"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2000
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Hurtlocker Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Hurtlocker.


Interview with Grant Belcher of Hurtlocker

Chicago, Illinois metal act HURTLOCKER has been through the ringer these past couple years, mainly with having lost their former dummer to a drug-related incident. But they also would soon learn the ugly side of the business when they got little or no PR and touring support from their label Napalm Records after putting out their brillant last full-length offering entitled "Fear In The Handful Of Dust". But they're metalers, not pussies, and they still are more than alive and kicking with a new positive approach to how they will handle things once they complete recording of their new album here in 2007. I expect some great things from these guys, more than just about any upcoming act I've scouted, promoted or made of fun while doing my work here. I sat down for some cool Q&A.with Grant Belcher, Hurtlocker's lead vocalist. More...

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Interview with Hurtlocker's Tim Moe

Chicago's HURTLOCKER released their debut LP “Fear In A Handful of Dust” in 2005 on Napalm Records, offering up an all-out sonic assault of ones senses, clearly showing everyone around the true metal community that they're a name to reckon with for the future of metal as it moves forward out of the emo-fied, pop sweetened crap heap of bands that are merely using the great genre's name to try and pawn itself off as the real deal. They have enjoyed some strong radio play off Chicago's largest rock station, 94.7 The Zone, being put in rotation among the elite names of heavy music such as Lamb Of God and Anthrax and are now in preparation to record the next album, in hopes of finally pushing themselves to the top of the game and onto world tours where they rightfully belong. I am pleased to present the following Q&A with their guitarist, Tim Moe. More...

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