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Formed: 1998
From: Bangalore, India
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Kryptos news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.


Sunday Old School: Kryptos

Throughout the history of the Sunday Old School column, we've visited and explored more places than Dora (you thought you'd escape your child's favourite TV show on a metal website? No such luck.) We've looked at such South American bands as Korzus and Pentagram from Brazil and Chile respectively, as well as Eastern European bands as Aria (Russia) and Gordi (Serbia,) in addition to Asian groups as Crash from South Korea and Japan's Sigh, Loudness and Church Of Misery.

In between Eastern Europe and the far East however, we of course have other side of Asia, of which the most populated country is the fascinating land of India. Despite a strong religious presence in the country from Hindus, Sikhs and Catholics, the latter of which caused the Slayer album "Christ Illusion" to stop being sold in the country, heavy metal is alive and well there. They have a number of solid metal publications and more bands are performing there than ever, while the underground Indian metal scene continues to grow, with perhaps the most prominent name in the scene being today's featured band, Kryptos.

Kryptos were formed in 1998 in the city of Bangalore, the capital of the Karnataka state. The original lineup consisted of vocalist and bass player Ganesh Krishnaswamy, guitarist Nolan Lewis and drummer Ching Len. They took influence from some of the biggest names in classic heavy metal such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, as well as cult favourites like Mercyful Fate and Candlemass and took their moniker from the Latin word "Cruptus," meaning a burial site underneath a church. More...

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Kryptos Has "One Shot To Kill"

Indian metal act Kryptos is streaming the new track "One Shot To Kill," which you can check out in the player below. The song appears on the band's upcoming fourth album entitled “Burn Up The Night," which drops on September 23rd via AFM Records.

The track list for "Burn Up The Night" is:

1. Blackstar Horizon
2. Full Throttle
3. The Summoning
4. Unto Elysium
5. One Shot To Kill
6. Waverider
7. Prepare To Strike
8. Burn Up The Night

Check out the track here: More...

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Details Of New Kryptos Album Revealed

2016 promises to be a breakout year for Indian metal act Kryptos with the imminent release of the fourth album entitled “Burn Up The Night," expected on September 23rd via AFM Records. With stunning 80’s cover art by Mattias Frisk (shown below) and a bare knuckles approach, the album brings back the glory days of heavy metal with razor sharp riffs, screaming solos and a raging twin guitar attack. Trends may come and go, but Kryptos continue to reinforce the old school ethos that they proudly swear by. Check out the music video for the new track "Full Throttle" below f you want a taste.

Highly influenced by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Accept, as well as Coroner and Kreator, Kryptos still manages to create an identity of it's own while staying true to it's roots. The band was formed in late 1998 in Bangalore, India, and have long been considered one of the spearheads of the Indian heavy metal revolution. Fighting the good fight for almost two decades, the band has released three critically acclaimed albums, supported some of the biggest names in metal and toured Europe multiple times. Kryptos released the first album, "Spiral Ascent," in 2004, which quickly spread through the Indian metal underground and other parts of the world.

In 2008, the band signed with Old School Metal Records from California and released “The Ark of Gemini” before embarking on their first European tour in 2010, making them the first Indian heavy metal band to do so. Kryptos then signed with AFM Records and released the third record “The Coils of Apollyon” in 2012, which met with stellar reviews from all quarters. The band followed this up with a first ever appearance at Wacken Open Air in 2013, a cross country European tour in 2014 and a supporting tour with Death Angel in 2015.

The track list for "Burn Up The Night" is:

1. Blackstar Horizon
2. Full Throttle
3. The Summoning
4. Unto Elysium
5. One Shot To Kill
6. Waverider
7. Prepare To Strike
8. Burn Up The Night More...

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Kryptos Announces European Tour

India's Kryptos has issued the following statement about an upcoming European tour:

"As part of the Wacken Roadshow 2014 we are proud to announce our biggest European tour yet. We will be hitting the shores of Europe with Graveworm, Emergency Gate and Tenside this September for a massive three week tour spanning across countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

"The Apollyon Rising tour kicks off on the 19th Metal Dayz festival together with other killer bands like Dark Tranquillity, Tankard, Alpha Tiger, Edguy and many more.

"A major round of cheers to ICS, Thomas, Holger & Miriam, Enno from ENORM Music, Sabrina from Seaside Touring, All Access, Mario Lochert, Udo Simon, Timo and everyone at AFM Records for their amazing support.

"Watch out Europe, we’re bringing a storm of denim and leather all the way from India. Hail to the old school \m/"

Dates are as follows:

19.09.14 (DE) Hamburg Metal Dayz
25.09.14 (DE) Hamburg - Knust
26.09.14 (DE) Oberhausen - Helvete
27.09.14 (DE) Leipzig - Theaterfabrik
28.09.14 (DE) Berlin - K17
29.09.14 (DE) Augsburg - Spectrum
30.09.14 (DE) Köln- MTC Club
01.10.14 (DE) Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
02.10.14 (BE) Maasmechelen – Rockclub Jan Hertog
03.10.14 (IT) Bruneck - UFO
04.10.14 (AT) Wörgl - Komma
05.10.14 (AT) Vienna - Aera
06.10.14 (HU) Budapest - Dürer Kert
07.10.14 (SK) Bratislava - Randal Club
08.10.14 (CZ) Prague – Klub Nová Chelmnice
09.10.14 (DE) Nuremberg - Rockfabrik
10.10.14 (DE) Weimar - Atrium
11.10.14 (CH) Pratteln - Z7 More...

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AFM Records Releasing New Compilation

The AFM Records label compilation "All For Metal" now continues with part 3. This time "All For Metal III" includes 26 video clips on DVD and a bonus CD with 15 tracks. The compilation will see release on November 30th, 2012 and the track listing is:

01. Orden Ogan - The Things We Believe In
02. U.D.O. - Leatherhead
03. Kissin’ Dynamite - Money, Sex & Power
04. Masterplan - Time To Be King
05. Heavenly - Fullmoon
06. Shakra - Back On Track
07. The Last Vegas - Evil Eyes
08. Morton - Weeping Bell
09. Triosphere - Marionette
10. Brainstorm - In These Walls
11. Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill
12. Crystal Viper - Witch’s Mark
13. At Vance - Facing Your Enemy
14. Wolfpakk - Reptiles Kiss
15. Sinner - Back On Trail
16. Oz - Dominator
17. Elvenking - The Loser
18. Nightmare - Sunrise In Hell
19. Epysode - Obsessions
20. Stahlmann - Tanzmaschine
21. A Life Divided - Heart On Fire
22. Eisbrecher - Eiszeit
23. The Murder Of My Sweet - Unbreakable
24. Lake Of Tears - House Of The Setting Sun
25. The New Black - The King I Was
26. Lyriel - Leverage
27. All Hail The Yeti - The Art Of Mourning
28. Black Messiah - Windloni
29. Ektomorf - The One
30. Solution .45 - Gravitational Lensing
31. Fear Factory - The Industrialist
32. Ministry - Ghouldiggers
33. Suidakra - Dowth 2059
34. Korzus - Truth
35. Onslaught - The Sound Of Violence
36. Tankard - Rules For Fools More...

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Kryptos Posts "Nexus Legion" Lyric Video

India's melodic thrashers Kryptos posted up a new lyric video for the track "Nexus Legion." The song appears on the band's third album "The Coils Of Apollyon," which was originally released via Iron Fist Records in February, but which is now released today in Europe via AFM Records.

The track list for "The Coils Of Apollyon" is as follows:

1. The Mask of Anubis
2. The Coils of Apollyon
3. Serpent Mage
4. Nexus Legion
5. Eternal Crimson Spires
6. Spellcraft
7. Starfall
8. Visions of Dis
9. The Isle of Voices

Check out "Nexus Legion" here: More...

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Kryptos Reveals New Album Title and Art

Old school thrashers Kryptos have unveiled their upcoming album title and artwork. The third full length album will be named "The Coils Of Apollyon" and follows their previous albums "Spiral Ascent" and "The Ark Of Gemini." The artwork is designed by award-winning illustrator Mark Riddick, who has designed album covers for bands like Nunslaughter, Varathron, Vomit Remnants, Bestial Mockery to name a few. You can see the cover art on the splash page of the band's official site.

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Kryptos Announces European Tour Dates

Bangalore, India melodic thrash metal band Kryptos from have announced dates for their upcoming European tour. The tour begins on July 8th 2010 at the Rockmaraton Festival in Pecs, Hungary and then continues onward through Germany and Switzerland with Brazilian thrashers Torture Squad.

The full schedule of tour dates is as follows:

July 8th - Rockmaraton Festival. Pecs, Hungary
July 14th - Nachtleben. Frankfurt, Germany (w/Torture Squad)
July 16th - Pitch Black. Neiderkruchten, Germany (w/Torture Squad)
July 17th - Die Rohre. Stuttgart, Germany (w/Torture Squad, Requiem, Casket and more)
July 23rd - Rocktown. Pfaffikon, Switzerland (w/Torture Squad)

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In India

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. This week I am exploring the Indian metal scene, introducing three bands spanning various metal sub-genres.

Although most foreigners are initially exposed to all the Bollywood hype of the second most populous country in the world, behind the rich and somewhat conservative culture and monolithic economy traits lies a massive subculture striving to make an identity of their own for the sole purpose of making their mark on the world of heavy metal. The scene is of course and without a doubt considered immense, as opposed to where I hail from (Sri Lanka), considering the fact that some of the biggest names in heavy metal have been stopping in India for a gig or tour for the past few years. And not forgetting the amount of record/distribution labels and promoters that strive to thrust the scene forward, India will certainly, in time to come, be held responsible for making a unique mark of their own in the history of one of the world’s most largest and evolved sub cultures.

Amogh Symphony

To start off with today’s unearthing, I chose a technical death metal outfit which goes by the name of Amogh Symphony, who’ve been stirring up the scene in Mumbai as of late with the release of their debut album, “Abolishing the Obsolete System.” The brain-child of solo musician Vishal J. Singh, the band was conceived in 2003 and now has two commendable releases under their belt. Amogh Symphony incorporates a hybrid of progressive, symphonic, death metal with a nod towards Indian classical tunes and Jazz fusion. More...

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New Devoid Tracks Premiered On The Flaming Skull

Indian Thrash/Death Metallers Devoid, premieres new track titled "Battle Cry" from the upcoming album which is to be released later this year, on The Flaming Skull Podcast. Joining this occassion are also bands such as India's Infernal Wrath who have also released "Behold Ezekiel", a new single off the debut record, Bangalore based Extinct Reflections and Theorized and also Bangaladesh's Gene-split premiering on The Podcast.

Going on the 3rd Episode, The Flaming Skull Podcast is India's first and only enhanced podcast which features some of the best Metal music India has to offer.

Roydon of The Flaming Skull Podcast commented: "Metal in India is an infantile entity and like any entity born in the last few decades it is malnourished. There is lack of support, lack of recognition, meagre means and lack of viable platforms to promote the metal in India. We are The Flaming Skull Podcast and we want to do something about this.

The Flaming Skull Podcast is a download-able radio show. It was an idea which was in making from around a year ago but was materialised roughly about a month back. We are two episodes old but are happy to see the overwhelming support that this initiative has achieved.

Our aims are simple. We want to do something about the underground metal scene which is screaming for attention. We saw the concept of a podcast to answer the quest for a media that our artists looked for. We also saw it as a platform to introduce new music to the existing audience.

We aren’t going to create a BANG and spread the word in one go, but we hope to gradually. We want to spread the music to people who can’t reach it. More importantly we want to spread the word of the talent behind the music, the work besides the music all of which compiles to form that which we see as ‘The Metal scene’. This is an industry, and all the facets under it SHOULD get the recognition they deserve. For those who know of the metal scene [Indian and international] – we want to get you more acquainted with what you call as ‘your scene’. For those who don’t- we want to let you know about a sub-culture that a lot of us now thrive upon and the music that makes it. We want to spread Indian underground metal to the world and international underground metal to India. We want to spread the music, not considering borders.

Now this is a macro perspective. For now we are here to spread good music and the work behind the good music. We are just people who want to do something for what they really passionate about.

We are The Flaming Skull Podcast and this is what we are here for"

Previous episodes which features bands such as India's Atmosfear, Kryptos, Bhayanak Maut, Exhumation and IIIrd Sovereign, could be downloaded and listened to, here

Any bands interested in being featured should click here

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Kryptos Announce "The Ark Of Gemini" Release Date

OSM Records has set June 13, 2008 as the new release date for the sophomore album from Bangalore, India-based thrashers KRYPTOS, entitled "The Ark of Gemini". According to a press release, the CD will feature "nine new tracks of heavy, precision, melodic metal with lethal doses of thrash aggression . . Imagine CORONER, DARK TRANQUILLITY, CANDLEMASS and JUDAS PRIEST in a barroom brawl and you'll be somewhere in the ballpark about what this album will sound like."

The cover art has been posted online at this location.

"The Ark of Gemini" track listing:

01. Sphere VII
02. Order Of The D.N.A.
03. Heretic Supreme
04. Tower Of Illusions
05. The Revenant
06. Vulcan
07. Trident
08. Liquid Grave
09. In The Presence Of Eternity

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India's Kryptos Sign With OSM Records

Bangalore, India-based thrashers KRYPTOS have inked a deal with OSM Records.

Formed in the winter of 1998 by founding members Ganesh K (bass, vocals) and Nolan Lewis (guitar) with the sole purpose of paying homage to the glorious '80s metal/thrash scene, KRYPTOS' debut album, "Spiral Ascent", came out in 2004 and featured cover artwork by Niklas Sundin of DARK TRANQUILLITY.

Commented OSM Records CEO Patrick Ramseier: "We are very excited to welcome KRYPTOS to the OSM family. KRYPTOS plays aggressive yet melodic thrash metal. The plan for KRYPTOS is to enter the studio in September to record the follow up to their acclaimed debut record 'Spiral Ascent' for a 2007 release. In the meanwhile you can still order 'Spiral Ascent' through OSM or via The End Records."

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