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Formed: 1990
From: Tokyo, Japan
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Sigh news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Sunday Old School: BMHM Part 2 - Sigh

Black Metal History Month has returned for a fourth instalment! This year will see our special time analyze some of the roots of the genre, as well as some of the bleakest and obscene bands to fly the flag of darkness.

When it comes to black metal, the first place that immediately springs to mind is Norway, despite the genre being pioneered by groups from England, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark. It would be appear that Mayhem guitarist and black metal figurehead, Øystein Aarseth, better known perhaps as Euronymous, was well aware that the genre wasn’t restricted to his home country, as evidenced by his offers to bands all over the world to join his Deathlike Silence label. One of this groups hailed from the other side of the world, in a country one might not associate with the frostbitten scene, Japan. Their name is, Sigh.

Sigh began life in 1989, forming in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo. They released two demo tapes, "Desolation" and "Tragedies" the following year, featuring the lineup of Mirai Kawashima on vocals and keyboards, drummer Kazuki Ozeki and multi instrumentalist, Satoshi Fujinami on guitar. The demos aren’t considered their best work and suffered from very poor production, but nevertheless attracted enough interest for Wild Rags Records to offer them an outlet for an EP release, which came in 1992 under the title, "Requiem for Fools," around the time that they had hired guitarist, Shinichi Ishikawa, a move which saw Fujinami moving to the drum stool. More...

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Third Part Of "And Justice For Art" Series Posted

Canadian rock/metal site PureGrainAudio.com recently debuted a column entitled "...And Justice For Art", a new series focused on exploring every detail behind the making of some of the most stunning cover artworks in the history of metal music. The first installment of the series, which we posted earlier this month, explored the impact that cover artwork can have on the overall album experience and tapped the brain of famed artist Eliran Kantor (Testament, Atheist, Sigh) as well as members of Archaios and Cormorant. The second edition to the series got a bit more in-depth and examined the creation of the artwork for Death's "Symbolic."

Part Three, which can be found here, sees Kantor discussing his work on the cover for Sigh's newest album, "In Somniphobia." Next week, the series will examine the visual accompaniment to CORMORANT's Dwellings. "...And Justice For Art" is the result of writer Ramon Martos-Garcia, who is also known in the underground scene for his involvement with third world metal bands like Archaios, Divinis Invocat and the indie record label Dark Canvas Records.


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"And Justice For Art" Series Debuts

"...And Justice For Art" premiered today, July 11th, 2012 on www.PureGrainAudio.com and a new episode in the series is scheduled to be released weekly. The articles include in-depth research and exclusive interviews with musicians, designers and industry insiders about landmark cover artworks albums such as Death's 'Symbolic', Sigh's 'In Somniphobia', Cormorant's 'Dwellings', Slayer's 'Reign in Blood', Opeth "Heritage" and many more. To view the first article visit this location today. Check out the video teaser for the series below.

"...And Justice For Art" is the result of the tireless efforts from the series' mastermind and frequent PureGrain writer Ramon Martos-Garcia, who is also known in the underground scene for his involvement with Third World Metal bands like Archaios, Divinis Invocat and the indie record label Dark Canvas Records. "In the past, there have been many attempts to tell stories about this subject ", says Ramon, "but never with this level of hindsight and detail. I think what will make this series different is that we are telling stories from different points of view and exploring these cover artworks from a human, psychological, artistic and historical perspective. I truly believe this will be something very unique and special and that everyone reading these articles will be learning and discovering new things about Contemporary Arts and Metal."

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Bathory Tribute Album Teaser Available

A new teaser video has been posted online for the upcoming Bathory tribute release "Voices from Valhalla," due out May 2012 via Godreah Records. Check out the clip below.

Bands set to appear on the tribute include The Meads of Asphodel, Old Corpse Road, Skyforger, Darkest Era, and more. Head over to the Godreah Records website for full details.

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Sigh Streaming New Song

Pitchfork today is hosting an exclusive premiere of “Purgatorium” from legendary extreme metal enigmas Sigh. The track comes off the band’s ninth new studio offering entitled "In Somniphobia," set for North America release this Tuesday, March 13th via Candlelight Records.

The 11-track work of maniacal genius features guest appearances from Massacre’s Kam Lee and Meads Of Asphodel’s Metatron as well as cover illustration by renowned artist Eliran Kantor (Atheist, Testament).

Check out the “Purgatorium” track now at this location.

And in case you missed it, you can check out the band’s video for “Far Beneath The In-Between,” hosted by Decibel Magazine last month here. More...

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Sigh Reveals New Album Details

Extreme metal exhibitionists Sigh are set to unleash their ninth studio album this March. Entitled "In Somniphobia," the 11 track opus features guest appearances from Massacre’s Kam Lee and Meads Of Asphodel’s Metatron as well as cover illustration by renowned artist Eliran Kantor (Atheist, Testament), viewable below.

Founded in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan, Sigh is known for a nontraditional approach to metal and music in general and such is the case with the band's latest endeavor. Commented vocalist/keyboardist Mirai Kawashima: "This is your sonic nightmare. This is the music that lies somewhere between your reality and imagination. This is the heaviest, scariest, craziest and by far the best album by SIGH in every aspect. Be sure to smoke first then listen to this with headphones. Bad trip guaranteed."

In celebration of the record’s upcoming release, today Decibel Magazine premieres the band’s video for seventh track “Far Beneath The In-Between.” Check out the video below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Purgatorium
2. The Transfiguration Fear Lucid Nightmares
3. Lucid Nightmare
4. Somniphobia
5. L'excommunication a Minuit
6. Amnesia
7. Far Beneath the In-Between
8. Amongst the Phantoms of Abandoned Tumbrils
9. Ending Theme: Continuum
10. Fall to the Thrall
11. Equale (a. Prelude, b. Fugato, c. Coda) More...

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Sigh Comments On Upcoming Album

Japanese act Sigh has announced the band's ninth album "In Somniphobia" is due out in March, 2012 on Candlelight Records. The band commented on the upcoming release:

"This album is by far more musically varied compared to the last two albums. Put heavy metal, classical music, jazz, Indian traditional music, Stockhausen, and Xenakis into a cauldron of hell and stir it, you'll get 'In Somniphobia.' It is a pure sonic nightmare that lasts more than an hour."

"In Somniphobia" will be the follow-up to Sigh's last album "Scenes From Hell" (reviewed here). Further details will be announced as they are made available.

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Sigh To Headline Asia Metal Fest

Sigh has checked in with the following announcement about headlining the upcoming Asia Metal Festival:

"We proudly announce that Sigh is going to headline Asia Metal Festival, which will be held in Shanghai and Beijing on October 15th and 16th. It is a big honor for us to headline the gigs where the bands from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongol, Japan and the UK are gathering.

"This is our first time to play in China and we are truly looking forward to being there! These will be some special shows. Don't you ever miss it!"

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Sigh Comments On Upcoming New Album

Japan's Sigh has announced the band new album will be titled "In Somniphobia," and the band has now checked in with the following update about the album:

"In Somniphobia is a sonic nightmare that lasts for more than an hour. The musical direction is pretty much far from that of the last two albums, 'Scenes from Hell' and 'Hangman's Hymn.' It is not easy to describe its direction, but probably one can say that it is something between 'Imaginary Sonicscape,' 'Hail Horror Hail,' and 'Gallows Gallery,' or rather, simply a nightmarish version of 'Imaginary Sonicscape.' Put heavy metal, classical music, jazz, Indian traditional music, Stockhausen, and Xenakis into a cauldron of hell and stir it, you'll get 'In Somniphobia.'

"The first two songs are VERY heavy metal, but from the third track, it begins. Five songs are woven together, which part is named 'Lucid Nightmares.' It is a pure sonic description of nightmares. This is surrealistic, ethnic, druggy, atmospheric and definitely scary! Lots of vintage gems are being used such as Minimoog, Prophet-5, Clavinet D-6, Roland RE-201 Space Echo etc. along with some ethnic instruments like Indian Sarangi, Sitar, Tampura, and Tabla. Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, Bone Gnawer etc.) and Metatron (The Meads of Asphodel) cooperated with the lyrics and the vocals for 'Lucid Nightmares.'

"Listen with Headphones is strictly recommended. Smoke before you try this. Bad trip guaranteed!"

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Ares Kingdom Taps Mirai Kawashima For New Album

Ares Kingdom has tapped Mirai Kawashima (Sigh) for an original keyboard intro to a version of Vulpecula's "Celestial," slated to appear on the band's upcoming all-covers release "Veneration." Other tracks to be included on the album are "Die By Power" (Slaughter Lord), "Act Dead" (Mefisto), "The Captive" (Sacrilege), "When Your Heart Turns Black" (R.U. Dead?), and "Oblivion" (Nepenthe).

Guitarist Chuck Keller commented, "Mirai is one of the most accomplished musicians in the underground today. I was proud to contribute a solo to 'The Memories as a Sinner' on Sigh's 2007 album, 'Hangman's Hymn,' and we're honored he's returning the favor for AK."

"Veneration" is scheduled for release as a gatefold mini-LP and mini-CD in early 2012 through NWN! Productions. Artwork is being handled by Manuel Tinnemans (Pentacle, Bunkur, Necrophagia, Spearhead).

Upcoming Ares Kingdom live dates are as follows:

ENDFest, The Sandbox, Omaha, NE, July 23rd
Gathering of the Bestial Legion V, The Proud Bird, Los Angeles, CA, August 27th
The Jackpot, Lawrence, KS, September 4th
Rites of Darkness pre-fest, The Rabbit, San Antonio, TX, December 8th

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Sigh Signs To Candlelight Records

Candlelight Records has issued the following announcement about inking a record deal with Sigh:

"Candlelight Records is proud to announce the signing of Japanese Black Metal Experimentalists Sigh. Sigh were formed in April of 1990 and did two demos before the 'Requiem for Fools' 7" EP on Wild Rags, which led us to sign to Euronymous' Deathlike Silence Productions. The debut album 'Scorn Defeat' was recorded in 1993, but Euronoymous was murdered before its release, and Voices of Wonder Records took over DSP and released the 'Scorn Defeat.' Sigh then moved to Cacophonous Records and released: Infidel Art (1995) Ghastly Funeral Theatre (1996 mini album) Hail Horror Hail (1997) Scenario IV: Dread Dreams (1999) 'Hail Horror Hail' was chosen as one of the most important 100 heavy metal albums of the nineties in Terrorizer Magazine.

"Sigh signed to Century Media Records and then released 'Imaginary Sonicscape' in 2001. The album was again well received worldwide. The sixth album 'Gallows Gallery', the debut album for the newly recruited Junichi Harashima, was released in 2005 by Baphomet/Season of Mist Records (US) and Candlelight Records (Europe). It was chosen as No.14 album of 2005 in UK's Terrorizer Magazine. (This was re-mastered by James Murphy and re-released through The End Records in 2007.)

"The seventh album 'Hangman’s Hymn' , which is the fastest and the most symphonic album by Sigh, was released in 2007 on The End Records (US) and Osmose Prodcutions (Europe). 'Me-Devil' from this album was featured on the Canadian heavy metal documentary movie 'Global Metal' directed by Sam Dunn. ‘A Tribute to Venom’ was released in September 2008 on The End Records to coincide Sigh’s first US tour with Canada’s Unexpect. This is the first stuff to feature Dr. Mikannibal who joined the band in the end of 2007. More...

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Sigh Checks In With Road Report

Japan's Sigh has issued the following update about recent and upcoming live appearances:

"We all have come home safe from Europe today. Definitely the shows at Underworld and Brutal Assault went really well. It was a great pleasure to meet our old and new friends. Brutal Assault was a truly great festival. We enjoyed seeing lots of excellent bands.

"Hopefully we will come back to Europe very soon. Also photos and videos of those concerts are always welcome. Please feel free to upload them on Youtube! Next are 3 shows with Mayhem here in Japan in September."

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Sigh Changes Venues For Upcoming Show

Japan's Sigh has issued the following announcement about changing venues for the band's upcoming August 10th show in London:

"London Show Venue Changed to The Underworld! Please note that the venue for the our London show on August 10th has been changed to the Underworld! Address: 174 Camden High Street, Camden, London NW1 0NE, United Kingdom. Please spread the word!"

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Sigh Comments On Hellfest

Vocalist Mirai Kawashima of Japan's Sigh has checked in with the following statement about the band's performance at the Hellfest:

"Hello everybody, we all have come back from Hellfest safe. Definitely it was a great festival and we had a great experience there! Thank you everybody who we met in France. If you have photos of us, please feel free to send them at sighjpn@gmail.com.

"PS: Never ever use Air China. We had a horrible trouble with that crappy airline. We were supposed to go to Paris via Beijing by that crap, and the flight from Tokyo to Beijin was canceled. It happened on July 17th, and can you imagine what those idiots said to us? 'All the flights from Beijing to Paris are full until July 22nd, so go to Beijing tomorrow anyway and wait there for a few days.' Of course they refused to refund or endorse the flight. Avoid Air China crap at any cost. They are HORRIBLE."

You can still catch Sigh live on the following dates:

8/10 2010 Dingwalls London and, GB
8/12 2010 Brutal Assaul XV 2010 CZ

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Sigh Guitarist Hospitalized Due To Illness

Vocalist Mirai Kawashima of Sigh has issued the following statement about their guitarist being hospitalized:

"Today our guitarist, Shinichi Ishikawa, was diagnosed as TB and was forced to be hospitalized straightaway. He was really sick when we rehearsed last Sunday claiming that he had been having a really high fever for 5 days. I told him to go to hospital as it was not something usual. Yesterday it was found out that his lungs have fluid, and today they found out that it attributed to TB.

"Still we will come to Finland and play this weekend with Satoshi on guitar and me on bass. However the set list should be much shorter and the songs are mainly from our debut album and Venom tracks. We truly apologize for this. Definitely we will do our best. I hope you all the fans understand this situation and will wish well for Shinich."

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Brutal Assault Festival Confirms Two More Bands

The organisers of the Czech Republics Brutal Assault festival has announced two more bands for this years edition of the event. New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front will now be performing at the festival, along with other new confirmation, Swedish black metal artists Watain. The festival takes place in the town of Josefov from August 12th-14th.

The lineup is now as follows: More...

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The End Records Compilation For Free Download

Toward the end of 2009, The End Records released a 99 cent 17 track sampler on iTunes. Now, in celebration of March Metal Month, the label has released a 20 track sampler for free download on Amazon.com! (May be only available to visitors in the U.S.)

1. The 69 Eyes "Dead Girls Are Easy" (3:53)
2. Dir En Grey "Dozing Green (Live)" (3:57)
3. Creature With the Atom Brain "Transylvania" (5:59)
4. Autumn "Liar Emilie" (6:01)
5. Cable "Running Out Of Roads To Ride" (4:55)
6. Goes Cube "Grinding The Knife Blade" (3:15)
7. Early Man "Someone Else's Nightmare" (3:52)
8. Shining "Fisheye" (5:07)
9. Karl Sanders "Rapture Of The Empty Spaces" (4:23)
10. Novembers Doom "A Eulogy For The Living Lost" (6:30)
11. Suicide City "The Best Way" (4:11)
12. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Der Weg (Live)" (3:56)
13. Sigh "L'art De Mourir" (4:55)
14. Borknagar "Havoc" (6:41)
15. Laethora "A.S.K.E." (3:39)
16. Hull "Architect" (6:54)
17. These Are They "The Indweller" (6:38)
18. Vreid "Milorg" (6:21)
19. Sarke "Old" (2:06)
20. Red Planet;Nattefrost "Sin Goddammit" Fenriz' (4:10)

You can download the free compilation here.

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Sigh Confirmed For Hellfest

Japanese metallers Sigh have been confirmed to perform at the Hellfest, which takes place from June 18th - June 20th, 2010 in Clisson, France. More information about the festival can be found at this location. Sigh's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

3/20 2010 Missions Tokyo
4/10 2010 Black Curse Over Hellsinki Helsinki
6/18 2010 Hellfest 2010 Clisson
8/12 2010 Brutal Assaul XV 2010

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Sigh To Play First Finnish Tour Date

Japanese metallers Sigh have announced they will play their first live show in Finland at the Black Curse Over Helsinki show on April 10th, 2010. Sigh's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

3/20 2010 Missions Tokyo
4/10 2010 Black Curse Over Hellsinki Helsinki
8/12 2010 Brutal Assaul XV 2010

Samples of Sigh's music can also be found at their MySpace page.

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Sigh Issues Year End Recap

Japanese metallers Sigh have issued the following year end recap:

"2009 was a good year for us. We spent most of the time on the new album 'Scenes from Hell' and I guess it's worth it. The appearance at MDF in May was a great experience for sure. 2010 is going to be even more killer. 'Scenes from Hell' will be finally unleashed on Jan. 19th via The End Records. Also 'Infidel Art' triple-gatefold LP and 'Ghastly Funeral Theatre' LP will be out any time soon via The Crypt.

"Later 2010, 'Scorn Defeat' quadruple (!) LP and 'Hail Horror Hail' LP will be released also via The Crypt, and hopefully a few more re-release news can be given out soon. Our first show in Japan in 2 years will be held on March 20th with Genocide, Abigail and Eternal Elysium. The appearance for Brutal Assault in Czech republic in August is already announced, and I believe we can announce a few more European dates soon. May 2010 be the great year for both you and us."

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