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Rigor Mortis

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Band Photo: Rigor Mortis (?)

Formed: 1982
From: Dallas, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Rigor Mortis news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Billy Milano Joins Exhorder on Stage for SOD Song

Metal/hardcore legend Billy Milano joined Exhorder for a performance of the classic S.O.D. song "United Forces" in Austin, Texas on April 16th. "United Forces" appeared on S.O.D.'s 1985 crossover classic "Speak English or Die." Short for Stormtroopers of Death, the now defunct S.O.D. was a a thrash/crossover super group featuring Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of Anthrax, Danny Lilker of Nuclear Assault, and Billy Milano of M.O.D.

The April 16th show was one of three dates scheduled on Exorder's mini-tour. The recently reunited Exhorder played Fort Worth, Texas, at The Rail Club the night before and left Austin for their New Orleans, Louisiana performance at The Hangar scheduled for the following night. Texas thrashers Rigor Mortis joined Exhorder on the two Texas dates.

The Austin show was Jorge Caicedo's second show as bassist for Exhorder. Caicedo filled the vacancy left by recently deceased Frankie Sparcello. Sparcello's cause of death has yet to be determined.

Check back in with Metal Underground for an upcoming show report on Exhorder's Austin performance and interview with Exhorder front man, Kyle Thomas.

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Rigor Mortis To Enter The Studio

Rigor Mortis is set to go in the studio and to record the band's first new tracks in 20 years. The group will be in the studio from March 6th through the 8th with long time friend and producer Kerry Crafton (Vs. The Earth), recording two new songs. Talks with labels will follow and a new full length Rirgor Mortis record will be released before the end of the year.

Rigor Mortis also has the following upcoming tour dates:

3/5 - San Antonio, TX - Night Riders
4/15 - Ft. Worth, TX - The Rail - W/ Exhorder
4/16 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's - W/ Exhorder
4/17 - NOLA - The Hangar

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Unearthing The Texas Metal Underground, Part 2

When it comes to American metal strongholds, New York, California, and Florida never escape mention, but Texas remains the wild card. Not only has the state produced a number of influential bands, but the fan base is famously strong. It's true that no scene is what it used to be, but Texas continues to turn out new and varied acts whose names reach far beyond its borders. San Antonio Metal Examiner Jacob Holmes did the first round up for Metal Underground, but it's a big state and there's still a lot of ground to cover.


Guitarist Wes Weaver has become something of a Texas metal folk hero in the last twenty years. Operating out of Houston, he co-founded Dark Reign in the early '90s, which soon morphed into the much-loved death metal juggernaut known as Imprecation. The band made a name for itself as a cult phenomenon, but they never broke out into the larger arena and finally disbanded. In the meantime, Weaver continued to boost the Texas scene with his venerable radio show, and he also appeared in the short-lived Infernal Dominion, which was regarded as a departure from his classic brand of crepitus death metal.

In 2004, the Texas metal community was surprised to hear that Weaver was spearheading a new band called Blaspherian. Their approach was a pummeling return to the Imprecation model, and the debut EP, "Allegiance to the Will of Damnation," was the antidote to an increasingly stagnant Houston scene.

Like most veteran metal musicians, Blaspherian eschewed the current standard of soulless digital production in favor of a traditional analog soundscape. There are no typewriter drums or varnished guitar tones here; Blaspherian specializes in the booming, fuzzed-out death marches that reveal the blackened heart of true death metal. The riffs are efficient and linear even at the fastest moments, and nothing about the writing is rushed or overplayed. Chords hang, drums rumble, and evil all but drips from the speakers.

Blaspherian is important not only as a revival band, but because it points back directly to the groups that sired it. If younger fans are inspired to dig into the vaults of Texas' metal history, then "Allegiance to the Will of Damnation" has succeeded in its mission. The band makes semi-regular live appearances around the the state in the name of converting newcomers and flying the flag for the best days of death metal.


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Rigor Mortis Guitarist To Undergo Back Surgery

Texas metallers Rigor Mortis have issued the following update about their guitarist undergoing another surgery:

"Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia is recovering nicely from the major neck surgery he had a few months back. But now it appears Mike is going to require another major surgery on his back. Mike has 5 shattered disks and his vertebrate is split in 3 places in his lower back. We will update you more on this and his progress."

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Rigort Mortis Issues Guitarist Surgery Update

As was previously reported, Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia underwent neck surgery earlier this month. The band has issued the following update about his condition:

"I have spoken with Mike every few days to get updates on his recovery. As I mentioned a while back... the surgery is a success. Mike says he no longer has the pains in his arms that have bothered him in recent years. However, he has really been in some serious pain from the actual surgery itself. He has had to go back to the hospital 3 different times because of swelling in his neck and the severe pain he is going through. So he still has a long road ahead of him before he is 100% again.

"But Mike again mentioned how much that all of your support has meant to him to help him get through this scary time in his life and career. It has really motivated him to look forward to writing some of the best music of his career as soon as he is able. He says his arms feel like they did 20 years ago and he thinks he will be able to play even better and faster than he ever has. He can't wait to start writing some new Rigor Mortis songs. So again thanks from Mr. Scaccia and the rest of us in Rigor Mortis for all of your support!"

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Rigor Mortis Posts Live Footage Online

Texas metallers Rigor Mortis have posted a video of their performance at the Keep It True Festival on April 25th, 2009. The video can be viewed below. More...

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Rigor Mortis Comments On Fan Support

Rigor Mortis has issued the following update about guitarist Mike Scaccia undergoing neck surgery:

"We have to let everyone know that Mike was overwhelmed and touched by all the responses that he read on here. Mike isn’t much of a Myspace kind of guy. He uses his computer for work and emails. So he is just a lurker when it comes to Myspace. But he did read your comments throughout the weekend and it really lifted his spirits. He was really down about it all before he read all of your comments. Just from the fact that it was really his first major kind of surgery. Plus the thought of the chance of him being paralyzed and possibly never playing his guitar again had scared him to death.

"We are waiting to see how his surgery went and we will let everyone know his progress. But here is part of his message he sent just an hour ½ before his surgery: Hey man, just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I am kind of freaking out, but you know what... I am going to bounce back harder than ever. If I knew how to tell everyone that wrote in Thanks a million, and I would be nothing with out them, I would, if you post this… please do let them know."

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Warbeast Vocalist To Work With Phil Anselmo

Warbeast / Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt has issued the following announcement about working with Phil Anselmo on the upcoming Warbeast album:

“We had hoped to finish recording our debut Warbeast album for Housecore Records back in April when we went to New Orleans. But we realized that it was just turning out too good to rush my vocals. I also had to return to Texas to get ready with Rigor Mortis for our show in Germany at Keep It True 12. I have always been rushed when it got to my vocal parts. So when Philip Anselmo suggested I just come back by myself and spend a week with him recording my vocals… I was thrilled at the idea of taking my time on each song.

“Not only that, Philip is going to sort of coach me and give me tips in the studio. I have always been stubborn about letting anyone help me with my vocals. I always felt I was limited with my vocal ability anyway. So I just refused any kind of vocal lessons or training and I liked the fact that I just got up there and did it my way. But this is a different story… this will be my first official release since the debut Rigor Mortis album back in 1988. So I am excited and anxious about being helped by one of the greatest singers in metal history. Plus he is a longtime friend and brother of mine. So I know I will feel comfortable working with Philip in the studio. I have no doubt that with this extra time to record my vocals and learning some of Philip’s recording techniques in the studio… that this will be the best I have ever sounded.

“I am humble singer with no ego and I never like to say shit like… ‘This album is gonna kick your ass!’ But, I honestly believe that we are creating a Metal masterpiece with this debut Warbeast album. The music and the variety of these ten songs is incredible. I will go as far as to say that I think this could be one of the best metal albums from a Texas band released in this entire decade. But, I will just let everyone else be the judge of that when it’s finished. So wish me luck in New Orleans and in the studio! I will be leaving on Monday or Tuesday.”

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Headline News

Rigor Mortis Guitarist To Undergo Neck Surgery

Texas death metallers Rigor Mortis have issued the following statement about guitarist Mike Scaccia undergoing emergency neck surgery:

"Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia will have emergency neck surgery this Monday morning at 6AM. Scaccia has been having problems with severe pains in his arms in recent years. It appeared it was always from medical conditions such as tendonitis from the many years of playing the intense and fast style of music that he plays. But a few days after his performance in Germany at “Keep It True 12” last weekend, Scaccia noticed his left arm went totally numb. So he went in to see his chiropractor, who noticed something seriously wrong in Scaccia’s neck. So he sent him for an immediate MRI. The results showed that Scaccia has a Cervical Herniated Disc in his lower neck and they told him that he could easily become paralyzed without immediate surgery.

"All of us in Rigor Mortis are hopeful that Mike will have a successful surgery and that he will be back playing his guitar very soon. The doctors have assured Mike that this surgery will make him a 10-times better guitar player. We will give an update sometime next week on how Mike is recovering. If you want to wish Mike luck with his surgery, he will be checking our Rigor Mortis Myspace page when he can. So feel free to leave him a message here."

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Texas Metal Alliance Signs With Housecore Records

Texas Metal Alliance, the new project of Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt, Gammacide guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, Gammacide/Devilfist bassist Alan Bovee, and Demonseed drummer Joe Gonzalez, has signed onto Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records. The band intends to release a full-length album on Housecore in 2009.

TMA has also asked their fans what they think about the band’s name. You can check them out on their MySpace page.

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Ozzfest 2008 Deemed A Success By Organizers

Billboard.com reports: Ozzfest 2008, with Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne as headliners, grossed nearly $3.5 million and drew close to 30,000 people to Dallas' Pizza Hut Park, according to producers Sharon Osbourne and AEG Live.

Sponsored by Affliction Clothing, this year's Ozzfest marked the return of the 13-year-old hard music brand after a free run at amphitheaters last year. This year's one-off event did "fantastically well," Sharon Osbourne told Billboard.com. "The one thing is you want for the kids to go away and keep talking about what a great show it was, and that's what they're doing."

In addition to Metallica and Osbourne, mainstage acts were Serj Tankian, Hellyeah, Johnathan Davis, Cavalera Conspiracy, Shadows Fall, Apocalyptica, and In This Moment. The second stage featured Sevendust, Devildriver, Kingdom of Sorrow, Soilent Green, Witchcraft and Goatwhore. On the third stage were the Sword, Drowning Pool, Rigor Mortis, Within Chaos, The Destro and "battle of the bands" winners Debris and Black Tooth.

Osbourne says plans are for Ozzfest to return to Dallas again next summer, likely as a two-day festival, and other cities are also being considered. "Ozzfest ain't going anywhere," she says. "We do try and shake things up and experiment. We're not the old donkey that plods on doing the same sh*t."

Read the full article at Billboard.com.

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Ozzfest 2008 Set Times Announced

The single-day Ozzfest 2008 destination event is fast approaching. The festival will be held this Saturday, August 9 in Dallas, Texas. The set times have been released and are as follows (listed mostly in reverse order):

Main Stage:
Metallica 9:45 - 11:15 pm
Ozzy Osbourne 8:00 - 9:15 pm
Serj Tankian 6:45 - 7:45 pm
HellYeah/Dime tribute 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Johnathan Davis 4:25 - 5:15 pm
Cavalera Conspiracy 3:35 - 4:15 pm
Shadows Fall 2:50 - 3:25 pm
Apocalyptica 2:10 - 2:40 pm
In This Moment 1:30 - 2:00 pm

Second Stage:
Sevendust 4:30 - 5:00 pm
Devildriver 3:30 - 4:00 pm
Kingdom of Sorrow 2:30 - 3:00 pm
Soilent Green 1:30 - 2:00 pm
Witchcraft 12:30 - 1:00 pm
Goatwhore 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Third Stage:
The Sword 4:00 - 4:30 pm
Drowning Pool 3:00 - 3:30 pm
Rigor Mortis 2:00 - 2:30 pm
Within Chaos 1:00 - 1:30 pm
The Destro 12:00 - 12:30 pm
1st place battle of bands 11:00 - 11:30 am
2nd place battle of bands 10:30 - 10:40 am

Doors open at 10:00 am.

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"Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth" Digipak Planned

Metal Mind Productions has announced details of the forthcoming Rigor Mortis deluxe digipak remaster release.

According to the press release: Combining thrash with hardcore and punk influences, Rigor Mortis remains one of the most prominent representatives of the crossover genre. Their third and so far final album, "Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth" is a prime example of shredding guitars, light-speed drumming and angry vocals all mixed up in one devastating thrash/punk assault. The first thing that catches the listener's attention is the flawless production, a few steps ahead of the one heard in the debut. The album is also much more varied than the previous offerings – Rigor Mortis finally surfaced their punk influences, with tracks such as "Throwback," "The Rack" or "SOG" being the best examples, next to the surprising cover version of The Ramones' song "Psychotherapy." The band, however, didn't forget about their thrash origin – songs such as the outstanding "Mummified," "Asphyxia," "Contagious Contamination" or "City in Fear" deliver a heavy blow that will be instantly loved by any heavy music enthusiast. What is interesting, the vocal duties are split between Doyle Bright, who sings all the thrash metal tunes and Casey Orr, who takes up most of the punk-oriented tracks. Despite what the given song is, however, all lyrics are concentrated on the same themes of violence, mayhem and intestines – just as on all of Rigor Mortis' past releases.

The remastered version of "Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth" will be available in a new digipak edition limited to 2000 numerated copies. The release date is scheduled for August 18, 2008 in Europe and September 30, 2008 in the USA (via MVD).

Here is Rigor Mortis' "Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth" reissue tracklisting: More...

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Two More Bands Confirmed For Ozzfest 2008

As previously reported, Ozzfest will be a one day even this year, taking place on August 9th in Dallas, Texas. Two more acts have been added to the "Texas Stage", namely The Destro and Within Chaos.

The lineup so far is as follows:




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Headline News

Ozzfest 2008 Confirmed As One-Day Event

OZZFEST--the original and iconic hard rock festival--returns in 2008 as a one-day stadium spectacular on Saturday, August 9 in Dallas, Texas that teams OZZFEST founder and namesake Ozzy Osbourne (in his only U.S. concert appearance this summer) with Metallica (marking their OZZFEST debut).

Produced by Sharon Osbourne and AEG LIVE, the all-day festival at Pizza Hut Park in hard music-loving Dallas will feature three stages of non-stop talent (with many OZZFEST alumni) and reliably twisted OZZFEST side attractions.

The full main stage lineup will also spotlight performances by Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Hellyeah, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Cavalera Conspiracy, Shadows Fall, Apocalyptica and In This Moment. Also scheduled on the main stage is a special all-star tribute to slain Pantera guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott. Second stage acts include Sevendust, Devildriver, Kingdom of Sorrow, Soilent Green, Witchcraft and Goatwhore. The Texas (third) stage—“an homage to the “many great metal bands that come from Texas,” says Sharon Osbourne--features The Sword, Drowning Pool and Rigor Mortis.

“Ozzy just finished an 11-month world tour so I think he deserves a summer off,” Sharon says about this year’s one-day OZZFEST. “We’re going to be a stadium destination festival for now--we have gone past doing the sheds every summer. We’ve given everyone else the blueprint and we have to keep evolving OZZFEST. This is just the beginning; AEG Live and I have a lot of new ideas for OZZFEST."

This year’s dynamic line-up encompasses artists who’ve played OZZFEST before in different incarnations such as Serj Tankian (System of a Down); Jonathan Davis (Korn); Hellyeah’s Vinnie Paul (Pantera) and Chad Gray (Mudvayne); Kingdom of Sorrow’s Jamie Jasta (Hatebreed) and Kirk Windstein (Down); and Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura) of Cavalara Conspiracy. Other OZZFEST graduates include Shadows Fall, Sevendust, Devildriver, Drowning Pool and In This Moment.

“Ozzy has great relationships with all of the bands that have played OZZFEST,” says Sharon. “We’re the only real festival for harder edge bands and these artists have been very loyal to us--there is lots of love on this line-up."

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Dallas Ozzfest To Feature Metallica and Ozzy

Blabbermouth.net is reporting that this summer's Ozzfest will consist of two separate two-day (Saturday/Sunday) events — one of which will be held in Dallas — in late July/early August, with OZZY OSBOURNE headlining one day and METALLICA the other.

Reactivated Texas thrash/speed metallers RIGOR MORTIS have now announced via their MySpace page that they are confirmed for Ozzfest 2008 in Dallas on Saturday, August 9. METALLICA will apparently close out the show this night.

RIGOR MORTIS will perform with its original lineup consisting of Bruce Corbitt (TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE), Mike Scaccia (MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS, BLOHOLE), Casey Orr (GWAR, MITRA, X-COPS, THE HELLIONS, BLOHOLE), and Harden Harrison (MITRA, PERVIS, SPEEDEALER).

The Ozzfest reports come in the wake of this year's arrival of the metal-oriented Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour, which will play 30 North American amphitheaters during July and August, the time when Ozzfest is traditionally making its rounds.

Last year's Ozzfest offered free admission, with fans acquiring tickets mostly through sponsoring web sites. But the acts were not paid either, which resulted in a decidedly less than impressive main stage lineup. The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour trek has already robbed Ozzfest of two potential main-stage heavyweights in DISTURBED and SLIPKNOT, with fan favorites DRAGONFORCE and MASTODON also taking part in the Mayhem tour.

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Hallows Eve Nearly Complete with New Album

Bassist Tommy Stewart of HALLOWS EVE has sent Voices From The Darkside the following update: "We are almost done with the next Hallows Eve album. It features original lead vocalist Stacy Andersen and is produced by Doyle Bright of RIGOR MORTIS. It is a conscious effort to achieve the feel and sound of Tales Of Terror and Death And Insanity."

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Watch Philip Anselmo Perform With Rigor Mortis

Fan-filmed video footage of Philip Anselmo (DOWN, ex-PANTERA) joining reactivated Texas thrashers RIGOR MORTIS for the song "Re-Animator" on December 14, 2007 at Vino's in Little Rock, Arkansas can be viewed here.

RIGOR MORTIS performed with its original lineup consisting of Bruce Corbitt (TEXAS METAL ALLIANCE), Mike Scaccia (MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS), Casey Orr (MITRA, GWAR, X-COPS, THE HELLIONS, THE BURDEN BROTHERS), and Harden Harrison (MITRA, PERVIS, SPEEDEALER).

ARSON ANTHEM — the new project featuring Anselmo on guitar, Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD) on vocals, Hank Williams III (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ASSJACK) on drums and Collin Yeo on bass — supported RIGOR MORTIS for three shows (including the Little Rock concert) earlier in the month. More...

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Rigor Mortis Announce Live Dates

Texas death metal pioneers RIGOR MORTIS have announced they will be performing three select live dates with their original lineup consisting of Bruce Corbitt (vocals), Mike Scaccia (guitar), Casey Orr (bass/vocals) and Harden Harrison (drums). Joining the band will be ARSON ANTHEM, the new hardcore/punk band featuring Philip Anselmo (DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA - guitar), Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD - vocals), Hank Williams III (Superjoint Ritual - drums) and Collin Yeo (bass).

Dates are as follows:

13 - Exit/In - Nashville, TN
14 - Vino's - Little Rock, AR
15 - One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA

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Rigor Mortis Announce Texas Dates

The original RIGOR MORTIS lineup of Bruce Corbitt, Mike Scaccia (MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS), Casey Orr (GWAR, X-COPS, THE HELLIONS, THE BURDEN BROTHERS), and Harden Harrison (PERVIS, SPEEDEALER, MITRA), has scheduled the following dates:

Aug. 24 - The Ridglea Theatre - Ft. Worth, TX
Aug. 25 - 710 Club – Austin, TX

RIGOR MORTIS originally formed in 1983 when schoolmates Harden Harrison and Casey Orr met Mike Scaccia. The three shared a love for horror/gore flicks and extremely heavy music, and that recipe helped them create a truly unique form of speed metal that had never been heard before. Within five years they had virtually created the thrash metal scene in Texas and landed a major label deal. In 1988, with Bruce Corbitt on vocals, RIGOR MORTIS released its self-titled debut album on Capitol Records.

For more information, visit their Myspace page.

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