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Rigor Mortis

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Band Photo: Rigor Mortis (?)

Formed: 1982
From: Dallas, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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1985-1995: The Golden Age of Death Metal

Death should be credited with creating death metal, at least the old school style we recognize now, as they birthed the infamous Tampa, Florida sound. Bands such as Autopsy and Obituary—two of the forerunners—would not exist without Death. Death is not the true father of death metal, though. That distinction goes to Possessed. The California Bay Area group not only played a style of brutal, vicious metal, with loads of Satanic imagery, they also coined the term “death metal” on the “Seven Churches” album.

Around 1985, albums similar to “Slowly We Rot” (Obituary) and “Mental Funeral” (Autopsy) simply did not exist. Thrash was the fasted, craziest music around. Of course Possessed has already been mentioned, but the influence of Slayer, who obviously influenced Possessed, can not be under recognized. Where Possessed was different was they used a rougher production. Dark Angel, whose drummer, Gene Hoglan, would go on to be one of the most heralded drummers in the metal biz, certainly showed a good dose of Slayer in their sound. In the beginning, Slayer was nothing more than a faster, nefarious, more solo-oriented Venom protégé. More...

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Headline News

Bruce Corbitt Undergoes Heart Surgery

Warbeast / ex-Rigor Mortis member Bruce Corbitt successfully underwent heart surgery yesterday, and a benefit show is now being planned for October to help cover the costs of ongoing medical treatment.

Full details on the Fort Worth, Texas show can be found here, with the organizers commenting:

"We are going to help Bruce & Jeanna Corbitt with the expenses of this nightmare they've been going thru. Bruce has been there to help so many of us and as a proud man, he will not ask for help for himself. SO let's all support him and show up!! Thrash'n Alan Tuggle will be hosting the event and there will be performances by:

7:00 - 7:30 - Rabid Flesh Eaters
7:50 - 8:20 - Chemicaust
8:40 - 9:10 - CreeperTexasMetal
9:30 - 10:10 - Protest
10:30 - 11:10 - Horror Cult
11:30 - 12:30 - Wizards of Gore aka Rigor Mortis
12:50 - 1:30 - Dead Rising

"Of course there will be raffle and auction items coming from all over the country so get ready for a killa time \m/" More...

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Housecore Horror Film Festival Day 1

The festival was able to condense four hours down to one but the first day of HHFF started an hour late. I didn’t expect to see any of Evil United since they were suppose to have ended at 12:30, but my 1:15 arrival time allowed me to catch a couple of songs from the Austin-based band. Evil United may be local, but the group consists of veterans such as Jason McMaster—who was well known in the eighties as front man for Dangerous Toys and Watchtower. In addition to Evil United, he now sings in Ignitor and Broken Teeth. McMaster’s voice soared through the parking lot that comprised Midway’s stage, Evil U was the sole representative of classic heavy metal at the festival. More...

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Cattle Decapitation To Premiere New Song

Cattle Decapitation will be performing a brand new song off the band's upcoming 2015 Metal Blade release at the mid day show of the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

The show will be at Midway's on Friday, 10/24 with Unearth, Brian Posehn, Origin, fellow San Diegan and friend Author & Punisher, and Evil United.

Later that same evening, Cattle Decapitation's vocalist Travis Ryan will be performing vocals with Wizards of Gore (the gore thrash act Rigor Mortis under a different name) for his all time favorite Rigor Mortis track "Foaming at the Mouth," which will mark this the band's first time playing the song in over 25 years.

Friday, 10/24 - Midway's (Day show)
Cattle Decapitation
Brian Posehn
Author & Punisher
Evil United

Friday, 10/24 - Emo's (Night Show)
Wizards of Gore
War Master More...

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Rigor Mortis Streaming Full New Album

23 years after the band's last record, and nineteen months after the tragic loss of guitarist Mike Scaccia, Rigor Mortis will release fourth and final studio album "Slaves to the Grave" on October 7th via Rigor Mortis Records. You can read our review at this location.

With less a then a week before the release of "Slaves to the Grave," the band has teamed up with Bloody Disgusting for a full album stream of "Slaves to the Grave." Listen in below. More...

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Rigor Mortis Streaming "Ancient Horror"

Rigor Mortis - which recently gave us a fantastic Pit Story about bridging the divide between punk and metal - is gearing up to release fourth and final studio album "Slaves To The Grave" on October 7th.

This release comes 23 years after the band's last record and nineteen months after the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia.

Today the band premieres the third blistering track from "Slaves to the Grave." Noisey is hosting an exclusive premiere of the song "Ancient Horror" along with an interview with bassist Casey Orr. Check out the track stream below. More...

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Housecore Horror Announces Special TCM Luncheon

Ever wonder what it would be like to be held hostage in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre house and break bread with the craziest family in horror history? Have you always dreamed of eating in the same room as Leatherface?! Well, the fiendish ghouls from the Housecore™ Horror Film Festival would love to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to make your nightmare a reality!

On Saturday, October 25th, for the first time in 40 years, the entire cast of TXCM will return to the Grand Central Café in Kingsland, Texas, 90 minutes outside of Austin,to spend an afternoon at the actual Texas Chain Saw Massacre house. In addition, they will be joined by the cast of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2,as well as HHFF co-founders heavy metal legend Philip H. Anselmo and best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell. More...

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Pit Stories: Bridging The Punk/Metal Divide

Tuesday's not just new release day - it's also when we have the best of the best in the metal world share their most memorable Pit Stories.

This week metal warrior Casey Orr of Rigor Mortis (...and Warbeast, and GWAR, and Ministry, and a whole bunch of others) shares a tale of camaraderie in the pit when metal heads and punk rockers come together to tear shit up and have a good time. Casey recounts the story thusly:

I grew up in Arlington, TX, just east of Ft. Worth and about 30 miles west of Dallas. Though only about 30 miles apart, Dallas and the Arlington/Ft Worth area are very different. While Arlington/Ft. W was clearly the birthplace of heavy metal in North Texas, Dallas, being a bit more "big city," was a fertile breeding ground for punk. At that time my only exposure to punk had been through main stream outlets. I was aware of Devo, The Sex Pistols, and The Ramones, but not much else. Our side of the Metroplex was all about Sabbath, Skynyrd, Led Zep, and the burgeoning NWOHM.

Sometime in 1984, a friend told me and Rigor Mortis drummer, Harden Harrison, about this crazy club in Dallas we HAD to check out. It was a punk rock club called The Circle A Ranch, and we said hell yeah, let's go! So one night Harden and I drove out to Dallas to this seedy area called Deep Ellum in search of enlightenment, or beer, or a fight, or all of the above.

We found the club, a dingy dump up a rickety flight of stairs, and we entered. As we got to the top of the stairs I looked around and realized we were the only longhairs in the room. It was all skinheads and mohawks! The band that was playing (I've long forgotten who) was playing faster and more aggressively than almost any of the metal I'd heard up to this point. After a slight verbal altercation between Harden and the doorman over "being a long haired hippie," which ended in mutual respect and acceptance (I was so mesmerized I barely noticed, I think I threw money at him and just went in), we proceeded into the room and soaked in this amazing scene that appeared in front of us. The first mosh pit we had ever seen!

There must have been 50 - 75 hardcore punk rockers slamming each other as they moved in a counter clockwise direction. It looked like they were beating the shit out of each other, but they weren't. In fact if someone went down, they were immediately helped back up and the melee continued. I felt like John Belushi in The Blues Brothers when he's in the church and has his revelation about "the band." After a couple of minutes we looked at each other, grinned, and jumped right in. Of course we went the opposite direction as they were going; what better way to introduce yourself? After a couple of songs we stepped out to catch our breath. Right about then two boots and braces type skinheads also left the pit and came right to us. The bigger of the two, who was bleeding from his forehead, said "I don't give a shit if you guys come here or not, but that shit (pointing at my spiked wristbands) has got to go!" Without even thinking about it, I popped the wristbands off, threw them over my shoulder, threw my arm around the big skinhead and dragged back him into the pit with me. We had a blast that night and it definitely changed me forever.

Rigor Mortis eventually played our first Dallas gig at The Circle A Ranch, and were the first metal band to infiltrate Deep Ellum and the punk scene. Sure there were constant scuffles between our fans (The Longhairs), and The Skins, but we never backed down and gained the respect and friendship of most of the punks in Dallas. And the press did wonders for our reputation!

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Satyricon Drops Off Housecore Horror Film Festival

We regret to inform everyone that Norwegian black metal legends Satryicon will no longer be able to perform at this year's Housecore™ Horror Film Festival. The band explained via its official Facebook page:

"Dear U.S fans. We regret to inform that Satyricon will not perform at Knotfest in San Bernardino, CA and Horror Fest in Austin, TX in October 2014. The reasons for not being able to perform at these two festivals are both pragmatic ones and entirely different from each other.

"Satyricon will now shift its attention towards the writing of a new album, re-editing the footage from the 'Live at the Opera' live album/DVD and another project that will be announced at a later stage. It is important for the band that the U.S fans understand that you are far from forgotten and that the band look forward to come over for a full scale U.S tour as soon as it is possible. You deserve it." More...

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Rigor Mortis Streaming "Poltergeist"

Nineteen months after the tragic loss of guitarist Mike Scaccia, Rigor Mortis will release the band's fourth and final studio album "Slaves to the Grave" on October 7th.

This marks the bands first studio album in 23 years, and the first with the classic original line up (Mike Scaccia - guitar, Casey Orr - bass, Bruce Corbitt - vocals, Harden Harrison - drums).

Today you can hear the new song "Poltergeist" in the player below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine. The previously released track "Flesh for Flies" can also be heard at this location.

With help from the fans via an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, the band is releasing "Slaves To The Grave" on its own Rigor Mortis Records. Everyone who contributes to the fundraiser will have their name included in a special "thank you" list on the CD.

The campaign ends on August 28th, so there's only a few days left to help out, get your name on the CD, and pick up some killer swag. More...

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Rigor Mortis Streaming "Flesh For Flies"

Today the first taste of music from the final Rigor Mortis album "Slaves to the Grave" has been unleashed. The first single, "Flesh For Flies," can be heard below thanks to MetalSucks.net.

Bassist Casey Orr comments on the "Flesh For Flies" song: "Being huge horror fans, and being from Texas, we've always had a special love for the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There's a song on our first record called Slow Death that was a tribute to the original TCM. The song Flesh For Flies is sort of an homage to the second movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. This time as told from the killer's point of view. Nothing beats a good old fashioned, chainsaw wielding, inbred cannibal serial killer!"

Vocalist Bruce Corbitt added: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Metal has cooked up our tastiest batches of carcass stew and chainsaw chili for this final meal. Once again.... the original lineup and recipe of Rigor Mortis don't skimp on the meat when it comes to furiously paced metal and excessive amounts of gore. The saw is family, but so is Rigor Mortis... Drayton Sawyer and Leatherface would be proud... RIP Marilyn Burns!" More...

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Rigor Mortis Reveals "Slaves To The Grave" Details

Twenty-Three years after the band's last record, and nineteen months after the tragic loss of guitarist Mike Scaccia, Rigor Mortis will release fourth and final studio album "Slaves to the Grave" on October 7th.

"Slaves To The Grave" features the classic original lineup (Mike Scaccia - guitar, Casey Orr - Bass, Bruce Corbitt - Vocals, and Harden Harrison on drums). Recorded less than a year before Mike's passing, the album was to going to herald the bands long overdue comeback. In February 2012, Rigor Mortis entered Ministry's 13th Planet Studios in El Paso, and recorded the 10 tracks that would become "Slaves to the Grave."

Today the track listing and cover artwork created by Michael Broom have been revealed and can bee seen below.

When no labels were willing to release the record (after all there would be no touring to support it, or a follow-up record) Rigor Mortis started a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo and called in favors from friends to get the record mixed and mastered just right. A "making-of" DVD has also been added to the initial pressing.

1. Poltergeist 6:05
2. Rain of Ruin 4:21
3. Flesh for Flies 3:39
4. The Infected 3:51
5. Blood Bath 6:36
6. Ancient Horro 3:27
7. Fragrance of Corpse 3:13
8. Curse of the Draugr 3:34
9. Sacramentum Gladiatorum
10. Lududs Magnus 13:56 More...

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Rigor Mortis Announces Final Album Release

The fourth and final CD from Rigor Mortis - "Slaves To The Grave" - will be landing on October 7th and the first 5,000 will include a making-of DVD. The album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, and limited edition vinyl LP. Rigor Mortis comments:

"Ok, folks! The new Rigor Mortis record is a reality. But we are releasing the record ourselves, and as I'm sure you can imagine, this takes funding. So we're reaching out to our friends and fans to help us give 'Slaves To The Grave' the launch it deserves.

"Please click on our IndieGoGo campaign link here, and give til it feels good! We're offering tons of perks as thanks for your support, and if you can't afford to pledge, then we ask you to help spread the word! Let's do this!"

This new album will be the band's swan song after the passing of Mike Scaccia back in 2012. More...

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Rigor Mortis Readying Final Release

Finally, the "Slaves to the Grave" release from Rigor Mortis is shaping up for release in early 2014. The band has revealed the tracklisting of the release over on Death Metal Underground. Al Jourgensen will also appear on the final track.

Recorded with its 1988 lineup including now-deceased guitarist Mike Scaccia, "Slaves to the Grave" was recorded during February 2012 at 13th Planet Studios in El Paso, Texas. According to the band, this will be the final Rigor Mortis release and a swan song to Scaccia, who died on December 23rd, 2012 while performing at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

2.Rain Of Ruin
3.Flesh For Flies
4.The Infected
5.Blood Bath
6.Ancient Horror
7.Fragrance Of Corpse
8.Curse Of The Draugr
9.Sacramentum Gladiatorum (Scaccia Instrumental)
10.Ludus Magnus (Guest Vocal appearance by Al Jourgensen)

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Rigor Mortis Cancels Tribute Show Due To Injury

Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away late last year, and the band had been scheduled to play a tribute show in June. However the group has now checked in with the following announcement about canceling the appearance due to drummer Harden Harrison being injured:

"We’ve got some really bad and sad news to announce. The Scaccianators will be unable to perform at the Mike Scaccia/Birthday Tribute Show on June 14 at Trees.

"Rigor Mortis drummer Harden Harrison had a freak accident the other day when he motorcycle fell over and he grabbed at a weird angle it to prevent it from falling. The weight from the motorcycle did severe damage to his shoulder. He just got the results from the MRI and it was bad news. He has a torn rotator cup and has to have surgery on June 6. He will be in a sling for at least two months.

"Of course Harden is really bummed as are all of us. But we will do this Scaccianator thing in the future… probably at the Rigor Mortis CD Release Show, or maybe even next year if we do the Scaccia Tribute Show again. The good news is we still have a killer lineup and I’ve already got some good ideas in what to do to make up for us not being able to play. We will post the info once we have decided on what exactly we will do.

"We are sorry… but this was just an accident and it’s just one of those things. Please wish Harden luck on his upcoming surgery and recovery. THANKS!!!"

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New Rigor Mortis Album Mixing Completed

Dallas, Texas based producer/engineer/mixer Kerry Crafton has finished mixing the long awaited fourth and final release from the legendary Texas thrash metal band Rigor Mortis. The CD was recorded at 13th Planet Studio in El Paso Texas in February 2012. Mike Scaccia and Rigor Mortis produced the sessions and Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen and Angie Jourgensen are the executive producers. Completion of the CD was delayed while guitarist Mike Scaccia was on a European tour with the band Ministry and then by Scaccia’s sudden passing.

Scaccia brought the tracks back to Dallas to be mixed by longtime friend Kerry Crafton. Crafton engineered the first Rigor Mortis album “Rigor Mortis” for Capitol Records in 1988. Crafton was the producer/engineer/mixer on the 3rd Rigor Mortis Release for Triple X Records “Rigor Mortis vs The Earth.” He now closes out the Rigor Mortis legacy by mixing the final Rigor Mortis CD “Slaves To The Grave.”

Mixing began in December and Crafton and Scaccia had only one day together to begin the mixing process before the tragic onstage passing of Scaccia at the Rail Club in Ft Worth while playing with Rigor Mortis.

Kerry Crafton commented: “After Mikey died, it was very hard to open up the session and get back to mixing. I expected to have my buddy Mike with me as I did all the mixes. Instead, we had just one day together to set up basic tones and for him to explain what was what. It was a couple of weeks before I was able to begin again. When I got back to it, I found it both heartbreaking and cathartic. Though Mike was gone physically, I still was blessed with his musical presence every day as I mixed on through the tears. Mixing sessions with the band were good group therapy. This record is amazing. Mike, Bruce Corbitt, Harden Harrison and Casey Orr all performed brilliantly in the recording of this album and I believe they all did the best work of their lives. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to mix this project for such a great group of musicians and friends. The depth and breadth of the material is really awesome. This will, obviously, be the last project from Rigor Mortis, but it is a great final musical statement.”

The CD is currently being shopped to several interested labels and a release is expected this Summer.

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Sunday Old School: Rigor Mortis

Many times a band becomes well known and its musicians end up starting new musical collaborations that live off of the name of that pioneering act. The reverse was true of Texas quartet Rigor Mortis. Although fairly influential and cult in the thrash metal underground, its members went on to bigger success in other, more well-known metal acts. In the beginning, though, it was just the four of them - or better stated, three.

Rigor Mortis was the brain child of New York guitarist Mike Scaccia, drummer Harden Harrison and bassist Casey Orr. Basing themselves out of Dallas in 1983, the band had no official singer and usually had Casey on the mic. Years later, that was why Rigor Mortis normally had several instrumental tracks and started off its debut album with "Welcome to Your Funeral." Vocalist Bruce Corbitt didn't come into the picture until late 1987. He'd only been in a Black Sabbath covers band and wasn't sure of himself on the helm, but determined to prove himself. He said he wanted it badly, wanted to be a really bad mofo. Thus began the official line-up of Rigor Mortis. More...

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Bands React To Mike Scaccia's Passing

It was recently announced that Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away on December 23rd on stage during a performance.

Since then Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has issued a statement about Mike's passing, and various other metal bands have also shared their thoughts about Mike online.

The Electric Hellfire Club:

We in The Electric Hellfire Club are saddened to learn of the untimely death of one of industrial/metal's greatest, most-underrated players, Ministry/RevCo/Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia. Our condolences to his family. However, we should all be so lucky to shuffle off this mortal coil as he did: doing what we love, which, in his case was playing onstage with a guitar in his hands. We'll miss you, Mike.

Turbid North: More...

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Ministry Frontman Speaks On Guitarist's Passing

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has posted a message online paying tribute to his bandmate Mike Scaccia, who passed away in the early hours of December 23rd whilst performing on stage with Rigor Mortis. Jourgensen's message reads as follows:

"I just lost my lil' brother and my best friend. The 13th Planet compound is devastated, completely in shock and shattered. Mikey was not only the best guitar player in the history of music, but he was a close, close, close part of our family — and I just lost a huge chunk of my heart today. Our lives are forever changed. Life without Mikey is like orange juice without pulp — kind of bland. I have no words to express what this guy meant to me, my family, my career... everything!

"Get to know his lead parts, for they are in the pantheon of music! Unfortunately, most of you didn't get to know Mikey's soul, which is in the pantheon of humanity. He is my hero, my friend and my idol. Mikey was always beside me - my right-hand man - through thick and thin, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

"Rest in peace my brother, my friend, my heart.

"Please pray for Mike Scaccia and Jenny, his wife and their children, and his family."

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Headline News

Rigor Mortis Guitarist Passes Away On Stage

Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia died in the very early hours of December 23, 2012 at the band's gig in Fort Worth celebrating the 50th birthday of singer Bruce Corbitt. Apparently, Scaccia passed out on stage during the performance and was found to have no pulse. No official cause of death has yet to be announced, but it appears to have been an apparent heart attack. Scaccia was 47.

In addition to co-founding Rigor Mortis, Scaccia also played with Ministry (including the latest LP "Relapse") and the Revolting Cocks.

In a post on his official Facebook page, singer Bruce Corbitt commented: "My brother is gone! The only reason I am who I am is because of this man. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't even be in a band. RIP Mike Scaccia! The greatest guitar player I ever knew!"

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