"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2002
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Slumber News

Below is our complete Slumber news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Slumber Members Reunite In Atoma

Sweden's Slumber announced earlier this month that the group had disbanded and formed two separate bands. Slumber has now announced the the band's complete lineup has reunited in the group Atoma, with the recruitment of Slumber guitarist Jari Lindholm.

Atoma is currently working on the new album "Skylight," which is set for release later this year. In the mean time you can check out more information on the band via the official Atoma MySpace page.

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Slumber Calls It A Day

Sweden's Slumber has issued the following announcement about splitting up and forming two new bands:

"As from today, Slumber exists no more as a group. Slumber has now turned into two bands: First out is A T O M A. The album 'Skylight' is recorded and mastered, release fall 2011. Skylight was originally the coming album of Slumber named 'Resonance.'

"Here is the ATOMA MySapce page. Second band is yet unnamed, but is two weeks away from recording its debut album. Updates on these two bands will follow shortly."

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Slumber Completes Recording of New Album

Slumber has issued the following studio update announcing the completion of the recording of their new album:

"We have finished our intense four weeks of recording. Even though we spent five years preparing, four weeks were hardly enough for the massive nature of this album. But needless to say, maybe no time had ever been enough. Everything just keeps growing and growing. Now only vocals and mixing remains wich will be done witihin the month."

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Slumber Issues Recording Update

Vocalist Ehsan Kalantarpour of Swedish metal act Slumber has issued the following recording update:

"Captains logg, Amsterdam, night time. I'm at the hotel lobby 2:26am writing to you. We have finished our intense four weeks of recording. Even though we spent five years preparing, four weeks were hardly enough for the massive nature of this album. But needless to say, maybe no time had ever been enough. Everything just keeps growing and growing. Now only vocals and mixing remains which will be done within the month.

"Anyways... good people of Rome, Babylon and Atlantis.. Hear ye, hear ye. We have now an album unprecedented in thousands of ways coming to you. A journey that will take you from the deep oceanic craters to the peaks of power and euphoria. We are ourselves, like strangers, mesmerized by the titan that is appearing before us. In a few weeks we will post an album preview song and some videos from the studio. And now, back to the dark streets of Amsterdam."

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Slumber Posts Studio Photos

Swedish metallers Slumber have posted a series of photographs from the recording studio, which can be viewed here. The band also issued the following update:

"As some of you know, we're in an isolated studio in the middle of nowhere. You can't tell whether its Siberia or Sweden. A very fascinating contrast occurs when you step outside of the studio. The vast empty winter landscape and snow covered horizon. A calm and cold breeze gently fucks up your mood, while you try to enjoy the landscape. Very soothing experience. Once you open the doors to the studio again, a MASSIVE wall of majestic forcing sound pulls you down to earth, and your body wants to surrender to the music. Almost like a mix of panic and euphoria."

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Slumber Enters The Studio

Swedish melodic metal band Slumber has issued the following update:

"Tomorrow we leave the stone cold walls of Stockholm and venture deep in to the natural habitat of inbred little town of Skara for four weeks of recording."

"Never in my life have I with such pride and energy tackled a huge challenge like this. This album has turned out to be immensely complex to create but extremely rewarding if done focused and right. The album is becoming a journey many of you will never, EVER forget. I know the samples on our myspace site might confuse some of you. Every day the songs are heavily changing to create a very dynamic context. So please don't 'worry,' once you hear the album you will recognize its massive voyage nature."

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Slumber Streaming Two Samples Songs

Sweden's Slumber are currently streaming two new samples tracks online titled "Bermuda Riviera" and "Atoma." The songs can be heard at Slumber's MySpace page. Slumber also issued the following brief statement about uploading the tracks:

"As a response to the ongoing financial crisis, I've uploaded two sketch previews from the upcoming album to solve this global economic recession once and for all. Sit back, relax, and let the music own you."

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Slumber Parts Ways With Drummer

Sweden's Slumber has issued the following update about parting ways with their drummer:

"After a couple of turbulent months in the race to finish the new album we've encountered a few obstacles wich forced us to delay the recording. The drummer Ted had to leave the band becuase of private reasons, and we have two new drummers replacing him temporarily for the Resonance recording.

"Studio 'Panic Room' in Skara is now booked four weeks starting 7th January. We will announce a few changes in the line-up after the recording as some reorganizing is happening for 2010.

"Prospects of finding a label that suits our world for the coming three albums is looking very solid. This will also be announced shortly after the recording. We will report from the studio trenches once we're there. We're making a lifework effort here people. Bear with us a little longer, and your ears will be greatly rewarded. 2010 will be a Slumber year. We will make doom and gloom shine brighter than an elven arse!"

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Slumber Posts New Preview Song Online

Slumber has posted a new preview track online titled "Skylight." The preview track, along with the previously posted song "Resonance," can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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Slumber Posts Laptop Version of New Song Online

Swedish metal band, Slumber, has posted a new track, "Atoma," on their MySpace page.

Slumber vocalist/keyboardist, Ehsan Kalantarpour, comments, "It pains some musicians to show their work in such a premature stage. This song is a laptop version of a track appearing on upcoming album 'Resonance.'"

"However, the urge to share our work overshadows its bad shape and sound. This naked version of the song 'Atoma' is without the heavy atmospheres of synth, vocals and proper drums. When recorded it will spark and shine like Titanic."

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Evildoer To Play Gig In Malmo, Sweden

Evildoer will play at "Hårdrock Skåne" in Malmö, Sweden on January 20th. Support will be Slumber and Blind. The occasion is members only but to become a member just apply at www.hardrockskane.com (you can also become a member in the entrance to the gig).

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