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Formed: 2004
From: Buffalo, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Dragonwind News

Below is our complete Dragonwind news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Dragonwind Parts Ways With Drummer

New York metal band Dragonwind has parted ways with drummer Matt Swista.

Matt explains his decision to leave the band, "After being in the band from the beginning (2005) I have parted ways with DW. This was not an easy decision but I feel it was for the better. I am proud of all the CD's we have recorded and have had fun in the band but I feel it is time to move on. I wish the band luck and hope everything goes well."

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Dragonwind Parts Ways With Vocalist

Dragonwind has issued the following update regarding the departure of vocalist Steve Grymek:

"Dragonwind parted ways with Vocalist Steve Grymek due to the fact that the band wanted to go in a different direction. We hired Steve to do Melodic Death Metal vocals, and he did just what we asked him to do perfectly. However, the band has collectively decided that we no longer want to play Melodic Death Metal, and we are opting for more of a Classic Metal sound in the future. We are looking for a clean singer, it doesn't have to be any specific range of low or high, just clean. Ideally the person would be very talented and would not require any kind of studio magic. If anyone feels that they can do what we are asking then please contact us immediately through myspace, or you can contact Matt or Dans facebook, or my e-mail at speedgtr92@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you."

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Dragonwind To Release New CD In January

New York metal band Dragonwind will be releasing their new CD, entitled "Return of the Dragon," on Friday January 29rd at Sikora Post. Guitarist Scott Ketch comments on the band's future, "Me (Scott) and Matt will no longer be doing any other bands, leaving Dragonwind as our one and only musical focus. We know that our current lineup works, and we no longer have the time to write and play with any other project. With more focus and drive, fan's can look forward to a long and bright future for Dragonwind."

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Dragonwind Posts New Music Online

Buffalo, NY metal band, Dragonwind, has posted two new songs, entitled "Consuming the Sun" and "In The Calm Horizon," on their MySpace page. The song comes off their upcoming album, "Return of the Dragon." The tracklisting for "Return of the Dragon" is as follows:

1. Beyond the Ashen Bridges
2. In the Calm Horizon '09
3. To the Leaders of Man
4. Consuming the Sun
5. Watching the Skies of Decimation (Instrumental)

"Return of the Dragon" was recorded between July 24-25 and August 7-8 at Watchman Studios in Lockport, NY.

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Dragonwind Completes Recording New Album

Buffalo, New York metal band, Dragonwind, has issued the following studio update:

"Today, we laid down guitar solos, vocals, and keyboards (courtesy of Doug White on keys). It was a very efficient day, as we finished a half an hour early. This album will be a powerfully emotional record, and the most textured Dragonwind recording to date. Pat McFeely and Scott Ketch unleashed some of the smoothest and most skillful solos ever; a testament to more than a decade of dedicated playing. Steve Gmyrek's vocal monstrosity exhibited his skill of many ranges, as well as his ability to write lyrics that span the darkest part of the human mind. All in all, this will be a deeply pleasing record for those who enjoy our sound and style. Tomorrow we will mix and master, put on the finishing touches, and put up new songs on myspace for all to enjoy."

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Dragonwind Issues Studio Update

New York metal band, Dragonwind, has issued the following studio update:

"Dragonwind has been hard at work in the studio the past 2 days recording our new full length CD 'Return of the Dragon.' Matt tracked the drums yesterday; they sounded complete and proficient. Today was a grueling day of bass, rhythm guitar, and some lead guitars. We are very happy with how everything is turning out, and are enthused for everyone to hear it. We will return to the studio on August 7th and 8th to finish up the guitars, lay down the vocals and keyboards, and the final mix and master. We will hopefully be releasing the CD sometime late September/early October. Look for our new music to be posted on August 8th!!"

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Dragonwind Announces New Lineup

Buffalo, NY metal band, Dragonwind, has issued the following update regarding their new lineup:

"Dragonwind finally welcomes its newest members to the world: Steve Gmyrek on Vocals, and Mike Sztuk on Bass guitar. After playing with Steve and Mike for two weeks we could only come to the conclusion that they are exactly what we were looking for. Steve surprised us all with his abilities to cover a wide range of extreme vocals, from the gothenburg sound, to black metal and brutal death metal. Mike has the right attitude, and although he has not played in a band before, is willing to work hard for his place in the band. Steve will sing on the new record; we feel everyone will be astonished with what he can do on the mic. Let it be known that we are back with a fresh outlook on things; we will be playing shows again with the release of the new CD, and hopefully soon we will have a new myspace layout. No more BS, this is Dragonwind..."

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Dragonwind Seeks New Bassist

Buffalo, NY metal band, Dragonwind, has issued the following update regarding their search for a new bassist:

"Dragonwind needs a new bass player that has the following qualifications:

1. Skillful
2. Can show up on time weekly, ready to work on new material
3. Can contribute to the cost of annual recording sessions
4. Has a laid back attitude
5. Is not concerned about playing live often, or making it in the music industry
6. Enjoys the style of bands such as Rapture, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, rock & power metal bands
7. Can deal with a high volume of lead guitar soloing
8. Has decent equipment
9. Can learn songs easily or fairly easily by ear
10. Knows their place within the band" More...

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Dragonwind Part Ways With Keyboardist

New York metallers, Dragonwind, issue the following update regarding the departure of their keyboardist:

"After several months of working diligently with keyboardist G.B. Maxwell, we have decided that a keyboard player will not work with the band. Though they may sound phenomenal on a recording, in a live setting the keyboards seem to battle the other instruments to be heard, therefore losing the dynamic that gives Dragonwind their signature sound. G.B. Maxwell feel's no ill will towards the band, and remains as a permanent friend to the band, and its members. From here we will continue to work on material for the next album, in which keyboards will appear on the recording only, played by members of the band."

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Dragonwind Add Keyboardist

New York metallers, Dragonwind, issue the following update on their Myspace page:

"We have justed added our good friend Bear "G.B." Maxwell as our keyboard player. He has jammed with us a few times and everything is sounding awesome. Hopefully within the next few months we will be playing our first show with him. Currently we are working on new material that we plan to record in November '08. "

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Dragonwind Issue Update and Post New Music Online

New York metal band, Dragonwind, have posted an update on their myspace page regarding their new album and the posting of 3 new songs on their myspace:

"We have just completed the new Dragonwind full length, yet untitled. 3 songs are available now, definitely listen to them and let us know what you think!! this album will, and we mean WILL, be released on oak knoll productions sometime within the next few months. Keep checking back for show updates and other info as well."

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Dragonwind Release New Songs Online

New York's DRAGONWIND have uploaded two songs from their upcoming debut album, "Kingdom of Flames," on their MySpace page here. The album was recorded at Watchmen Studios by Doug White and is expected to be released next month.

The band has also lined up the following show:

December 17 - Buffalo, NY @ Club Diablo

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