"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Formed: 1989
From: Brandoa, Portugal
Last Known Status: Active

Moonspell Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Moonspell.


Moonspell Vocalist Comments On Upcoming Tour

Moonspell's mercurial mix of goth rock and black metal helped pave the way for the atmospheric mold that shaped many of today's dark-minded artists. This would not have been possible without their venturing into the New World. Moonspell has affixed its name to flyers containing major acts such purveyors of beautiful darkness as Lacuna Coil, Nevermore, Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth.

The group will once again follow the tide to enchant North American audiences. Fellow Euro metal bands, Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity, are in place to keep the crowd hungry for the band's sonic malevolence. The Portuguese pack comes to these shows to further showcase their epic, double-disc recording "Alpha Noir."

I caught up with pack member, Fernando Ribeiro to gauge his thoughts on this upcoming tour. In the following interview conducted via email, Ribeiro discusses the songs they'll be playing. Also, two years have passed since the release of "Alpha Noir," so we figured the band has probably started writing new material. We were correct! Read further for a brief glimpse into the future of Moonspell. More...

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Moonspell Explains New Album "Alpha Noir"

The Portuguese Gothic metal masters in Moonspell have now released their latest opus "Alpha Noir" (reviewed here), which was conceived as a double album alongside the companion piece "Omega White."

Just prior to the album's release, I got in contact with front man Fernando Ribeiro and we had a candid chat about the change in direction on "Alpha Noir" from previous album "Night Eternal," as well as the four year gap between the releases. Discussing how fans have reacted to the band's music and why the group changes sound over time, Ribeiro commented, "With a band, the past is just one of your influences, and the spectrum is actually way broader. Moonspell is always provoking people to say what we did in the past was the best and that’s something we have to live with... The crowd sees from the outside and we’re seeing it from the inside, so I think we always try for every album to have a quality concept and a vision of a story to tell, and 'Alpha Noir' is another page in the book. This is a chapter in the book where the action goes a little faster and it goes to a different place, and that’s the way I see Moonspell."

Below you can find Fernando's thoughts on how European metal bands from the '90s tend to have a different outlook on music, working with new label Napalm Records, and creating the "Lickanthrope" music video. More...

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