"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Horned Almighty

Formed: 2002
From: Denmark
Last Known Status: Active

Horned Almighty Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Horned Almighty.


Interview with Makers of "Black Metal" Short Film

The short film “Black Metal” aired at Sundance Film Festival 2013 in Park City, Utah. This was the second year in a row independent film company, Austin-based film production company, Candler Productions was nominated to play the indie film juggernaut. As the film’s title suggests, corpse paint and spikes are abound with bands such as Vesperian Sorrow and Horned Almighty supplying the soundtrack.

Black metal as a form of music was probably chosen because of its violent history. While Norway’s infamous BM bands show no remorse for various crimes, not all artists creating extreme music live in an abyss of personal agony. So when dark music influences a fan to commit a crime, how would the guilt of this tragedy affect the artists, especially someone with a family? Writer and Director Kat Candler explores the aftermath of such a tragedy and asks the question: Who is to blame? Who should take responsibility for such terrible acts?

Before taking “Black Metal” to Sundance, Metal Underground.com watched the film at a private screening. Afterwards, we talked to lead actor and producer Jonny Mars and fellow producer Kelly Williams about researching black metal and attending the massive indie film fest. Although the film is only nine-minutes, Candler said she plans to make the film a full-length feature. Before reading our Q and A, please watch the film embedded below. More...

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Horned Almighty: "Desecrate the World"

Danish black metal band Horned Almighty have just released their fourth full-length and much-anticipated Candlelight Records debut, "Necro Spirituals," a blasphemous cacophony that embraces the raw side of the genre's earliest purveyors.

Originally formed in 2002 as a side project, the band deliver an unflinching blitz of pure black metal, with pummeling drums, skull shattering bass, frantic riffage and evil vocals of death, destruction and hell on earth. Shunning keyboards, strings or any hint of melody, they're a throwback that stands in stark contrast to the incredibly intricate, massive productions flowing from the Scandinavian and European symphonic metal scene.

Vocalist S took a few minutes to chat with Metalunderground this week about the new album, tour, hooking up with Candlelight and their disdain for organized religion. Here's what transpired: More...

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