"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Visions Of Atlantis

Formed: 2000
From: Bruck an der Mur, Austria
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Visions Of Atlantis News

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Visions Of Atlantis Announces Festival Appearance

Austria's Visions of Atlantis has checked in with the following announcement about appearing an upcoming Chinese festival on July 18th:

"Hey out there! We are happy and proud to announce that we where invited to visit and rock China again this summer! VoA will perform at the SUZHOU HOLISLAND INTERNATION MUSIC FESTIVAL on the 18th of July near Shanghai in the wonderful city of Suzhou!

"The festival will take place on Suzhou's Vitality Island from the 16th to the 18th of July and offer you International Acts like SINEAD O`CONNOR, SIMPLE PLAN, THIRTEEN SENSES, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, RISE AGAINST, X-JAPAN AND MANY MORE!

"The expected attendance will be about 150,000, so be sure to secure your tickets. For more info check this location where you`ll have the chance to order your tix!! Hope to see you there and rock with you! PS: Stay tuned for more infos about our new album."

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Visions Of Atlantis Enters Dreamscape Studios

Visions Of Atlantis has entered Dreamscape Studios and will be begin recording their new album.

The band comments, "I just wanted to inform you that we were arriving at Munich's Dreamscape Studios yesterday evening where we had a relaxed night."

"Today the recordings will start in about 1 hour and we're all very excited about the things happening during the next weeks!"

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Visions Of Atlantis Announces New Bass Player

Austria's Visions of Atlantis has issued the following update about recruiting a new bass player and recording new material:

"Mike Koren is leaving the band. New bass player announced: After many years of great work and many shows founding member Mike Koren has left Visions of Atlantis due of private reasons. Mike became a daddy and his priorities have changed which we all understand and respect. We wish him and his young family all the best for the future and thank him very much for everything! Now it`s time to announce our new bass player! Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate) will take over the bass duties for Visions of Atlantis from now on. He record the bass for the new yet untitled Album and he will be on stage with the band for the first time on Metalfest Austria (15th of May 2010). He has already worked with us in the past as our sound engineer on several concerts and festivals and we are all happy to welcome him on board!"

"As Visions of Atlantis will enter the Dreamsound Studios in Munich on the 17th of May 2010 we will report all progress in our official Studio Diary with daily updates and pictures right from the band and directly from the studio. The Studio Diary will contain exclusive content and details during the album production and some very interesting 'behind the scene' footage. In late 2010 VOA will release the new album - the title will be revealed also very soon! So stay tuned for more information!"

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Vision Of Atlantis Prepares To Enter The Studio

Vision of Atlantis has issued the following update about preparing to enter the recording studio:

"Hey out there! Visions of Atlantis will finally enter the Dreamscape Studios Munich on the 17th of May to record the fourth Album! For that reason you get offered an official exclusive studio diary made together with our friends of the German Independent Webzine at this location where we`ll update you nearly daily with cool Stories in German/English and Nice Pictures. It`s planned that you`ll be able to read stories from each of the Band members. Additionally to that we will keep you updated too here on our myspace site through Blogs with additional information and Videos directly from the Studio. We hope you`ll like that and send you best wishes."

Sample Visions of Atlantis tracks can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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Visions Of Atlantis To Play Metal Female Voices

Keyboardist Martin Harb of Austrian band Visions of Atlantis has issued the following update about the band performing at the Metal Female Voices festival:

"Hey out there! As promised I can confirm you one more Festival-Appearance for 2010 VoA will perform on the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium on the 23th/24th of October which will be the last chance to see Visions of Atlantis right before the release of our new Album.

"There will be a lot more great female-fronted Bands like Tristania, Krypteria, Arch Enemy and more on this Festival! Stay tuned for more details on this show (exact day and time) and check this location for tickets and further information. More and very interesting stuff will come up soon!"

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Visions Of Atlantis To Enter The Studio

Visions of Atlantis has issued the following announcement about preparing to enter the recording studio:

"Hey out there! Just wanted to inform you that the plans for the next months are clear now and that we`ll enter the Dreamscape Studios right after our appearance on the Metalfest Austria on the 14th of May to finalize our fourth album which will be released late autumn this year! Parallel to that we`ll also have the photo shoot for our new Official Promotional Pictures which will be published of course before the new album, but more on that later! Also one more cool show right before releasing the album will be announced very soon when everything`s fixed and confirmed with the local organizer, stay tuned for that as it will be a very special appearance just right before the Rebirth of Visions of Atlantis!

"Stay tuned for a huge wave of information right after Easter and a very very detailed Studio-Diary including pics, vids, blogs by the VoA-members and of course the information about the title of our new Album and even more stuff..... We`re very excited and looking forward happily to the next 9 Months and of course to the further and brighter future of VoA! Cu all soon, stay tuned for further news."

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Visions Of Atlantis Issues Band Update

Visions of Atlantis has issued the following update about bassist Michael Koren continuing to play live shows with the band:

"Hey out there! I just wanted to inform you that our Now-Father Mike (best wishes to his little Rocker!) has quit the band a few months ago (as we posted) to focus on his Father-Role as you may know already...

"But Mike was always a VoA Member for us in the hearts and now he decided to stay with the band for Live-Shows also in the future which means that he`s still our man for the VoA Live-bass guitar and that we won`t change our cool team for rocking on the road! For the Studio (as this is taking much time) he won`t be able to join the recordings for our new Album (The Album Title will be announced soon) which is absolutely no problem as we`ll work together with another Studio-Musician so that Mike can focus on his Work as a Tattoo Artist and of course on his father-role! More...

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Visions Of Atlantis To Play Metalfest Open Air

Visions of Atlantis has issued the following update about appearing at the Metalfest Open Air 2010:

"Hey Guys and Girls! As promised I`ll give you a new Chance for Viewing VoA live before our new album (and new tour) comes out. We`ll be attending this year`s Metalfest in Austria on the 14th of May! For further information just check here to see which other cool bands will crush this great Festival Area with their performance and to secure your tickets!

"Also don`t miss the Chance to visit the Napalm Records Labelnight on the 12th of May (same place) where cool NR Bands will perform for the 15th Anniversary of Austria`s Finest Label in Metal!!! SO DON`t FORGET THE 14th of MAY, hope to see you there and having some beers afterwards..."

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Visions Of Atlantis Issues Album Update

Austrian metallers Visions of Atlantis have issued the following update about their upcoming album:

"Hey Guys and Girls! As promised we uploaded new live pics, check them out and leave some comments. Also as promised I give you some (maybe) interesting news about our new album... The New album will be called ....... you can guess, I`m not allowed to tell you NOW, but what i can tell you is: The Album will refer to the number 'four' as it`s the fourth. And if you remember the older album titles you can see that they also referred in some ways to their number (Trinity as three, Cast Away made out of two words and EEE looking like three words, but actually being one meaning) So from now on you can guess, but no more hints from me (for now!)

"The Album will be recorded in the Dreamscape Studios in Germany again, where we also made Trinity, which was a very very good working place for us. The Producers there exactly know how to bring out the best of our work and we enjoy working together with such nice guys... Mix and Mastering is still a secret, but you can believe us that we`ll give it in best possible hands. More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Issues Band Update

Austrian metallers Visions of Atlantis have issued the following update about their upcoming recording plans:

"Hey out there! Sorry, again long time without any message and news from the band. Well, but here I am with a short report about what`s going on at the moment: We had a few problems with the pre-recording of the drums, which is the basic to enter the studio for our work. This should be done within the next weeks (I know, wrote something like that often before the last year) and after that we should be able to have a studio-kick-off.

"It's somehow making me depressive to have a complete album pre-produced on my hard disc and at the moment no concrete date for entering the studio, which is already reserved for the band. But we just can enter when drums are finished and that`s not my cup of tea (sorry for that)...Well, the plans for 2010 for VoA are clear: Recording the new album, doing a few festivals again in Summer (and one or two earlier this year) and having a release in late Autumn. The release then will be followed by a very interesting tour in November/December, but more on that much later as it`s not time to talk about that yet actually. Very soon (i think about next week) we`ll do a relaunch of our myspace-site with some new design stuff, pics and so on will be updated, but more on that next week when there`s more time for that. More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Prepares To Hit The Studio

Austrian metallers Visions of Atlantis have issued the following statement about recording a new album:

"Hey Guys and Girls!

"After 2 months without any message from the Band here are some News wich may interest you

"FIRST the most important thing: Our bassist Mike and his Girlfriend will become parents very soon and we all want to wish them the best with their little rocker. But that leads directly to some bad news: Mike will leave the band and will take a baby-break from music so that he can focus on his new role as father a 100%. We all understand his decison completely and so we had a last big party last weekend where we played a little gig with a handful of invited close friends to release Mike in his Baby-Break. If and when he will return to the band is completely unsure at the moment which is also clear and we (the whole Voa-Family) hope that you out there will understand Mike and also wish him the best!!!

"This will have NO AFFECT on the recording process for our forthcoming album, which leads me to the next hot news: Maxi Nil does a great job in singing in the stuff for pre-production and except some very little stuff and some last guitar details finally everything is recorded now and in November we..ll enter the studio to record our fourth album finally. Very soon we will announce the studio for our new recording and we also got a name for our fourth album, but this is still secret and just no secret within the band ;-)

"As soon as there are news and details about Studio in November and all other things concering the band and what..s going on with VoA we..ll be back with a new blog... So stay tuned, because when we..re in studio we..ll keep you informed by every possible ways (video, studio-diary, pics, etc.) directly from the band ;-) Best wishes, and as promised...2010 will be THE year for VoA as everything seems to turn out good finally!!!!!"

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Visions Of Atlantis Parts Ways With Vocalist

Austrian metallers Visions of Atlantis have issued the following statement about parting ways with their vocalist Joanna Nieniewska:

"According to all the rumors out there and the speculation here..s the official statement right from the band about the news within the VoA-Family!

"It..s right, Joanna Nieniewska was forced to leave the band a few weeks ago! The reason is a health-problem which should not be specified more detailed, but makes it impossible for her to complete a whole show on stage without risk.

"But because of the grown big friendship within the band during the last months the band is not willing her to leave totally and so we came to the point that at least Joanna has to be on the road with us when she can..t sing with the band anymore and so in future she..ll be on tour with us, helping us backstage and doing other important things to bring her support and energy into the band, although it..s another way now! There are no other reasons besides that, although we already had to read different stories on the internet, which are simply not true. As long as you can..t read it on the offical VoA-homepage or myspace it..s absolutely not official and does not come directly from the band or the nearest band-environment!!!

"BUT NOW TO THE GOOD NEWS: The good news besides all that is, that we were able to find an absolute suitable substitute for Joanna within the extremely short time! Her name is Maxi Nil, she..s from greece and she has already worked with Moonspell for instance and brings fresh energy and enthusiasm into the band! She was very fast in practising the material for the shows on metalcamp and with Tarja Turunen and we are already looking forward happily in doing future shows and tours with her! More...

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Arsames Confirmed For Metal Camp 2009

Iranian thrash/death metal act ARSAMES has been confirmed for Metal Camp 2009 - talents stage (DARK DOG STAGE BANDS) set to take place July 2-8, 2009 in Tolmin, Slovenia.

The Metal Camp festival billing is shaping up as follows:


For more info, check the Metal Camp website at metalcamp.com.

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Visions of Atlantis Announces New Female Vocalist

Austrian symphonic metallers, Visions of Atlantis, have issued the following update welcoming their new female vocalist, Joanna Nieniewska:

"We are proud and happy to present Joanna Nieniewska as the new female Voice of Visions of Atlantis. This 20 year old Austrian girl offers a wide range and a strong soprano combined with a great natural feeling for vocal harmonies. For more information about her just take a look into the forum where you can find an exclusive interview with Joanna."

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Visions Of Atlantis Set To Announce New Vocalist

Austrian power metal band Visions of Atlantis has issued the following statement about finding a new vocalist:

"Let me tell you that the waiting-time is over soon :-)

"Within the next week we will present you the name and the face of our new Female Voice and Band member! At the moment she's at the shooting for her first Visions of Atlantis Promotional Pictures, which will be released on the homepage including her name and further information within the next week...

"From now on we won't keep you updated not only by words but also we're planning to do a Video-Blog from time to time where the guys and girl from VoA can tell you the most important news about the recording process and all other VoA-related stuff (and maybe also not just VoA-related stuff) so that all of you can get the news right from us, from face to face :-)

"We're also planning a few other things for the homepage but more on that later, at first we'll gonne have some very important updates within next week! So be sure to check out the homepage or our myspace-site more often the next days!"

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Visions of Atlantis Drop Off Kamelot Tour

KAMELOT have issued the following update:

"Due to personal changes in the band VISIONS Of ATLANTIS they will not be available as the openers on the upcoming Ghost Opera Europe 2008 tour with special guests FIREWIND. We are looking at several other options for the opener spot on the tour and hope to a replacement announced very soon."

As previously reported, vocalist Melissa Ferlaak and guitarist Wolfgang "Wops" Koch recently parted ways with Visions Of Atlantis. More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Search For New Vocalist

Austrian symphonic metallers VISIONS OF ATLANTIS have officially launched a search for a new female singer. The band says in an online update: "If you feel like having the talent, commitment and dedication for joining Visions Of Atlantis, please send a demo of your vocal abilities and two-three pictures to this e-mail address: thomas@listenup-management.com. We look forward to receiving your submissions and really hope to find a new singer soon!"

Visions Of Atlantis parted ways with singer Melissa Ferlaak, and her boyfriend, guitarist Wolfgang "Wops" Koch on November 28.

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Visions of Atlantis Rejoined by Guitarist

Thomas Caser, drummer for the Austrian symphonic metal band VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has issued the following statement regarding the recent announcement that the group's Minnesota-based vocalist, Melissa Ferlaak, and her boyfriend, guitarist Wolfgang "Wops" Koch, were leaving the band:

"In the past seven years, I have dedicated ALL my energy into VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. I have been responsible to bring the band up from scratch — got all the record deals, shows, tours, did ALL the work there is besides the music and put all my personal interests aside so I can focus on the band. For this time I also put my professional career behind in order to focus on the band... I have seen people join and leave the band, understood all of their personal/musical views and have never had any hard feelings about them. But if you commit to something where other people are involved with, may it be bandmates, fans, record label, then you also have some sort of responsibility towards them. That's my (our) point and that is why we are upset with this situation. Or should we be happy??? I cannot go out and say, 'All the best to you, and thanks for leaving us before such an important tour.' This was crucial for VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, we could have hit a bigger audience, the tour we have always dreamed about... If it was 'only' Wolfgang leaving, we could live well with the situation, but it is our singer — our 'face' — who has left. And she left because he left, that's a fact. Fearing that the musical direction could become more 'Cast Away'-orientated." More...

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Visions Of Atlantis Lose Singer And Guitarist

Austrian symphonic metallers VISIONS OF ATLANTIS have issued the following:

"Melissa (Ferlaak) and Wolfgang leave Visions Of Atlantis...

Yes, you read right, Melissa, as well as her boyfriend Wolfgang ("Wops" Koch) are not in Visions Of Atlantis anymore. We were as much shocked about that as you must be, but it is the sad truth. Some people just don't know what the word commitment means...

We (the remaining rest of VoA) want to appologize to all fans out there who believed in us and supported us, we hope you stay loyal with VoA. Of course we are trying to find a substitute for Melissa, we already have one for Wolfgang (to be announced soon). The show must go on...

At this point we do not know what happens regarding the Kamelot tour... It is surely not as easy as Melissa states below.

Well, please read their official blahblah about dropping out below.

Melissa: "This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make because its not something I necessarily want to do, but it is something I feel I have to do. I have decided to leave Visions of Atlantis. There are a few reasons why, but primarily it has to do with where my priorities are at the present time. This doesn't mean that I will stop making metal, but my preferences, needs, desires have shifted now. And honestly, I don't want to write music with a group that Wolfgang isn't a part of.

I want to also apologize for those who were excited for the Kamelot tour. But it sounds like the guys are going to find another singer to fill the slot. I feel most bad about this because I was looking forward to meeting so many of you and seeing our friends/fans again.

I want to thank everyone for supporting VoA over the last few years and thank the guys for everything! It's been a blast! To all the friends/fans, it has been great getting to know you. Thanks for everything!!"

Wolfgang: "After months of thinking about the pros and cons, I finally have decided to leave VoA. I wanna express that I leave VoA without any hard feelings or any fights involved, it's a personal decision, not really dealing with the relation to anybody else in the group. I know I owe VoA a lot, it has given me great tours, a great possibility, perfect support from Napalm, I saw places I´d never seen in my life and I´ve played crowds bigger than any crowd I'll ever play again. And I've met a ton of great people, and had a blast drinking with the guys ;)

I especially feel bad for Mario, who was already eager to start the songwriting for the next album, and has been my main partner for what turned out to be my songs on Trinity. Needless to mention all the improvements he brought for the Harbi tracks.

I don't feel creative in a VoA context any more. All the stuff I've written since Trinity doesn't fit to VoA at all, as naturally, I cannot go less heavy than let's say Wing Shaped Heart and I've found myself happier with heavier music. And I know that there's a certain limit to where you can push VoA music without being too far off from what was created by the previous line-ups. I analyzed Cast Away pretty well, and tried to discover the core of the music, without the production and arrangements & add my own style to forge my Trinity songs, which turned out well, and I'm still happy with them. But on the other hand, I cannot stand behind certain other parts of the VoA-Legacy or present with all I got, and with the labelling it brought with it. I guess even if we had written a Deathmetal-album, everybody still would label VoA a “version II” of some Finnish band I highly dislike, just because of the music composed on the first album and the promotion done on the second one. Trinity has no influence except our own, and certainly is no “version II” of something, but too many people are either deaf or still associate the current line-up with previous VoA recordings automatically, therefore I think that VoA might never get the attention/credibility it earned with great parts of Trinity.

So yeah, good luck to the guys & thanks to everybody cool I've met or the VoA-fans around the globe I've met."

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Sanctity Join Sonata Arctica Tour

SANCTITY has replaced VISIONS OF ATLANTIS as the support act for SONATA ARCTICA on their February 2008 North American tour. The dates are as follows:

Feb. 01 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre
Feb. 02 - Bedford, NH @ Mark's Place
Feb. 03 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Feb. 05 - Quebec City, QUE @ Imperial de Quebec
Feb. 06 - London, ONT @ Embassy
Feb. 08 - Winnipeg, MB @ The West End Cultural Centre
Feb. 09 - Regina, SK @ Exchange
Feb. 10 - Edmonton, AL @ Starlite Room
Feb. 11 - Calgary, AL @ The Warehouse
Feb. 13 - Vancouver, BC @ Plaza Club
Feb. 14 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Feb. 15 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Feb. 16 - Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
Feb. 18 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
Feb. 19 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

Tickets are available through EnterTheVault.com and all normal ticketing outlets.

SANCTITY's video for the song "Beloved Killer" can be viewed below. The clip was shot in Asheville, NC with director Ramon Boutviseth. The track comes off the band's Roadrunner Records debut, "Road to Bloodshed", which hit stores on April 24.

SANCTITY formed in 2000 and is comprised of Jared MacEachern (vocals, rhythm guitar), Zeff Childress (lead guitar), Derek Anderson (bass) and Jeremy London (drums).

SANCTITY took part in last year's Gigantour alongside MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, ARCH ENEMY and OPETH.

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