"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2003
From: SITKA, AK, United States
Last Known Status: Active


The DOWNSPELL family are 6 very unstable individuals. They have to create the most brutal music possible just so they don't go postal on every person surrounding them. The band's heavy groove and rhythmic hooks are what makes DOWNSPELL sound different than your typical death metal band. And their speed-picking and intense double-bass separates them from the nu-metal genre. Relentless dual vocalists drive the music towards a feverish pitch. On stage, DOWNSPELL's relentless adrenaline and in-your-face antics, infuse the crowd with flurries of energy. The crowd then hurls it back at the band like a possesed cult. DOWNSPELL'S connection with their audience is what truly separates them from every other band. The six founding members of DOWNSPELL came together in SITKA, ALASKA, a small fishing town with only 14 miles of paved road and little to do. MIKE (GUITARS), originally from California, met up with ERIC (DRUMS), JAKE (GUITARS), WAYNE (VOCALS), BRAD (VOCALS) and GREG (BASS), in the accidental way that seems unique to small towns. Harsh weather and seasonal work gave DOWNSPELL the opportunity to lock themselves away from outside contact and write their own brand of "metal". After 8 months of writing and rehearsing, DOWNSPELL played only three shows in Alaska before deciding to relocate. SAN DIEGO was calling, and DOWNSPELL answered. Once in San Diego, DOWNSPELL recorded a 5-song demo and began playing live shows. DOWNSPELL quickly made a name for themselves and began opening for such national acts as: Deeds of Flesh, Skinless, Exodus, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Prong, Asesino, Cage, Prototype, Hemlock, SX10 and many more. In early "03, DOWNSPELL recorded their first full-length demo entitled "NO REDEMPTION", which their So-Cal fans eagerly devoured. Multiple tracks from "NO REDEMPTION" received airplay often on ROCK 105.3's "Another State of Mind". In October of '03, DOWNSPELL shared the stage with King Diamond, Entombed, and Pissing Razors at the "BANG YER HEAD FESTIVAL". In mid '04, a line-up change was necessary. Enter long-time friends, KENNY (BASS), and TYSON (VOCALS), two excellent musicians bringing forth intensity and dynamics. The diversity of the final line up's individual musical tastes, is what created such a unique sound to metal. From Nile to EyeHateGod, Pig Destroyer to Neurosis, Slipknot to Sabbath. This is the formula that makes the DOWNSPELL machine grow stronger. With their fresh line-up and newly evolved sound, DOWNSPELL has just finished recording a full length album, entitled "AFTERBIRTH", at Golden Track Recording Studio. DOWNSPELL toured all summer, across the country and back, playing numerous shows and festivals in support of this critically aclaimed production. DOWNSPELL is also featured along side Slayer, Lamb of God, Nile, Isis, and others in XYZ CLOTHING Co.'s new extreme skate video entitled, "DECADE of DESTRUCTION", which is available online at decadeofdestruction.com or hit the link on this page. DOWNSPELL will also be on the road in support of XYZ and this video release. DOWNSPELL is currently putting the final touches on two new music videos for "Pogrom" and "Hatestrain" which are both featured on the up-coming album. Our own Tyson Montrucchio from XYZ ENTERTAINMENT is the creator/director so you know the video are going to be sick and twisted (production wise and mentally) . DOWNSPELL is GAINING MOMENTUM... PREPARE YOURSELVES!

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