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Ihsahn Working On New Album

Solo artist Ihsahn, formerly of Emperor and Peccatum, has announced that he is working on a new album titled "After." Ihsahn has posted a studio video online for the recording of the album, which can be viewed below. Mnemosyne Productions issued the following statement about the video clip:

"We would like to share the first studio report from Ihsahn’s forthcoming album After. This footage features mainly the initial guitar recordings, and gives a hint or two of the musical direction of the album. WARNING: This episode features absolutely no excitement, enthusiasm or action of any kind. Welcome to the world of the solo artist!" More...

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Ihsahn Posts "Scarab" Live Video Online

Ihshan has posted a video clip of the performance of the song "Scarab" at a show in Oslo, Norway, which can be viewed below. Mnemosyne Productions has issued the following statement about the video clip:

"From the first ever Ihsahn live show, we would now like to share the song “Scarab” from angL with you. Ihsahn is using a young and very talented band, Leprous, from our hometown as backing band. This is footage taken with our own camera. It was placed on top of a box behind the sound area, a box that did not particularly like the sound waves of the bass drum, so that is why it is a bit 'shaky' at times. Apart from that it turned out okay." More...

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Too Much Is Never Enough: Technical Metal in 2009

Earlier in the year Metal Underground presented its annual “Best Of” awards and with his finger always on the pulse, deathbringer mentioned a new dominance in metal leading us into 2009. Maybe you’ve noticed the extra acoustic interludes, the blazing shred solos, the disjointed poly-rhythms or maybe you haven’t - but either way a cloud of progressive influence has undoubtedly emerged over the metal scene. Not just in our minds here at MU, but in the minds of fans Opeth, Cynic, Meshuggah, Nachtmystium and Ihsahn stood out with impressive 2008 releases. Even more excitement and interest has been generated by collaborations between Ihsahn and Opeth, and 2009 hasn’t let up with Mastodon’s progressive opus “Crack The Skye” and Obscura’s “Cosmogenesis” leading the charge.

So what magic is at work here aside from great prog-metal releases? Larger bands such as the explosive power metal act DragonForce and progressive groovers Mastodon have played a large part in the uprising of the pursuit of extreme talent for more mainstream metal fans - opening legions of otherwise clueless greenhorns to the bar of instrumental ability. Old hands such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and numerous thrash acts have also not been untouched by the progressive aura and have regained the thirst for pushing technical boundaries - a truly founding ideal of metal if ever there was one. Another force at play here is the power the internet has had in exposing technical freak shows like Necrophagist as well as many young tech-metal heads being introduced to metal and fostered through 90s progressive acts such as Tool or Dream Theater. Not enough for you? Let’s take a little trip back in time then. More...

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Ihsahn Issues Show Recap And Live Photos

Mnemosyne Productions has issued the following update about Ihsahn's recent live show supporting Opeth in Oslo:

"We would like to share with you all some photos taken at Ihsahn’s debut show, as support act for Opeth, Rockefeller Oslo 10th of March. The show was sold out weeks in advance.

“I felt well prepared for the show, and luckily all technical aspects worked out to our advantage, so that the overall experience for me and my band was extremely positive. The feedback from the audience was amazing, and many thought that the songs gained an extra dimension by being performed in a live setting. We are all now looking forward to play Oslo Live, in front of Akershus Festning, 3rd of July”, Ihsahn says.

"Mnemosyne Productions will later share with you some live footage from the show."

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Ihsahn Announces Extra Live Oslo Show In July

Mnemosyne Productions has issued the following announcement about Ihsahn performing two upcoming live shows:

"Ihsahn is performing his first ever concert as a solo artist on March 10th, supporting Opeth at Rockefeller, Oslo. This show was soon sold out, and we know that many fans and friends were not able to get tickets. Mnemosyne Productions are therefore especially happy to announce that there is another opportunity to see Ihsahn live this year: On July 3rd, you can catch him at Oslo Live festival.

"This will be one of extremely few and selected appearances of Ihsahn this year. We will be back with more detailed information closer to the event."

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Ihsahn's Support For Opeth Scaled Back To One Show

A previous announcement confirmed that Ihsahn would support Opeth for the majority of shows on their forthcoming Norwegian Tour in March. However, more detailed production planning has revealed technical and practical difficulties at many of the smaller venues, and it has proven near impossible to run the necessary production. This means that Ihsahn will only be performing at Rockefeller/Oslo on March 10th.

Ihsahn comments: “The situation is unfortunate as I have really been looking forward to this tour and put a lot of effort in preparations. Still, the practical difficulties at many of the venues would only compromise the conditions for both bands and audience so one needs to be realistic. The Oslo gig is still on though, and fans will no doubt get their monies worth at the remaining Opeth shows”

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Ihsahn To Support Opeth On Norwegian Tour

IHSAHN will support OPETH on their upcoming Norwegian live performances arranged by Rikskonsertene/Statnett.

Ihsahn had this to say about the live dates:

"I've been getting quite a few live-offers for my solo stuff, but haven't found time to prioritize this until now. I feel this is an opportunity to try out the material live on my home-ground and to travel with a great band like Opeth while doing it."

Here are the tour dates:

Tuesday 10th of March - Oslo, Rockefeller?
Wednesday 11th of March - Trondheim, Samfundet?
Thursday 12th of March - Volda, Rokken?
Friday 13th of March - Sogndal, Meieriet?
Saturday 14th of March - Bergen, USF Verftet?
Sunday 15th of March - Stavanger, Folken?
Wednesday 18th March - Drammen, Union Scene

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Ihsahn Comments On Latest Album And Emperor Rumors

In a recent interview with Sevenstrings, Ishahn of Emperor fame commented on his latest album and rumors about whether Ross Robinson was slated to produce the fifth Emperor album. Excerpts from the interview are below.

SS: When I first started preparing for this interview it dawned on me that, for a guy who's only in his thirties, you've already achieved an amazing amount as a musician. How does it feel to know that you've recorded albums that have defined a genre and are now regarded as classics?

I: In general, I think I’ve been very lucky having had this as a career since I was 16 when we signed to Candlelight in 1991. Very lucky considering; I’m from Norway (which in itself does not spell out "potential international music-career") and I started my career by playing one of the most infamous and un-commercial forms of music to date. Things are different now, but 1991 was Death Metal era, and Black Metal was close to nothing. Getting back to your question; it is a double-edged sword, I guess. I am of course proud of previous albums and things I’ve achieved. However, with Emperor kind of living a life on it’s own, it is sometimes like being my own little-brother, with all my current work being compared to things I did as a teenager. At 32 I do not feel retired, I am just as passionate about my music as I ever was and I still believe my best is yet to come! More...

Read the full article at Seven Strings.

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Ihsahn E-Card Available

Candlelight records have posted all of the songs from Ihsahn's upcoming album "AngL" online as an e-card. The album can be heard here.

"AngL" will be released in the U.S. on May 27th, and will feature Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth performing guest vocals on the track "Unhealer".

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Release Date Announced for Upcoming Ihsahn Album

Candlelight Records has confirmed May 27 as the American release date for "angL", the second solo album from former Emperor vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn. The album features nine new songs and will have guest performances by drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar), bassist Lars Koppang Norberg (Spiral Architect) and Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth).

Recorded and mixed by Ihsahn at Symphonique Studios in Notodden, Norway (the studio owned by Ihsahn and partner Heidi Tveitan), additional work was completed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth) at Fascination Street Studios and Borge Finnstad (Mayhem, Borknagar) at Toproom Studios. Commenting about the record’s musical collaborations, "Asgeir did such a great job on my last album, that while in preproduction for angL I programmed a much more generic drum track to leave more creative license for him. It was on Asgeir’s recommendation that Lars contribute to the album. They both recorded at Asgeir’s studio (Multimono Studios) and it came together nicely."

Commenting about working with Mikael Akerfeldt, "Mikael and I go back as friends since the early nineties. We met up when Emperor headlined Wacken in 2006 and had a great time watching bands together. We talked then about doing something together at some point and in spite of busy schedules on both sides this luckily came to happen. Rough mixes of "Unhealer" with lyrics were sent to Mikael with the idea for both clean and growl vocals. He worked on it during his off-time recording the new Opeth album. I could not be any happier with the results."

Writing for angL began early in 2007 and picked up momentum after the Emperor US performances early last summer. "I knew to a greater extent where I wanted to go with this album, though I feel all albums are a kind of struggle to overcome. Regardless of how many you make, it never gets any easier." An aggressive schedule to complete the album, in addition to recording projects for Hardingrock (in which Ihsahn also contributes) and Starofash (released February 26), Ihsahn completed album tracking in early December.

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Opeth Frontman To Appear On New Ihsahn Album

OPETH frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has recorded a guest appearance on the track "Unhealer" from the forthcoming solo album from former EMPEROR vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn, entitled "angL".

Commented Ihsahn: "We've been talking about doing something for a while and I'm really happy it finally came together. Needless to say, Mikael's performance is nothing short of amazing!"

Asgeir Mickelson and Lars Norberg (both of SPIRAL ARCHITECT) were responsible for laying down the drum and bass tracks on the CD, respectively. Ihsahn said, "Asgeir and Lars have delivered a rock-solid foundation for the whole album. Pounding blast-beats to slow fretless passages are all performed with great precision."

"angL" is tentatively due mid-spring via Mnemosyne Productions/Candlelight Records.

Ihsahn previously described the musical direction of the new CD as "a natural progression from 'The Adversary' [2006], but with a somewhat heavier touch."

"The Adversary" entered the Norwegian album chart at position No. 33 upon its release in 2006. The CD was written and recorded over a one-year period at Symphonique Studios in Norway and features a guest appearance by Garm from ULVER on one song. All music and lyrics for "The Adversary" were written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, which were played by Asgeir Mickelson (BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT).

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Ihsahn's New Album In Final Mixing Stages

MNEMOSYNE PRODUCTIONS/CANDLELIGHT RECORDS are happy to announce that a second IHSAHN album is set for release this spring. The album is titled "angL."

"I'm currently doing the final mixes for this album, and hope to have everything ready for mastering within a couple of weeks", says IHSAHN. "Musically this album can be seen as a natural progression from "The Adversary," but with a somewhat heavier touch," he continues.

The actual release date of "angL" has yet to be announced.

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Ihsahn's New Album In "Final Completion" Stage

Vocalist/guitarist IHSAHN (ex-EMPEROR) is expected to release his upcoming second solo album in spring, 2008 via Candlelight Records.

The label reports that the forthcoming album, entitled Angl, is currently in the "final completion" stage.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Ihsahn New Album Listening Session

Candlelight Records USA with MP3.com have premiered a special listening session for the entire new album by Ihasn, "The Adversary", which is in stores now. If you have not yet picked it up and want to hear more tracks before you head out to your local shop bring your browser to this location for the special promotion.

"The Adversary" was released in the US on Tuesday, April 18.

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Ihsahn's "Invocation" Video Posted Online

EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn's video for "Invocation", the opening track from Ihsahn's forthcoming solo album, "The Adversary", has been posted online at this location (Quicktime required). You can also download the video to your hard drive (35 MB) (right click and "Save As"). The clip was shot and produced in Notodden, Norway by a local production company. "I think the video reflects both the direct and solitary expression of the album," Ihsahn said. "It was my intention to keep everything as pure and intense as possible, yet staying true to metal tradition."

"The Adversary" was written and recorded over a one-year period at Symphonique Studios in Norway and features a guest appearance by Garm from ULVER on one song.

"Generally, my thoughts for this album were that, 'OK, if I'm doing a solo album, then I might as well do a metal album that kind of includes all the periods I've been through playing metal,'" Ihsahn told BLABBERMOUTH.NET last month. "When I first started playing guitar at the age of 11, I started out playing basic heavy metal stuff. The bands I've played in have been from straight heavy metal up through thrash and speed metal, death metal, and then black metal. I thought the album should include embraces from all those areas.

"Most albums I do I take a study period as well to learn new things and kind of sharpen the working methods and combining theory with the energy of creative thought are driving forces," he continued. "I wanted to have a very varied album with different influences, but I didn't want to take everything into all of the songs. If it's a black metal song it's kind of a black metal song all the way through. When I do a progressive song it's kind of progressive all the way through. I'm trying to pull out the most of one thing, rather than just mixing it all together in all the songs; it's varied in that sense. Hopefully, there should be a consistency throughout the album."

All music and lyrics for "The Adversary" were written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, which were played by Asgeir Mickelson (BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT). "Asgeir is a very talented guy and he could play live a better version of what I programmed," Ihsahn said. "He was the perfect guy for the job because he didn't change things. In some parts I may have had drum patterns that I felt essential to the song, which was very playable, but not necessarily the way a drummer would think. He could interpret what I programmed and just do exactly what I needed. He's been valuable for this project. He's a great guy to work with as well."

Tracking for "The Adversary" is as follows:

01. Invocation
02. Called by the Fire
03. Citizen
04. Homecoming
05. Astera ton Proinon
06. Panem et Circenses
07. And He Shall Walk in Empty Places
08. Will You Love Me Now?
09. The Pain is Still Mine

"The Adversary" will be released cooperatively by Mnemosyne Productions and Candlelight Records on April 10 in Europe and April 18 in North America. Owned/operated by partners Ihsahn and Ihriel since 2003, Mnemosyne Productions was established as an outlet for duo's musical collaborations as well a place for new talent and innovative artists.

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