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From: Fuhies, Jordan
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Bilocate news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Headline News

Swallow The Sun Show In Dubai Cancelled

The Bilocate and Swallow The Sun show in Dubai has been cancelled, with Bilocate issuing this statement:

"Regretfully, we announce that our show with Swallow the Sun and Aramaic got canceled, due to a complaint issued, falsely claiming the show would include practices unacceptable by the hosting community from a cultural perspective (as per the organizing team).

"We know it's such a disappointment, for us as well, but we'll do our best to make it happen next time. Don't forget to join us all this Friday at The Music Room with the other bands. Please refer to the official organizer page for details."

Swallow The Sun adds: "Today we got some very very sad news. Sadly we can't perform our music to you guys. But some of us are still coming to Dubai to meet you. I guess it's better than nothing? We are so sorry."

Metal East Records also commented: "What we know so far that a competitor has actually filed this complaint mentioning the show was promoting devil-worshiping (which we all know is not the case). The show will continue and since none of the original line up can’t perform, let's fill the bill up with some local talents and celebrate never giving up on the music we love. " More...

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Bilocate Writing For New Album

Jordanian metallers Bilocate have announced they are writing new material for an upcoming release to drop in the 4th quarter of 2013. Bilocate's Rami Haikal comments:

"2013 will be a very important year for Bilocate because it will mark the 10th anniversary of Bilcoateand for that reason, we will also make it a special year for our fans by releasing a new album. Writing new material has started already and we have a 4 new tracks ready. as expected from us some tracks are long and will take our fans into a new journey"

Further details on the follow-up to "Summoning the Bygones" (reviewed here) will be announced as they are made available. Meanwhile you can also check the studio report the band posted during the composing and recording of the "Summoning the Bygones" album below. More...

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Bilocate Streaming New Songs

Bilocate should be releasing its third album on June 11th, titled "Summoning the Bygones." On that album Bilocate will do an adaptation of the Paradise Lost track "Dead Emotion" and a couple of tracks featuring the guest vocals of Dan Swano, "A Desire to Leave" and "Hypia." Below is a fan-made upload of the latter track, featuring a slide show of the band. You can also stream "The Tragedy Within," a track of richly infused oriental metal from the new album, over at YouTube.

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Bilocate Reveals "Summoning The Bygones" Art

Jordanian dark oriental metallers Bilocate have revealed the cover artwork for "Summoning the Bygones," their forthcoming new album. The artwork was designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art in the United Kingdom, who is working with Listenable Records and Peaceville Records.

The album's official release date worldwide is on the 11th of June 2012 via Code666 records (Aural Music). Video footage from the studio diary can be seen at this location. The tracks "Hypia" and the near 20-minute track "A Desire To Leave" features metal icon Dan Swano as a guest vocalist.

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Tragedy Within (8:45)
2. Beyond Inner Sleep (5:59)
3. A Deadly Path (9:52)
4. Passage (5:01)
5. Dead Emotion (Paradise Lost cover) (5:25)
6. Hypia (Feat. Dan Swano) (9:34)
7. 2nd War In Heaven (8:22)
8. A Desire to Leave (Feat. Dan Swano) (19:51)
i. Obscurity
ii. Surrounding Hell
iii …Of Leaving More...

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Bilocate Signs With Code666

Jordanian dark oriental metallers Bilocate have inked a deal with the Italian label Code666 (Aural Music) to release their third studio album “Summoning the Bygones.” The album was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studio in Sweden with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia).

The "Summoning The Bygones" artwork and a new promo track will be released soon. Video footage from the studio diary can be seen here.

Bilocate’s bassist Hani Al Abbadi commented on the deal: ”Its an honor to join Code666 roster and a step forward in Bilocate’s musical career, 'Summoning the Bygones' has the most intense and best material we’ve done so far. We are pleased to release it with a sub-label of one of the biggest musical companies in Italy – Aural Music." More...

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Bilocate To Contribute Recipe To Metal Cookbook

Hani Al-Abbadi from the Jordanian dark oriental metal act Bilocate is going to share a recipe in the upcoming book "For Those About To Cook Pure Metal" by Bruce Moore. The following press release was issued about the book:

"For Those About To Cook Pure Metal is a collection of recipes, anecdotes and pictures from metal musicians from around the world. With contributions from numerous musical genres and countries, this is truly a multi-ethnic collector’s cookbook. Readers will be presented with recipes ranging from appetizers to full course meals and desserts.

"Pure Metal is more than a cookbook: it is also a fan collectible as it includes short informative biographies, high quality pictures of the artists (mostly in a kitchen setting)), pictures of the food and, in some cases, a quote about why the recipe or food is important to the contributor. Readers and fans will gain an insider’s view into the lifestyle and habits of the artists and bands; a sort of backstage pass or behind-the-scenes look into the lives of their favorite artists far from the stage and the studio."

Read more about the book via Facebook. The following bands will be appearing in the collection: More...

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Bilocate Posts Studio Video Clip

Bilocate has posted a studio video clip online of the band's time working on the "Summoning The Bygones" album, which can be viewed in the player below or through JorZine.com.

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Metality Releases New Compilation For Free

Metality.net has released a new compilation for free download. "METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of The Middle East" features over 50 bands from across the region. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Sand Aura "Aljahelia" (Egypt)
2. InnerGuilt "Burden Of Guilt" (Lebanon)
3. Let It Flow "Grey Man" (Turkey)
4. Phobia "Unavoidable Torment" (Tunisia)
5. Coat of Arms "212" (UAE)
6. Benevolent "The Tyrant" (Kuwait)
7. Sakadoya "Get back" (Morocco)
8. Sabhankra "Buried In Dust" (Turkey)
9. Bilocate "The Dead Sea" (Jordan)
10. Depth Feat. Sarj "Crimson Goddess" (Kuwait)
11. Voice of The Soul "Under A Blood Red Sky" (Kuwait)
12. Mental Implant "Latitude & Longitude" (Turkey)
13. Kimaera "The Taste Of Treason" (Lebanon)
14. Arsames "Testament Of The King" (Iran)
15. Bouq "Wrath of a Warrior's Soul" (Jordan)
16. Varden "Prevail" (Egypt)
17. Lunacyst "Merciless Cold Blooded Murder" (Bahrain)
18. Black Well "Drowning In Blood" (Kuwait)
19. Kaoteon "One by One (Dogs Heed the Call)" (Lebanon)
20. Midway "Burning Bridges" (UAE)
21. Osprey "Al Himeeneeni Al Habani" (UAE)
22. Destiny In Chains "Shout Your Name" (Egypt)
23. Blood Ink "Brain Infestation" (Lebanon)
24. Breeze of The Dying "FOA Act 1" (Saudi Arabia)
25. Damned Sorrow "Die On Your Own" (Tunisia)
26. Smouldering In Forgotten "I, Devourer" (Bahrain)
27. Odious "Poems Hidden on Black Walls" (Egypt)
28. Perversion "Subconscious Mutation" (UAE)
29. TRAXXX "Sound of Revolution" (Algeria)
30. Suicide "Bone Collector City" (Turkey)
31. Detonation Theory "In Death Is My Final Part" (Qatar)
32. Apocalyptic Dawn "Stoned to Death" (Bahrain)
33. 13 Days Later "Razor Roses" (Tunisia)
34. Soldered Poon "Splatterpunk" (Morocco)
35. Sawlegen "De Profundis Clamavi" (Morocco)
36. Origin "A Night's Creed" (Egypt)
37. THEE PROjECT "Warriors" (Bahrain)
38. The Crow Murder "The Drowning" (UAE)
39. Vielikan "Celestial Autumn" (Tunisia)
40. Thrashstorm "Skatanic" (Lebanon)
41. The Weeping Willow "Tyrant of The Fall" (Lebanon)
42. Flagellation "Your Remorse" (Tunisia)
43. Soor "The Maze II (The Stranger & The Guardian)" (Morocco)
44. Anaconda "Between Life And Death (Part I)" (Morocco)
45. Karma "No Surrender" (Egypt)
46. Massive Scar Era "The World is Rising" (Egypt)
47. Chalice Of Doom "Endless Prison" (Jordan)
48. Grieving Age "Therefore, A Myriad Of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee..." (Saudi Arabia)
49. Mephostophilis "Bloody Sign" (Egypt)
50. Analgesia "From The Ashes Of Morocco" (Morocco)

Bonus Tracks:
1. Tristmoon "The Dungeon" (Lebanon)
2. Dethroned "My Eternal Love" (Lebanon)
3. Omnicide "Buried Without A Name" (Saudi Arabia)
4. Binding Shade "Paroxysm of Emptiness" (Jordan)
5. Forgive Me "Life=Nightmare" (Jordan)

You can stream each track or download the compilation here.

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Metality.net Releases Free Metal Compilation

METALITY.net, in cooperation with Metalhit.com, released their first digital compilation album, "METALITY - The Compilation." It's been out a while now, but free music is always worth passing on to our readers.

2. FOMENTO "The Die Is Cast"
3. NEOSIS "Unwilling Fate"
4. NERVECELL "Vicious Circle of Bloodshed"
5. NORTHER "Break Myself Away"
6. DEMONIC RESURRECTION "The Unrelenting Surge"
7. DAYLIGHT DIES "A Portrait in White"
8. SCARAB "War to End"
9. CiLiCE "Mental Breakdown"
10. EMPYREON "Beyond Perception"
11. MANTRIC "Symptoms"
13. DREAMSHADE "Our Buried Secrets"
14. CHROMIUM "All I Have"
15. BENEVOLENT "Haunting Shores"
16. A THOUSAND REASONS "Strength and Fight"
17. WARTHANE "Lord Oblivion"
18. VOICE OF THE SOUL "Farewell to Hope"
19. COAT OF ARMS "Ballad of the Mariner"
20. PAURA "Scars of Life"
21. BILOCATE "Inoculate"
22. CRESCENT "Jerusalem"
23. POST MORTEM "Whispers of Ages"
24. A SHOT OF ADRENALINE "The Human Plague"
25. DEPTH "Memento Mori"

There are three3 bonus tracks available on the download version of the album, including:
1. BLACKWELL "Deliverance"
2. KILL THE ROMANCE "Trespasser"

You can download the whole thing here, individual tracks here or preview them first on a player here.

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Bilocate Posts Live Footage Online

Jordanian metal band BILOCATE has announced that both of their releases, "Sudden Death Syndrome" (2008) and "Dysphoria" (2005), are now available in digital version on the iTunes music store and Amazon mp3 store for purchase, all the tracks can be streamed online as well.

Another new update published recently from one of the friends, a live video of the track "The Tragedy Within - Live in Lithuania 2009" is now available on Youtube, and embedded below.

Here are some more live Bilocate videos published recently: More...

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Full Lineup Announced For Uni Rock Festival

The organizers of Uni Rock Festival have announced its full line-up for its second edition, held at park KUCUKCIFTLIK, Istanbul- Turkey between July 17-19, 2009. International, regional and Turkish metal bands will dominate the stage for 3 days of ultimate metal experience.

The line-up for this year's Uni Rock Festival will feature:


Supported by:


RAMPAGE (Turkey)
MAGILUM (Turkey)
UCK GRIND (Turkey)
EPISODE 13 (Turkey)
B0LETLER (Turkey)

For more info about the event, the lineup, sponsors, and future events, visit unirockfest.com.

Tickets are now on sale here. Tickets for Combine and Front Stage Combine are valid throughout the festival, also special tickets provides the entrance to the front stage to all festival concerts and free entrance to the Testament concert on July 29, 2009.

No camping provided for this year festival, as park KUCUKCIFTLIK is walking distance from Taksim area.

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Bilocate's Latest Album Banned In Lebanon

BILOCATE's latest album, "Sudden Death Syndrome," has been banned in Lebanon. The band comments:

"Sadly we've come to know recently - and after several tries to get Sudden Death Syndrome on the shelves of the music stores in Lebanon - from our partners that Sudden Death Syndrome did not pass the general security and it got BANNED in Lebanon, Considering the fact that Sudden Death Syndrome is being sold in many countries in the Middle East such as Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and all over USA and Europe, it was a shock for us to receive such an official statement."

Hani Al Abaddi (Bassist) commented; "As the suppression and ignorance grow in this region we feel sorry to hear these news, although our album doesn't attack neither politics nor religion, as we respect both and we only tackle issues that surround this region such as "constant war, death, sadness etc."

"Furthermore Bilocate is committed to their music and we'll keep working to get this 'type of music' recognized as a form of Art.

"We are sorry for all our fans and friends in lebanon, we had a blast last year in our concert and we would love to have the experience again and share the stage with all the great metal bands in lebanon."

This development comes just days after Bilocate was ordered to dissolve by their home country's government. The band's lyrics mainly focus on Mesopotamian and Nabataean legends which was deemed dangerous by the Jordanian intelligence agency.

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Jordan's Secret Police Dissolve Bilocate

A heavy metal band from Jordan named Bilocate has been ordered to dissolve by the country's government. The bands lyrics mainly focus on Mesopotamian and Nabataean legends which was deemed dangerous by the Jordanian intelligence agency.

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Bilocate Confirmed For Devilstone Festival 2009

Jordanian dark Oriental metal band BILOCATE is confirmed to perform in the upcoming DevilStone Open air Festival 2009 in Anykšciai, Lithuania which will take place on July 17th to 19th. This will be BILOCATE's first appearance in Europe alongside SEPULTURA, KEEP OF KALESSIN, CROCELL, SINISTER and many others.

The full line up of 20 bands confirmed is as follows:

SEPULTURA [Brazil, groovy thrash metal]
KEEP OF KALESSIN [Norway, modern black metal]
SINISTER [Netherlands, technical death metal]
CODE [England/Norway, nostalgic black metal]
TRAUMA [Poland, death metal]
ZAS [Lithuania, sociopolitical metal/rock]
BILOCATE [Jordan, atmospheric oriental death metal]
LEPROUS [Norway, challenging progressive metal]
AZARATH [Poland, straightforward death metal]
FRAILTY [Latvia, doom/death metal]
OBTEST [Lithuania, expressive pagan metal]
NAHASH [Lithuania, occult black metal]
THE PROWLERS [Italy, progressive power/heavy metal]
DIABOLICAL [Sweden, catchy death/thrash metal]
SAPLES [Lithuania, old school death metal]
CROCELL [Denmark, aggressive death/thrash metal]
STRANGER AEONS [Lithuania, progressive metal/rock]
HEAVEN GREY [Latvia, atmospheric doom/death metal]
LUCTUS [Lithuania, thrashing black metal]
+ Special Guest [TBA]

For more information on the festival, visit devilstone.net.

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Melechesh To Headline Sandstorm Festival 2009

Sumerian Black Metallers Melechesh are billed to headline Sandstorm Festival 2009 which will be held at the Chi Club, Dubai. This is also the first time ever the oriental Black Metallers will appearing for a performance in the Middle East.

Joining Melechesh on the 2nd of May, 2009 for the performance at the Chi Club will be extreme metallers, Bilocate from Jordan and Kaoteon from Lebanon.

For more information please visit the respective bands' official Myspace pages.

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Al Jazeera TV Broadcasts Metal Special

Al Jazeera TV broadcast a two part report about metal in Middle East. The reprt featured bands such as BILOCATE from Jordan, OATH TO VANQUISH from Lebanon, NERVECELL from UAE and many more.

Explore the underground world of Middle Eastern hardcore rock and heavy metal, a scene thriving in bedrooms and basements away from the periodic condemnations of governments and religious rulers.

You can watch the videos from YouTube below. More...

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Bilocate To Compete In "United We Rock" BotB

Bilocate will be competing alongside seven bands in the "United We Rock" Battle of the bands. The winner will be granted a spot to play in the Dubai Desert Rock Festival in the United Arab Emirates and With Full Force 2009 Festival in Germany.


The Winner is to play alongside Opeth, Arch Enemy, Chamira and many more in Dubai.

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Bilocate Announces New Guitarist Alaa Faraj

Jordan metal band, Bilocate, have issued the following update:

"BILOCATE would like to announce the joining of new session guitarist – Alaa Faraj – replacing BILOCATE’s Guitarist and founder member Baha Farah as Baha will be leaving Jordan for a certain period of time for his business career, we wish him the best luck ever and the band cant wait for his return, Alaa Faraj is a talented young guitarist & a close friend to BILOCATE for years, he is a close relative to Baha and learned his key guitar skill from Baha him self, BILOCATE welcomes Alaa warmly and thank him for his efforts." More...

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Bilocate Headlining Metal Nation Show in Lebanon

Jordanian dark metallers BILOCATE are confirmed to be a part of the coming "The Metal Nation" concert in Lebanon as headliners, along with the Lebanese Doom Death Metal Band "Kimaera".

The Concert will be a part of "Sudden Death Syndrome" release tour.

The Metal Nation concert will be held on the 6th of September, 2008 (Saturday) at La Cité - Jounieh, Lebanon.

The Metal Nation line up is as follows:

Beyond Fallacy
Silent Anthem

Gates Open @ 7.30 pm. More...

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Local UAE Bilocate Release Date Announced

The release date of the new BILOCATE album, "Sudden Death Syndrome," has been set to July 6, 2008 in the UAE. The album will be distributed in the middle east region by DAXAR Music through Virgin megastores.

Visit the band's MySpace page to listen to "The Dead Sea," a track from "Sudden Death Syndrome," available for streaming.

The release dates for other territories will be announced soon. More...

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