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Formed: 1967
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Babymetal To Perform With Rob Halford

Each year, the Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards fueled by Monster Energy brings fans collaborative performances from, and the 2016 APMAs will present even more. The first will feature none other than legendary heavy metal vocalist Rob Halford of Judas Priest and pop metal phenomenons and Best International Band nominees Babymetal.

Babymetal's Su-Metal states, "I am still at a loss of what to feel, but to be able to perform together with the metal god, I am in disbelief... I know it will be an amazing experience for us and I am really looking forward to it."

Babymetal - the breakout Japanese heavy metal/teen-pop hybrid group featuring 18 year old Su-Metal and 16 year olds Yuimetal and Moametal, backed by a four-piece band - released sophomore album "Metal Resistance: this past April (debuting atop Billboard's "World Albums" chart and iTunes' "Top Heavy Metal Albums" chart). More...

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Six Feet Under Premieres Iron Maiden Cover

On May 27th, Six Feet Under will release the fourth installment of the "Graveyard Classics" series, this time paying tribute to two of NWOBHM's most heralded legends: Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Entitled "Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest" and mixed by Jesse Kirkbride at Kirkbride Recordings in Cape Coral, FL, the album is comprised of five Judas Priest covers (side A), and six Iron Maiden covers (side B), handpicked by Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel.

For a preview of the record, the cover version of Iron Maiden’s "Murder In The Rue Morgue" is now streaming below

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Six Feet Under Covers Judas Priest

On May 27th, Six Feet Under will release the fourth installment of the "Graveyard Classics" series, this time paying tribute to two of metal's most heralded legends: Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Entitled "Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest" and mixed by Jesse Kirkbride at Kirkbride Recordings in Cape Coral, FL, the album is comprised of five Judas Priest covers (side A), and six Iron Maiden covers (side B), handpicked by Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel.

For a preview of the record, the cover version of "Never Satisfied" is now streaming below, and the previous single "Invader" can be heard here. More...

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Just For Fun

Judas Priest Announces "Golden Epitaph" Tour

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Legendary metal act Judas Priest vowed to tour in every corner of the globe to spread the word of true metal. The band announced a string of tour dates in some of the most remote locations in the world. Dubbed, the "Golden Epitaph," the tour will launch with a performance at the Garvault Hotel in Sutherland, Scotland on July 1st and will come to an end on July 31st, with a performance at the Internet Cafe on the main island of Tristan da Cunha.

Vocalist Rob Halford commented: "I rarely read Facebook comments, but I scanned the Judas Priest page and it was filled with shouts from fans to come to their locations...'come to Botswana' and 'come to Indonesia' and the like. I turned to Glenn and we both agreed that the time was right to take Priest to the most remote locations in the world."

Confirmed dates and locations for the "Golden Epitaph" tour can be found on the poster below: More...

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Judas Priest Premieres New Live Music Video

Judas Priest premieres a brand new live music video for "Breaking The Law", taken from the upcoming new live CD/DVD "Battle Cry". The outing will be out as CD, Blu-Ray/DVD, and was largely filmed/recorded during the band’s August 01, 2015 performance at the annual "Wacken Open Air" festival.

Check out now "Breaking The Law" below.

Battle Cry CD Track List: More...

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Judas Priest: New Multi-Cam Live Video Clip Posted

YouTuber "metalist908" is streaming a new fan shot multi-camera video clip of Judas Priest performing the band's all-time classic "Desert Plains" in Stockholm, Sweden on December 5 at Ericsson Globe.

Check it out now below.

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Judas Priest Streaming New Live Video Clip

YouTuber "metalist908" is streaming a new fan shot multi-camera video clip of Judas Priest performing the band's all-time classic "Metal Gods" in Stockholm, Sweden on December 5 at Ericsson Globe.

Check it out now below.

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Just For Fun

Iron Priest/Judas Maiden? Two New Mashups Posted

YouTuber "TheTaskmaster" has put Halford's "Devil’s Child" vocal track over top of Iron Maiden's "Iron Maiden" for a "Maiden’s Child" mashup.

On the following mashup "TheTaskmaster" did it the other way round and put Bruce Dickinson's "Flight Of Icarus" vocal track over Judas Priest's "You’ve Got Another Thing Coming" for a "Icarus Got Another Flight Coming" mashup.

Check it out now below: More...

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Abbath Covers Judas Priest

Abbath, the band founded by Norway's iconic black metal frontman Abbath Doom Occulta (formerly of Immortal), is now streaming a Judas Preist cover for the track "Riding On The Wind."

The cover track is taken from the band's "Count the Dead" 7", which has been released worldwide by Season of Mist today. You can also hear the previously released track "Count The Dead" at this location.

Following this shorter 7" release, the self-titled full-length album "Abbath" will be released by Season of Mist on January 22nd, 2016. The full track listing is as follows:

1. To War
2. Winter Bane
3. Ashes of the Damned
4. Ocean of Wounds
5. Count the Dead
6. Fenrir Hunts
7. Root of the Mountain
8. Endless More...

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Metal Allegiance Posts "We Rock" Music Video

Metal Allegiance premieres another new music video for the band's cover of Dio's “We Rock“, taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which is out now in stores via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The supergroup's core musicians include Megadeth‘s David Ellefson, Testament‘s Alex Skolnick and Mike Portnoy of The Winery Dogs/ex-Dream Theater.

Joining them on "We Rock" are Mark Osegueda (Death Angel), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Chuck Billy (Testament), Steve “Zetro” Souza (Exodus), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Phil Demmel (Machine Head) and Gary Holt (Slayer/Exodus) with additional lead guitars.

Check it out now below.

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And Justice For Art Presents: Tattoos Album Covers

Some Metal fans give their life and soul to worshiping the music they love. Others, are more specific and prefer to give... their backs. They unashamedly imprint that part of their bodies with hyper-detailed tattoo renditions of some of their favorite album covers. No doubt, that's the ultimate compliment that a band or a visual artist could receive from their faithful followers..

On this episode of "And Justice For Art," we invite you to explore ten visual examples of Metal tattoo fandom. They showcase different renditions of images that have adorned the covers of some iconic Metal/Hard Rock albums over the past few decades. In some cases (Slayer, Venon) the inked images were kept as faithful as possible to the original. In others (KISS, Benediction, Manowar) the tattoo artists and the recipients tried to become a little creative and added their own personal touches.

Are these true pieces of art, the ultimate fan tribute or the result of an uncontrollable addiction to body inking and Metal music? You decide. In the meantime, check you the images below and take some inspiration from them... maybe your own back is next!

Do you want to know more about Heavy Metal Album covers? Check the new book "And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers." Available now at www.andjusticeforart.bigcartel.com

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Why Isn't There More Heavy Metal In Video Games?

Considering the huge potential for crossover between metal and gaming fans, it's always baffled me that there aren't more heavy metal focused video game soundtracks. Rather than going for sounds that make the player bang their heads and launch their controller through the television, most games – even highly action focused ones – tend to stick with more tepid ambient soundtracks based on electronica. Techno is about as “heavy” as most game soundtracks tend to get.

This week we're going to take a look at a handful of games that buck that trend and offer up honest-to-Lucifer extreme metal in their playlists. Not an exhaustive list (and we'll be looking at more in the future), this is just a few that are worth your time and are notable for their inclusion of tracks from excellent metal bands or for having original soundtracks rooted strongly in the metal tradition.

Brutal Legend

This one's a no-brainer, as it's essentially THE heavy metal video game, created solely to celebrate our beloved genre. Eddie may be a lowly roadie, but through the power of metal (and a battleax, wicked car, and some magic powers) he can annihilate the goths, please the gods, and get the girl (or two).

Although it seems like a gimmick to get heavy music fans interested, the gameplay is actually really solid and revolves around three different styles: strategy large-scale combat as a general over an army, open world GTA car driving shenanigans, and elements of combat-heavy action games like God of War or Dante's Inferno

The game features more than 100 metal tracks (some of which have to be unlocked in-game) covering a huge range of sub-genres with everything from In Flames to Cradle Of Filth, along with a whole lot of classics from the likes of Motorhead and Judas Priest.


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Mastodon Announces Shows With Judas Priest

If you've gotten over Brent Hinds hating heavy metal, you can see Mastodon live this fall with Judas Priest. The band comments:

"We're excited to announce that we'll be hitting the road in October and November for a fall North American tour with British metal icons Judas Priest, which kicks off on October 16th.

"In addition, The Missing Link Tour w/ Clutch plus support from Corrosion Of Conformity also continues with new dates. All confirmed tour dates are below."

*** Mastodon w/ Judas Priest Tour dates
** Mastodon co-headline with Clutch & Corrosion of Conformity
* Mastodon Headline More...

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Rob Halford Discusses Lady Gaga Collaboration

In a recent radio interview with Scot Fox (97.9 WCPR Rocks), Rob Halford of Judas Priest discussed his love of playing classic songs live and his hope to one day collaborate with none other than Lady Gaga. You can hear the 8+ minute interview below, while relevant excerpts from Halford follow:

"I was in a hotel in London the other day and Gaga was two floors above me. Needless to say, security was really, really tight. We didn't really get to see each other again that day, 'cause she was super busy.

"But let me tell you: that lady is a heavy metal maniac. She loves Priest, she loves Maiden, she loves Motrhead, all of these kinds of heavy metal bands that have been roaring on throughout the decades; she's a big fan.

"When I met her, I think it was last year in San Diego, where I'm hanging out these days, we immediately bonded. She's just this wonderfully talented lady with a spectacular voice. More...

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Rock Band 4 Reveals Song List

It's almost time to pull out the bar stools, pour out the shots, and dust off the plastic guitars, as Rock Band 4 will make its triumphant arrival October 6th for both the Xbox One and PS4.

Developer Harmonix previously announced all DLC you might have from the previous games (which eventually reached a truly staggering number of tracks) will carry forward and work with the new version, so you don't have to re-buy all those songs.

Details have been sparse up until now on the new tracks that will be available at launch. Today 22 songs were announced. The full list can be found here, but the entries most of interest to rock and metal fans will be "Toys in the Attic" by Aerosmith, "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold, "Metropolis - Part 1 The Miracle And The Sleeper" from Dream Theater, "The Feast and the Famine" by Foo Fighters, "Halls Of Valhalla" by Judas Priest, and Ozzy's "Miracle Man."

if you pre-order through Amazon by October 5th, you'll also get a download code for 34 bonus songs (full list of bonus songs here).

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Graspop Metal Meeting: Day Two

Following an excellent start to the festival the day before, it was exciting to wake up to another day of metal music in Dessel. There was once again plenty on display for head bangers of all tastes, from legendary bands to current favourites. There were also plent of cult heroes performing on this day, one of which was the first band on the agenda.

Formed in 1991 under the name Resurrection in Israel, Orphaned Land have gone on to become one of, if not the premier metal band from the Middle East. Part of what makes them such an endearing group is their constant devotion of their music to peace, particularly between the Abrahamic religions that clash more than anywhere around their homeland. They were a great way to start the day, possessing a fantastic energy that got plenty of the crowd moving, which is quite an accomplishment for midday at a festival. Opening with the title track to their latest album, "All Is One," they oozed a positive atmosphere and most heads that were banging were also smiling. Having only a forty minute set, it was impressive that the band were able to fit seven songs into their schedule, with the excellent "Separi" being a particular highlight, in part due to the guest appearance of a Dutch Muslim belly dancer, who also joined the group for their finale, which was a medley of "Norra el Norra" and "Ornaments of Gold." Like several bands the day before, Orphaned Land were highly impressive and one that needs adding to the metal fans list of bands to see live. More...

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Judas Priest Releasing Coffee And Cassette Combo

So there may not actually be a pro-LGBT compilation coming from Judas Priest (apologies to those who are still somehow not seeing the date and thinking it's real...) but you will soon be able to buy Judas Priest coffee, and that's no joke.

Does anything cut as deep as British Steel? The songs comprising this landmark record yielded both monumental commercial success, capturing the attention of the broader uninitiated… while also producing anthems to those already deeply enmeshed in a turbo charged new genre.

As fuel for this inexorable juggernaut comes some brewed crude that sparkles cup after cup, sin after sin. Death to False Coffee!

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of "British Steel," Dark Matter Coffee and Judas Priest present the ultimate hesher coffee. On Tuesday, April 14th, the coffee and cassette combo will be unleashed via the DMC website here andat three Chicago retail locations. Each bag of British Steel coffee will come with a old school cassingle, featuring "Grinder" and "Snakebite" (While supplies last). More...

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Just For Fun

Pastor Calls Pantera, Black Sabbath "Satanic"

Apparently nobody sent Pastor Steven Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church the news that the Satanic panic ended a couple of decades ago, because he's decided to take aim at metal bands.

In an amusingly ludicrous hour long video titled "The Jews and Their Lies (Part 1 of 2)," Anderson argues that the bands Pantera, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest are all Satanic... somehow because of the Talmud.

If you haven't bashed your head against a wall repeatedly in awhile, you could always watch the video below (the references to Pantera start at the 21:48 mark).

For those who may have seen the story trending on Facebook some time back, yes, Anderson is the same pastor who said the act of being gay should be illegal and punishable by death, stating "Here's what the Bible says, Leviticus 20:13, 'If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.' And that, my friend, is the cure for AIDS. It was right there in the Bible all along. Because if you executed the homos, like God recommends, you wouldn't have all this AIDS running rampant."

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Performs "One On One"

Footage is available online, courtesy of YouTube user "bigpopapop," of Tim "Ripper" Owens (Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Judas Priest, ex-Iced Earth) covering the track "One On One" by Judas Priest.

Check out the performance from a Panama show that took place back in November via the YouTube player below.

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Rock On The Range 2015 Lineup Announced

Rock On The Range returns to central Ohio’s Columbus Crew Stadium on May 15, 16 and 17, 2015 for its ninth year - this time led by Linkin Park, Slipknot, and Judas Priest.

The full weekend of non-stop rock will also feature performances from Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Volbeat, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy, plus the biggest Rock n’ Roll comedians in the ROTR Comedy Tent.

Rock On The Range--part of the World’s Loudest Month festival series--has sold out in advance for two years in a row, with 120,000 concertgoers on hand in 2014. In 2015, ROTR will welcome live music’s top cable channel, AXS TV, to film the weekend as part of their live festival coverage, allowing fans around the world to experience Rock On The Range.

To kick off the ROTR weekend with a laugh, Guitar World & Revolver’s Roast On The Range returns to Columbus, Ohio Thursday, May 14th. Look for more details to be announced in early 2015.

The current band lineup for Rock On The Range 2015 fueled by Monster Energy Drink--is as follows:

Linkin Park, Slipknot, Judas Priest, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Volbeat, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Of Mice & Men, Ministry, Anthrax, Tech N9ne, In This Moment, Hollywood Undead, Live, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, Yelawolf, In Flames, Motionless In White, Saxon, Rival Sons, Falling In Reverse, Apocalyptica, Hatebreed, Periphery, Nonpoint, Baby Metal, The Devil Wears Prada, Dillinger Escape Plan, We Are Harlot, Starset, New Medicine, Beartooth, You Me At Six, Young Guns, Dorothy, Crobot, Shaman’s Harvest, Like A Storm, Unlocking The Truth, Islander, Marmozets, Sabatron, Upon A Burning Body, From Ashes To New, Red Son Rising, and Santa Cruz, with more bands and entertainers to be announced soon. More...

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