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Formed: 1967
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
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First Bands Confirmed For Download Festival

The following is courtesy of Kerrang!

"This year's Kerrang!-sponsored Download festival will take place the weekend of June 13 to June 15 and will be headlined by Welsh rockers Lostprophets, Orange County punkers The Offspring and one other legendary rock band TBC!

Other bands confirmed for this year's festival include metal gods Judas Priest and Finnish love metallers HIM.

Stay tuned to Kerrang! dot com tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) at 4PM GMT when we will be announcing the fnal headliner and at 7:30PM for another two bands who will be playing Britian's biggest and best rock festival.

Tickets for Download 2008 will go on sale on February 8 at 9AM. Prices are as follows: a full weekend ticket: £130, standard camping: £20, camper van: £40, family zone camping: £20, lockers: £11, parking £10 in advance or £15 on the day. There will be a variety of ticket packages available to buy, including the RIP packages (a VIP package) from £315. For Club or VIP Experience packages, please call 020 7009 3484 to discuss your requirements."

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Cavalera Conspiracy Confirmed For Graspop

Graspop Metal Meeting 2008 is scheduled for June 27th - 29th, 2008 at the festival park De Boeretand in Dessel, Belgium.

The latest act confirmed CAVALERA CONSPIRACY.


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Slayer Confirmed For Gods Of Metal Festival

Los Angeles thrash metal legends SLAYER have been confirmed for the Gods of Metal festival, set to take place June 27-29, 2008 in Bologna, Italy. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows:

Friday, June 27:


Saturday, June 28:


Sunday, June 29:


National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences members have nominated SLAYER for the band's third Grammy Award. The SLAYER track, "The Final Six", from the group's 2007 limited-edition "Christ Illusion", was nominated in the category of "Best Metal Performance."

"The Final Six", written by Tom Araya and guitarist Jeff Hanneman and produced by Josh Abraham, is a chilling look at an hypothesized end of the world. The song made its debut last July as the "Single of the Week" on MySpace where it has since accumulated some 750,000 plays, an astounding number for a song that received no commercial airplay.

"When I first got the word, I thought someone was playing a joke," mused Araya. "But obviously, we've made an impression on the industry. The people at the upper levels have taken notice of what we've done, and that's awesome."

SLAYER's two previous Grammy nominations were for 2002's "Disciple" from the album "God Hates Us All", and last year's "Eyes of the Insane", for which they took home the Grammy Award.

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Judas Priest To Co-Headline Ozzfest 2008?

According to the The Metal Report, the two most anticipated summer tours for US hard rock and metal fans for 2008 are taking shape. From the creators of the Vans-Warped tour, we will see the debut of the Rockstar Mayhem tour, sponsored by Rockstar Energy drink which will compete against metal juggernaut, Ozzfest.

The Metal Report can confirm that SLIPKNOT, DISTURBED, and 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH will in fact be apart of the Rockstar Mayhem tour line up.

As for Ozzfest, OZZY OSBOURNE stated he will headline each show with his solo band, featuring legendary guitarist ZAKK WYLDE. JUDAS PRIEST has been rumored to co-headline in 2008, however new rumors are now suggesting the band may tour with HEAVEN & HELL instead of Ozzfest. More news as it develops.

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Judas Priest To Play Download Festival?

Kerrang! magazine reports that at the Download fan forum, which took place this evening at London's The Clachan pub, Download festival director Andy Copping hinted that British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST may be playing this year's event.

Other bands rumoured to appear included WITHIN TEMPTATION, KORN, MACHINE HEAD and FALL OUT BOY.

The fan forum also clarified promoter Live Nation's stance on green issues, improving transport links to the festival, improving security and improving facilities for disabled festival goers.

The 2008 Download festival will take place at Castle Donington June 13 to June 15. An official announcement — unveiling this year's headliners — is expected to follow in early February.

To buy tickets, check out www.downloadfestival.co.uk.

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More Bands Confirmed For Graspop 2008

According to Ashladan.be, legendary Florida death metallers OBITUARY have been confirmed for this year's Graspop Metal Meeting, set to take place June 27-29, 2008 at De Boeretand in Dessel, Belgium. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


OBITUARY recently shot a video for the song "Evil Ways" with comic book stalwart and director Hart D. Fisher.

"Evil Ways" is the lead single from OBITUARY's new album, "Xecutioner's Return", which was released in North America on August 28 via Candlelight Records. The CD was mixed at Redroom Recorders and was mastered in June at Morrisound Studios in Tampa. The band once again worked with artist Andreas Marschall, who has previously created the art for "The End Complete" and the group's last record, "Frozen in Time".

Roadrunner Records has set a January 29, 2008 release date for a "best-of" collection from legendary Florida death metallers OBITUARY. Entitled, appropriately enough, "The Best of Obituary", the CD will feature the following track listing:

01. Internal Bleeding
02. 'Til Death
03. Slowly We Rot
04. Cause Of Death
05. Chopped In Half
06. Turned Inside Out
07. The End Complete
08. I'm In Pain
09. Don't Care
10. Final Thoughts
11. Kill For Me
12. Threatening Skies
13. On The Floor

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Heaven And Hell And Judas Priest To Tour?

HEAVEN AND HELL — the band featuring BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler, singer Ronnie James Dio, and drummer Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO) — and JUDAS PRIEST are rumored to joining forces for a summer tour. It should be noted, however, that this information has not yet been corrobated by an official source and should be considered a rumor only at this point.

Artisan News Service recently posted a short video interview with Vinny Appice in which he confirmed that the songwriting sessions for the new album from HEAVEN AND HELL will begin in April.

"We're doing another HEAVEN AND HELL, we're going to do a CD album, so we're going to start writing in April-May and I also have a little thing going on with my original band DERRINGER, the first band I played with in 1976," he said. "We're doing a little reunion tour. We got all these great offers and we thought we'd do it. So, it'll be a busy year."

Vinny even went on to say that the initial songwriting with HEAVEN AND HELL is going smooth as well.

"It was cool," he said. "Actually it's been over a year now. I went over there, to England in November and we got together and did three songs and it was great. After like five minutes it was like nothing, we were never apart after that, you know. It just went smooth as silk."

So what's it like playing with the legendary guitarist Tony Iommi on one side and the legendary bassist Geezer Butler on the other side?

"Those guys are, like, I mean it doesn't get much heavier than playing with Tony and Geezer," he said. "Tony on this side and Geezer on this side, it's just a wall of sound. And then you got Dio, who manages to sing over all that, it's just totally incredible. I'm in heaven...and hell."

HEAVEN AND HELL played the final show of its U.S. tour with ALICE COOPER and QUEENSRŸCHE on October 6, 2007 at the Verizon Wireless in Irvine, California. Before the encore, Indie 103.1's Full Metal Jackie presented the band with gold plaques on stage to honor U.S. sales in excess of 25,000 copies of the group's "Live at Radio City Music Hall" DVD. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio thanked the fans for their support, then dedicated the encore song ("Neon Knights") to veteran KNAC DJ Tawn Mastrey, who died in early October of liver failure brought on by hepatitis C.

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Immortal To Play With Judas Priest In Norway

Reunited Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL have issued the following update:

"It's a dark new year and we're rehearsing and writing new material for the upcoming album."

"In March we're off to see the IMMORTAL hordes in Australia and New Zealand, and there will be a few festivals in Europe this summer."

"On the 7th of June, IMMORTAL will return to Trondheim, Norway to play the Lerkendal Stadium together with JUDAS PRIEST."

"For more information, please check www.trondheimrockfestival.no."

"Tickets are available now, at www.billettservice.no." More...

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Morbid Angel Confirmed For Gods Of Metal Festival

Legendary Florida death metallers MORBID ANGEL have been confirmed for the Gods of Metal festival, set to take place June 27-29, 2008 in Bologna, Italy. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows:

IRON MAIDEN (headliner June 27)
JUDAS PRIEST (headliner June 29)

More bands will be announced soon.

MORBID ANGEL is currently in the studio working on material for its first studio album since 2003's "Heretic". The upcoming CD will mark the group's first release to feature frontman David Vincent since 1995's "Domination".

MORBID ANGEL is presently unsigned, having parted ways with Earache Records following "Heretic"'s release.

Although MORBID ANGEL's upcoming album does not currently have a name, its title will likely begin with the letter "I", in keeping with the band's tradition of titling their albums in alphabetical order beginning with 1989's "Altars of Madness", and continuing through "Heretic".

MORBID ANGEL's current lineup includes Vincent, guitarist Trey Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval.

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Rob Halford Speaks On New Judas Priest Album

Bulgaria's Tangra Mega Rock have issued a new interview with JUDAS PRIEST frontman ROB HALFORD. The following is an excerpt from the interview, conducted by Vassil Varbanov:

Q: What should we expect from Judas Priest's Nostradamus? Is it the best record you've ever done?

A: "Yeah, I think it's some of the greatest metal Priest has ever made. It's a wonderful story about this real man that lived 500 years ago in France. A man that was able to look into the future. He had a very complicated life and we're talking about every aspect of it - his prophecies, the difficulties he faced with different people... We're surrounding the entire story with some of the greatest metal Priest has ever made. It's everything you love in Judas Priest. We're mixing it right now and it should be out sometime this year. We're also going on the road doing some massive world tours - probably two. We'll be doing the classic Priest tour, so you'll get to hear all of your favourites like 'Breaking The Law', 'Living After Midnight', 'Electric Eye', 'Metal Gods', etc., and then we'll be doing a Nostradamus Tour where we'll play everything from the album - from the beginning to the end. It's the year of the Priest."

Read the full article at this location.

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Judas Priest Announce More Summer Shows

Judas Priest have revealed more European tour dates throughout the summer, they are as follows:

JUNE 2008

Judas Priest are currently mixing their new album "Nostradamus" which is a concept album based around the French philosopher of the same name.
JULY 2008

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Judas Priest Prepare To Mix "Nostradamus"

Metal-rules.com spoke to JUDAS PRIEST singer ROB HALFORD recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat found below:

Metal-rules.com: On the status of the new Judas Priest CD, Nostradamus:
Halford: "I’ve been away for about a month while Glenn and K.K. [Downing, Judas Priest guitarist] have been doing their final guitar overdubs. We’re about to start mixing, so I’m going to see the boys in a few days time and then we’ll be rockin’ and roaring through the mixing sessions."

Metal-rules.com: So your vocals are already laid down for the new album then?
Halford: "Yeah, I completed those some time back. Everybody does their bits as you go along and normally I don’t do my vocal work until the bulk of the recording has been done which is how it turned out and rhythm guitars and everything were laid and all the other instruments, but Glenn and K.K. have just been burning the midnight metal oil and getting all of their leads completed, so I’ll be excited to hear what they’ve been doing. Then we get on with the mixing and the mastering and get it out for (this) year when the tour kicks off."

Metal-rules.com: So we can probably expect something before the summer then I take it?
Halford: "I think so, yeah. I mean, you know the way it goes. Most bands hit the road when they’ve got a new release out there. It’ll have been a couple of years since we’ve been back on the world circuit."

Metal-rules.com: When Judas Priest does get out on the road again, is there any chance that any material from the two albums that you weren’t on - Jugulator and Demolition - will be performed live?
Halford: "Yeah and I’ve said this before that those two records are as important in the Priest world as everything else. Glenn, K.K. and I have talked about this and I’d welcome it. I think it would be an exciting moment for me to cover the tracks that my mate Tim [“Ripper” Owens] worked on while he was with the band. So again, anything is possible. Each time when we put a set list together, it gets increasingly difficult because we’ve got so many songs from so many records that we just have to look at the set list and figure out what the favorites are and go from there. Again, Priest fans around the world are always putting ideas upon what they’d like to hear us do, but I think it would be kind of fresh to pick maybe one or two tracks from both of those records and just give it the metal god touch."

Metal-rules.com: When War Of Words first came out you drew a lot of comparisons to PANTERA. Did you feel those comparisons were valid?
Halford: "No. That again is something that always irritated me. I think if I hadn’t have had such a wonderful time with Pantera on the Painkiller tour in Europe and if I hadn’t have had the pleasure to run down to Dallas for a day to work with the guys for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie on “Light Comes Out of Black,” I don’t think that would have been so much on the radar, under the spotlight. It irritated me because that’s not the kind of thing I do. I don’t chase after other people with my music. I try and be an innovator and the songs that I wrote for War Of Words which I’d never done before because I usually work with a team of writers—I did all that myself in Phoenix, whatever year that was. It was just pouring out of me just because it’d been waiting to flow and go for a number of years and when we found the players for Fight and we started to rehearse the music in Phoenix, everybody had their own definitive sound and style in place and ready to work and so there was never a moment of saying, “Hey guys, you’ve got to get a sound like Pantera”, which is what the implication is. That would be absolutely fucking stupid, you know. Everybody had their way of playing and so it was just a case of recreating those very rough skeletal ideas that I presented to them and then going into the demo phase. I mean, you listen to the demos, which obviously is the first stage before production, and you can just sense the great energy and the real determination from everybody’s performance."

Metal-rules.com: I was hoping you could clear up one misconception. Did you leave Judas Priest to do Fight or were you still in Judas Priest when War Of Words was being written and recorded?
Halford: "Well, that’s a good question and the answer is that I was still connected to Priest while I was writing all of that music and looking for band players. It wasn’t until I was finding myself in a position where the only way I could venture out to look at other record company affiliations did I see that the legal language in the contract was what I felt to be really severe and restrictive. I wasn’t the only one going through it. I think [Bruce] Springsteen was going through it at the time and George Michael. Everybody was contesting the language and the language alluded to the fact that if you were going to step away from being in that band, in that contract, then you would be free to pursue other searches for other labels and that’s what I had to do and of course that’s when the proverbial shit hit the fan. I still insist today, in my own mind, that I didn’t leave Priest. I left Priest in the legalese of it all, but it just came at a time when…you know that Painkiller tour and the Reno trial before it had been extremely difficult for us all on a personal level and in retrospect, we’ve said now that the best thing we should have done was to have taken two or three years off. We’d been working hard from Rocka Rolla pretty much consistently up until Painkiller and bands are human and sometimes you need to take a holiday but we never did (laughs). But that’s really how the essence of it all came around. I mean, the thing that’s more important to me is the fact that Priest was still Priest and you know the band was still there, the band was still working and that was a little bit of a comfort. I think I would have been full of remorse if the band had completely broken to pieces but that was not the case because Tim went in and did some fantastic work on Jugulator and Demolition."

Metal-rules.com: Going back to the TWO years, there was an interview that you have been famously quoted as saying that "metal is dead.” Was there a defining moment that brought metal back to life for you again after the Two project?
Halford: "Oh well, that was an absolutely fucking stupid thing for me to say. I was just so emotional that day. I can remember I was sitting on my tour bus outside of the Hollywood Palladium in L.A. and I think the Two band was working with Rammstein that night and I was just in a bitch mood (laughs). I said something which I…..you know, everybody has the freedom to be stupid and I was completely stupid that day. I’ve made amends in recent years about making that ridiculous comment. I think I was probably just reflecting on my own situation, frustrations that come with what you do and I think it was probably a Monday night, I don’t particularly like Monday that much (laughs). Had it been Friday or Saturday, I’d have been in a different frame of mind. But I was just being a bit of a petulant rock star bitch that afternoon, so there you go. It’s all water under the bridge now."

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Judas Priest Reveal Summer Festival Dates

Several festival announcements featuring JUDAS PRIEST have been made over the past few weeks. The following dates have been confirmed via the band's official website, with more dates to be announced throughout January:

5 - Sweden Rock - Sölvesborg, Sweden
27 - Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel, Belgium
28 - Bang Your Head - Balingen, Germany
29 - Gods Of Metal - Bologna, Italy

Note that the previously announced Castle Festival date, set to take place from July 1st - 5th in Smederevo Fortress, Serbia, is not on this list and thus should not be considered 100% confirmed.

Stay tuned for updates.

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First Acts For Graspop 2008 Announced

Graspop Metal Meeting 2008 is scheduled for June 27th - 29th, 2008 at the festival park De Boeretand in Dessel, Belgium.


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Judas Priest Post Update

JUDAS PRIEST have issued the following update:

"We're taking a short break from recording for the Christmas and New Year holidays then we'll be back in the studio finishing off the new album!

All is going really well and we are also in the process of setting up the World Tour for 2008!

We want to wish you all a very metal Christmas and a rocking New Year!!"

As previously reported, Judas Priest have been confirmed as another one of the headlining acts to play at next year's instalment of the Bang Your Head!!! Festival, set to take place on June 27th and 28th in Balingen, Germany. The show will be Priest's only open-air German appearance in 2008.

Priest will also play the Graspop Metal Meeting that same weekend in Dessel, Belgium. Exact performance dates will be announced soon.

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Fight Reveal London DVD Screening Details

The following press release is in regards to the London DVD screening for War Of Words - The Film, starring ROB HALFORD and his first solo band FIGHT:

Attention UK Fight and Rob Halford Fans!!! Register for free tickets to London screening!

Fight - War Of Words - The Film
Tuesday, December 18th: 7:30 PM Screening
The Odeon Covent Gardens, address is as follows:
Odeon Covent Garden
135 Shaftsbury Avenue

Conversation with Rob Halford follows the screening. Free poster to all attendees!

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Winters Bane Reform With Tim "Ripper" Owens?

Rumor has it that the creative forces behind the classic WINTERS BANE Heart Of A Killer album (1993) - vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (ICED EARTH, ex-JUDAS PRIEST) and guitarist Lou St. Paul (FIRES OF BABYLON) - have reunited and writing has commenced on a new Winters Bane record, with Wendy Dio of Niji Management currently soliciting offers from interested labels. Word also has it that Winters Bane would plan to tour extensively in support of this album. More news as it develops!

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Carcass Confirmed For Gods Of Metal Festival

The 2008 edition of Italy's Gods Of Metal Festival (www.godsofmetal.it) will be taking place at the Arena Parco Nord in Bologna from June 27th - 29th.

The latest act confirmed for the festival, according to Groovebox.it, is Britain's CARCASS.

Acts on the bill currently include: IRON MAIDEN (headlining June 27th), JUDAS PRIEST (headlining June 29th), CARCASS, MESHUGGAH, AT THE GATES, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and ENSLAVED.

More bands will be announced soon.

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Judas Priest And More To Play Gods Of Metal

According to a posting on the Italian rock/metal webzine Groovebox.it, JUDAS PRIEST, MESHUGGAH and AT THE GATES are among the newly confirmed bands for the Gods of Metal festival, set to take place June 27-29, 2008 in Bologna, Italy. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows:

IRON MAIDEN (June 27 headliners)
JUDAS PRIEST (June 29 headliners)

More bands will be announced soon.

As previously reported, JUDAS PRIEST has also been confirmed for next year's Sweden Rock Festival, which will be held June 4-7, 2008 in in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

JUDAS PRIEST's upcoming tour will include shows where the group's entire upcoming "Nostradamus" album (based on the legendary 16th century prophet Nostradamus) will be performed as well as concerts featuring the band's classic songs, singer Rob Halford revealed during a November 16, 2007 appearance on Eddie Trunk's "Friday Night Rocks" radio show.

Regarding the direction of the material and how whole concept for the "Nostradamus" record came about, Halford recently told PureGrainAudio.com, "It sounds absolutely fucking amazing and that's not me inflating it, it is genuinely spectacular. So we're still carrying on with that and it should be out sometime in 2008. The idea (for the record) came from our manager Bill Curbishley, because we were ready to go in and do another studio record, but Bill came to see us towards the end of the 'Angel of Retribution' tour, he came to Russia, we were playing Russia and we had lunch with him and he said, 'Look, I have this idea.' Bill manages THE WHO, you know, Pete and Roger, and Bill was behind the enormous success of 'Tommy' and he said, 'I just think that you know, maybe you should think about this possibility of doing a concept album and I've been thinking about this guy Nostradamus.' And as soon as he brought the name up, I'm like, I'm there, let's go, you don't have to say anything else. I knew something of him already like everybody does about the books that you read about him, or on the Internet or on TV, documentaries and I thought wow, this is absolutely brilliant so that's where it all came about from."

On the rumors that "Nostradamus" will be a double album, Halford said, "It is a rumor still. I mean, there is an enormous amount of material and you can only put so much on a single CD so you know, we're trying to tell the story of his life and we're trying to cover every significant moment of his life and I think you know, when we got it all recorded, that's when you're faced with the reality of how much time you got and how much a CD will afford you and the timing of it all. So we just ask everyone to bear with us and as we actually get into the mixing mode, we'll be able to be more definitive and tell everybody exactly what we've got, but we just want to make sure we tell his life story so we'll do whatever it takes to do that."

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Lunarmile To Enter Studio This Week

LUNARMILE, the British band featuring frontwoman Toni-Marie Iommi (daughter of BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi) and bassist Alex Hill (son of JUDAS PRIEST bassist Ian Hill), will enter the studio this week with producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY) to begin work on new material. More information will be made available soon.

As previously reported, LUNARMILE will embark on a UK tour of Barfly clubs in February with NEMESEA and SERENADE FOR JUNE. The dates are as follows:

Feb. 16 - Barfly/Moshulu - Aberdeen, UK
Feb. 17 - Barfly - Glasgow, UK
Feb. 18 - Barfly - Birmingham, UK
Feb. 19 - Barfly - Cardilff, UK
Feb. 20 - Barfly - London, UK
Feb. 21 - Barfly - Cambridge, UK
Feb. 22 - Barfly - Brighton, UK

A five-minute video clip documenting LUNARMILE's April 2007 tour with BREED 77 and FOREVER NEVER can be viewed below.

LUNARMILE's latest EP features the three tracks "4 AM", "Get Over Yourself" and "I Know", all of which are also available via iTunes. In addition, the CD format includes a bonus acoustic version of the track "Stay". More...

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