"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Throne of Katarsis

Formed: 2003
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Throne of Katarsis News

Below is our complete Throne of Katarsis news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Blastfest 2016 Finalizes Lineup

It's been months in the making, but the schedule for Blastfest 2016 is complete. Now in its third year, the Bergen festival has not only put together yet another incredible lineup, but also one in which will be a one-time-only celebration of the Norwegian scene.

A 100% Norwegian lineup, which includes the likes of Abbath, Arcturus, Taake, 1349, Gorgoroth and even some rare appearances from the likes of Green Carnation. Blastfest 2016 will be a truly memorable occasion, with chief and owner Yngve Christiansen comments:

"2016 will be a very special festival edition with a lineup consisting solely of Norwegian bands. The bands represented at Blastfest are the legends, those from the beginning, the ones who made it evolve... the ones who disappeared... the ones who never stopped... the ones whom you should have heard more about... and the ones you will hear about. We have done our best to make a strong lineup representing Norway in the best possible way." More...

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Heidenwahn Festival Pushed Back To 2014

The 2013 edition of the Heidenwahn Festival - which was to include a lineup featuring Manegarm, Fejd, Adorned Brood, and more - has now been cancelled and is being pushed back to a later date in 2014. The organizers of the festival comment:

"Through several problems we delay the Under The Banner of the Black Light Festival & Heidenwahn Winter Festival to 2014. The Festivals are not canceled, just delayed. All ordered tickets are valid for 2014. We try that all bands from the festivals will play in 2014 too (Gehenna, Archgoat & Throne of Katarsis too).

"We sent already a information to all bands, we hope that you have got it. It was a hard decision for us, but through personal problems and business-problems (through the cancellation from Gehenna, Throne of Katarsis & Archgoat exploited our calculation for the fest) it was the right decision.

"Sorry for this delay, but we try to arrange professional Festivals for 2014! In the next days we can release the new dates."

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Old Corpse Road Recording Bathory Cover

Old Corpse Road has issued the following announcement about recording a Bathory cover track for an upcoming tribute album:

"We have chosen to cover the song 'Equimanthorn' from the classic Bathory album 'Under the Sign of the Black Mark.' The track is currently being recorded alongside our debut album, and will feature on a new Bathory tribute album 'Voices from Valhalla' due out via Godreah Records this year. Check out the original classic here."

Godreah Records also commented:

"Godreah Records will release a 'TRIBUTE TO BATHORY' double cd titled, Voices from Valhalla, in April 2012. The bands appearing are, Taake, Thornium, Nine Covens, Folkvang, Meads of Asphodel, Eastern Front, Throne of Katarsis, Bloodshed Walhalla, Gods Tower, Skyforger, Sigh, Nokturnal Mortum, Mael Mórdha, Darkest Era, Ancient Ascendant, Vrani Volosa, Old corpse Road, Hellsword, plus a few more to be confirmed."

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Throne Of Katarsis Announces New Album Details

Norwegian black metal horde Throne of Katarsis is preparing to unleash a third full-length assault titled "Ved Graven." A statement from the band's publicist reads as follows:

"Ved Graven (fundamentally translated to 'at the grave') is ultimately the darkest material written by the band since their inception in 2004. Cold and raw, and with the bizarre aura of an everlasting funeral, Throne of Katarsis recorded the seven rites of this album over three long nights, recording in total darkness. All instruments and vocals were recorded in a live séance in order to capture the aura the band creates during their convocations. Several guitar leads were added to this sinister mix, as well as an organ, recorded during a late night ceremony at a local church in Norway."

As with the band's previous full-length releases -- 2007's "An Eternal Dark Horizon" and 2009's "Helvete" -- "Ved Graven" will also be released under the banner of Candlelight Records, and is set for public disbursement on November 1st, 2011.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Profetens Siste Vandring
2. Helvete Kaller
3. Av Dypets Kulde
4. The Holy Remains The Weak
5. Mesterens Tilbakekomst
6. Apne Alle Sar
7. The Ultimate Shrine

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Throne Of Katarsis Recruits New Bassist

Norwegian black metal band Throne Of Katarsis have recently expanded their line-up after seven years being a duo. Founding members Infamroth (guitars/vocals) and Vardalv (battery) have now decided to include Sanrabb, known from Gehenna (Indie Recordings), to take care of the bass-guitar permanently in the band. Throne of Katarsis is currently writing material for an upcoming album.

The band issued this statement: "Sanrabb was supposed to become our second session bass-player, but after rehearsal we understood right away that we needed this person in the band. The extreme negative energy he managed to fill the whole room with fitted us perfectly, we managed to use this to create a darker feel to the music and I think you could say we drag each other down, mentally. We have already started creating new tracks for our next album, and so far these seems more progressive than before and far more depressing. Truely more intense and harder-hitting than before! This means that former session bass-player Lord Imalas is out after five years on stage with the band. This was a natural development for the band, and no personal issues were ever involved. Lord Imalas has been a reliable and very talented bass-player, as well as a great person to deal with on tours. Respect to this man for sticking with us all these years!"

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Throne Of Katarsis Postpones Upcoming Tour

Norwegian black metal band Throne of Katarsis has issued the following announcement about postponing their upcoming tour with Nehëmah:

"Exaudi Meam! 'Revelabitur Gloria Domini Sathanas' is postponed for a few months. Nonetheless this dark crusade WILL take place...."

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Throne of Katarsis Begin Recording New Album

The Unholy Norwegian Black Metal band THRONE OF KATARSIS have started the recording of their next album to be entitled "Det Iskalde Moerket". The recordings are being done at Black Dimension Studio, Norway, where the debut "An Eternal Dark Horizon" was also captured. This will be their second album to be released on Candlelight Records.

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Throne Of Katarsis Signs To Candlelight Records

Throne Of Katarsis has officially joined the Candlelight Records roster. The band's full-length debut will see release in early 2007.

Throne Of Katarsis was spawned in 2003 in Norway by the demonic visions of Grimnisse and Vardalv. Their prophecy was and still is to craft purified and atmospheric occult Black Metal in the true vein of early 90-ties Norwegian Black Metal, and focused on spreading the unholy message through their blasphemous lyrics. Their line-up is simple, yet effective: Vardalv plays the drums and Grimnisse takes care of the rest of the instruments.

March 2004 the now infamous demo recording entitled Unholy Holocaustwinds was unleashed upon the world. There were initially only released 40 copies of the demo, but after massive unforeseen response and requests the demo has been re-released on pro-printed MC and 10" LP by German Warfront Production and on Mini CD by UK based Paradigms Recordings. Unholy Holocaustwinds was recorded on a four-track cassette recorder, partly in the Liarlund Forest.

There was also a second demo recorded in mid-2004, entitled Blodslakt, but this demo was only handed out to a few selected. Blodslakt was never officially released, bearing in mind a future full-length album would contain the same material.

Late 2004, accompanied by two talented session-musicians on bass and guitar, Throne Of Katarsis did their first live performance at John Dee, Oslo, Norway.

Apart from a live gig at the Karmøygeddon metal festival, Throne Of Katarsis spent 2005 focusing on recording their debut full-length. The recording process took place at Black Dimension Studio, owned and operated by Stein Sund of Thundra.

After being offered a couple of record-proposals from different labels in 2006, Throne Of Katarsis finally decided to settle on Candlelight.

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Throne of Katarsis Recording New Full-Length

Throne of Katarsis are in the recording process of their debut full-length, still untitled. The drums are already recorded, however the band has still not found a decent record label willing to release the full-length, so labels are free to contact the band for propositions.

The MC version of Unholy Holocaustwinds is now released by Warfront Production. Pro printed black chrome-II tape, limited to 400 copies. You can order this cult item through Warfront Production.

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