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From: Atlanta, GA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Daath news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Daath Premieres New Song Online

Atlanta-based extreme metal quintet DAATH is readying their third full-length release, which is going to be self-titled and is set for an October 26th North American release. A new Daath song, “Destruction Restoration,” has made its debut on MetalSucks.

Sean Z. (vocals) states: “This song is about reinventing yourself, like we've done with our sound. Destruction and manipulation allow poisons to seep in easily. Listen to it once, clear your head and listen again.”

“This album will definitely be the most real thing this band has put out to date. It’s on a level everyone can relate to. The lyrics have taken a brand new direction and the music compliments the insanity creating a fucking masterpiece of a way different kind.”

Metal Mark from Skulls ‘N’ Bones recently spent some time in the studio with the band and compiled a video series documenting the recording process, so click on the link below now to check out the fifth installment featuring the synth tracking sessions.

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Daath Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Atlanta, Georgia alternative thrash metallers Daath have revealed the tracklisting to their forthcoming self-titled studio album. "Daath" is set for release sometime in late 2010 through Century Media/Roadrunner Records.

"Daath" tracklisting:
1. Genocidal Maniac
2. Destruction/Restoration
3. Indestructible Overdose
4. Double Tap Suicide
5. The Decider
6. Exit Plan
7. Oxygen Burn
8. Accelerant
9. Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope
10. Manufactured Insomnia
11. A Cold Devotion
12. N.A.T.G.O.D.
13. Terminal Now

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Daath Announces New Album Details

Atlanta metallers Daath have announced the title and release for thier forthcoming self-titled album. The album, which is the third for the band, was produced by Mark Lewis and co-produced Eyal Levi.

"Daath" is set for release on October 26th, 2010 through Century Media Records.

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Daath Comments On Upcoming Album

Atlanta based quintet Daath is putting the finishing touches on the band's upcoming third album, which is being co-produced by Mark Lewis (Trivium, Devildriver) and Eyal Levi (guitars). Metal Mark from Skulls N Bones recently spent some time in the studio with the band and compiled a video documenting the recording process, which can be viewed below.

Eyal Levi has also commented on the album: "It’s hard to write about your own music so I’m going to keep this quick. Daath has a new record coming out this October. This is the most unrestrained and over the top collection of songs we’ve ever captured. We went in with the intent of creating a freak show of a record and we achieved it. People looking for a wrecking ball of an album will be happy. People looking for an album they’ll still hear new things in one year down the road will be happy. People going in with any preconceived notions of who we are and what we sound like are in for a surprise." More...

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Daath Recording New Album

Daath will be entering the studio early next month to begin tracking a third full-length album. Drummer Kevin Talley (ex-Chimaira, Dying Fetus) begins tracking in Atlanta on June 7th with producer Mark Lewis (All That Remains, Trivium, Devildriver) and co-producer Eyal Levi at the helm. Daath guitarist Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler also unleashed their new all instrumental collaboration, "Avalanche of Worms" on Magna Carta Records last month.

The band commented about the writing process for the new Daath effort: “Here we are in the studio once again. It almost feels like we never left. Less than half a year ago we were putting the finishing touches on Avalanche of Worms. Usually after you finish an album you take time away from creating in order to tour, but in this case we jumped right back into recording. Simultaneous to working night and day to bring this new Daath record to life we've watched Avalanche of Worms make its way into the world and take on a life of its own.

"The response has been amazing. It’s great to see that in this day and age an instrumental album can still resonate deeply with people. We're really excited to see where Levi/Werstler will take us next. Nothing is set in stone, but ideas are being thrown around for an album in 2011. And before any of that, there's a Daath album to finish. More...

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Daath to Begin Songwriting for New Album

Atlanta's death metal band, Daath has just released their third studio album this year: "The Concealers." After a statement posted on the bands Myspace, apparently, the quintet is already planning on their next studio album, as the songwriting process has already commenced. The band had this to say: More...

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Kevin Talley Launches Website and Guitar Giveaway

Drummer Kevin Talley (Chimaira, Dying Fetus, Daath, Misery Index) has just launched his website DrummerKevinTalley.com along with an awesome DYING FETUS competition for bass and guitar players. You can download his DYING FETUS "Praise The Lord" drum tracks (free) and record your guitar or bass for a chance to WIN his Jackson guitar autographed by James Murphy and one of your favorite musicians (you name the musician and he'll try to get the autograph).

The site also includes information on his studio services, musician management, drum production, and also provides free drum instruction clips, and many other goodies.

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Threat Signal Added To Epica Tour

Canadian metallers Threat Signal have replaced Daath as support for Epica on their upcoming January/February 2010 North American tour. The band will be touring in promotion of their recently released album "Vigilance."

Vocalist Jon Howard commented: "This will be THREAT SIGNAL's first tour supporting our new album, Vigilance. We are excited to be tearing apart North America with EPICA and BLACKGUARD and also promoting our new record on the road. We will be performing songs from both albums Under Reprisal and Vigilance. Expect to find us in the crowd hanging with friends and fans, so come hang out and be prepared to drink!"

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Tonight's Headbangers Ball Line-Up Details

Tonight's Headbangers Ball on MTV2 at 2 AM ET/PT will feature The Devil Wears Prada and the following lineup of videos:

The Devil Wears Prada - "HTML Rulez D00d"
The Devil Wears Prada - "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?"
Straight Line Stitch - "Taste Of Ashes"
The Black Dahlia Murder - "Necropolis"
In This Moment - "Call Me"
Daath - "Day of Endless Light"
Hatebreed - "In Ashes They Shall Reap"

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Daath and Cynic Members Working On Project

In the latest entry of his "Jumping Darkness Parade" blog for MetalSucks, DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi has revealed that he and fellow DAATH shredder Emil Werstler are working on a record with CYNIC drummer Sein Reinert, to be released on Magna Carta Records in Spring 2010. He also revealed that DAATH will return to the studio in April 2010 to begin recording their follow-up to "The Concealers." An excerpt from the blog follows:

"I’ve had music writing on my mind a lot these days. Maybe its because I have a lot on my plate. The record I’m doing with Emil from DAATH and Cynic’s Sean Reinert needs to be delivered by the first of the year. It’s going to be released in the spring of 2010. My side project wants to record an EP of still to be written material this December. And last but not least, DAATH is looking to go into the studio in April to record our next one. We’d like for it to be out by the end of Summer 2010.

"That’s a shit load of music to write in a very short period of time if you consider that we’re still touring. Some advice I get from people is 'Don’t rush.' That's good advice. None of this is going to be rushed and it will all get what it needs and wants so that it can grow into the work of art it deserves to become. I think I've figured out how to write on the road and this next tour will be the perfect situation for that. We are sharing the bus with a straightedge band. Can't be partying like usual because my health could relapse. Instead of staring into space and wishing I could party, I'll occupy my time with creative things. So I’ll be writing music on the road. And a lot of it!"

Read the full article at MetalSucks.net.

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Blackguard Checks In with Tour Recap, Album Update

Blackguard vocalist Paul Ablaze has checked in with the following Summer Slaughter Tour recap and new album update:

"Hey everyone! Paul Ablaze here. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates, these things slip my mind sometimes . But here it is finally (better late than never i suppose) a little something to let you all know what's gone down and what's in the works!

"Summer Slaughter Re-cap (i started writing this a while ago)

"This years summer slaughter has come and gone. Beers were drunk, blood was shed, vomit covered jeans, didn't see anyone cry but who knows? Point is no one came out the other end of this beast unchanged in some way, and we are without a doubt stronger than we've ever been as a band because of it.
This being only our second full north american tour we had everything to prove to both the fans and our peers, and i believe we won the respect of both along the way. I had said early on in the tour how amazed i was on how social everyone was and how much we as a tour came together and pulled for one another. I truly believe that the only reason this tour finished when it was suppose to and not 4 weeks earlier was because of the strength in character everyone displayed and how devoid everyone was of any kind of "ego" or "rock star" mentality.

"There are certain memories that surly stick out amongst the never ending (sometimes fuzzy) memories of good times that happened over the past month and a half. a few note worthy ones include: More...

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Metal Maniacs Launches As New Webzine

Metal Maniacs Magazine has been relaunched in a new online format after closing the doors to its print operation in February 2009.

Resurrected by the owner of Metalhit.com, with a site developed by Reh3 Design, the new Metal Maniacs features regularly updated content and features from the latest in underground metal.

The site boasts an exhaustive Mp3 store featuring more than 13,000 songs available for preview and purchase as well as a new forum, monthly contests, a weekly "deadly discovery" showcasing up and coming bands and a monthly free digital music compilation.

The debut launch features a 24 song compilation with the following free downloads:

VADER “Rise of the Undead”
FETID ZOMBIE “Graced by Gore”
NOCTURNAL “Hellhunt”
AUGURY “Aetheral”
HANDS “Resistance”
ASPHYX “Death, the Brutal Way”
BLACK ANVIL “Ten Talons Deep”
IMPENDING DOOM “The Serpent Servant”
DAATH “The Worthless”
MERRIMACK “In the Halls of White Death”
GOREAPHOBIA “Mortal Repulsion”
HOWL “Oma”
LEAVES’ EYES “My Destiny”
MERAUDER “Built on Blood”
ORTHRUS “Thy Fate in Damnation”
SKELETONWITCH “Crushed Beyond Dust”
WEAPON “Serpentine Ayat”
BONE GNAWER “Cannibal Cook-out”
WEEKEND NACHOS “Shot in the Head”
ARGHARUS “Pleistas”
CEREBRUM “Scatter-brain”
SEANCE “Prisoner 666”

You can download the entire compilation here.

In this issue: More...

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Abysmal Dawn Seeks New Drummer

Los Angeles blackened-death metal band ABYSMAL DAWN recently returned home after an North American tour with GOATWHORE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, DAATH and SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY.

Vocalist/guitarist Charles Elliott provides a tour recap, “We’re back after a crazy 9 weeks on the road with GOATWHORE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, DAATH and SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY! It was the longest tour we ever had the pleasure of being a part of and we had a fucking blast! We played a lot of places that we’d either never had the pleasure of playing or hadn’t played since 2006, and we had a great time bringing the metal to you fuckers. We want to thank all the people that came out to the shows a tore shit up, drank with us, smoked with us, hung out with us, let us crash at their houses, or were just plan down to earth metal maniacs. You guys made it worth while!” More...

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Abigail Williams Cancels Remainder of Tour

Abigail Williams is currently winding down dates for the ongoing Conquered & Cursed Tour have to sit out the final week of dates due to sickness within the band. The nine-week tour has seen the band, alongside Goatwhore, Daath, Abysmal Dawn, and S.W.W.A.A.T.S. traveling the country all summer and the (swine?) flu has battled them the entire way. Several members have had to visit emergency rooms in the past week and are under doctor supervision to regain their strength. Touring in support of their full-length debut, "In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns," the band extends apologies to fans they will not see in having to cancel their final performances. More...

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Daath Guitarist Recounts Near-Death Experience

In his latest "Jumping Darkness Parade" column on MetalSucks, Daath guitarist Eyal Levi reveals why he had to miss over a week of the band's tour: he was hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia and came close to death. An excerpt follows:

"For those that don’t know, pneumonia is a danger if you have a broken rib. When your rib is broken, you don’t breathe as deep because it hurts. You aren’t really using your lungs to their fullest. which means that whatever bacteria, fungus, homeless people, or stalker fans that you inhale can just hang out and fester. Well, considering that this was somewhere around twenty five days into one of the most brutal tours of our career, I bet that what was residing in there, growing, wasn’t too good.

"So anyways, they gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. I thought I was going to get better. We kept on playing. Hit NYC, played a great show which left me almost unable to speak ’cause I could barely breathe. The next night we played one of the best shows of our career at Jaxx. Things were going straight except that I was feeling worse and worse. Right after Jaxx, it was right back to where it was prior to my Nashville emergency room visit. I was FUCKED UP. Breaking fevers all the time, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t live, etc.

"In Hartford I just couldn’t take it anymore and did the thing I’ve never in my entire time playing shows even considered doing. I called a cab and left the show. Went to the emergency room. Didn’t play the show with the band. I just couldn’t. I felt like such an asshole and so pathetic, but I just couldn’t do it.

"Well, I thought I was going to be in there for a night and they were going to tell me to go home. Boy I was wrong. They admitted me to the hospital and began a week of hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone except for my worst enemies, and dudes, I do not wish it on you. I’m not going to go into the hospital stay too much, except to say that it sucked ass. I’ve never come that close to dying and I hope to never come that close to dying again. Makes you realize how quickly things can change and how easy it is to go down.

"I was discharged yesterday. I flew home. I’m not healed, I’m not 100 percent, and I’ve got weeks until I am, but I’m going to live and life will go on. Emil and I just signed a deal with Magna Carta records and are going to write an album of guitar music with Sean Reinert from Cynic. That’s on my agenda, and then after that its Europe with DAATH, Unearth, Chimaira, and Throwdown. I can’t wait to do these things. I’m fucking ready."

Read the full article at MetalSucks.net.

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Epica Announces 2010 US Tour Dates with Daath

Epica has announced the following US tour dates in 2010 with Daath and Blackguard:

Jan. 26 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA
Jan. 27 - Trocadero Theater - Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 29 - The Blender Theatre at Gramercy - New York, NY
Jan. 30 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
Jan. 31 - Club Soda - Montreal, Quebec - CANADA
Feb. 01 - MOD Club - Toronto, Ontario - CANADA
Feb. 03 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
Feb. 04 - The Pearl Room - Mokena IL
Feb. 05 - The Rave - Milwaukee, VI
Feb. 06 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
Feb. 08 - Royal Albert Arms - Winnipeg, Manitoba - CANADA
Feb. 10 - Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta - CANADA
Feb. 11 - Warehouse - Calgary, Alberta - CANADA
Feb. 13 - Sugar Nightclub - Victoria, B.C. - CANADA
Feb. 14 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
Feb. 15 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
Feb. 17 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Feb. 18 - Key Club - West Hollywood, CA
Feb. 19 - U.B.'s Bar - Mesa, AZ
Feb. 20 - The Rock - Tucson - Tucson, AZ
Feb. 22 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
Feb. 23 - Marquee - Tulsa, OK
Feb. 24 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
Feb. 25 - Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
Feb. 27 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
Feb. 28 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

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Daath Posts "Day Of Endless Night" Video Online

Atlanta, Georgia based metal group Daath has posted thier new music video online for the song, "Day Of Endless Night." You can check it out below. The song comes from the album, "The Concealers" which was released in April of this year via Century Media Records. More...

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Goatwhore Announces Pizza Party

Goatwhore has issued the following brief announcement about a pizza party to kick off the "Conquer and Curse" tour:

"GOATWHORE, Abigail Williams, Daath, Abysmal Dawn and S.W.A.A.T.T.S. will be throwing a pizza party at CRIMINAL RECORDS in ATLANTA on WEDNESDAY (June 24th) to celebrate the kickoff of the Conquer & Curse Tour!"

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Abysmal Dawn Post Behind The Scenes Tour Footage

Relapse Records band Abysmal Dawn has released their third video diary from the Relapse Contamination Tour, which you can see here.

The will also hit the road again next week for the massive “Conquer & Curse Tour 2009” alongside Goatwhore, Abigail Williams, Daath, and SWAATS. This nine-week North American tour will kick off on June 14th in western Pennsylvania. More...

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Daath Posts New Tour Video Online

Atlanta metallers Daath have posted a new road report video online from their current tour with Cynic and Dragonforce. The video can be viewed below. More...

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