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Formed: 1990
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Satyricon news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Satyricon New Album Details

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We wanted to update you from the studio, but there was no time and now we have finished the album, which is for sure the most important thing to all of us. The new album is scheduled for release Monday the 24th of April all over Europe via Sony/BMG in Norway and Roadrunner Records international in the rest of Europe. No American date is set yet, but it should not be too long after. . . Live dates are being set every day, mostly in Norway for the time being, but we obviously aim to hit the summer festivals in Europe hard. The first confirmed show is Oslo, Rockefeller 13th of May. but there will be many shows before that. We hope to reveal the album cover and have some music ready for you on this site next week already."

SATYRICON have been in Vancouver, Canada this month mixing their first new studio album since 2002 with Mike Frasier (METALLICA, AC/DC). Titled "Now, Diabolical", it will contain the following track listing: More...

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Norwegian Metal Label Morningstar Records Is Born

MORNINGSTAR RECORDS is a new Norwegian label started by members of SATYRICON live, NECROPHAGIA, KEEP OF KALESSIN, CHTON, MANES and MAX MIDSUN. The first release on this new label will be BLOODTHORN's "Genocide," which will see a European release in February 2006.

The goal of Morningstar Records is to establish a solid independent label within quality metal and rock as a label run by musicians for musicians. Our intention is not to climb the ladder up through the underground, but to start no-holds-barred from the first release being "Genocide" by the Norwegian death metal-band Bloodthorn, their 4th studio album marking their 10th year from their first release in 1996.

After years of wanting to start a label focusing on the music itself and not on hype and hunt for profit, Morningstar Records was established by Keep of Kalessin mainman Arnt O. Grönbech. Arnt comments: "I was totally blown away when I heard the new Bloodthorn album 'Genocide' during their mixing-session in Godt Selskap studio, and I simply chose to buy the European rights for this crushing album. This is the album that will give the label a flying start, and prove the labels right to life!" Morningstar Records will focus on quality not quantity, and with the Head of Business and two producers from Godt Selskap Studio (known for recordings by bands like Necrophagia, Keep of Kalessin, Griffin, Chton, Manifest etc.) on board, this close co-operation with Godt Selskap gives Morningstar Records an advantage by the possibility to secure a professional recording of their artist. Plastichead is Morningstar Records' world distributor, and will make sure the music can be found in most retail stores, as well as specialist stores, across the globe.

You can view a photo of the MORNINGSTAR Staff here. From left to right, they are:

Kim Tungvåg (Max Midsun, head of business Godt Selskap studio)
Torstein Parelius (Manes, Chton)
Arnt O. Grönbech (Keep of Kalessin, Satyricon live)
Knut V. Prytz (Necrophagia, producer Godt Selskap Studio)
Rune Stavnesli (Max Midsun, producer Godt Selskap studio)

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First Bands For Inferno Fest Announced

Norway's renowned Inferno festival will be held in Oslo on April 13-15, 2006. The organizers have posted the following update:

Friday February 3rd is the day that we will have our annual kick off party and announce the full lineup. The kick off will be held at John Dee in Oslo and the tickets cost 200 NOK.

Performing live will be a horde of musicians from bands like Immortal, Satyricon, Aura Noir, Enslaved, Susperia, Dimmu Borgir, Pagans Mind, and Zyklon. They will play songs from influential bands such as W.A.S.P, Slayer, Accept, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Mötley Crue, Twisted Sister, Pantera, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Venom, Mötorhead, Kreator, Testament, Anthrax and more.

There will also be a kick off party in Trondheim the same day. More information on this will follow shortly.

In addition, Borknagar, Witchcraft and Endstille will appear alongside already announced Emperor, Marduk and Bolt Thrower.

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Keep of Kalessin Set Release Date For New Album

Norwegian black metallers KEEP OF KALESSIN, featuring Obsidian C. (a.k.a. Arnt Grønbech, also a touring guitarist for SATYRICON) on guitars/bass/synth, have set a March 27, 2006 release date for their new album, entitled "Armada". "KEEP OF KALESSIN has currently picked up working on the album and will finish it by 1st December," the band write on their web site. "A huge promo campaign is planned and the album is already anticipated as one of the best metal releases of 2006! Combining the atmosphere of EMPEROR's 'In the Nightside Eclipse' with a great dynamic production and the takeoffs in 'Come Damnation', you will experience chills down your spine on every song!!"

KEEP OF KALESSIN's "Armada" will be released via the Norwegian label Tabu Recordings, a division of Tuba Records. Vyl is playing drums on the album and a new bass player, Wizziac, is being introduced. MAYHEM singer Attila Chisar is doing some additional vocals, but he will not be the frontman anymore. The band will try out different vocalists in the studio to find the one who matches the music best. The group's complete lineup will be revealed when the recording sessions are completed.

KEEP OF KALESSIN's most recent mini-album, "Reclaim", was released in December 2003 through FaceFront Records. The group's first release since 1999's "Agnen: A Journey through the Dark" (Avantgarde), "Reclaim" has been described as a new milestone in Norwegian black metal by the Norwegian press. "Reclaim" is available in the U.S. through The End mail-order.

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Satyricon To Begin Recording New Album

Satyricon have posted the following album update at their official website:

"Sorry for not keeping touch lately, but we've been busy working! We are in middle of pre-production for our new album and we will start recording October 17th in Puk Studio in Denmark where we did most of "Volcano". We aim to finish the album in January followed by a late spring release. This means we should be ready to do a big festival run throughout the summer and hit the clubs in the fall. Things change and they can change fast too in this industry, but this is what we plan to do as it looks now. We'll keep you posted about this and other projects we are working on too, throughout the fall."

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Satyricon's New Album In The Works

SATYRICON have posted the following update at their official website:

"We recently recorded a test/demo for a couple of new songs for the new album in progress. We wanted to try a new studio, some new techs and some new equipment that we are considering for the new record. We were unhappy with many things and it is back to the 'think tank' and the drawing board in some areas. The songs we recorded however seem to be in very healthy shape as the feedback we have been getting from the people who've heard them has been absolutely overwhelming!

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MSNBC: Darkthrone A Better Grammy Choice?

CONVERGE, SATYRICON and... DARKTHRONE...? Those are the unlikely alternate Grammy nominees suggested to MSNBC recently by "Sound of the Beast" author Ian Christe. "Then again," Christe told the Microsoft-backed news network, "DARKTHRONE already refused their nomination for the Norwegian version of the awards. These back-slapping events are viewed by most metalheads with a lot of skepticism."

Christe also told MSNBC this year's real Grammy nominees for Metal Performance (CRADLE OF FILTH, MOTÖRHEAD, HATEBREED, KILSWITCH ENGAGE, and SLIPKNOT) are "a shock... they actually represent what metal kids are into - instead of the usual out-of-date record company executive's misunderstanding of heavy metal... All five bands nominated began on indie-specialty labels, then worked their way to the mainstream over years. Normally, I'd hope in vain that MOTÖRHEAD would win, just as an excuse to see Lemmy wearing a tuxedo. But it would really be a boon to heavy metal for any of the younger bands to take the prize."

The Grammys will be handed out Feb. 13. The Metal Performance award will NOT be televised.

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Satyricon Working On New Album

Satyr has posted the following:

"I just returned from a week long stay at a cabin far up in the mountains with my good friend Snorre from THORNS. We set up recording equipment and worked very focused with our new albums. I'm co-producing the new Thorns album and I also put a great deal of work into the new Satyricon record during our stay. The material is coming along really great and I hope to enter the studio with Frost late summer"-Satyr.

We will play our first London show in 2 years at the Fabric on March 3rd. More info about that later this week.

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Is Metal Dangerous?

In an article on Valley Advocate, writer Katie Vrabel asks whether or not metal is dangerous. Did the murdering of Dimebag Darrell blacken the music industry? Several excerpts from the article:

Overall, the media treatment was respectful, but it also soon became clear that metal remains a black sheep. And maybe we like it that way, but sometimes the insults go too far. I'm a metalhead, so I take it personally. But in light of recent events (Abbott murdered; Satyricon's touring guitarists accused of rape; two stabbed at a Cradle of Filth concert) I've had to ask: Is metal really dangerous?

The science is on our side when it comes to the effects of "violent" music on daily life as well. Douglas Gentile, in his 2003 book, Media Violence and Children, concludes that listening to music has less of an effect on aggression than watching television and playing video games. He points out what should be obvious: that in cases where a metalhead commits an act of violence or suicide, real factors (depression, substance abuse, etc.), rather than musical taste, are to "blame." He notes that the majority of fans are not troublesome or troubled.

Today's metal is still dark, but is getting more sensitive, political, literary, mythology-inspired and nerdy all the time. Interest in Satan has waned. Bands that are basically white guys singing about graphic violence and violent sexuality exist, but are hardly a blip on the radar relative to what is popular and commercially viable.

As to the stereotypical portrayal of metal as the mouthpiece for the young, angry white male, critics should do themselves a favor and catch up with a genre that's moved beyond that.

Read the full article at Valley Advocate.

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Satyricon Pair Get Out On Bail

Satyricon guitarists Steinar Gundersen and Arnt Gronbech are now out on bail. The pair are charged with giving a fan a date-rape drug before sexually assaulting her on the band's tour bus following a gig in Toronto on December 15.

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Satyricon Will Vigorously Defend Themselves

Betsy Powell of the Toronto Star has issued the following report:

Two touring musicians with the Norwegian black metal band SATYRICON are scheduled to make a Christmas Eve appearance at Old City Hall via video after being charged with giving a fan a date-rape drug and sexually assaulting her in a tour bus following a Dec. 15 concert.

Steinar Gundersen, 34, and Arnt Gronbech, 27, have each been charged with administering a stupefying drug and sexual assault, Constable Kristine Bacharach said yesterday. A woman contacted police at 4:30 a.m., hours after the show at the FunHaus at 526 Queen St. W. Bacharach did not know the age of the complainant.

The two men have already appeared in court and were ordered detained pending a bail review or preliminary hearing, a court official said.

"They intend to vigourously defend themselves on this, and they look forward to the opportunity to present all the relevant facts at the appropriate time in the appropriate forum," said Toronto defence lawyer Jody Berkes. Norway's ambassador to Canada, Ingvard Havnen, said yesterday the two men have received help through diplomatic channels. "We provide assistance to Norwegians in Canada and we are assisting in providing them (the two accused) with a lawyer," he said yesterday. More...

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Headline News

Satyricon Members Arrested, Tour Scrapped

Guitarists for Norwegian black metal band Satyricon have been arrested in Toronto, Canada for allegedly drugging and raping a woman following a show at Fun Haus in Toronto earlier this week. The Toronto woman claims that she was with Satyricon's A.O. Gronbech and Steinar Gundersen (also of Spiral Architect) in their tourbus, but eventually woke up somewhere else and had been sexually assaulted. The guitarists are currently being detained and DNA samples have been taken. The Norwegian embassy was told of the arrest and has been working with Canadian officials on behalf of those charged. If convicted, the two could each face up to ten years in prison. Needless to say, the group's remaining tour dates with 3 Inches Of Blood were subsequently cancelled. If you're fluent in Norwegian, you can view more details here.

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Satyricon Post U.S. Tour Report Part 1

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON, who are currently touring U.S. as part of their Return Of The Antichrist Tour, have issued the following update:

After a good week of rehearsal in Los Angeles it was good to finally kick off in San Francisco last Thursday. All shows have been good so far. Good crowds yearning for some Black Metal and good attendance. The show at The world-famous Whisky in L.A being sold out. Playing-wise, the show in Phoenix last night was the best one. It takes time to sound like a unit playing with a different drummer, but it is really taking shape now and we are definitely in attack mode. Tonight will be a blast! Support the Return Of The Antichrist. Kampen mot gud og hvite krist er i gang.

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3 Inches Of Blood Plug Pulled, Set Cut Short

3 Inches of Blood had their set cut short last night in Hollywood, CA at the Whiskey A Go Go as they were in support of Satyricon. Here's a message from the band:

"What the hell happened? To all who came to the show at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood last night, we're all very upset at having the plug pulled right in the middle of our set. We're still not sure the real reason why we were cut off, but we appreciate everyone who came to support us and apologize for the sudden end to the metal feast."

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Infernal Majesty Drop Off Satyricon Tour

INFERNAL MAJESTY's label Galy Records has confirmed that the legendary Canadian thrashers are officially OFF SATYRICON's Return Of The Antichrist US tour, leaving 3 INCHES OF BLOOD with the co-headlining slot.

A local area band will now be opening each upcoming show, with Battle For Ozzfest contenders SICKS DEEP confirmed for the December 16th, 18th and 21st shows.

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Keep Of Kalessin Comments On Mayhem Singer

KEEP OF KALESSIN/SATYRICON guitarist Obsidian C. (a.k.a. Arnt "Sid" Grønbech) has commented on the recent announcement that KEEP OF KALESSIN's vocalist, Attila Chisar, has rejoined Norwegian black metallers MAYHEM as the full-time replacement for previous singer Maniac. Writing to the band's official web site, Obsidian said that he doesn't what effect this will have on KEEP OF KALESSIN yet, but that he understands that MAYHEM will be Attila's top priority.

"I have known this would happen for some time now and we're ready for whatever effect it will have on KEEP OF KALESSIN," Obsidian said.

"KEEP OF KALESSIN has 6-7 songs ready for the next album and alot of material that just needs rehearsing and arranging," he continued. "Since I will do a new U.S. tour with SATYRICON in December, we're aiming for a studio session with KALESSIN in March with release in early summer, depending on how busy I will be with SATYRICON in January and February. The entire line-up for the next album will be revealed at a later time."

KEEP OF KALESSIN recently parted ways with drummer Frost (a.k.a. Kjetil Haraldstad, SATYRICON) due to the long distance between him and Obsidian. Replacing him in the group's lineup is the band's old drummer Vyl.

KEEP OF KALESSIN's most recent mini-album, "Reclaim", was released last December through FaceFront Records. The group's first release since 1999's "Agnen: A Journey through the Dark" (Avantgarde), "Reclaim" has been described as a new milestone in Norwegian black metal by the Norwegian press.

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Infernal Majesty Added To Satyricon Tour

Kenny from Infernal Majesty checked in with the following update:

Infernal Greetings.

Infernal Majesty are pleased to announce that they have been added to the Satyricon USA Tour. Also on the tour will be Vancouver's 3Inches of Blood. All confirmed Cities/Venues can be found on our web site.

Infernal Majesty will be playing their last show in Vancouver on November 27th, 2004 at the Brickyard, also on the bill - Divinity, Omega Crom, Widowmaker.

Infernal Majesty have also confirmed their European Tour. Tour will begin February, 2005, Hirax will be co-headling with Infernal Majesty.

Lots of new tour photos and reviews are now posted. Check it all out at www.infernalmajesty.com.

Until next time.

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Satyricon U.S. Tour in December

Satyricon, one of the most revered and legendary bands on the European Black Metal scene, has announced that it will bring its #The Return of the Antichrist" tour to the U.S. beginning Thursday, December 2 in San Francisco, CA ending on December 22. Canadian-based bands Infernal Majesty and 3 Inches of Blood will provide support for these dates.

Satyricon frontman Satyr explains the tour¹s title: "I recently read a survey that said that Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 are the least rebellious and most god-fearing in the world. How disappointing. It¹s time that Satyricon came to the U.S."

As previously announced, Satyricon will be joined on this tour by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. Jordison, a huge Satyricon fan who offered his services to the band, will sit it for drummer Frost who has been denied entry to the United States due to ongoing visa problems. For "The Return of the Antichrist" tour, the Satyricon line up includes Satyr/vocals; Steinar Gundersen/lead guitar; Lars Norberg/bass; A.O. Gronbech/ rhythm guitar; Jonna Nikula/electronics, and Jordison on drums.

System of a Down guitarist/producer Daron Malakian who owns eatURmusic said, "Anyone who knows Black Metal knows that Satyricon is that genre¹s premiere band. I have been a huge fan of the Black Metal scene for years, and I am so honored that Satyricon is on my label. Their new album "Volcano¹ is exceptional, in my opinion, the best they¹ve recorded; it¹s honest, it has integrity, and I feel it and these upcoming tour dates will help spread the word to a new audience."

"The Return of the Antichrist" will be Satyricon¹s second U.S. tour in support of their most recent album, "Volcano", released April 13, 2004 on the eatURmusic/Red Ink/Columbia label. While the band has achieved massive cult status in Europe, they are making headway breaking through in America ­Metallica¹s Lars Ulrich recently singled Satyricon out as one of the more exciting new bands on the scene today. For the December tour dates, Satyricon is readying a new promotional video for the track "Repined Bastard Nation", which was shot in front of some 40,000 fans at the Wacken Festival in Germany earlier this year.

"As we are from Norway", said Satyr, "we have a Viking heritage, a very interesting history and culture ­ and one that is different from that of America¹s. Black Metal is very much a European and a Norwegian phenomena. I have seen the growing interest in Black Metal since we visited America for the first time in 2000 and I believe our time has finally come in America too. The Black Metal scene over there is taking shape now."

With more dates to be announced, the confirmed itinerary for Satyricon¹s "The Return of the Antichrist" tour are as follows:

2 The Pound @ Pier 96, San Francisco, CA
3 The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA
5 Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ
9 Pops Nite Club, St. Louis, MO
11 Harpo's, Detroit, MI
12 Eagles Club/The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
13 Metro, Chicago, IL
16 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
18 The Palladium, Worcester, MA
19 Jaxx, West Springfield, VA

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Frost Talks Talks About Norwegian Metal Scene

AllThingsMetal.net recently conducted an interview with SATYRICON's drummer Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad. You can read the entire interview here.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting excerpts: More...

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Satyricon Stick With Joey Jordison

Contrary to previous reports, Norwegian black metalheads Satyricon are not looking for another drummer to join the band for their upcoming US tour. As previously reported, Slipknot's Joey Jordison will temporarily fill in for Frost, who is unable to get an American visa at the moment.

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