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Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis Photo

Band Photo: Rigor Mortis (?)

Formed: 1982
From: Dallas, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Rigor Mortis Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Rigor Mortis.


Rigor Mortis/Warbeast's Bruce Corbitt Interview

26 years have passed since Bruce Corbitt recorded vocals for Rigor Mortis. The band recorded the “Freaks” EP (1989) and “Rigor Mortis Vs. The Earth” in 1991, but both recordings featured Doyle Bright on vocals. Rigor Mortis was put on a shelf after the latter album release, but returned in 2005. During this time of inactivity guitarist Mike Scaccia metalized industrial icons Ministry on the “Psalm 69” album and bassist Casey Orr assumed the role of Beefcake The Mighty in Gwar and Sheriff “Tubb” Tucker in X-Cops.

Just a year after Rigor Mortis’ reformation, Corbitt and members of fellow Dallas/Fort Worth ‘80s thrashers Gammacide formed Texas Metal Alliance. The group changed its name to Warbeast and recorded its first album “Krush the Enemy” in 2010. This album and their second full-length were both released on Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records.

A year prior to the release of Warbeast’s “Destroy,” Corbitt joined original members of Rigor Mortis—Casey Orr-bass, Mike Scaccia-guitar and Harden Harrison-drums and recorded the 10 tracks that would become “Slaves to the Grave” at Al Jourgensen’s 13th Planet Studios in El Paso. The speed picking of their eponymous debut was maintained while Scaccia showed a knack for shredding that wasn’t as obvious on the first record. “Slaves to the Grave” was without a doubt Mike Scaccia’s best playing. Unfortunately, it was his last. Near the end of 2012, Scaccia died of a heart attack doing what he did best, playing a concert in front of his fans. Since Scaccia’s death, Rigor Mortis has played under pseudonyms such as The Scaccianators and most recently, Wizards of Gore. The former name performed to benefit the Mike Scaccia Heart Rock Foundation.

Bruce Corbitt was in Austin to play with both bands on the Housecore Horror Film Festival. When not enjoying the plethora of great bands, Corbitt was involved in other aspects of the fest. He sat next to metal dignitaries such as Phil Anselmo and film icons such as Bill Moseley on the Masters of Metal and Horror Panel. He also saw his documentary “Welcome to your Funeral (The Story of Rigor Mortis) debut. Corbitt’s directing earned him the award for Best Documentary by Housecore judges.

I caught up with Corbitt early on Friday to find out more about what he had in store for HHFF. He recalls recording “Slaves to the Grave” and talks about the future as Wizards of Gore and Warbeast. More...

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Chat With Rigor Mortis & Warbeast's Bruce Corbitt

Bruce Corbitt jump-started the Texas thrash scene when he joined Rigor Mortis in 1986. The group recorded a series of demos and singles that would later comprise the material for the band’s 1988 self-titled debut. Corbitt’s blood curdling screams and maniacal yelling recreated the macabre scenarios of gory, cult cinema such as “Wizard of Gore” and “Re-Animator.”

Along with Possessed, Rigor Mortis’ brand of ferocious speed and rotten lyrical imagery, captivated a budding death metal scene. Many regard them as the first death metal band to sign to a major label when Capital Records released their initial full-length. The Dallas/Ft. Worth band became a staple in the Texas metal scene and the group even released “Foaming at the Mouth” on the soundtrack for the Hulk Hogan film “Mr. Nanny.”

Rigor Mortis bowed out in the early ‘90s, and members pursued other musical paths. Bassist Casey Orr played, and still plays, in Gwar. Guitarist Mike Scaccia had a stint with Ministry. Rigor Mortis reformed in 2005 and has played numerous shows including a performance on the Texas Stage as part of the only date on Ozzfest 2008.

Not long after reforming Rigor Mortis, Corbitt began another thrash band, Warbeast. Originally called Texas Metal Alliance, Warbeast features members of Gammacide, another Dallas-area thrash band. The group signed to Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records and in 2010 released its debut recording “Krush the Enemy."

Corbitt is currently working on new material for each band and has an upcoming U.S. tour with German thrash icons Destruction. Metal Underground.com spoke to the candid Corbitt on the phone just a few days after an epic show with Exhorder in Austin, Texas. Read onward to find what this gore hound had to say. More...

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