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Sturmgeist Photo

Band Photo: Sturmgeist (?)

Formed: 2003
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Sturmgeist news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Headline News

Sturmgeist Comments On Finnish School Shooting

Sturmgeist's Cornelius von Jackhelln has issued a statement on the recent high school shooting in Finland:

"Today an 18-year old man shot seven people in a high school massacre in Tuusula, Finland. The killer referred to himself as "Sturmgeist89" on YouTube. Sturmgeist is not only the name of my band, but also of a character in the video game "Medal of Honor". As of yet, it is not established wherefrom the murderer took the name. Understandably, journalists keep calling me, eager to prove a link between my band and the massacre. However, as an artist, I can neither control the actions of my fans nor be held responsible for them."

"It is my firm conviction that if somebody wishes to go down as the cause of a massacre like that in Tuusula, explanations beyond music must be sought. In an interview with the Oslo-based newspaper Dagbladet today I argue that although extreme metal as a genre deals with topics such as isolation, misanthropy and despair, blaming the musicians is both wrong and unfair. It is people that kill people. Not music."

"Extreme metal has a potential both for social comment and personal katharsis, given its dealing with problems ordinarily shunned by mainstream society: suicide, madness, pollution, violence, warfare and drug abuse all occur regularly in extreme metal lyrics, mostly subject to critical scrutiny."

"I do recall how lonely and isolated I felt as a teenager, how strong an impact music had on my life. Extreme metal helped me channel my aggression in a constructive way; where Slayer's album "Seasons in the Abyss" described the psychology of a mass murderer, Cannibal Corpse's "The Bleeding" gave graphic accounts of extreme violence. Even though I adored both albums, I did not go out and kill people."

"Knowing the boundary between fiction and reality was always a prerequisite for dealing with dark matters in music, literature, film and video games. It seems obvious that the Tuusula murderer was ignorant about this boundary."

"The lyrics of Sturmgeist do contain topics both sinister and martial. Topics such as WWI & WWII ("Triumph", "Enigma"), the war in Iraq ("Shock & Awe", "Iron Hammer"), Viking battle ("Army of Odin"), a victim exerting revenge on his tormentor ("Ruger"). I readily admit it. Saying anything else would not only be a blatant lie; worse, it would be betraying the music I love and believe in."

"I am most shocked by the tragic event in Finland, and mourn the victims of the crime. I believe that the victims could have been alive today, if youngsters on the edge were given more attention by the proper instances. I extend my compassion and my condolences to the families of the deceased."

You can check out Sturmgeist on their MySpace page or download an MP3 of "Rock Me Amadeus" from their latest release "Uber" on Season of Mist.

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Sturmgeist Get On MySpace and Post Three Songs

Season of Mist recording artist STURMGEIST has created a MySpace page and posted three songs there including Bloodaxe, Rock Me Amadeus, and Master Hunter.

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Annal Nathrakh and Sturmgeist MP3s Online

As teasers for the upcoming albums by ANAAL NATHRAKH and STURMGEIST, respectively entitled "Eschaton" and "Uber," are to be released next October 16th, you can as off now download one song from both of these albums via Season of Mist.

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Sturmgeist's "Uber" Has Been Mastered

From the new headquarters in Berlin, Sturmgeist proudly announces that the second album "Über" has been mastered and the European release date has been set to June, 19th, on Season of Mist. Like its predecessor "Meister Mephisto" (Season of Mist, 2005), "Über" contains a host of dramatic, down-tuned songs inspired by Germanic culture and history. As 2006 marks the 250th birthday of the Austrian composer Mozart, Sturmgeist think it appropriate to commemorate him with a heavy cover of Falco's song "Rock me Amadeus". Other track titles are "Dobermann", "Party Über Alles", "Grimanic Guerillas", and "Hindenburg". Drummer AntiChristian (Grimfist, Tsjuder) ensures the lethal pounding necessary to the Sturmgeist sound, along with new guitarist John Erik Jacobsen. "Über", recorded at TopRoom Studio in Norway, is mixed by Børge Finstad and produced by Cornelius von Jackhelln.

In related news, the third volume in Cornelius Jakhelln's "Quadra Natura" four-book poetry cycle has now hit the bookshelves in Norway. The book's full title is "Fagernorn. Quadra Natura 0111", and deals with the identity of the individual in relation to nationality and cultural heritage. Avid readers of Cornelius' lyrics in Solefald and Sturmgeist will certainly recognize the eclectic playfulness and hardcore pathos present in "Fagernorn".

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