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Requiem Aeternam

Formed: 1995
From: Montevideo, Uruguay
Last Known Status: Active

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Requiem Aeternam Comments On Latest Album

Requiem Aeternam has issued the following statement about the band's latest album "Destiny-Man," and the band coining the term "Philosophical Metal:"

"Requiem Aeternam are the creators of ‘Philosophical Metal’, genre which entails not only philosophical lyrics, but also music that gets intertwined with philosophical thinking.
Destiny-Man, third opus by Requiem Aeternam, has become the First Official Album of Philosophical Metal Music in the world...

"Requiem Aeternam have struggled to create a new style of music since their beginning in 1995, in which philosophy slowly started being an important matter to write both their music and lyrics. Their first record, Eternally Dying (1998), already shows clear philosophical tendencies, in particular through lyrics such as ‘Nature & Principle’, ’Lost in the Unknown’, and title song ’Eternally Dying’. However, this album cannot be cataloged as purely Philosophical since its music is mostly influenced by melodic black-death metal, and there is not a strong correlation between music and lyrics. Philosopher (2004), their second record, contains the first song of pure Philosophical Metal, ‘Logos’. In this song there is a notable relationship between lyrics (based on the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, ‘the obscure’) and music, style that they named at the time ‘Dialectical Metal’. Yet, Philosopher still has very important influences of death/black/thrash/doom and other already-existent forms of heavy metal music, even though all the lyrics of Philosopher are completely philosophical. It is Destiny-Man (2010), their third opus, which takes the podium in heavy metal history.

"Why ‘Destiny-Man’ is the First Official Album of Philosophical Metal, ever: Each song is inspired –not based– on classical composers, having chosen 10 different composers who are quite different (this is important given that these composers, even though they were not philosophers, were deep thinkers of music -which is one the characteristic of this new genre: to think deeply and sincerely the music as well as the lyrics). However, there is no direct influence of these masters of musical composition, or any existent metal band or any other band of any kind. Thus, every track is a micro-record in potency (there is almost no correlation between the songs, yet the final outcome is a unity), adding a total of 10 tracks, number that refers to Pythagoras, who probably was the first or one of the first men who wrote music in paper, giving to this art a transcendental character. Each song in particular has some numerical specifications: More...

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Requiem Aeternam Posts "Freewill" Video

Requiem Aeternam has posted a music video online for the song "Freewill," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the video clip:

"Being less than a month for the release of 'Destiny-Man,' another new video is already on-line via RA Official Youtube Channel 1. Freewill video includes takes during the last show of Requiem Aeternam in their home country, Uruguay, plus shots while mastering at Morrisound Studios. Commemorating their 15th anniversary, the band salutes the 50,000 members of their social network!"

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Requiem Aeternam Reveals New Album Details

Florida metallers Requiem Aeternam have announced that their new album "Destiny-Man" will be released in September 2010 in celebration of the band's 15th anniversary. The cover artwork for the new album is currently available for viewing at this location. You can also check out sample Requiem Aeternam tracks here.

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Requiem Aeternam Posts New Music Video

Florida metallers Requiem Aeternam have posted a music video online for the song "Purposiveness," which can be viewed below. "Purposiveness" is off the band's upcoming album "Destiny-Man."

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Requiem Aeternam Reveals New Album Details

Florida melodic black metal act Requiem Aeternam has issued the following update about the release of their new album:

"After the successful pre-release party of 'Destiny-Man' in Montevideo, Requiem Aeternam has filmed two video clips, which will be part of the promotion of the new album’s worldwide release. Between February and March of 2010 the band will announce the official release date and the label in charge. The song names are: 1) Exordium, 2) Destiny-Man, 3) Requiem Aeternam, 4) Freewill, 5) Existence, 6) Vying, 7) Purposiveness, 8) Ser (in Spanish), 9) Perseverance, & 10) Epitaph."

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Requiem Aeternam Finishes Recording New Album

Melodic black metallers Requiem Aeternam have issued the following update about finishing the recording for their new album:

"Having successfully completed the whole process of recording-mixing-mastering for 'Destiny-Man,' the band is at this moment negotiating how and when it is going to be released. At the same time, Jose Romero Sum is taking the final steps of his second book’s edition, which is supposed to be ready by the end of October."

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Requiem Aeternam Prepare To Record Third Album

Melodic black metal band REQUIEM AETERNAM, originally from Uruguay but most recently based in New York, has posted the following message on its official web site:

"After a long period of extreme silence, REQUIEM AETERNAM has already begun its new fight toward the third opus. In order to write the music, Jose Romero [guitar, vocals] has relocated to Florida's Tampa Bay area, American death metal's cradle. As it was already mentioned, classical music is going to be the main resource of this new album [after having made an important research and selection of composers from Europe, North and Latin America]; although lyrically will be totally based on Romero's brand new registered book 'Destiny-Man'. This literary work deepens the chief idea of 'Forbidden Writings' and develops a complete philosophical treatise organized in four chapters; however, now the employed language is English."

REQUIEM AETERNAM's latest album, "Philosopher", was released in North America in December 2004 via ICorp. "Philosopher" was recorded at Big Blue Meenie studios and features a guest appearance by drummer Alex Hernández (IMMOLATION).

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Requiem Aeternam Announce Album Release Dates

The Uruguayan band Requiem Aeternam that now is relocated in New York City is just waiting for the release of their long time awaited second album "Philosopher," which will come out on December 1st through ICorp in the US and Canada, and then on the 15th by Rawforce Productions in South America, except in Argentina where it will be issued via Orion Entertainment.

RA's "Philosopher" features Alex Hernández (Immolation) as new drummer, and was recorded and mixed at New Jersey's Big Blue Meenie studios and then mastered at Bionic Mastering... places that had been used for well known artist like Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters and Overkill among others.

This is one of the first reviews the new album has gotten: "...it is relatively impossible to predict what will follow after that riff or refrain, and unless you listened to the album for five-six times, you can't be sure you know the music well..." - Ad Arma Webzine.

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Requiem Aeternam Finish Recording 'Philosopher'

The Uruguayan melodic black/death metal outfit, REQUIEM AETERNAM, relocated to New York City has completed the recording of the band's sophomore effort entitled "Philosopher". The band features José Romero (Inner Sanctum) on guitars and vocals, Maciej Kupiszewski on bass, and Alex Hernández (Immolation) behind the drums. The album was recorded and mixed at the reputable Big Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City (NJ, USA) by Joe Pedulla and Arun Venkatesh, and mastered at Bionic Mastering in New York City by Tom Hutten.

A song from the album has been posted on the band's website in the "download" section.

At the current time, Requiem Aeternam is also looking for help in designing of a new logo. Interested parties can contact the band through the website.

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Requiem Aeternam Complete New Album

Melodic black metal band REQUIEM AETERNAM, originally from Uruguay but currently based in New York, have completed work on their new album, "Philosopher".

"The recording quality, the sound as well as the performance, is a testament as to how far REQUIEM AETERNAM has moved on since the days of [1998's] 'Eternally Dying'," the band write on their web site. "The sound achieved at Big Blue Meenie might be compared with the most reputable studios of the moment. The musical performance accomplished is highly remarkable, especially Alex's [Hernández, IMMOLATION] work on drums. Mastering will be the last step of the process. This will take place next weekend at Bionic Mastering Studios in New York City... a place where artists like Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters or Cro-Mags have worked. Finally it was decided to record only eight tracks instead of ten as it was planned in the beginning."

Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Rectitude", "Wisdom", "Liberty", "Logos", "Antichrist", "Desperation" and "Philosopher".

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Requiem Aeternam Return

Uruguayan melodic Black Metallers Requiem Aeternam have returned. Last summer guitarist, and vocalist Jose Romero re-located to New York City to reform the band, and to record a new album. Now, the band is preparing the recording sessions for their long time awaited second album entitled 'Philosopher'. There isn't a date scheduled yet, but it's confimed that it will be recorded at Jersey City's Big Blue Meenie studios.

The album will include ten songs working titles for some songs are:


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Requiem Aeternam To Record With New Lineup

After a long period of silence, the Uruguayan melodic Black Metal band Requiem Aeternam has come back. By the middle of 2002, their guitarist and vocalist José Romero decided to move all his activities to New York. Now, with a new line-up, they are almost ready to record "Philosopher", the long awaited second album. The band are still looking for a drummer, however.

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