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From: Phoenix, AZ, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below are our features and interviews with Abigail Williams.


Ken Sorceron Sings Abigail Williams' Swan Song

Inconsistent members, misrepresentation and the doldrums of answering interview questions with an assembly-line frame of mind have led to the dissembling of Candlelight Records’ most prolific band Abigail Williams. One question that founder and mastermind Ken Sorceron scorned was “tell me about your band name?” Abigail Williams was one of the accusing girls in the Salem Witchcraft trials. The group’s dark ambiance and orchestrations aptly describe a style of black metal that conjures images of superstition and witch burnings. Unfortunately, these ideas were not clearly expressed in their early marketing plan.

These mishaps are some of the reasons Sorceron is closing this chapter of his life. However, music is in his future plans. Metal Underground.com climbed into his van parked outside Beerland in Austin, Texas to find out more about Abigail Williams’ final hour and what the future may bring. More...

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Abigail Williams Frontman Speaks About New Album

Through line-up issues and changes in sonic direction, Abigail Williams has come out stronger than ever on their second album “In The Absence Of Light.” While the band has its fair share of critics, Abigail Williams also has a loyal fan base that has followed the group from a blackened deathcore sound to symphonic black metal and to epic black metal in the style of Immortal and Bathory.

With a consistent line-up for the first time in the band's career, and a big U.S. tour coming up with Rotting Christ and Melechesh in March, things are looking bright for Abigail Williams' future. I recently had the chance to talk to vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron about the new album, his issues with “In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns,” the reason for a different sound on every album, and working with Aborted. More...

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