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The Binary Code

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Band Photo: The Binary Code (?)

Formed: 2004
From: Rochelle Park, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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The Binary Code Parts Ways With Drummer

U.S. band The Binary Code has checked in with the following statement about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"We recently parted ways with Umar Fahim, our drummer of 7 years. Let me first say that in the 10 years we've been a band, no one has been more dedicated to the band than Umar. He's been the one guy who was ready to drop everything at any moment for anything that ever surfaced for us.

"In fact, on tour with Revocation in 2010, we were 2 days into a 33 date tour and we had a van-totaling accident that would generally stop a band from touring, and HE made the tour go on by working from the hour we got to the tiny hotel in Mansfield, PA to the early morning the next day as we sat in a 2 bed hotel room the size of a bathroom with all of our gear and luggage packed inside. More...

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The Binary Code Gearing Up To Record Album

The Binary Code has checked in with the following announcement about gearing up to record a new labum:

"As the new year rolls in, we begin the countdown to recording the album at the end of February at Audiohammer Studios with Eyal Levi. For now, enjoy a pre-production guitar play-through of 'Unexist' (seven string edition). A drum play-through will surface shortly."

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The Binary Code Announces New Vocalist

The Binary Code has been hard at work preparing new material with new vocalist Rory Crumm (formerly of Swallow the Ocean). Rory joined the band in September, working extensively in preparation for the sold-out show with Periphery & Textures at the Gramercy Theatre NYC Frak the Gods tour stop. After playing a handful of shows with the Binary Code, it was decided that Rory would join the band full-time not only as a vocalist, but also to handle synths/sampling.

Rory talks about his enlistment with the band: "I am beyond humbled to have been asked to join The Binary Code and to be creating music with such talented and responsible musicians. I look forward to the writing process and progressing as a vocalist along side these fine gents."

The Binary Code had the following to say about Rory joining the group: "We are thoroughly excited to have Rory as a part of the band. We were fans of his previous band Swallow the Ocean long before we started working together. Considering our most recent exploration of the post-metal genre, Rory's vocal abilities, both screaming and singing, and other instrumental talents are absolutely equal to the task, and then some. We're going to be doing vocal pre-production very soon, and plan to share that with our listeners when we're done. It's a wonderful feeling knowing the confines and limitations of our music continue to disappear as each song is written."

The band is periodically writing and recording new pre-production full-length at its very own Studio Nil in Bloomfield, NJ. Upon completion of the pre-production, the group will enter the studio in late-Winter/early-Spring with a yet-to-be-announced engineer.

The Binary Code also has the following upcoming shows with Rivers of Nihil:

11/4 O'Reilly's - Philadelphia, PA
11/5 TBA - NY, NY
11/6 PT-109 - Allston, MA (email dilapidatedenterprises@yahoo.com for info)
11/7 Lit Lounge - NYC, NY

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The Binary Code Posts New Pre-Production Track

New Jersey's The Binary Code has posted a brand new pre-production track titled "Dark Meditations" online via the band's Facebook page. Head over here to check out the song.

Two other pre-production tracks, "Unexist" and "Trees 100 Feet Underwater," were also posted by the band on Facebook earlier this summer. All three tracks come from an as-of-yet untitled album tentatively set to be recorded later this year and released in early 2012, and have been uploaded by the band to give fans an early taste of what's in store.

The upcoming new full-length album will be Binary Code's first since 2009's "Suspension of Disbelief," with the "Priest" EP being released in the summer of 2010.

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The Binary Code Announces New Vocalist

Progressive metal act The Binary Code has posted the following update online, announcing the addition of Marcus Silva to the band as its new vocalist.

"We’d like to welcome Marcus Silva to the band as our new singer! We’ve been working with Marcus since the end of last year, and feel he’s going to be a great addition to the band. In regards to our departure with Michael Apprich, the decision was mutual, as we acknowledged Mike‘s need to focus on his personal life. We love Mike and hope the best for him – he'll always be our friend."

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The Binary Code Posts Demos of New Songs Online

New Jersey death metal act The Binary Code has posted some pre-production demos of new songs on the band's facebook page. The instrumental tracks "Unexist" and "Trees 100 Feet Underwater" will be coming off The Binary Code's upcoming album.

The Binary Code also recently contributed a song to the "NYC Sucks" compilation from Metalsucks.net, and also posted a Stone Temple Pilots cover late last year.

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"NYC Sucks" Compilation Available For Download

Volume 1 of "NYC Sucks," the completely free compilation album from MetalSucks.net is out now, featuring some of the best metal bands from the New York metal scene. This volume features fourteen songs by as many bands, who run the gamut of genres, from death to tech to prog to grind to black to hardcore to doom and more. "We truly feel that this is a great sampling of all that New York’s thriving metal scene has to offer, and we’re beyond proud to be sharing it with you — absolutely, 100% free of charge," states MetalSucks.

You can stream or download the compilation here. It contains high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and as well as a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here's the "NYC Sucks: Volume 1" tracklisting:

1. East of the Wall, “The Ladder”
2. Made out of Babies, “Invisible Ink”
3. Tiger Flowers, “Cuts”
4. Black Anvil, “The Evil of All Roots”
5. Naam, “Frosted Tread”
6. Batillus, “The Children of the Night Make Their Music”
7. Meek is Murder, “Sundowners” (demo)
8. The Binary Code, “Encircled”
9. Castevet, “Stones”
10. Hung, “Desert of Sad”
11. Wizardry, “The Falconer”
12. Pyrrhon, “King of All Tears”
13. Mutant Supremacy, “Epitaph”
14. Incendiary, “Victory in Defeat”

Volume 2, featuring thirteen more great bands and songs, will be out on February 22nd.

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MetalSucks Announces Free Compilations

MetalSucks.net has announced two free compilations coming early next year, featuring underground bands from the ever growing New York City metal scene. Entitled "NYC Sucks," Volume 1 will contain 14 songs by as many bands and will be released on January 18th. Volume 2, containing 13 tracks, will be released on February 22nd. Both compilations will be available for download on MetalSucks, will contain high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and will include a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here are the bands featured on volumes 1 and 2:

Volume 1: (Jan 18)
1. East of the Wall
2. Made out of Babies
3. Tiger Flowers
4. Black Anvil
5. Naam
6. Batillus
7. Meek is Murder
8. The Binary Code
9. Castevet
10. Hung
11. Wizardry
12. Pyrrhon
13. Mutant Supremacy
14. Incendiary

Volume 2: (Feb 22)
1. Wetnurse
2. Tombs
3. Moth Eater
4. Hull
5. The Austerity Program
6. Defeatist
7. Goes Cube
8. Krallice
9. Empyreon
10. Abacinate
11. ikillya
12. Atakke
13. The Ghost in Black and White

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The Binary Code Posts Stone Temple Pilots Cover

The Binary Code has teamed up with Noisecreep.com to stream a cover track online of the Stone Temple Pilots song "Wicked Garden." The Binary Code's cover version also features Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery) on vocals. The track can be heard at this location. You can also catch The Binary Code on the following upcoming date:

12/18 Santos Party House w/ Shadows Fall Manhattan, NY

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The Binary Code Announces U.S. Shows

New Jersey death metallers The Binary Code have announced fall U.S. tour dates in support of their recent EP release "Priest." Marking the first extended run for the band since the Winter 2010 Metal As Art tour with Revocation and Hypno5e, The Binary Code will be touring the East Coast with North Carolina-based metal acts Vanisher and Hephystus. The currently announced dates are as follows:

9/17/2010 Greene Street Club, Greensboro, NC
9/18/2010 The Hot Box, Lancaster, SC
9/20/2010 So Addictive, Herndon, VA
9/21/2010 Cake Shop, New York, NY (with EMPYREON)
9/22/2010 The Silo, Reading, PA (with GLOOMINOUS DOOM)
9/23/2010 Brew Haus, Rochester, NY
9/25/2010 Broadway Joe's, Buffalo, NY

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Pit Stories: "Don’t Do This To El Guapo"

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week The Binary Code guitarist Jesse Zuretti sends in a short-story length submission that he even titled "Don’t Do This To El Guapo."

A wise man by the name of Bas Rutten once said, “He tried to kill me, now I gotta return the favor."

Back in May we did a quick, week-long jog of dates with a gaggle of maniacs called Gloominous Doom. What seemed sure to be a super smooth run of shows turned quickly into a giant rager by the time we hit our first night. The second date had us doing an on-air performance and interview for UMass Lowell‘s Stress Factory Radio Station before our much anticipated basement show with the_Network and Hivesmasher. The show was going down in the concrete slab beneath the house where the Hivesmasher cubs keep all of their honey. This makes only for a dangerous, loud, and uncontrollable night from what we learned very quickly. Brett, our faithful live Bass-Master 3000 (also of East of the Wall/Biclops/Day Without Dawn/Postman Syndrome/Yoko Ono/Rolling Stones/Chumbawamba notoriety) managed to score a nice boo-boo from good old Aaron Heinold of Hivesmasher, incurring the aftermath of a Hivesmasher stunt induced by a severe amount of alcohol consumption. Read with caution, in case you ever plan on going to one of these basement shows with the level of rage emanating from the bands on the bill.

We’re nearing the end of our set, which was nothing more than a pain in the ass for me, as I broke a string nearly every note I played (thanks to Joseph Spiller of System Divide/Aborted & Kevin from the_Network, I was able to switch over to his guitar, and break his strings). The rage in the air is starting to feel real heavy. Not a frustrated rage, but a rage created in cooperation by the bands and the show-goers. The made-for-pain-and-violence setup of the basement made it ever so easy for the rage-aholics to spread their wings of anger, and throw bottles and karate dance in the 10x30 space we rocked in. As we’re moving our crap out of the way for the_Network, we can feel the kids there with like-minded angst toward humanity getting pumped for the misanthropic gaggle of drunken outdoorsmen to start playing their ferocious set. Even without a bassist, these guys managed to make the concrete crumble and shake by the end of their set.

As soon as Hivesmasher pummels their way into their first song, the maniacs comprising the entire audience start raging a level higher. Broken glass covers the floor where Converse sneakers and Sauconys patter to the beat of the grind. A large man dressed in a bright orange windbreaker suit (head to toe, this guy was the sweetest deal of the night) flails his arms and legs, kicking and air chopping, sort of like a graceful asylum patient with a jar of centipedes dumped into his now pried-open straightjacket. Nevertheless, the pot's about to boil, and we're in the eye of the shit-storm.

At a show we play, 9 times out of 10, you can find Brett up front, dead center, head banging in all of his 110lb glory for every single band on the bill. As per usual, there was no deviation from the norm on this particular night - especially since Hivesmasher are long-time amigos of Brett and the East of the Wall crew. This could go both ways: it could be a “bro-down” set, where a band acknowledges the sweetness of bros getting together and being idiots, or Hivesmasher could simply acknowledge Brett’s presence by smashing a microphone into his eye socket.

I'm sitting next to our merch table in the back of the room, watching the kids near the band go ape shit, when all of a sudden Little Man Brett comes trudging over to me, half bent over, holding his hands over his right eye. When he moves his hands away from his eyes, I do the typical “Ooooo, sheeeit that looks bad” in response to the wound. The microphone Aaron decided to use to penetrate Brett’s skull with apparently managed to snag the outer right brow and cheek causing it to bleed quite a bit. Essentially, the mic did not fit into Brett’s skull through his eye socket. Now, Brett might be a tiny guy, but he proved to be anything but a pussy. He simply takes a shirt, holds it up to his face to keep the blood out of his eye, and walks right back up to the front of the “stage” area, head-banging as if nothing happened. And this was only one song in!

Aaron and the Hivesmasher dudes really made us feel like we were a part of some kind of smashing brotherhood by the end of the night. Brett opted out of getting stitches at any point during the tour (and did not get stitches any time after the tour).

The Binary Code's new EP, "Priest," will be out August 10th. They've also announced a release show for August 2nd in New York and have recently posted a new single online. For more The Binary Code music, check out their MySpace page.

Check back every Tuesday for more pit stories.

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The Binary Code Posts New Single Online

The Binary Code and MetalSucks.net has unveiled the title track of The Binary Code’s forthcoming new EP, “Priest." Listen to it at this location.

The tracklisting for "Priest" is as follows:

1. Ocean of Light
2. Priest
3. Encircled
4. Priest (8-bit version)

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The Binary Code Announces EP Release Show

In celebration of the forthcoming new EP, “Priest,” The Binary Code has announced a release show to take place on August 2nd at The Charleston in Brooklyn, NY. The Binary Code will be joined by East Of The Wall (featuring The Binary Code’s live bassist, Brett Bamberger), Meek Is Murder (ex-The Red Chord), and NAME. ”Priest” is the follow-up to 2009’s “Suspension of Disbelief" album. The new EP "Priest" is set to be released on August 10th.

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The Binary Code Reveals New EP Details Online

New Jersey’s progressive metal band The Binary Code have set an August 10 release date for their new EP, "Priest." "Priest" is the follow-up to the band’s 2009 debut, "Suspension of Disbelief," released digitally by MetalSucks.net.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Ocean of Light
2. Priest
3. Encircled
4. Priest (8-bit version)

The EP is currently available for pre-order in five configurations, including a limited edition CD version that features hand-painted, hand-numbered jewel cases created by the band. A video of the band creating the limited edition CDs can be viewed here. A preview of the songs is available here.

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The Binary Code Posts New Album Video Update

New Jersey metal band The Binary Code has posted a video update about how they created the artwork for their latest EP themselves. Watch the video below:

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The Binary Code Posts "Priest" EP Trailer

New Jersey death metallers The Binary Code have announced they will be releasing the 3-song "Priest" EP in May. The release will be available exclusively at the band's May shows, a string of dates they're doing with PA-based ska metallers The Gloominous Doom. The band has posted a trailer online featuring clips from the EP, which can be viewed below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Priest
2. Encircled
3. Ocean of Light

The Binary Code's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

5/1- Hamburg, PA @ Behler-Hein Legion Hall w/ Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Total Fucking Destruction, The Gloominous Doom
5/5 - Branford, CT @ Bix's Cafe w/ The Gloominous Doom
5/7 - Woodmere, NY @ The Backstage w/ The Gloominous Doom
5/9 - Trenton, NJ @ Championship Lounge w/ The Gloominous Doom
5/10 - New York, NY @ Lit Lounge w/ The Gloominous Doom

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The Binary Code Announces Spring Tour Dates

New Jersey progressive death metallers The Binary Code have announced a string of tour dates this Spring. The tour is in support of their recent digital-only full length debut album, "Suspension of Disbelief." The Binary Code will embark on a series of dates starting on May 1st. The Northeast tour dates will see them playing alongside Lair of the Minotaur, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Total Fucking Destruction and The Gloominous Doom.

The band just finished recording and mixing a new 3-song EP that will see a release later this Spring or Summer.

Spring tour dates:

April 21st - Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston w/ Lair of the Minotaur, Elks
May 1st - Hamburg, PA @ Behler-Hein Legion Hall w/ Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Total Fucking Destruction, The Gloominous Doom (The Gloominous Doom CD release show)
May 5th - Branford, CT @ Bix's Cafe w/ The Gloominous Doom
May 6th - Suffield, CT @ Shamrock Cafe w/ The Gloominous Doom, Hivesmasher
May 7th - Woodmere, NY @ The Backstage w/ The Gloominous Doom
May 8th - New London, CT @ El N Gee Club w/ The Gloominous Doom *early show starts at 5pm, all ages*
May 9th - Trenton, NJ @ Championship Lounge w/ The Gloominous Doom
May 10th - New York, NY @ Lit Lounge w/ The Gloominous Doom

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The Binary Code Issues Tour Recap

New Jersey death metal band The Binary Code has posted part one of a tour recap of their first national tour with Revocation & Hypno5e on MySpace. Read an except below:

"So, we just returned home from our first National United States tour w/ Revocation & Hypno5e! We had our final show Sunday night in Allston (Boston), MA @ Unit 11 w/ Sexcrement & Tone Locs' (Anthony of Revocation) band Living Void. I just wanted to point out that the Unit 11 show was by far one of the best & most fun shows this band has EVER played in 6 years. I think the country's music scene could learn a thing or two from the scene in Allston, MA."

"As you all know, we started our first date in Brooklyn, NY. That show was an unbelievable kick off to a fun tour. Morale was up, the fun was in our eyes, and we were off to tour the country. After playing an awesome show at the Croc Rock in Allentown, PA, we decided to take a part of the drive that night after the show to head towards the next venue in Buffalo, NY. We stopped about 2 hours in (being we were exhausted beyond belief), and hung out in the van at a hotel parking lot until 6am or so. Brett & Todd drank 40s, we all laughed, farted, pissed in cups, listened to Howard Stern, and had a good time."

"That morning, we woke up shortly after our 2 hour siesta to continue our trek towards Buffalo, NY. Weather conditions were moderate: slushy snow substances matted the floors of the roads, light flakes of snow softly dabbed the land; the roads were pretty clear. Cruising a solid 55MPH on a two lane highway road alongside a slope entertaining a frozen river, we neared a bend that forewarned the beginning of a long day." More...

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The Binary Code Checks In From the Road

New Jersey progressive death metal outfit THE BINARY CODE are currently on tour with Relapse tech-thrashers Revocation and French experimentalists Hypno5e on the 2010 Metal As Art Tour, and took some time out of their hectic schedule to check in from the road.

Guitarist Jesse Zuretti writes, “We've just rounded the turnpoint to begin our trek back east! From the very start of tour we knew we were going to have a good time."

"As I'm sure some of you may have heard, we were in a pretty bad van accident just a few days into the tour. The guy whom hit us was found responsible in full for the accident, and rightfully so. Nevertheless, our drummer, Umar (along with our wizardly manager), pulled it together and found a way for us to continue the tour in a minivan rental. If I might add, we also would've been homebound if it weren't for Hypno5e and Revocation sharing gear and stow space." More...

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The Binary Code In Van Accident

New Jersey death metal band The Binary Code has recently gotten into a van accident. Guitarist Jesse Bartholomew Zuretti has issued the following update with his phone via facebook:

"The Binary Code was in a really bad van accident the other day. Everyone is fine... Everyone in the band is doing great and we're all safe. we managed to get another van in line so we can truck on! Currently in Mt. Clemens, Michigan."

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