to Lanfear's latest full-length album "This Harmonic Consance" (reviewed here).

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ProgPower USA XIII: Day Two

The morning of September 15th was a bit hazy for most attendees, as the Artmore post-show celebrations had famously ensued when Epica finished up Day One's show at 2:30 in the AM. Really, where else were you going to go after getting 12 straight hours of show time, knowing that the bands you just saw on stage would be mingling with you in the courtyard? It just didn't make sense to go home. Nightwish and Kamelot were off on their tour after playing the pre-ProgPower show on Thursday.

One of the other fun things about ProgPower is that it brings out members of other bands who aren't playing, but just want to see a great show. In the courtyard later in the day, I would run into Pyramaze vocalist Urban Breed (ex-Tad Morose) as well as Oklahoma-based progressive metal band Vangough. I met the members of Vangough at a Mexican restaurant a block up from the venue for lunch and an interview about their most recent album, "Kingdom of Ruin," and their future. Festivities for Day Two kicked off at 2:30 in the afternoon. Brace yourselves, because this is going to be a long write-up. More...

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American Heavy Metal Tradition: ProgPower USA

The ProgPower USA festival is approaching its thirteenth year, but if you were to look at the number of international bands who have made the Atlanta-based festival the site of their US debut, you would find that number even more impressive – a solid eighty-two. That number includes bands such as Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Pagan’s Mind, Circus Maximus, Stratovarius, Riverside, and more. The US is not known for heavy metal festivals – at least not of the level that Europe is known for, with Wacken, Hellfest, and all sorts of other open-airs. In the US, ProgPower is the longest-running and most well-known of the handful of festivals we do have. Moreover, as evidenced by the title, this is a pointedly progressive- and power- metal themed festival, with performances by an average of 14-16 bands over several days.

Last year, I had the privilege of attending the festival and contributed a series of write-ups about each of the days afterwards. The experience was much like a Comic-Con or anime convention, only geared around highly amplified sound aimed at rattling my brain and rocking my soul. It was like another world altogether, given that everyone I interacted with on that three-day stretch could talk for hours on end about the juxtaposition of synthesizer and guitar solos with no reservations. It felt like a family reunion. More...

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Lanfear Streaming New Track

German progressive/power metal band Lanfear is streaming the new track "By-Product Nation." The track appears on the band's forthcoming seventh release "This Harmonic Consonance," which is due out on February 24, 2012 through Pure Steel Records.

The track listing for "This Harmonic Consonance" is as follows:

1. Giorno del Giudizio
2. Colours of Chaos
3. By-Product Nation
4. The Reverand
5. Idiopathic Discreation
6. Camera Silens
7. I, Robot Sapiens
8. Spectrophobia
9. Word Not Spoken
10. Disharmonic Consonance

Check out "By-Product Nation" here:

ComScore More...

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Lanfear Signs With Pure Steel Records

Germany's Lanfear has inked a deal with Pure Steel Records, and the band issued the following statement about the signing:

"Todays' music scene has not really that much to do with music. Labels don't search for high quality bands but chase trends to get a share of the decreasing pie. As a band who has been part of the scene for many years it's ridiculous to see how people try to puff hot air to something it will never be. Music is art, most people seem to forget about that!

"From the start our new label constantly bucked this trend with success. They attach importance on music instead of jumping on bandwagons. With our sixth album 'This Harmonic Consonance' we are now a proud part of the family and really look forward to a hopefully long cooperation."

Pure Steel Records also commented:

"We had an eye on the German veterans Lanfear since they started and we are very proud to welcome such a name on our label. Lanfear are known to give nothing about any trends. From start they did their own thing without looking to the right or left. Therefore, the band is obviously fitting very good to our label group. It’s not necessary to mention that Lanfear are outstanding musicians and the new album is going to be an absolute killer….Welcome guys!"

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ProgPower XIII Band Announcement Video Posted

ProgPower XIII posted the band announcement video for the event in Atlanta, Georgia. The event lineup is:

ProgPower USA XIII
September 12-15, 2012 at Center Stage Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia USA

Friday, Sept. 14, 2012:

Sinbreed (Germany) +
Kingcrow (Italy) +
Amaranthe (Sweden) +
Serenity (Austria) +
Primordial (Ireland)
Redemption (USA)
Epica (The Netherlands & Belgium)

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012:

Above Symmetry (Norway) +
Lanfear (Germany) +
Solution .45 (Sweden & Finland) +
Mystic Prophecy (Germany & Greece) +
Mayan - with special guests (The Netherlands & Belgium) +
Pretty Maids (Denmark)
Symphony X (USA)

(+ USA Debut)

Tickets are now on sale at this location.

Check out the announcement video here:

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Lanfear Streaming New Song Online

Lanfear has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online from the band's upcoming "This Harmonic Consonance" album:

"New song online! We uploaded a track taken from our upcoming album 'This Harmonic Consonance!' The song is called 'The Reverend' and you'll find it on our facebook band profile here."

You can also check out a teaser clip for the new album in the player below.

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More Bands Announced For ProgPower USA XIII 2012

ProgPower USA XIII is shaping up to be the event of the year in the United States in 2012. The current lineup for each day is as follows:


Epica (Headliner)
Solution .45


Symphony X (Headliner)
Pretty Maids
Mystic Prophecy
Above Symmetry

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Lanfear Posts "This Harmonic Consonance" Trailer

Lanfear has recently finished recording a new album, which the band has announced will be titled "This Harmonic Consonance." A brief teaser trailer for the upcoming album can be viewed below. Details on the track listing and release date will be announced as they are made available.

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Lanfear Finishes New Album

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following announcement about finishing the recording process for a new album:

"New album is done! Good things come to those who wait! Our new blood has been recorded and we listened to the first rough mix yesterday evening. No joke: The heaviest Lanfear album until now.

"Some pretty fast tracks but also the very first doom song in our history! The end result will blow your heads off! You can definitely achieve a natural and authentic production without sounding as if the recording sessions were held in a garbage-can!"

You can also check out Lanfear's music by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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Lanfear Checks In With Band Update

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following brief year-end update about announcement about performing at the 2011 Metalfest in Hungary:

"We wish all friends & fans a merry Xmas and a great 2011. Some news: We've been confirmed to play the Metalfest in Hungary, near Budapest. The new album should also be out until then."

You can check out more information on the Metalfest Open Air at this location.

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Lanfear Completes Recording of Bass and Guitars

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following studio updtae:

"Been hard-working in the last two weeks. The production has advanced far already. We recorded all rhythm guitars and the bass guitar and nearly all keyboards. Musically we're almost done except for some acoustic guitars and one or two leads. It required enormous effort to really find our sound but it finally payed off. Everything sounds very natural and clear but nevertheless more aggressive than anything we did until now. We now look forward to the vocal recordings next month."

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Lanfear Issues Studio Update

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following studio update:

"Had some schedule difficulties but in the meantime everything runs smoothly and the wheels keep turning. Started again on Monday morning at 6 am (yes, no rockstar dom here...) and until now the rhythm guitars for five tracks have been recorded. Kai showed up together with Richie yesterday evening to do some bass guitar fun. Kai recorded two songs before he fell asleep. Everything took place in the infamous Koszmik studios. We'll proceed this evening with some more guitars and will keep you updated..."

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Lanfear Issues Studio Update

Germany's Lanfear has issued the following studio update:

"Last Thursday evening we entered Dreamsound Studios in Munich. Gen put up the drums, we had a midnight snack, some beers and fell asleep."

"At Friday morning our engineer Jan set up the mics and at about 2 pm, right after the soundcheck the record button was pushed. We planned to record two, maybe three songs on the first day. Gen was in an excellent shape (and well prepared), though and did five songs in a row.
On Saturday he recorded the remaining four tracks in no time and so we suddenly had lots of leisure." More...

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Rough Silk Confirmed For Building A Force Fest

Germany's Rough Silk have announced they will perform at the Building A Force Festival in Bad Rappenau (Germany) on April 10th, 2010. More information on the Building A Force Festival can be found at this location. The other currently confirmed bands for the festival include: Brainstorm, Fleschcrawl, Lanfear, Serenity, The Prophecy23, Thy Bleeding Skies, Icon Clan, and The Past Alive.

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Lanfear Near Completion of Writing New Album

German metal band Lanfear has issued the following update:

"O.k., a bit silent here on this page in the last few months. That doesn't mean, we fell asleep! There're of cause some live activities planned for next year and besides we almost finished songwriting for the next album. At the moment we work on all these little details that some people appreciate while most of the folks out there doesn't even realize, that these details exist."

"As a matter of course the new songs for the sixth album are the best compositions since the dawn of time and they surely can only be topped by the tracks which will appear on the seventh one which solely will be outmatched by the material we...well :)"

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