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Katagory V

Formed: 1999
From: Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Katagory V Releases Final Album

"Resurrect The Insurgence" is Katagory V's 5th and final album, produced by bassist & chief songwriter Dustin Mitchell, and mixed & mastered by Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69, Primal Fear, Angra).

The album was completed and initially set to be released in late 2011, but was delayed for several years due to financial issues and the lack of label interest; it was ultimately shelved after the band's August 2014 Indiegogo campaign failed to generate enough money to release it in various formats independently. Katagory V officially announced its official break up shortly after.

Many long-time fans contacted the band after that break up, wanting the opportunity to experience and own the final album. After some serious consideration, Dustin, Albert, Marc, Bizzaro and Kris agreed to release it in digital format-only through Bandcamp. Stream the full album below, or pick up your own copy over here. The track listing is:

1. Ascension 01:12
2. Crash Down 05:53
3. Sinister Seduction 05:42
4. Far Too Long 06:12
5. My Insurrection 07:16
6. Get Awesome 07:41
7. Sins of the Son 05:46
8. I Am Change 06:46
9. The Search For Control 09:26
10. Writings on the Wall 05:58 More...

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Katagory V Announces Final Release

Katagory V has set May 1st, 2015 as the release date for the band's 5th and final album. The album will be released on Bancamp as a digital only download.

Katagory V started an Indiegogo campaign in 2014 to release the 5th album in all formats independently, but the campaign failed and the band decided to call it a day as a result.

Due to requests from many long-time fans to at least release it in digital format, the band recently agreed to do so as a thank you and a farewell gift to those that have supported Katagory V over the last 15 years. You'll be able to pick up the album at this location.

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Headline News

Katagory V Calling It Quits

After failing to meet a crowd funding goal to release the band's fifth album, Katagory V has posted the following message online about calling it quits:

"Now that the campaign has ended, and was sadly unsuccessful, it is time to make an announcement concerning the future of Katagory V.

"As much as I pains me to say this - I am officially announcing that Katagory V is no more. I have been trying to be positive for the past three years in hopes that the band would regroup, release the 5th album and continue on in some capacity, but as of today, it appears very unlikely that it will ever happen.

"It is financially impossible and economical to do so and still compete on a any level along side our peers. This indiegogo campaign was a true test to see if Katagory V was still relevant, If our fan base was large enough and dedicated enough to rally support & funding, if people still wanted to hear our music, and if we could survive the wild west of the digital age. This did not happen - We and over estimated our popularity and relevance in the heavy metal music scene. Because of this, there is no purpose for Katagory V to continue.

"Throw in a recession a few years ago, causing some band members to become jobless or financially strapped, going through divorces, having heath issues and expenses, losing places to rehearse/write/record, record labels being passive and flaky with communication & commitments, or just flat out showing general disinterested in working with us, and the music industry itself as a whole becoming a huge question mark and extremely unreliable; When you take ALL OF THAT into consideration, coupled with our failed indiegogo campaign, the end result made our 'Middle-to-Lower-class' band obsolete and unable to survive in the new musical climate of free-culturists, Tech-utopians, and those who feel that there is a money tree outside that supplies us with an endless supply of capitol to harvest from, so we can continue to create our art and exploit it ourselves.

"It is virtually impossible to do so when you have financial and moral responsibilities OUTSIDE of your music. Sorry for the small diatribe, but this is really what it all boils down to at the end of the day. This is the reality of being a musician today… and this is the future of music.

"Concerning the unreleased 5th album, 'Resurrect the Insurgence,' which was indeed completed and ready to be release for almost 4 years now; it is now in limbo. We are currently discussing a digital-only release, but because the band is done, it almost seems anti-climatic to do so - as if it is a participation trophy for ourselves and the true Katagory V fans who really wanted us to continue on. This is not what we wanted to see happen, however, we are considering the possibility and discussing the option. More...

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Katagory V Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

After a three-year hiatus, Salt Lake City's power metal act Katabory V has launched an Indiegogo campaign for fifth album, "Resurrect the Insurgence."

Commented bassist/songwriter and founding member Dustin Mitchell: "The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated, albeit somewhat true just the same. It has been three years since we finished recording the fifth album. Back in 2011, we shared a few previews of the songs with updates concerning the album's release, and then....nothing. This album was slated to be released in the spring of 2012, but, ever so quietly, Katagory V AND the new album just disappeared from existence.

"It is a very long story as to why this happened, and we explain how this three-year hiatus came about in the bio of our Indiegogo campaign. What is important now is that we are proactively trying to get this album released before we die of old age (or untreated syphilis!).

"We put a lot -- and I mean A LOT -- of our own money and time into creating what we feel is the best and most sonically powerful Katagory V album to date. It was a very expensive, long, and painstaking process, yet at the same time, an extremely fun experience and one of the best recording sessions for everyone involved. We certainly feel that it would be a total waste if we just shelved this album without giving it a chance to be released upon the world. We still have two full-length songs from 'Resurrect the Insurgence' available for preview on YouTube: 'Far Too Long' and 'I Am Change.' Feel free to check them out!

"As for the future of Katagory V? Well, a lot has changed over the last three years, both within the band and the music industry, and we are taking it one step at a time. The first step is getting this album out. If we can do that...we shall see about taking the next step." More...

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Katagory V Streaming New Songs Online

Power metal act Katagory V has posted the new songs "Far Too Long" and "I Am Change" online, which will appear on the band's upcoming fifth album "Resurrect the Insurgence." You can check out "I Am Change" in the player below, or find both tracks via the band's Reverbnation page.

Comments bassist Dustin Mitchell: "We know it has been rather quiet in the Katagory V camp, and many have been wondering when the new album will be released, but rest assured we are still fighting the good fight, and the new album will be delivered in good time. However, it has been difficult to nail down a release date in the current state of the industry with the constant changes abound. Never the less, we are still alive!

"A few months back we uploaded a new song from the upcoming album 'Resurrect The Insurgence,' which was completed earlier this year with the help of producer Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, ANGRA, PRIMAL FEAR), and felt it was time to throw out another musical morsel from the new album out there for everyone to test drive. More...

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Katagory V Posts Live Concert Footage Online

Katagory V has recently posted video clips of the bands comeback performance shot in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. Bassist/songwriter and founding member Dustin Mitchell talks about the clips and the revamped line-up:

“With preproduction complete, and having some downtime before we start the recording sessions for our fifth album in early April, Katagory V decided to step out onto the stage. It has been well over a year since the band has performed live, and with a some of the guys of the current line up being fairly new and having never performed with Katagory V on stage, Kris (Krompel, Guitars) and Bizzarro (Drums) respectively; it was high time to test the waters and see how we would fare in that environment. After being cooped up in the studio for the last 10 months writing and working on the next album, everyone was suffering from severe cabin fever. After all, Katagory V is not a studio project, but in fact a live band!" More...

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Katagory V Begins Writing New Album

Katagory V have posted the following message:

"We've been very busy the last few months compiling ideas and working out song arrangements for album #5. And thus far, it would be safe to say we are now 80% complete with the writing process for the next album.

"Curtis, Matt and I have been very diligent in writing and orchestrating new material since January, and if all goes well, we should be hitting the studio at the end of the year to start tracking the next album! We are very excited about what ideas that are coming out, and we feel this could be our most versatile album yet. All that we need to do now is to work out some of the guitar melodies and vocals parts and it will be time to move into the pre-production phase, and that leads me to the next little tidbit that I'm sure everyone wants to know…

"With a new album nearly written, I'm sure there is still a bigger question at hand among our fans — what about a new singer and guitarist? Is there anyone? If so, who are they!? At this moment, we know who the new vocalist of KATAGORY V will be and we are currently working with a guitarist right now who we feel might fit best. Once we have had some time to work with them a bit more, their identities will be revealed in a few more weeks, so hang tight! An official announcement concerning these two very talented gentlemen is not far away!"

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Katagory V Bassist Undergoes Carpal Tunnel Surgery

KATAGORY V bassist/founding member Dustin Mitchell has recently revealed that he has finally undergone a procedure for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his right hand, which he was diagnosed with at the end of 2006.

"After years of dealing with this problem, I have finally taken the steps to have it rectified. Writing this message is a bit of a challenge right now, but not nearly as difficult or as painful as it could be thanks to the advances in medical technology for treating CTS. I was in and out of surgery in less than 10 minutes! It was that fast! All it took was a one inch incision and a cut to the tissue in my hand restricting the blood flow of the nerve, a few stitches and that was it. I am now home resting up, with only a small bandage wrapped around my wrist. I have full use of my fingers and 75% usage of my whole hand already. According to doctors, I should be 100% in another week! If I had the old-style surgery, it would be weeks, if not months before I would be 100% healed. With the advances in medical technology for treating CTS, I would encourage any musician suffering from it, to get it treated right away. It is practically painless and takes no time at all!"

Dustin also commented about the current status of Katagory V, as well as the progress of finding replacements for vocalist Lynn Allers and lead guitarist Marc Hanson who were announced as having left the band in January of 2007.

"We've had several fans and press contact us with concern for the band since it has been all too quite in the K5 camp since the announcement of Lynn and Marc leaving the band, and we appreciate all the positive and encouraging emails and message posts on our forum concerning the matter. But rest assured, we are still keeping very busy! Curtis and I are, and have always been, the primary songwriters in Katagory V, and the loss of Lynn and Marc has not slowed the progress on working towards the next Katagory V album. We have been compiling several new song ideas over the last few months and things are moving very quickly, and we will have more news concerning the next album in a month or two. For now, Curtis, Matt and I are still in high spirits and are positive that we will find the right musicians to complete the line up, but we are not in a hurry to do so. We want to be 100% sure that whomever we pick, are the perfect fit and will help further the bands sound, style, and share our vision and work ethics."

"As of this moment, the search continues..." states Dustin, "we have a couple of singers that we are very, very impressed with that have contacted us and sent us material, and to be honest, it could be a very hard decision when it comes down to who it will be. Of those we like, any one of them could easily take Katagory V to the next level. However, we are not ready to make a final call on any of them right now because we still have a few 'late entries' that we are waiting to hear from. Unfortunately, the guitarist search has been a far more cumbersome process. We have had many more axe slingers contact us with interest, but many of them have not even made it to the initial stages for an audition. Calling them 'flakey' would be an understatement. However, those few that have been brave enough to send us material to hear; although fairly talented, were not quite up to our expectations of what we are looking for. We still have a few more guitarists we are looking at and have high hopes for, but right now, the door is still open for anyone interested in filling this slot."

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Katagory V Split With Vocalist And Guitarist

Salt Lake City, Utah-based act KATAGORY V have issued the following update:

Katagory V has officially announced that long-time lead vocalist Lynn Allers is officially not longer in the band, as well as guitarist Marc Hanson.

This news comes only a few short months after the band's recently released 4th album Hymns Of Dissension (Nightmare Records USA/Burning Star Records Europe).

Bassist and founder Dustin Mitchell explains the circumstances in detail about what lead up to their departure...

"Concerning Lynn, I'm sure everyone out there knew something was going on when we had Norman Skinner of the Bay Area based band, IMAGIKA, filling in for our CD release party. It seems kind of obvious that something is up when the singer that recorded the album that is being celebrated, is not taking part in an important event like that. And then when our band is enlisted to back Ronny Munroe of METAL CHURCH as his band for his solo gig too boot? Yeah... omething is certainly amiss

"Sadly, it had come to a point where Lynn’s time and dedication to Katagory V was no longer a priority for him, and we could see it in his attitude for some time now. This was probably one of the harder decisions we've had to make as a band, but ironically, this situation has been a long time coming. In the end, we really cared about Lynn as a friend and about him being in the band, but we knew it was time to make a change.

"With Marc, it was almost the scenario concerning his dedication, only he has decided to leave on his own accord. It finally came down to him having to make some hard choices, and due to minor musical differences and many conflicting factors in his personal life, Marc has officially decided to part ways with Katagory V.

"These decisions have come as a huge disappointment for us in Katagory V, and we are certain many of our fans will be disappointed as well. However, we will look ahead, carry on and continue moving on to the next chapter of the band! There were a lot of good times and memories with Lynn and Marc in the band, and there is no doubt that both of their contributions made them an integral part of Katagory V during their tenure. We wish both of them the best in their future endeavors."

Lynn Allers and Marc Hanson's final recorded performance appears on the bands most recent album, Hymns of Dissension which was released September 25th in Europe on Burning Star Records and October 9th in the U.S. on Nightmare Records.

Now with a vacant guitar and singer slot, Katagory V has also announced that they are now ready to move on, and are looking to find a new, more versatile and highly motivated vocalist and guitarist as soon as possible. Interested parties, both locally and nationally, can contact the band directly at vocalist@katagory5.com for more information on the vocalist slot and guitarists can address the band at guitarist@katagory5.com

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Metal Church Singer To Perform With Katagory V

Utah-based progressive/power metallers KATAGORY V will perform as METAL CHURCH vocalist Ronny Munroe's backing band in Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year's Eve.

Commented KATAGORY V bassist Dustin Mitchell: "When we got the call from our friend Jeff (promoter, Loud Productions) about possibly putting together a New Year's party in Las Vegas, we were totally game for that. However, we would not be performing as KATAGORY V, but instead as Ronny Munroe's backing band! We have been friends with Ronny for some time now, and when the favor was asked of us to help out with this gig, we had to no other answer but 'Hell yes!'"

The Ronny Munroe New Year's Eve show will include songs from METAL CHURCH, his solo CD, ROTTWEILLER, KATAGORY V and more.

Munroe has been recording material for new solo project. Joining Munroe in the group are his former ROTTWEILLER bandmates Rick Van Zandt on guitar, Izzy Rehaume on bass and Doug Marapodi on drums along with Q-5/TKO/NIGHTSHADE guitarist Rick Pierce.

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Katagory V Post New Music Online

Utah-based progressive/power metallers KATAGORY V and Nightmare Records have uploaded songs from the band's upcoming fourth album, "Hymns of Dissension", on each of their MySpace pages. Nightmare Records has uploaded the song "Workforce" at this location, and KATAGORY V has the song "Listen to You, Listen to Me" on their MySpace page.

Members of KATAGORY V will be on hand at this year's ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, Georgia on October 5-6 at the Nightmare Records booth in support of "Hymns of Dissension". Although the album will not be officially released in stores until Tuesday, October 9 in the U.S., copies of CD will be on sale exclusively at the ProgPower USA festival, at the Nightmare Records booth throughout the festival weekend.

In other news, KATAGORY V has also announced a CD-release/Halloween party to coincide with the release of "Hymns of Dissension", which will be held at the infamous Club Vegas in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, October 27. KATAGORY V will perform live with a set list consisting mostly of songs from the new album as well as a few fan favorites from past albums. Also performing live at the CD-release party will be ASHEN LEGACY, MELODRAMUS, and one more act to be announced later.

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"Monsters of Metal" Show Details Revealed

The first annual "Monsters of Metal" show hits Salt Lake City, Utah. The show is scheduled for Saturday, December 10th at "Club Vegas" in Salt Lake City for this one time appearance by Helstar, Agent Steel, Katagory V and Avenger of Blood. Ronny Munroe, lead singer of Metal Church, will be making a special appearance as the emcee and will be hosting this special metal show. "Salt Lake City has a big following of Metal music and is a perfect place to put this show and that's why we are bringing this here," states Jeff Baker of Loud Production Co. of Las Vegas, Nevada who is putting this show on along with Salt Lake City promoters Mr. Toast/Triamid Productions. Legendary frontman James Rivera of Houston, Texas band Helstar is excited by this show because Salt Lake City has always treated him well and has a loyal following of fans there. We are also hoping to get people from all over to come to this event. You can view the poster/flyer at metalchurch.com.

Tickets are $18 in advance and are available at 24tix.com, SmithsTIX.com, The Heavy Metal Shop, Tease and Keys and at Club Vegas. Visit www.Utahmetal.com and www.clubvegas.org for more information and soon to be launched loudproductionco.net. For traveling information and hotel accommodations visit, visitsaltlake.com.

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Chicago Powerfest 2005 Final Line-up Announced

The third incarnation of Chicago Powerfest will prove to be one of the most exciting metal showcases this year in the US…period! Initially created to showcase the top up-and-coming underground metal acts on these shores, Chicago Powerfest has now gone one step further, bringing two of Sweden’s most exciting bands over to bring down the house! Tad Morose will be appearing as a headliner in the US for the first time, and Morgana Lefay will be making their first ever US appearance… so don’t miss this!!

The final lineup includes:
Tad Morose (Sweden)
Morgana Lefay (Sweden)
Twelfth Gate (IL)
Ion Vein (IL)
Archetype (OH)
Imagika (CA)
Silencer (CO)
Warmachine (Canada)
Katagory V (UT)

The event takes place April 8th and 9th at JJ Kelley’s in Lansing, IL which will provide an intimate environment to experience killer metal up close and personal. Tickets are only $32 for a two day pass and are on sale now via www.chicagopowerfest.com. Only 300 tickets will be sold so act fast because this show will sell out. Visit the site for all the latest news, event info., full band info., travel details, etc. Unfortunately, this is a 21 and over event so we apologize to those that won’t be able to attend because of this. Finally, very special thanks to John Coyne for coming aboard as a co-promoter and helping to get Tad and Morgana on the bill.

Set times: More...

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Katagory V's New Breed Of Rebellion

KATAGORY V's new album, “A New Breed of Rebellion”, will be released January 27th, 2004 through Metal Ages Records. The new album features 9 new progressive/power metal anthems that sees the band taking the next step up from the previous release “Present Day”. Along with the cover being graced by the artwork of German artist, Rainer Kalwitz (Destiny’s End, Mark Boals, Shadow Gallery, Tad Morose), The album will be available at Best Buy, Tower Records and anywhere that sells true metal and is distributed through Atomic Distribution in the U.S. as well as Just for Kicks in Europe! Metal Ages Records is also currently taking pre-orders for the new album for both fans and vendors. A listening party is scheduled prior to the release of the album on January 24 in Salt Lake City, Utah at a local pub to be named shortly, and the band will be on hand at the event with advanced copies for sale of the new album and merchandise.

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