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Formed: 2003
From: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Leaves' Eyes news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Stream Of Passion Posts European Road Report

Stream of Passion has posted a road report online from the band's recent time on the road alongside Leaves' Eyes. An excerpt from the blog follows:

"16th of October - Travel Tilburg - Steinheim, Germany. We all share good memories of the European tour we did with Leaves Eyes 2 years ago. So we were really excited to join them once again and tour together!

"As with every tour it all started on a misty morning, somewhere in Holland, in a certain city, in some street, at some garage box... loading all our gear and instruments into an undersized taxi van. After some puzzling we were officialy: on tour! More...

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Leaves' Eyes To Perform Free Paris Acoustic Show

Leaves' Eyes announced that the band will perform a free acoustic show in Paris with supporting act Stream of Passion on October 18, 2011 at Le Klub in Paris. The bands will also be conducting a signing session for fans.

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Stream Of Passion To Join Leaves' Eyes Tour

Leaves' Eyes announced that Dutch progressive metal band Stream of Passion will be joining the band on some select European dates. The change was due to the recent cancellation by Visions of Atlantis due to an illness to male vocalist Mario Plank (see article at this location.)

The affected dates are as follows:

14.10.2011 CH - Zlin, Masters of Rock Cafe (without Stream of Passion)
17.10.2011 F - Lyon, Le CCO / H'elles on Stage festival
18.10.2011 F - Paris, Le Club - Free acoustic show + Signing Session!
20.10.2011 UK - Manchester, Academy 3
21.10.2011 UK - London, Underworld

22.10.2011 BE - MFVF IX - Leaves' Eyes
23.10.2011 BE - MFVF IX - Stream of Passion

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Leaves' Eyes Announces Upcoming Shows

Leaves' Eyes has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming October shows:

"The Summer fests are over and Leaves' Eyes wants to thank everybody who supported the band at the festivals! Right now, Leaves' Eyes is gearing up for the upcoming October shows and everybody is looking forward to meet the fans from Tunesia (first Leaves' Eyes show on the African Continent), Czech Republic, France, UK and Belgium! See you on tour! You can watch a trailer below."

Leaves' Eyes upcoming tour dates in October are as follows:

08.10.2011 TN - Tunis, Rock on Fire Festival
14.10.2011 CZ - Zlin, Masters of Rock Café
7.10.2011 FR - Lyon, H'elles of Stage festival
20.10.2011 UK - Manchester, Academy 3
21.10.2011 UK - London, Underworld
22.10.2011 BE - Wieze, Metal Female Voices IX

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Leaves' Eye Singer Announces Solo Concert

Leaves' Eyes singer, Liv Kristine, has announced a concert, "One night with Liv Kristine," on December 2nd at Alte Seminarturnhalle in Nagold, Germany.

The Norwegian female singer will be presenting a row of her own songs and special cover songs from her own career (solo, Leaves' Eyes & Theatre of Tragedy) acoustically. Last but least you will get the chance to listen to new, unreleased material.

Tickets for the show are available this location.

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Leaves' Eyes Comments On Confisated Merchandise

Leaves' Eyes has issued the following statement about about merchandise being confiscated at the Summer Breeze festival:

"Dear fans and friends, Some members of the band visited the Summerbreeze festival in Germany this weekend. We met up with our friends from the Nuclear Blast merchandise stand on the festival grounds and got some rather unpleasant news on which we'd like to set the record straight.

"We heard the police showed up and confiscated Leaves' Eyes shirts with a Celtic Cross on it. Apparently the police thought the design had something to do with right-wing symphathies. We also heard some fans were forced to take their shirt off with the same design and had to give it to the police as well. Later the police apologised for the mistake and brought back the shirts to the Nuclear Blast stand, after harrasing the merch people 5 times! We as a band want to state that we are shocked and disgusted by all what has taken place. Also, we are amazed by the ignorance of the police in these matters as clearly Leaves' Eyes have nothing to do with such symphaties, nor does the design of the t-shirt. Clearly they need to do their homework a lot better!

"We think it is a shame that things like this had to happen at one of the best metal festivals we know and also the merch guys and girls @ Nuclear Blast, and last but least to our fans!"

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Leaves' Eyes Posts M'era Luna Festival Trailer

Leaves' Eyes will be performing at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany on August 13th. The band has also announced it will be hosting a signing session at the Sonic Seducer stand. You can check out a trailer for the upcoming Leaves' Eyes performance in the player below.

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Lillehammer Rock Festival Cancelled

Leaves' Eyes has checked in with the following brief update about the Lillehammer Rock Festival being cancelled:

"Sad news, unfortunately the organization of the Lillehammer Rockfestival has decided to cancel the whole festival. We really hope to play Norway as soon as possible! A press release (in Norwegian) can be read on the festival's website at this location."

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Leaves' Eyes Announces Acoustic Festival Show

Leaves' Eyes will perform a benefit acoustic gig at the Greentunes festival in Berlin. This is the kick start of three benefit acoustic shows from Leaves' Eyes in September and December:

09.09. D-Berlin / K17, 11.09. D-Marbach/Neckar / Schlosskeller and 11.12. D-Steinheim/Murr / Klostermuseum.

Greentunes is a festival event connected to vegetarian and vegan lifestyle featuring bands, DJ's, artists and special lectures. The festival is presented by Die GRÜNEN, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt, BMT (Bund gegen den Missbrauch der Tiere), PETA, Vebu (Vegetarierbund) and Vier Pfoten which will take place within the Berlin Music Week at K17, Friedrichshain / Berlin on September 9th.

Confirmed artists include:

Leaves' Eyes
Pyro One
Das Ich & Friends
Transit Poetry
Mark Banecke
Katja Luhrs
Barbara Lutting
Marsili Cronberg
Mikael Vogel

Additional details on the Greentunes festival can be found by navigating over to this location.

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Leaves' Eyes To Headline H'elles On Stage

Leaves' Eyes has announced it will be headlining the H'elles on Stage festival in Lyon France on October 17th, 2011. Other bands that have been confirmed to perform at the festival include Visions of Atlantis, Aperion, Auspex, and more.

For additional details on the upcoming H'elles on Stage festival, head over to the gathering's official MySpace profile.

You can also check out a recently posted tour video blog from Leaves' Eyes in the player available after the jump. More...

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Leaves' Eyes Posts More Tour Footage

Leaves' Eyes has posted a new video tour blog online, which contains behind-the-scenes footage as well as segments of the band performing live. The clip can be viewed below, or you can check out the previously uploaded tour video here.

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Heilig's Blechle Festival Changes Venues

Leaves' Eyes has issued the following announcement about the upcoming Heilig's Blechle 2011 festival changing venues:

"Because of developments concerning the festival location, the organization had to move the festival. Heilig's Blechle will now take place at the Arena Ludwigsburg!

"Also the festival has some awesome updates: 5 extra bands added to the bill, 2 full day festival, Aftershow Party at the RockFabrik in Ludwigsburg (with all bands). The stage will be double the size! Same ticket price! All previous sold tickets will stay valid for both days!"

Additional details on the festival are available here, and the bill is shaping up as follows:

Leaves' Eyes
Watch Me Bleed
Satanic Syndrome
Legio Mortis

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Leaves' Eyes Comments On "Sorhleod" Track

After previously explaining the concept for the song "Mine Tåror Er ei Grimme," Leaves' Eyes has now posted the following comments about the track "Sorhleod:"

"Dear Fans & Friends, Here's my Song of Sorrow, my first song written and sung completely in Old-English. I remember the first time I heard Thorsten's instrumental demo version of it: I was filled with great joy, and I got goose-bumps! If I may say so, this is probably my favorite piece of music on 'Meredead.' I just felt that this song required Old-English lyrics, moreover, I feel like I can almost sense the movements of the waves in the chorus' rhythm.

"The perspective in Sorhleod is seen from a man's point of view. Thematically, it has a certain connection to the title track Meredead, in which the terrible fate of the men, dead by the sea, is seen from a female point of view. In Sorhleod the man explains the harsh and dangerous life, stuck on a drakkar, in ice-cold, raging winter weather, on sea, i.e. a hopeless situation, even for a tough, experienced Viking. As you probably have read, a Viking didn't stop sailing until he found land, i.e. retreat and return to home was out of the question. That's 'how' Leif Eiriksson ended up discovering America ('Vinland'), missing out on Greenland due to misty weather.

"In Sorhleod, the drakkar is still lost on the open sea, and the men fear, that they might not survive. We don't know if his prayers to Mary will be heard, though. His prayers to Mary is of essential importance: Historically, the 'action' in my poem takes place after 1000 AD, as Norway was gradually Christianized in a process starting at approximately 1000 AD by Christian missionaries (which was substantially finished by 1150 AD)."

The song "Sorhleod" is taken of the band's "Meredead" album. You can check out a trailer for the album at this location.

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Leaves' Eyes Explains Song Concept

Liv Kristine of Leaves' Eyes has issued the following statement about the "Mine Tåror Er ei Grimme" song from the band's new album:

"Dear Fans & Friends, the basic idea behind this song is the medieval ballad. Musically, we decided to base the instruments on the vocals, as the vocal lines and the lyrics came first in the composing process of this track. That s rather an exception to the rule, by the way; normally music comes first, and then vocal lines with lyrics.

"Thematically, the lyrics are of elegiac content: It is a melancholic poem, in which a wife mourns a lament for her dead husband, fallen in battle. We follow her in the mental processing of the pictures of his brutal death, but as the same time she is trying to forget them, i.e. to move on with her life somehow. She is trying to find the answers in her elegy, and in her heart. The red gold surely refers to the sun, however, has a connotation to blood , both essential for the existence of life.

"It was quite an emotional experience to record this song, as it has a sad content. Moreover, I sung it in Nynorsk (New Norwegian or Norwegian Nynorsk), which is the majority language form of Western Norway, including Stavanger, where I grew up. Have fun reading Nynorsk!

"PS: Thank you, Anette, for adding traditional feel to the vocals."

You can also check out a trailer for the "Meredead" album by heading over to this location.

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Leaves' Eyes Issues Tour Recap

Leaves' Eyes has checked in with the following recap after the end of the "Meredead" tour:

"Back from a FANtastic tour! The grand final in Hannover was an unforgetable concert! A magic moment: The duet with Tarja and Liv singing 'Don't Give Up' (P. Gabriel)!

"We had a great time on the first part of the 'Meredead' tour! Thanks to all fans for the wonderful support! More tour dates will be announced soon! We would like to thank everybody involved and the bands we toured with: Tarja, Midnattsol, Serenity, The Kells and Markize."

A video update from the road during the tour is available for viewing here. Leaves' Eyes will also be performing at the Military Camp Festival, which is set to take place in Warsaw, Poland at the Amphitheatre in Sowinskiego Park on September 2nd. Tickets and further details are available here.

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Leaves' Eyes Issues Tour Update

Liv Kristine of Leaves' Eyes has checked in with following tour update:

"Dear fans & friends, I can't believe that four weeks of touring is almost over, which means that there are only two more up-coming shows of this tour; today is Bochum, tomorrow the grand final in Hannover. Our last night will be very special, as Tarja and I already have been rehearsing and preparing a magic musical moment for our fans and friends attending the final show of the German tour leg.

"Touring through the summer-like Europe with first Midnattsol /Serenity and then Tarja has been such a pleasure with many unforgettable moments. I was so happy to meet my sister Carmen and Midnattsol at Durbuy Rock in Belgium last week-end. After two great gigs, the night ended for some of the crew and band members in the bubble-bath at the hotel. Yesterday the band members and crews of Leaves Eyes and Tarja had a day off. Some of us spent the day in the sauna, some of us slept through the whole day, which we all deserved!

"At night I was very happy to meet with Tarja in Bochum's city centre for some pasta and sharing stories and deep moments that have taken place throughout our careers. We have very much in common, and Tarja is such a sweetheart! I hope from the bottom of my heart that Leaves Eyes and Tarja will be sharing stage and highway again soon. See you all in Bochum and Hannover! Love, Liv."

You can also check out the band's video update from the road here.

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Leaves' Eyes Posts Tour Video Report

Leaves' Eyes has posted the first "Meredead" tour video report online, which is from the band's run of shows with Midnattsol and Serenity. You can check out the video clip below.

You can also check out footage of the band discussing the new album "Meredead" by heading over to this location.

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Napalm Records Seeking Fan Feedback On Compilation

Napalm Records has issued the following announcement about seeking fan feedback on which songs to use for an upcoming 15 track sampler release:

"Due to the great feedback we received regarding the free & exclusive Facebook MP3 Compilation, we have decided to release a 'Volume 2' soon! We would like you to help us choose the track list for the 15-track sampler that will feature 'Napalm Records Classics.'

"We have put together a list of 50 possible 'classics' and started a poll on the official Napalm Records Facebook page! So become a fan and vote for your favorite classic track! The top 15 tracks will be included on the compilation, which will of course be free again and only available on our Facebook page!"

Bands appearing on the poll include Tyr, Tristania, Sirenia, Summoning, Korpiklaani, Leaves' Eyes, and more.

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Leaves' Eyes Posts "Meredead" Video Report

Leaves' Eyes has posted a video clip online in which the members of the band discuss the new album "Meredead." You can check out the clip below, or watch the band's recently posted music video for "To France" at this location. "Meredead" was released today, April 22nd, 2011.

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Leaves' Eyes Video Interview Available

Leaves' Eyes will be heading out on a European tour with Tarja this coming May. A video interview has now been posted online with Liv Kristine and Tarja discussing the tour, which can be viewed below.

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