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Fight Like Hell

From: Denver, CO, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

Latest Fight Like Hell News

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Fight Like Hell To Regroup For Shows and EP

Less than a year after breaking up, Colorado hardcore band Fight Like Hell has announced plans to reform, albeit in a limited fashion. Here's a statement from the group:

"First off I want to say thanks to everybody who has been hitting us up about playing again. I just wanted to fill in everybody on what's going on. As all of you know, FLH broke up in March so everybody could pursue other interests. I, myself have been playing in Death Before Dishonor since January. Jake moved to Florida and went on to play in Know The Score and Matt is playing in Folsom currently. Also Joey has been diving deeper in to competitive Juijitsu. This band did not break up on bad terms at all but we all felt we had to make steps forward in our lives and we took that opportunity. We discussed the possibility of us playing again when we had the time.

"Fortunately, that time came sooner than expected. Jake has moved back in to my house in Denver with my brother (FLH current bassist) and DBD is on a break. October 11th Folsom is playing at Rock and Roll Grille and we felt that it was a perfect time and venue to start playing again. Just so everybody knows we WILL NOT be touring. I know that sucks for a lot of you but it's just not possible for us. Joey and Joel have obligations at home that make it hard for them to get on the road and Matt and myself are both touring full time with our respective bands.

"With that being said, we WILL be writing and recording 5 new songs in December to be released on Double or Nothing Records and we will have new merch up @ www.doubleornothingrecords.com. FLH will continue to play shows regionally when friends come through town whenever we can including a show in late December that is TBD. So everybody come out to the show on the 11th and have a good time. This is for you Denver."

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Fight Like Hell To Disband In March

Colorado hardcore band Fight Like Hell (Double Or Nothing Records) will be disbanding in March. Here's a statement from the band:

"In the past two years, Fight Like Hell has gone above and beyond any of our expectations. What started out as a fun side project turned into an amazing thing that fulfilled every dream a kid who wanted to be in a DIY band could ever have. But unfortunately, it is time to move on. Yes we are breaking up after one last tour, but we are parting on good terms, and we will resurface from time to time. Some of us are leaving Denver, and we are all going to pursue individual endeavors, musical and otherwise, so don't worry, we're still going to be around. To everybody across the country who supported us and believed in what we said, what we did and how we lived- you guys are the reason that every show, every song we played will always ring out as amazing moments in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And to all you Denver kids, what can we say? It's been a blast, start to finish. We did it all for you, and we couldn't have burned as bright as we did without your support. Keep doing what you do, making Denver the best city in this whole nation.

"We are going on one last tour to the West Coast (sorry, Texas), starting mid-February with Steel Nation. Check the Myspace page for specific dates and venues. Our last show will be March 15th, at the Marquis, with Folsom, Lose None, Crooked Ways, Killing Kings, Speak In Vowels and Bitter Truth. Come down and bring the ruckus. Once again, thank you to every one of our fans for all the love you showed us. It will never be forgotten. Who knows when you'll see us again, but never fear, FLH will never die. All love, Fight Like Hell"

Late last year, Fight Like Hell added bassist Joel to their line-up in addition to Jake (of Blood In Blood Out) on second guitar and was planning begin writing a new album for release in 2008.

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Fight Like Hell To Announce New Members

Fight Like Hell has announced a few imminent line-up changes. In November the group will add bassist Joel to their line-up in addition to Jake (of Blood In Blood Out) on second guitar. Meanwhile, the band will spend the next few months writing a new album, which will surface in 2008. According to the band, "Expect to hear a lot of different influence on the new shit as well as an overall heavier sound."

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This Is Hardcore Fest Approaching

This Is Hardcore Fest will take place August 17-19 in Philadelphia, PA at the Starlight Ballroom. Both weekend and one-day passes are available. Additional information can be found here. Here's the line-up:

Agnostic Front
All Out War
Bitter End
Blood Stands Still
Brain Dead
Cast Aside
Cheap Tragedies
Crazy Eddie
Cold World
Colin Of Arabia
Crime In Stereo
Death Before Dishonor
Fight Like Hell
Hard Response
Have Heart
Iron Age
Know The Score
Lighten Up!
Modern Eyes
My Turn To Win
Paint It Black
Pulling Teeth
Reign Supreme
Righteous Jams
Rise And Fall
Said Radio
Shattered Realm
Steel Nation
Strength For A Reason
Swamp Thing
The Mongoloids
Trash Talk
Triple Threat
Wisdom In Chains

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Spook City Records Signs Two Bands

Spook City Records has officially announced the addition of two bands to their roster, Blood Stands Still and Fight Like Hell.

Formed in 1999, California's Blood Stands Still released an EP with Warmachine Records last fall and self-released a full-length in 2003. Their Spook City debut will be available later this year. In the meantime, you can download some of the band's material here.

Meanwhile, Denver's Fight Like Hell formed in May of 2005 and put out a demo in November with Blood Money Records. The band's debut EP should hit streets this summer. You can check out two songs from the demo here.

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