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Formed: 1990
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Satyricon U.S. Tour in December

Satyricon, one of the most revered and legendary bands on the European Black Metal scene, has announced that it will bring its #The Return of the Antichrist" tour to the U.S. beginning Thursday, December 2 in San Francisco, CA ending on December 22. Canadian-based bands Infernal Majesty and 3 Inches of Blood will provide support for these dates.

Satyricon frontman Satyr explains the tour¹s title: "I recently read a survey that said that Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 are the least rebellious and most god-fearing in the world. How disappointing. It¹s time that Satyricon came to the U.S."

As previously announced, Satyricon will be joined on this tour by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. Jordison, a huge Satyricon fan who offered his services to the band, will sit it for drummer Frost who has been denied entry to the United States due to ongoing visa problems. For "The Return of the Antichrist" tour, the Satyricon line up includes Satyr/vocals; Steinar Gundersen/lead guitar; Lars Norberg/bass; A.O. Gronbech/ rhythm guitar; Jonna Nikula/electronics, and Jordison on drums.

System of a Down guitarist/producer Daron Malakian who owns eatURmusic said, "Anyone who knows Black Metal knows that Satyricon is that genre¹s premiere band. I have been a huge fan of the Black Metal scene for years, and I am so honored that Satyricon is on my label. Their new album "Volcano¹ is exceptional, in my opinion, the best they¹ve recorded; it¹s honest, it has integrity, and I feel it and these upcoming tour dates will help spread the word to a new audience."

"The Return of the Antichrist" will be Satyricon¹s second U.S. tour in support of their most recent album, "Volcano", released April 13, 2004 on the eatURmusic/Red Ink/Columbia label. While the band has achieved massive cult status in Europe, they are making headway breaking through in America ­Metallica¹s Lars Ulrich recently singled Satyricon out as one of the more exciting new bands on the scene today. For the December tour dates, Satyricon is readying a new promotional video for the track "Repined Bastard Nation", which was shot in front of some 40,000 fans at the Wacken Festival in Germany earlier this year.

"As we are from Norway", said Satyr, "we have a Viking heritage, a very interesting history and culture ­ and one that is different from that of America¹s. Black Metal is very much a European and a Norwegian phenomena. I have seen the growing interest in Black Metal since we visited America for the first time in 2000 and I believe our time has finally come in America too. The Black Metal scene over there is taking shape now."

With more dates to be announced, the confirmed itinerary for Satyricon¹s "The Return of the Antichrist" tour are as follows:

2 The Pound @ Pier 96, San Francisco, CA
3 The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA
5 Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ
9 Pops Nite Club, St. Louis, MO
11 Harpo's, Detroit, MI
12 Eagles Club/The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
13 Metro, Chicago, IL
16 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
18 The Palladium, Worcester, MA
19 Jaxx, West Springfield, VA

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Frost Talks Talks About Norwegian Metal Scene

AllThingsMetal.net recently conducted an interview with SATYRICON's drummer Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad. You can read the entire interview here.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting excerpts: More...

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Satyricon Stick With Joey Jordison

Contrary to previous reports, Norwegian black metalheads Satyricon are not looking for another drummer to join the band for their upcoming US tour. As previously reported, Slipknot's Joey Jordison will temporarily fill in for Frost, who is unable to get an American visa at the moment.

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Satyricon To Hold Drummer Auditions In Los Angeles

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON will be auditioning drummers in Los Angeles the last week of November (possibly Nov. 24-25) to join them on tour in North America during the coming months.

The never-ending saga of SATYRICON drummer Frost's inability to enter the U.S. due to heightened homeland security has forced SATYRICON frontman Satyr to seek a temporary touring replacement. The band will still be utilizing the services of SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison on their upcoming headlining U.S. trek, which is scheduled to kick off December 2 in San Francisco, CA.

All drummers interested in auditioning for SATYRICON should contact Hamps Koulayan at the group's record label, EatUrMusic: hamps@eaturmusic.com.

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1349 Confirmed For Denmark's Aalborg Metal Fest

1349, the Norwegian black metal band featuring Satyricon drummer Frost, are the latest act confirmed for the Aalborg Metal Festival 2004, a two-day event set to take place November 5-6 at Studenterhuset in Aalborg, Denmark. The following bands are currently confirmed to perform at the festival:

Friday, November 5:

17:00 - 17:30 SCAMP
19:15 - 20:00 THE DEFACED
20:30 - 21:30 ILLDISPOSED
22:00 - 23:00 TBA
23:45 - 01:00 TBA

Saturday, November 6:

14:00 - 14:30 JERKSTORE
15:00 - 15:30 TBA
16:00 - 16:45 SCARVE
17:15 - 18:00 VOLBEAT
18:30 - 19:30 HEAVEN SHALL BURN
20:00 - 21:15 ZYKLON
21:45 - 23:00 DARKANE
23:45 - 01:00 DOWNSET

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Keep Of Kalessin Video Available For Download

Norwegian black metallers KEEP OF KALESSIN, featuring Obsidian C. (a.k.a. Arnt Grønbech) on guitars/bass/synth and Attila Chisar (ex-MAYHEM, ABORYM) on vocals, have made their video for the song "Come Damnation" available for download at this location. "The video is DRM protected, but you can play it for free!" the band write on their web site. "The reason for this is that KEEP OF KALESSIN is getting ready for the future by beta-testing a new distribution system for digital media. For more info please visit www.legiomedia.com. This is the #1 solution for small bands and labels to fully customize your online distribution of music, video and live streaming!"

KEEP OF KALESSIN recently parted ways with drummer Frost (a.k.a. Kjetil Haraldstad, SATYRICON) due to the long distance between him and Obsidian. Replacing him in the group's lineup is the band's old drummer Vyl.

KEEP OF KALESSIN's most recent mini-album, "Reclaim", was released last December through FaceFront Records. The group's first release since 1999's "Agnen: A Journey through the Dark" (Avantgarde), "Reclaim" has been described as a new milestone in Norwegian black metal by the Norwegian press. "Reclaim" is available in the U.S. through The End mail-order. A new full-length album is tentatively expected in the spring/early summer 2005.

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Satyricon US Tour Plans, Including Joey Jordison

On December 2nd SATYRICON will kick off their second US tour of the year. The tour will include SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison on drums, who will be acting as a replacement for drummer Frost who's inability to enter the US has been due to heightened homeland security. Frontman Satyr had this to say about touring the US, "Frost's Visa to enter the States case has made everything extremely difficult for us and there have even been times I've thought to give up on touring America.”

...but carried on to say, “I'm just very glad that we have a new tour lined up. I think all of our fans stateside will agree that SATYRICON deserve a better chance to establish the band and our style of music we believe in than, more so than we've had so far.

I think our music, our effort and all the people who believe in SATYRICON in the US want us to succeed and Joey Jordison is a good example of that. I never had to convince him that touring with Satyricon would be "cool". It was rather a question of overcoming the practical obstacles with Joey being a key member of a very successful band. His enthusiasm and skills are exactly what SATYRICON needs to raise the spirit in the camp. I have looked for drummers over here and most of them are afraid they can't match Frost's level of drumming so they pull out before we even get started with them. Joey and I have spent a lot of time making sure he is well prepared and it is nice to be able to fulfill the wishes of all the fans I talked to on the MORBID ANGEL tour who wanted to see us play in America. SATYRICON is coming back!"

Dates lined up so far include (subject to change): More...

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Preview The Headbangers Ball Vol 2 CD Online

Roadrunner Records is releasing the long-awaited MTV2 Headbangers Ball Volume 2 Compilation this Tuesday. 40 tracks from 40 of the hottest acts in mainstream heavy metal and in the underground, for one low price. Who needs the radio, when you have this awesome play list to pop in the CD player. MTV has put up a full preview of the album, which you can access by clicking here

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Gorgoroth Announce Tour Lineup

GORGOROTH have announced the tour lineup. Dirge Rep (drums, Orcustus, ex- Enslaved, ex-Gehenna) and Teloch (guitars, Orcustus, Nidingr) will be session members for the upcoming European and Mexican tour.

Their mates from 1349, the band featuring Satyricon's drummer Frost, will be joing them as well. Updated list of gigs includes:

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Satyricon Report From Hole In The Sky Festival

Satyr has posted his thoughts on last weekend's tribute to BATHOTY's Quorthon, held at the Hole In The Sky Festival:

“A worthy farewell to the king...

On Saturday, the biggest gathering of black metal stars on a stage ever, took place in Bergen, Norway during the Hole In The Sky festival. I have already stated here what I feel about this man's work. I just want to say that we - the performers, were so proud to be a part of this and this was the funeral we held for him it felt like. We were all filled with awe and respect for each other's participation in the tribute and his songs. I'm glad Frost was in the crowd so he could fill in me and Abbath (ex-Immortal), on how it felt experiencing it from the crowd perspective.

A truly magical evening that I hope and think will inspire you all. It's crucial that you know Bathory's music to fully understand the depths of Black Metal. Go buy his six first records if you don't have them. Don't download them, buy them. On vinyl even if you can.

It was very emotional for all of us and I think for me, a lot of it comes from knowing that will never be another Bathory. Today you can't make the same kind of impact without touring, videos, interviews etc etc. He could allow himself to stay away from it all because he established a name during a time where all of this was not needed in the same way as it is today. His records are still here though, and bands like ourselves are still here to carry on the true SPIRIT of Black Metal!”

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Just For Fun

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics

Ruthless Reviews scribe Mike From Hobart has compiled a list of the "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time," which includes such bands as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Old Man's Child and Satyricon.

Check out the list and pics here.

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Satyricon Film Video At Wacken

A twelve-camera production crew filmed SATYRICON’s performance at last weekend’s Wacken Open Air festival for an upcoming music video for the track ‘Repined Bastard Nation’. ‘Repined Bastard Nation’ is pulled from the band's latest album, Volcano, released in Europe through Capitol Records in September 2002 and most recently in the North America through the Sony Music imprint EatUrMusic.

The Norwegian black metallers were joined by Nocturno Culto, guitarist and vocalist from influential black metal band, DARKTHRONE who joined Satyricon on stage to perform some of Darkthrone’s most celebrated classics. Nocturno Culto also played guitar on final track, ‘Mother North’, from Satyricon’s Nemesis Divina where he features under the name of ‘Kveldulv’. The joint performance, held in front of over 40,000 people, broke ‘a new crowd record’ and was the last of its kind according to both camps.

Darkthrone’s latest opus, Sardonic Wrath is available through Moonfog from 6th September.

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Headbanger's Ball Tour Part 3

MTV2's Headbangers Ball Tour is coming back this fall with CRADLE OF FILTH and MUDVAYNE co headlining. Other bands rumored for the bill are HIMSA, SATYRICON, LACUNA COIL, and BLEEDING THROUGH.

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Satyricon Reports On WOA, Set List Revealed

Norwegian black metallers Satyricon have posted this report from Wacken Open Air 2004 on their official website:

Today there is a lot of tired and happy people out there. It's the same for us. We put a lot into preparing this show and the weekend itself was one facing many challenges of practical nature. But, the show went well and we were very proud to see how far this genre has come. How far? 43,000 people, they told us! INSANE. All there throughout the entire show, loud and proud. Perfectionists as we are, there were things that in the bigger picture is not important that we let get to us. Then we decided to go for a walk to talk to fans and press to see how they felt. It was such a good move because it helped put everything into perspective. People said they felt had witnessed a historical moment and that this would go down in history as a legendary concert. Thank you for reminding us about what is important! And thanks to Nocturno Culto for the strength put into the show and Zephyrous for helping create the right vibe in the hours before the show. Last salute goes out to the several hundred who lined up for the signing session with Frost, Nocturno Culto and Satyr.

Satyricon's set list for W:O:A 2004: More...

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Darkthrone's Singer Comments On Upcoming Live Gig

DARKTHRONE, as a compact ensemble, has not graced a stage since 1996. With brand new album Sardonic Wrath ready for next month's release,Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto will make a special appearance at Wacken this Saturday (August 7th), joining SATYRICON for an unprecedented half hour showcase of Darkthrone classics.

"Four years in a row, Wacken has asked us to headline," comments Nocturno Culto. "And four years in a row, we have turned their request down. It would have been too much for me and Fenriz to get a whole band together for one gig. The joint show with Satyricon is a more accessible format so we finally accepted. Plus, Wacken is a good festival and well organised. This would be a great opportunity to perform to a large audience and spread hatred for the human kind, especially the religious ones."

An alliance of titanic proportions for the genre, the Satyricon/Darkthrone joint show at Wacken will be a historical event and the last of its kind. "Anyone who knows their black metal is aware of Darkthrone's policy of not playing live," comments Satyricon's driving force, Satyr. "They've decided to do this special event and asked us to be a part of it and that is, of course, a great honour. We're also glad that this historical event has the approval of Fenriz and Zephyrous. Bonds between Satyricon and Darkthrone have always been extremely tight and this is a great way of showing it.”

As to whether a show of such proportions could produce pressure, Nocturno Culto replied, "It's a mixed bag. The ideal thing for me would be to fly by helicopter just before I am due to go on stage and then press an eject button to get myself back on the same helicopter right after the gig."

This, however, will not be the last live appearance by the guitarist/vocalist. "Even if Darkthrone are not actively playing live," conclude Nocturno Culto. "I will join another band or something in the future. We just have to see what happens."

Satyricon will kick off Saturday's headline show on Saturday, 7th August at midnight.

Darkthrone's new album, Sardonic Wrath, is out on September 6th.

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Satyricon To Perform With Darkthrone Singer

Norwegian Black metallers SATYRICON have announced they will be playing with DARKTHRONE's singer Nocturno Culto on Wacken Open Air:

"We will be headlining [Wacken Open Air] Saturday the 7th of August doing a special set where we will perform DARKTHRONE songs with their singer the last 30 minutes of our show. Anyone who knows their black metal is aware of DARKTHRONE's policy of not playing live. They've decided to do this special event and asked us to be a part of it and that is of course a great honour. We're also glad that this historical event has the approval of Fenriz and Zephyrous. Bonds between SATYRICON and DARKTHRONE have always been extremely tight and this is a great way of showing it. The thought of kicking into our opening song 'Walk The Path Of Sorrow' in front of 30-40.000 people makes the wait almost unbearable. Some of you have have been sending concerned e-mails asking what the festival means by using the phrasing 'last show forever' about our performance. We don't know WHAT THEY FUCK they are talking about and rest assured... SATYRICON is alive and kicking as ever before.

[Regarding another USA tour] No movement on the Frost [immigration] case. We've will be auditioning drummers in August. So far we've had no luck as some drummers we have contacted have schedules that doesn't allow them to tour with us or they turn out not to be good enough. We're hoping to return in Sep/Oct/Nov. So be patient, darkness always prevails."

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Headbangers Ball CD Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the forthcoming Headbangers Ball Vol. II, which will be making it's way onto store shelves in late September: More...

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Black Metal Elite To Pay Tribute To Quorthon

A number of well-respected Norwegian black metal musicians will gather to perform a selection of classic BATHORY songs during Norway's Hole In The Sky Festival as a tribute to the group's mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, who passed away earlier this month. So far, the following musicians have been confirmed to take part in this special performance (in alphabetical order):

Abbath (ex-IMMORTAL)
Apollyon (AURA NOIR)
Faust (ex-EMPEROR)
Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE)

The Hole in the Sky organizers have "the utmost respect for all the musicians lending their valuable time to make this a memorable event in the memory of Quorthon and his work of brilliance," according to an official press release. A portion of the profits from the festival — which is scheduled to be held August 25-28, 2004 at three different venues in Bergen, Norway — will be donated to Black Mark Records, the label owned by Quorthon's father, Börje Forsberg.

Commented Samoth: "Needless to say, Quorthon and his mighty BATHORY had a huge impact on me as a musician and definitely sparked my fascination for black metal in the early days. It was sad to hear of his early death. Quorthon was already a legend for years, and left behind an epic testimony blood, fire and death! May he rule among the gods of Valhalla!"

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Satyricon Recruit Former Emperor For US Tour

In the wake of SATYRICON drummer Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad not being allowed into the country because of VISA problems and a criminal past, ex-EMPEROR drummer Trym will be joining the band on their forthcoming US trek with MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION and PREMONITIONS OF WAR.

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Satyricon May Not Make It Into US For Morbid Angel

SATYRICON's participation in the upcoming MORBID ANGEL North American tour appears to be in jeopardy after the group's drummer, 30-year-old Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad, was recently denied a work visa required for him to work and perform in the U.S., the Norwegian newspaper VG Nett has reported.

As a result, the planned million Norwegian krone commercial/marketing launch (approximately $144,000) of the legendary black metal band could be stopped in its tracks.

"I've been working on the [band's] launch [in the U.S.] and the tour since last June," SATYRICON's Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven, 28, told VG Nett. "Now we were going to reap the rewards of our hard work."

The SATYRICON singer and songwriter is in despair. Time is running out for the band, who, in just three weeks, are due to play their first concert in Orlando together with MORBID ANGEL.

"We have supplied [the immigration officials] with contracts and letters documenting the fact that SATYRICON will be working with well-known partners in the American music industry," Satyr said. "Therefore we're trying to do things in a professional and formal manner. This is not a hobby band going on vacation." More...

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