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Formed: 1985
From: Tampa, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Beyond Fear Post Live Video Online

A video of BEYOND FEAR, the new band fronted by former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, performing the song "Human Race" live at the Monterrey Metal Fest on May 28, 2005 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, has been posted online at IcedEarth.com.br (.MPG, 25 MB).

BEYOND FEAR members Owens and John Comprix (guitar; SPAWN, 13 FACES) recently traveled to Florida to put the finishing touches on the band's debut album, tentatively due in early 2006 via SPV Records. The final recording and mixing sessions are taking place at the legendary Morrisound studios in Tampa under the watchful eye of Jim Morris (ICED EARTH, DEATH, JAG PANZER). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Don't Need This", "And You Will Die", "It Is Me", "Telling Lies", "The Faith", "The Human Race", "Your Time Has Come" and "My Last Words". Joining Owens and Comprix in the new group are Dennis Hayes (ex-WINTERS BANE, SEVEN WITCHES) on bass, Dwane Bihary (MISSING SKIN) on rhythm guitar, and drummer Eric Elkins (CRYPTKICKER, ALL YOU FEAR).

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Deicide Gets Jack Owens And Ralph Santola

Earache Records has posted the following message on DEICIDE's recent happenings:

"Things are going good." stated a good hearted Glen Benton when
asked how things were going with DEICIDE. The band has alot coming up, a tour of the UK and Europe, new band members and alot more on the horizon. Some new blood has entered DEICIDE in the form of Jack Owens (Ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Ralph Santolla (Ex-DEATH, ICED EARTH). Jack and Ralph will be the new ax-wielders of the sinister DEICIDE and Glen Benton looks forward to the new lineup; "Everyone is getting along great. I'm excited to get out there and play again without any hassles," stated Benton.

When spoken to recently, Glen expressed excitement about the upcoming DEICIDE UK and European Tour. A devastatingly brutal 23 shows in 23 days spanning across the England, Ireland, and much of continental Europe, this tour promises to fulfill all the dark wishes of their European fans. DEICIDE are just about ready to be back on top and bringing their satanic metal to the masses and they start with this tour which is sure to leave Europe in rubble following the "dark mass" that occurs when DEICIDE performs.

Following the tour the band are looking forward to putting some newly written material onto record. "The new material is the heaviest shit we've ever written." said Benton, "This is sure to be heaviest record Since Legion." Along with an upcoming recording session, the band have tentative plans to tour South America come January and February which should truly spread the heart of darkness throughout the continent.

The band who set the standard for Death Metal more than a decade ago are prepared to re-write that standard for a new century and school a whole new generation on just how its done. We look forward to everything DEICIDE has to offer us in the last months of 2005 and the oncoming 2006 year.

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MacDonough: New Album Will 'Kick Some Major Butt"

MEGADETH bassist James MacDonough (ex-ICED EARTH) has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"We all fly home today of course to be with our families, leaving the Killing Road for a bit. We have a huge family of Droogs all around the world.

"Like I said in my previous post, this has been an awesome tour and a truly amazing experience. Now it's time to regroup and get ready for the next endeavor, this next album will kick some major butt. A new MEGADETH with the old sincerity.

"THANKS again my friends. I'll catch up in a couple of weeks with many new pics for you to check out, spanning the last few months or so.

"Stay metal and be safe!"

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine announced at the conclusion of the band's headlining performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 9 that the group's current lineup — which includes MacDonough, drummer Shawn Drover (EIDOLON) and guitarist Glen Drover (EIDOLON) — will continue to record and tour under the name MEGADETH.

MEGADETH have just completed a South American tour in support of "The System Has Failed", which came out in September 2004. The latest MEGADETH release, "Greatest Hits: Back to the Start" (Capitol), entered the Billboard chart at No. 65 and has sold 98,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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Ripper Owens' Beyond Fear Signs To SPV

SPV Records has announced the signing of BEYOND FEAR, the brand new hard-hitting metal outfit founded by current ICED EARTH and former JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens. The band is preparing to enter the studio with producer Jim Morris (ICED EARTH, DEATH) to record their debut album for a 2006 release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Don't Need This", "And You Will Die", "It Is Me", "Telling Lies", "The Faith", "The Human Race", "Your Time Has Come" and "My Last Words".

"It feels great to sign with SPV," Owens commented. "I have been with them for quite some time now with ICED EARTH, so I know what they can do. It is always nice to have a label that makes you feel like family, and that's what SPV does for you!"

The band is off to a fast start, having recently announced their participation in a series of American dates with SAVATAGE leader Jon Oliva (JON OLIVA'S PAIN) and SAVATAGE axeman Chris Caffery. The tour kicks off on September 9, 2005 in Cleveland OH, with remaining dates pending.

Never one to sit still for long, Owens began forming BEYOND FEAR last year during breaks in the ICED EARTH touring schedule. The band also features John Comprix (SPAWN, 13 FACES) on lead and rhythm guitar, Dennis Hayes (ex-WINTERS BANE, SEVEN WITCHES) on bass, Dwane Bihary (MISSING SKIN) on rhythm guitar, and drummer Eric Elkins (CRYPTKICKER, ALL YOU FEAR). "This band means a lot to me and I'm having the time of my life doing it," continued Owens. "It's fun when you finally get to do what you want. That being said, let's get this machine called BEYOND FEAR out there for the world to hear and see."

SPV Managing Director, Manfred Schuetz, explains, "Tim is one of the five best singers in metal. He will deliver an album that will convince everyone. SPV is excited about the worldwide commitment."

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Matt Barlow Resurfaces In First State Force Band

Former Iced Earth frontman Matt Barlow — who is currently employed a police officer in the Georgetown Police Dept. in Georgetown, Delaware — has resurfaced as the lead singer of the First State Force Band.

According to a posting at FirstStateForce.org, First State Force Band "was comprised of law enforcement members from different departments throughout the State of Delaware. These law enforcement members through their dedication, performed concerts several times a month to the children of Delaware using music to stress the importance of staying drug free and to stay away from violence. The band was on a serious mission. The first three years the band had performed for every school district in Delaware."

Check out a recent photo of Matt Barlow at this location. Pictures of the entire band can be found here.

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Iced Earth To Do Two-Part Concept Album

On Track Magazine recently conducted an interview with Iced Earth/Demons & Wizards guitarist Jon Schaffer. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Jon: "...I'm very excited about what's comin' up and it's gonna be a while because we're finally gonna do the 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' story on the most awesome concept record that we've ever done. So I'm gonna start writing that very soon and Tim's [Owens, vocals] excited about it and we're just gonna come back with a vengeance, man."

On Track Magazine: Very cool, awesome.

Jon: "Yeah we’re for sure gonna do that, and it wasn’t that it was given to me, but it’s been somethin’ that I’ve been pitchin’ to SPV that I had to have certain commitments from them in order to carry on with it. Believe it or not, after all these years, especially around the writing process for The Glorious Burden, I was thinkin’, ‘Man, you know, I’ve gotta finish the Something Wicked thing one of these days.’ And I wonder if, after all these years, if I’m still gonna be inspired enough to want to do it; to really get into it and to tell the story the way it needs to be told. And I think, because my daughter being born, I’m finally able to…. I don’t know man, I feel psyched, I’m totally pumped and ready to attack this thing. And SPV’s goin’ along with my plan - the decision was made Friday that we’re gonna do it. It’s gonna be two albums: it’s gonna be a Part I and then Part II will probably be released six months later. Part I will come out as we’re finishing up Part II and then we’ll probably kick off the world tour with the release of Part II. So it’s gonna probably be three and a half hours of music and I mean, I’m tellin’ a story that is sci-fi kind of horror, conspiracy theory, but it’s based over twelve thousand years of human history; there’s a lot to tackle in this thing. The trilogy was just a teaser to the whole story and what we’re gonna be gettin’ in to is so much bigger. And that’s actually the big news, I know there have been a lot of people that have been wantin’ that to happen for a long time."

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No Judas Priest Tribute Planned

Former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH/BEYOND FEAR frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens has posted the following message in the "Forum" section of his official web site:

"PRIEST has informed me that they don't think it is a good idea to have BEYOND FEAR on any tours with them and that it would be best for me to drop the tribute/PRIEST factor. I know a lot of fans wanted this and I myself still like to please the fans. But it looks as though you will never see PRIEST and myself on the same tour. Sorry."

Owens is in the process of signing a record deal for his BEYOND FEAR project, which also features guitarists John Comprix (SPAWN, 13 FACES) and Dwane Bihary (MISSING SKIN), bassist Dennis Hayes (WINTERS BANE, SEVEN WITCHES) and drummer Eric Elkins (CRYPTKICKER, ALL YOU FEAR). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Don't Need This", "And You Will Die", "It Is Me", "Telling Lies" and "The Faith".

"The contract is signed on my end, and I'm now waiting to get it back and the OK to start recording," Owens writes. "I have informed [producer] Jim Morris [ICED EARTH, DEATH, DEMONS & WIZARDS] and everybody involved that we will soon get this thing going."

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New Iced Earth Video Available Online

Machine Graphic Design has posted the new Iced Earth video for the track "Declaration Day." Download the MOV file directly from this link.

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Jag Panzer, Painmuseum Confirmed For Louder Harder

JAG PANZER and PAINMUSEUM have been confirmed for the Louder Harder Faster festival, set to take place June 3-5 at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA. This will be a unique event for PAINMUSEUM: When drummer Bobby Jarzombek (ICED EARTH, HALFORD) was unable to cancel prior engagements for this particular performance, Paul Bostaph (TESTAMENT, ex-SLAYER, SYSTEMATIC, FORBIDDEN) was called upon to fill in for this one night only. Also performing with PAINMUSEUM will be Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X).

The highlight of the festival will be an extremely rare performance by the classic TESTAMENT lineup of Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums). The weekend of metal mayhem will also include performances by the full original lineup of New York thrash titans NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SPEED\KILL/HATE, featuring members of OVERKILL.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows: More...

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New Demons & Wizards Audio Sample Available

A one-minute, 45-second sample of a new DEMONS & WIZARDS track, entitled "The Gunslinger", is available for download at this location. "The Gunslinger" comes off the group's upcoming sophomore album, "Touched by the Crimson King", due on June 27 via SPV Records. The follow-up to the group's 2001 self-titled CD, "Touched by the Crimson King" (view cover here) will feature the following track listing: More...

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More Ripper Owens Solo Project Info Revealed

Former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens is currently shopping a five-song CD from his solo project, tentatively dubbed BEYOND FEAR. Songs featured on the CD are as follows:

01. I Don't Need This
02. And You Will Die
03. It Is Me
04. Telling Lies
05. The Faith

BLABBERMOUTH.NET, who had an opportunity to hear the recording,says it boasts a thick, heavy riffing style and extremely powerful vocals from Owens. Traces of JUDAS PRIEST, PANTERA and BLACK SABBATH are all present along with a healthy dose of double-bass drumming, which adds a modern edge to what is essentially a traditional metal approach.

As previously reported, Owens will be joined on his upcoming solo album by guitarist John Comprix (13 FACES, SPAWN) and an as-yet-undetermined drummer (original choice ICED EARTH's Bobby Jarzombek recently decided against becoming involved with the project). A tentative late 2005/early 2006 release is expected.

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Ripper Owens Names Side Project Beyond Fear

Former Judas Priest singer Tim 'Ripper' Owens is to call his upcoming side project Beyond Fear. Among those involved with this are Iced Earth drummer Bobby Jarzombek; Owens himself remains a member of Iced Earth.

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Iced Earth's "Gettysburg" Trailer Posted Online

Iced Earth have posted this message on their official website:

The new year will begin for Iced Earth with the delivery of the long-awaited Gettysburg DVD. This unique release will feature the epic work "Gettysburg (1863)" from 2004's "The Glorious Burden" stepping out of its stereo confines and expanding into a powerful 5.1-channel surround-sound mix. In fact, there will be two different surround-sound mixes (one "metal" and one "theatrical"), set to moving images. Additionally, the DVD will feature a historical commentary from the Gettysburg battlefield, and an in-depth interview with Jon Schaffer. More details will follow.

A brief trailer for the DVD can be seen here (Mpeg - 4.3MB).

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Posts Update To His New Site

Former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens has launched his own website at www.TimRipperOwens.com. On it, Owens has posted the following message:

"What's up everybody? As you can see, we are trying to get this thing up and running, and hopefully it will be complete real soon! As for Iced Earth, Jon's back is getting better, but it still isn't 100%! I myself can't wait to get Iced Earth back on the road, I think touring and seeing the fans is one of the most important things a band can do, we did tour America but had to postpone Europe (Europe, I love you and hope to see you real soon!) We will get it rolling as soon as we can!! As for my side project, finishing up some demo stuff... also thought maybe the fans can come up with a good idea to name it!! One already said maybe call it RIP, which is cool, what do you guys have?? I will talk at you soon!!"

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Metal Strikes Back in 2004

An article has been posted on FMQB.com listing the heavy metal moments of 2004, from the formation of new bands to the new releases of older bands. An excerpt from the article:

2004 will definitely be thought of as a year when Metal made an official "come back" in the commercial world. This is not to say that Metal ever went away, but like any genre, it ebbs and flows, and this year brought a tidal wave of good music. The beginning of the year was dominated by strong releases from Iced Earth, Damageplan, the re-united Fear Factory and Dave Grohl's Probot project, which featured Grohl backing up singers like Lemmy from Motorhead and King Diamond.

Read the full article at FMQB.com.

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Painmuseum Confirm US Release Date

November 16, 2004 has been confirmed as the official U.S. release date for the long-awaited "Metal For Life" album from guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak's (Testament, ex-Halford) Painmuseum. "Metal For Life" features Chlasciak, Bobby Jarzombek (Iced Earth, ex-Halford, Riot) on drums, Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus, Death, Vintersorg) on bass and newcomer Tim Clayborne (Hatred) on vocals. The album was mixed by Roy Z. (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickenson, Halford, Helloween) and mastered by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Disincarnate). Additional guest vocals were provided by Joe Comeau (Overkill, Annihilator).

This will be the first U.S. release under Metal Mike's own label imprint C.M.M. Entertainment, LLC. C.M.M.'s exclusive retail chain agreement with Transworld Entertainment Group places this and future C.M.M. releases in major U.S. retail chain locations, namely FYE, Coconuts, Wherehouse, Strawberries, The Wall, Camelot and more. Metal Music World Marketing, LLC will provide marketing, sales and promotion. "Metal For Life" will also be available through several Internet providers including CDBaby.com, GuitarMusic9.com, Metal Mike Armory Store at www.painmuseum.com, CenturyMedia.com, TowerRecords.com, and metal speciality store locations.

The Metal God himself, Rob Halford, also gave "Metal For Life" thumbs up and invited the release to be placed for sale at RobHalford.com.

Distribution to metal speciality retail in the U.S., Central and South America will be handled by Century Media/CM Distro direct sales. Album downloads will be found at iTunes, SonyConnect, Napster, Rhapsody, AOL's MusicNet, and more.

Territories outside of the U.S./Central and South America are already spoken for and full label details will be disclosed soon. It has also been confirmed that Metal Mike Chlasciak has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music.

"'Metal For Life' is an album that I feel is one of the best I have ever been a part of," stated Mike in a press release. "It is 100% of what it should and what this band wanted it to be, and proudly 0% of what the martini drinking bullshit talkers wanted it to be. This CD is about what the words heavy metal mean to us, the band. The creative and recording process was closed to the business world, and only opened to the individuals that made this album. To us metal is a sign of freedom and individuality. The music speaks the truth."

You can preview album cover and tracks "I Am Your Keeper", "Speak The Name", "Hosanna Hosanna", "Words Kill Everything", "American Metalhead", "Dogs In A Cage" and "Live And Die" at this location.

For more information, visit www.painmuseum.com.

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No Iced Earth Gigs Until Summer 2005

Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer's back problems persist and Iced Earth is not expected to tour until the Eurpoean fest circuit next summer. He's posted a Lengthy message to Iced Earth's message boards:

"Hello All!

It's time for an update once again. Things have been pretty crazy between the awesome news of being a future father for the first time, the back problems and the numerous doctor visits; MRI's, EMG's and a load of other tests, a new business that has taken off and grown much quicker than expected (Spirit of 76 Collectibles), the Gettysburg DVD, Iced Earth's day to day, Demons & Wizards, a 4 figure miniature series called "The Great Americans" and another line-up change.

Unfortunately for me, the guys in the band, the crew, the label, and more importantly the fans, we will not be touring Europe or anywhere else until summer 2005 due to my serious lower back problems and the fact that I'll be a father in early March. We plan on playing many of the big European festivals next summer and they are being booked at present.

This is the main reason that Jimmy is no longer with Iced Earth. He called me after it was obvious that I.E. would not be touring for a while and asked if I would mind if he auditioned for Megadeth. I wished him luck and told him that if he can go out and earn money by playing bass he should do it. This is a tough business and it's not easy for musicians to make a living when they're in an underground band that is not touring. That's why so many musicians that are in bands and have records out also have day jobs. Tim, Bobby and I wish Jimbo all the best!

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Former Iced Earth Drummer Joins Sebastian Bach

Posted on www.sebastianbach.com:

I am pleased to announce the addition of drummer Mark Prator to the band ! We have been shredding all month in preparation for our Mexican tour this week! Mark Prator is the drummer on the Iced Earth album "Dark Saga" & is also the man behind the kit on the "Demons & Wizards" album with Jon Shaffer. The music is steady, solid, & heavy. We are really gearing up now for the new album & we cannot wait to play Mexico this week with Mark Prator on the drums so look out Mexico, we are gonna kick your ass!

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Megadeth Announce US Tour & Line-up

With their new CD "The System has Failed" hitting stores this week (Sanctuary Records) and its first single and video “Die Dead Enough” impacting airwaves, Meagdeth has announced dates for a U.S. tour. The 22-date trek by the iconic hard rock group kicks off October 23 in Reno, NV and wraps November 20 in Minneapolis, MN. Joining group founder and frontman Dave Mustaine will be Glen Drover (King Diamond/Eidolon) on guitar, James MacDonough (of Iced Earth) on bass and Nick Menza returns to the group on drums. The video for “Die Dead Enough” made its debut on MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” this past weekend and the song is spinning on Active Rock and Rock radio stations nationwide.

Of his touring partners for the “Blackmail The Universe Tour,” Mustaine says, “James is a guy with long hair and a lot of tattoos and is an animal on bass. We like that kind of danger on that side of the stage.” As for Drover, Mustaine calls him the “perfect fit,” and welcomes back Menza, who was in the group from 1990 through 1997.

After re-releasing eight Megadeth albums earlier this past summer, Mustaine returns with "The System has Failed," which Revolver described in a four-star review (October ’04) as “Megadeth’s most vengeful, poignant and musically complex offering since 1992’s Countdown To Extinction…Throw in political themes, apocalyptic lyrics…it’s clear that Megadeth are not just back, they’re paranoid, pissed, and motivated to destroy.”

Tour dates are as follows. More...

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Headline News

Iced Earth Bassist Quits To Join Megadeth

Iced Earth bassist James MacDonough has officially left the band to join Megadeth as their touring bassist. MacDonough's statement on the matter (as posted at Iced-Realm.de) is as follows:

"A while back I had heard that Megadeth might need a bassist, so I contacted them via email and much later got a response, to my suprise. Before I knew it, I was on a conference call with Dave [Mustaine]. I sent in some video of me playing a couple Megadeth songs and I got a call a couple of days later. Everything with Iced Earth has been up in the air as far as touring, so I told [Iced Earth mainman] Jon [Schaffer] about this when I got the first email back, and being my older bro, he told me to go for it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play with Iced Earth in the future because this will be a very lengthy tour, but we'll see what happens down the road. I am keeping in touch with Jon and maybe something in the future will happen.

"Megadeth has always been one of my favorite bands and I have a lot of respect for Dave and what he's done for music. I feel honored to have been picked for this endeavor."

Megadeth's lineup for the upcoming tour will be as follows:

Dave Mustaine – Guitar/Vocals
Glen Drover (EIDOLON) – Guitar
Nick Menza – Drums
James MacDonough (ex-ICED EARTH) - Bass

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