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Day Without Dawn

Formed: 2005
From: Middletown, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

Latest Day Without Dawn News

Below is our complete Day Without Dawn news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

A Clearer Sky Recordings Acquires Forgotten Empire

A Clearer Sky Recordings has announced that they've purchased the entire remaining Forgotten Empire Records catalog. Releases include:

Across Tundras "Lonesome Wails From The Weeping Willow" CD
Slacks "Field Recordings" CD/digipack
East Of The Wall "Farmers Almanac" CD/digipack
GP~00 (i) CD/digipack
The Comanche Sigh "The Black Zodiak" CD
RunsFasterScared self-titled full length CD
Day Without Dawn self-titled CD/EP
East Of The Wall self-titled CD/EP

All of these releases will be available from the A Clearer Sky Recordings webstore starting next weekend. A Clearer Sky Recordings is acting as the distributor for these releases and will only be selling the remaining stock; there are no re-presses planned at this time, but a few may be coming soon.

"Over the past year FER has gone through alot of changes and misfortunes," comments A Clearer Sky Recordings. "Being understaffed and overwhelmed things got out of control (too busy, with little help). Since A Clearer Sky started as an affiliate of FER 3 years ago, we thought it be best to purchase their remaining inventory. A Clearer Sky Recordings is run and operated by several very dedicated individuals and has been around since early 2007. As of mid 2009 A Clearer Sky began running as a seperate label completely independent of FER with our own distribution and releases. Many thanks to everyone at FER for getting us our start, and helping us along."

"We are currently looking for a few new bands to complete a small roster. We are 1000% DIY and plan on staying that way. We do not care about putting out a million releases and making tons of money, we just want to release good music from bands we love. Please get in touch with us for more info."

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East Of The Wall Signs To Translation Loss Records

Translation Loss Records has announced the addition of New Jersey’s EAST OF THE WALL to their roster. Born from the dissolution of The Postman Syndrome and Day Without Dawn, EAST OF THE WALL has been hard at work crafting their complex and varied sound, drawing inspiration from a wide range of emotions and ideas.

Translation Loss Records will be releasing a three way split release from East Of The Wall, Rosetta and Year Of No Light in late 2009. The material is a precursor to what will be their Translation Loss debut. EAST OF THE WALL has released records on the indie label Forgotten Empire Records.

Drew Juergens from Translation Loss comments on the signing and co-release: “We are very excited to have EAST OF THE WALL on the label and help them release their next opus. They are an amazing force to behold live and if their material on the three way split we are releasing at the end of this year is any indication of the level of musicianship we will all bear witness to for their next full length, I can only imagine what kind of greatness is on the horizon for the band.”

Brett Bamberger from EAST OF THE WALL comments: “We are so fortunate to be on a roster full of artists who we respect and appreciate so much, not to mention having this excellent opportunity to do business with such a hard working operation of great people. On the road ahead we will be focusing extensively on writing, recording, touring, touring, touring. We have about half of our next full length written, which thus far in content is a bit more technically involved than our last LP. We want to extend our thanks to all the people who have helped us along the way, most especially Brandon Helms, Dave Grossman, and Dave Witte. Looking so forward to our time ahead with TL. Cheers - East of The Wall”

You can check out some of the band's music on their MySpace player.

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Biclops, The Postman Syndrome Set To Record

Biclops (ex and current The Postman Syndrome, East Of The Wall, Day Without Dawn) will be entering the studio on March 15th to record their debut full-length for a to-be-determined label. Recording and mixing will be handled at The Machine Shop (Clutch) by producer Will Putney.

In addition, two releases from the bands' previous incarnation, The Postman Syndrome, are planned for the coming year as well. The first will be the long awaited release of The Postman Syndrome's demos for an unreleased record that was scrapped when the band's former label, Now Or Never Records, folded in 2004. These demos will finally come to light this summer.

Finally, original Postman Syndrome members Mike Somers (East Of The Wall), Matt Lupo (East Of The Wall), Chris Alfano (Biclops), and Brett Bamberger (Biclops, East Of The Wall) will join forces with Kevin Conway (Biclops, East Of The Wall) to compose new Postman Syndrome material. The writing sessions will begin this May following completion of the Biclops record, and the current plan is to release two or three new songs on a split or an EP in late-2009 or early-2010.

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Biclops Posts New Music Online

Three new tracks from New Jersey's progressive metal band, Biclops (ex-Postman Syndrome/Day Without Dawn), have just been uploaded to their MySpace page. The tracks come from their summer 2008 4-song demo.

The band is in the process of completing the rest of their debut record, which they plan on releasing in 2009 through a to-be-determined label. Currently, the band is booking local shows, but a tour may follow in the winter of 2009.

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East Of The Wall Signs To Fogotten Empire Records

Fogotten Empire Records has announced that they will be releasing East Of The Wall's debut album. "Featuring members of Biclops, Day Without Dawn, East Of The Wall is one of the best progressive instrumental bands we have heard of," states the label.

More details about the release will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Day Without Dawn Changes Name to Biclops

After the departure of guitarist/vocalist Jim Stang and the addition of new guitarist/vocalist Dan Brownridge, the members of New Jersey quartet Day Without Dawn (formerly called The Postman Syndrome when they were a five-piece) have once again renamed themselves, this time as Biclops.

Day Without Dawn's final album with Stang on vocals, Understanding Consequences, will be released this February by Forgotten Empire Records. The disc will be comprised of 8 songs and will feature guest performances by Larry Chiswick (All Parallels), Matt Lupo (The Postman Syndrome/East Of The Wall), Kevin Conway (East Of The Wall), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), and Jared Duncan (Fake Gimms).

Meanwhile, Biclops have posted new music at their Myspace page, and are currently in the midst of booking a nationwide tour in March 2008, once again with tourmates All Parallels.

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Forgotten Empire To Release Day Without Dawn Album

Forgotten Empire has announced plans to releaes Day Without Dawn's final album under there current name. Formerly known as The Postman Syndrome and having released an album through Now or Never Records in 2002, Day Without Dawn is a great example of what complex writing and outstanding muscianship can create. The band will undergo some more changes in 2008 when they change their name to Biclops with a semi new line-up. In March they will head out on a long nationwide tour in support of the new band. Expect a release date of late-February in time for the tour.

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Day Without Dawn Announce Tour Dates

New Jersey metallers, Day Without Dawn, issue the following update on their Myspace page:

"Day Without Dawn (probable name change pending) is touring the bulk of the country again in March 2008 with our new lineup. If anyone in the vicinity of one of these stops along the way can be of assistance in hooking us up with a show, or is in a band that wants on the bill, drop us a line. Here's the tentative routing:"

March 2008 Tour (with All Parallels)

Sat 1 - MA
Sun 2 - CT
Mon 3 - PA
Tue 4 - VA/DC/MD
Wed 5 - NC, New Bern @ The Salty Dawg
Thu 6 - NC/SC
Fri 7 - SC/GA
Sat 8 - FL/GA
Sun 9 - AL
Mon 10 - LA
Tue 11 - TX
Wed 12 - TX
Sat 15 - KS
Sun 16 - MO
Mon 17 - MO/IL
Tue 18 - IL
Wed 19 - IN
Thu 20 - OH/IN/KY
Fri 21 - OH/NY
Sat 22 - NY
Sun 23 - NY
Mon 24 - ME
Fri 28 - NJ More...

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Day Without Dawn Announce New Guitarist

Day Without Dawn (formerly known as The Postman Syndrome) has solidified their line-up with the addition of a new guitarist. Additionally, the band will likely be changing their name in the near future. Here's a statement from the group:

"Okay, so to answer the questions as to our happenings: The lineup is solidified with the addition of one Dan Brownridge on guitar. We've already written some new material and we're really stoked on it. Unfortunately, the new line-up sounds different enough that we'll probably change the band name again. Sorry. I suppose the new songs don't stray too far from our older material but at least the vocals will be very different (and less of a key element to our sound). One of the consolations concerning changing the name again is that we can release the previously written material under the 'Day Without Dawn' moniker without concern that it doesn't sound like our band anymore. We may wind up just putting the Day Without Dawn album out on iTunes or some such place. since no label wants to release a disc from a semi-defunct band, even if the band has simply evolved into a new lineup. In hindsight we kind of dislike the name "Day Without Dawn" anyway.

"We're already looking to book some shows in the Spring. There's tentative talks of another run down to Texas and back in March, so if you're into booking us or playing a show along the way contact us here."

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Day Without Dawn Part w/ Vocalist/Guitarist

Day Without Dawn (formerly The Postman Syndrome) have recently parted ways with guitarist/vocalist Jim Stang, and as a result had to delay the recording of their forthcoming record. They're currently looking for potential members to flesh out a new lineup. They posted the following list of requirements on their website:

"So we're in the market for a member or two. The three things that are really a priority for us are...
a) That you can tour at least three months a year, preferably more
b) that you can bring something of quality to the table musically
c) that you're not a dick

"Otherwise, we're pretty open to instruments and musical taste. We're definitely not looking for a second drummer or bassist (unless you're a bassist who owns a stick or a warr), but guitarists, vocalists, horn players, keyboardists, string bowers, etc, especially a combination of the two, send us an email or myspace message. We'll chat. It'll be nice. It should be noted though that although vocal ability is a plus we're not looking for a lead singer unless you're Freddy Mercury reincarnate (or at least very, very good).

"If you feel like you're right for the job you can contact the band at: Band@DayWithoutDawn.com

"You'll also notice we put a new song online. It's a demo of one of the tracks from the new record, and fairly indicative of the direction we're planning to head in."

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The Postman Syndrome Change Name, Post EP

The Postman Syndrome, whose last release came out in 2002 via Now Or Never Records, have officially changed their name to Day Without Dawn. The group is currently preparing to release a self-titled EP, which has been temporarily posted online in its entirety.

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