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Band Photo: Soulfly (?)

Formed: 1997
From: Brazil
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Soulfly news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Soulfly Post Rare 1997 Max Cavaler Performance

www.soulfly.pl has posted an awesome video of SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera (ex-SEPULTURA) performing with the native Brazilian group NACAO ZUMBI (whose guitarist was SOULFLY's original axeman, Jackson Bandeira), in 1997 on a MTV Brasil television show. This video is extremely rare and can be found by heading over to www.soulfly.pl and scrolling down to the 9/27/2005 news post.

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Soulfly Put New Video Online

Taken from their recently released album "Dark Ages", SOULFLY have made the video for the track 'Carved Inside' downloadable. You can snag it at this location.

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Soulfly Post New Single As MP3 Download

A brand-new SOULFLY track, entitled "Carved Inside", has been posted online (MP3, 3.3 MB). The song is the first single off the group's upcoming album, "Dark Ages", due on October 4 via Roadrunner Records. A video for the song, described as "dark" and full of "fire," was filmed at a 700-year-old fortress on the shores of the Danube river in Serbia. Later in the year, a video for "Frontlines", which was filmed during the same week as "Carved Inside", will premiere as the follow-up single to "Carved Inside".

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Dates Announced For Soulflys Tour with Bloodsimple

Dates have been announced for Soulfly's upcoming run with Throwdown, bloodsimple. and Incite, here's the schedule so far:

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Marc Rizzo's Committee of Thirteen Gigs

Marc Rizzo, guitarist for SOULFLY (and ex-Ill Nino), will be doing 3 shows with his side project COMMITTEE OF THIRTEEN before he heads out on the road with SOULFLY (and THROWDOWN) in October in support of their new album "Dark Ages", out on October 4th via Roadrunner Records.

You can pick up a copy of COMMITTEE OF THIRTEEN's self titled debut at their official website as well as Marc's solo debut "Colossal Myopia" via Shrapnel Records.

August 29 - New York City, NY @ Don Hills
September 15 - Farmingdale, NY @ The Downtown
September 23 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place

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Soulfly Initial Album To Be Re-released

The track listing has been revealed for the bonus disc of the upcoming 2-CD "Roadrunner 25th Anniversary Edition" of Soulfly's "Soulfly", here's how it looks:

01 - "Eye For An Eye" (Live at Roskilde '98)
02 - "No Hope = No Fear" (Live at Roskilde '98)
03 - "Spit" (Live at Roskilde '98)
04 - "Bleed" (Live at Roskilde '98)
05 - "Beneath The Remains" (Live at Roskilde '98)
06 - "Tribe" (Live at Roskilde '98)
07 - "Bumba" (Live at Roskilde '98)
08 - "Refuse-Resist" (Live at Roskilde '98)
09 - "Quilombo" (Live at Roskilde '98)
10 - "Roots Bloody Roots" (Live at Roskilde '98)
11 - "Attitude" (Live at Roskilde '98)
12 - "The Song Remains Insane" (Live at Roskilde '98)
13 - "No" (Live at Roskilde '98)
14 - "Max Cavalera Spoken Word Performance" (Live at Crossing Border Festival)
15 - "Spoken Word Jam" (Live at Crossing Border Festival)
16 - "Eye For An Eye" (4-track Demo Version)

The set will see an August 30th release date through

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Throwdown to Support Soulfly on Tour

Throwdown will be touring with Soulfly this fall starting in October. Dates and venues are to be announced. Preceding this tour, Throwndown will be featured on the "To Die For" tour which also includes Remembering Never, Sinai Beach, and The Agony Scene.

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Soulfly Album Pushed Back

Soulfly's new album "Dark Ages" looks to have been bumped back to an October 04th release date through Roadrunner. For now, you can find a live video of the band performing their track "Pain" with Chino Moreno of the Deftones fame online here.

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Soulfly Live Video with Deftones Frontman Online

A video clip of SOULFLY peforming the song "Pain" — featuring special guests Chino Moreno of the DEFTONES and Ritchie Cavalera (SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera's stepson) — at the Fields of Rock Festival on June 18, 2005 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, has been posted online at BandsVideos.com.

SOULFLY's new album, "Dark Ages", is scheduled for release on October 4 via Roadrunner Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Prophecy" was produced by SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera and was mixed by Terry Date, who has previously worked with PANTERA and DEFTONES, among others.

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Roadrage DVD Tracklisting Revealed

Roadrunner Records has announced this year's Roadrage DVD tracklisting:

1. Slipknot – Before I Forget
2. Slipknot – Vermilion
3. Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache (Band Version)
4. Machine Head – Days Turn Blue To Gray
5. Trivium – Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
6. 36 Crazyfists – Bloodwork
7. Chimaira – 'Cleansation (Live)'
8. Fear Factory – Archetype
9. Fear Factory – Bite The Hand That Bleeds
10. Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine
11. Wednesday 13 – I Walked With A Zombie
12. Devildriver – Hold Back The Day
13. Devildriver – Nothing's Wrong
14. Soulfly – Roots Bloody Roots (Live)
15. Hatebreed – Live For This
16. Caliban – The Beloved & The Hatred
17. Still Remains – The Worst Is Yet To Come
18. The Agony Scene – Prey
19. 3 Inches Of Blood – Deadly Sinners
20. Obituary – Insane
21. Betzefer – Down Low
22. Illdisposed – Still Sane
23. Blood Has Been Shed – She Speaks To Me
24. Zao – The Rising End
25. A Life Once Lost – Vulture
26.Terror – Overcome
27. Open Hand – Tough Girl
28. Walls Of Jericho – There's No I in F**k You
29. Hopesfall – Icarus
30. Throwdown – Burn
31. Madball – Heavenhell

The DVD will be available in September.

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Soulfly Picks First Single

SOULFLY fan site SoulflyWeb.com has posted the following update regarding the upcoming SOULFLY CD, "Dark Ages", due on October 4 via Roadrunner Records:

"Billy Milano of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH [S.O.D.], who appears on 'Molotov', originally had a conflicting schedule with SOULFLY, and because the band could not wait for him, Max [Cavalera, SOULFLY mainman] called Billy and his piece was recorded via cellular phone. Also appearing on the album will be various noise and ambience that was recorded by Max using a mini-disc recorder on the streets of Turkey. And finally, 'Riot Starter', the tenth track on 'Dark Ages', was apparently originally written and recorded for SOULFLY's debut release in 1997 but wasn't used and was re-recorded for this release. It has also been made known that SOULFLY's first single and video will be for 'Frontlines', a track they began debuting live nearly half a year ago. Portions of the video were filmed during the rehearsal for the band's July 13th gig in Warsaw, Poland, and it is expected that they will continue filming in Serbia with a Serbian director later this week."

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Soulfly To Release Digipak

Soulfly's new album "Dark Ages" will see a bonus 3 panel digipak release overseas via Roadrunner on September 19th. Bonus tracks included on it are as follows:

16 - "Salmo-91"
17 - "Prophecy" (Live)
18 - "Seek'n'Strike" (Live)

As previously reported, "Dark Ages" will hit North American stores on September 20th

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Soulfly Guitarist Slams Ill Nino

Former Ill Niño and current Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo has hit back at Ill Niño over his assertion that the band use backing tapes during their live performances and that he gave the group's lead singer, Cristian Machado, a "beatdown" after Machado allegedly "talked shit" about Rizzo's current band, Soulfly, from the stage while on tour as the support act for Soulfly. Rizzo's latest missive reads as follows:

So once again Ill Niño is lying and manipulating the truth to make themselves look like the good guys in front of their fans.

Since I left the band, there has been nothing but lies said about me in interviews.

When I first quit, I left on what I had considered good terms. I was happy to be out of the band and had no interest in bad-mouthing anyone in interviews. The truth is I even wrote songs on 'Confessions' — this after I had all ready quit the band. I'd work twelve- to fifteen-hour days recording that record and then go to another studio to work on my instrumental record. The point is, I had no bad feelings and was asked by Roadrunner Records and producer Bob Marlette (producer of 'Confessions') to help the band out and record. While I was there, no one had a bad thing to say to my face. Why would anyone? I'm there recording their record? This is where all the cowardly shit-talking truly started.

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Ill Nino Responds To Rizzo's Allegations

Ill Nino has responded to Marc Rizzo and his comments about playing to a tape:

We'll say this ONCE! This is very immature of Marc Rizzo, but this one time we can't help but lower ourselves to his standards. Let's set the record straight as to why Marc Rizzo left Ill Niño. This will better explain his bitterness and jealousy towards the band he wishes he was still in......

Rizzo, with his wanna be tough boy attitude and his big mouth, thought he was going to change the face of music with a new band he then called Core-tez, but failed miserably. His attempt to recreate Ill Niño came up short, and sounded more like an Ill Niño cover band. Rizzo couldn't even strike an indie deal, and this left him even more frustrated. This left him with no choice but to join Soulfly as a hired punk, who only receives a menial paycheck and nothing else. If Rizzo feels that strongly about being a real hater, then he should stop cashing in his Ill Niño royalty checks...but I guess he needs Ill Niño's money. As for Ill Niño playing to tape, we run sample tracks live because we have samples and keyboards on our albums. Many bands run samples live, Rob Zombie, Static X, Fear Factory, Linkin Park, and Ozzy, all run samples live, just to name a few. For a band he claims is "fake", we're doing better after Rizzo's departure. Ill Niño's "Confession" has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide, outselling our debut "Revolution..Revolucion" which sold 320,000 worldwide. As for Rizzo claiming that he put a beating on Cristian, someone should wake him the fuck up and tell him the truth. Rizzo got knocked around so much he must have experienced a loss of memory. You got lumped the fuck up kid. Let's not forget that the blood pouring from his face was not Cristian's...it was from Rizzo's bloody lip and cut up eye. No one in Ill Niño talked negatively about Soulfly or its members, but he had to start this shit once again. If you talk shit about Niño, you talk about all 6 members, not just one. Don't forget where you came from, or what got you where you are now, stop crying already!!!

Ill Niño

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Soulfly Guitarist: Ill Nino Play To A Tape

Metalrage.com recently conducted an interview with SOULFLY/ex-ILL NINO guitarist Marc Rizzo. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metalrage.com: There's been this quote going around that Max Cavalera has labeled the new album "a calm and peacefull album." Explain to me what a calm SOULFLY album sounds like.

Marc Rizzo: "You know what?! There's no way that could be true. Because this record, is the heaviest SOULFLY record so far. It's a mix of SOULFLY, and old-style SEPULTURA that Max was doing back on 'Arise' and 'Beneath the Remains'. It's almost like a thrash record, you know. The real SOULFLY elements are still there, but there's a lot of new songs that are fast-paced, a lot of guitar solos, it's got fast thrash-type rhythms. So I'm pretty sure he didn't say that. Maybe lyrically, but musically it's fucking heavy. It's the best SOULFLY record yet. It's got everything I like in heavy music. A lot of awesome drumming, a lot of double-bass. Lots of fast tempos, Max's vocals are really heavy.. I think it's awesome, it's right where 'Prophecy' left off, with a step further to the heavier side. Totally. It's a brutal record, people are going to be shocked when they hear it." More...

Read the full article at MetalRage.com.

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More Roadrunner "All Stars" Announced

Roadrunner Records has advanced in the process of putting together the ground-breaking "Roadrunner All-Stars" record to mark the label's 25th Anniversary. The full-length release will contain original musical collaborations between past and present Roadrunner artists. Approximately 50 musicians are expected to participate in this record, making it a most elaborate collaboration project.

Four central musicians have been chosen to produce and write all the songs. Previously announced were Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria) and Robert Flynn (Machine Head). The fourth writer/producer has recently been selected - 19 year-old metal prodigy Matt Heafy will take the lead of the fourth team. His band, Trivium, has been called "the valedictorian(s) of the 2005 metal class" by Hit Parader Magazine. "It blew my mind to be asked to participate on this album and write a few tracks," says Heafy "It's an amazing honor to be able to record with artists that I used to emulate and listen to growing up." These four musicians will not only play on the songs they have written but also assemble a unique team of Roadrunner artists to appear on each track.

Notable progress has been made in Jordison's, Cazares' and Flynn's teams. Music has been laid down, but vocals have yet to be added. The vocalists for the tracks have not been confirmed as of yet. The artists that have contributed to the tracks recorded thus far are: More...

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Roadrunner Begins 25th Anniversary Re-issues

Roadrunner Records' 25th Anniversary celebration continues today with the double-disc releases of two RR classics - Fear Factory's "Demanufacture" and Sepultura's "Roots." The 2nd disc of each release? Basically, it covers everything that was recorded during each of the respective recording sessions, and the releases contain expanded artwork with liner notes in a 24 page booklet.

For the exact specs on these releases, check out the ecard at www.roadrunnerrecords.com/25/ecard.

Coming up next in this series, classic releases from King Diamond and Soulfly.

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Soulfly's 'Dark Ages' Final Track Listing Revealed

SOULFLY have finalzed the track listing for their new album, "Dark Ages", due on September 13 via Roadrunner Records.

"Dark Ages" was produced by SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera and was mixed by Terry Date, who has previously worked with PANTERA and DEFTONES, among others.

"Dark Ages" final track listing:

01. The Dark Ages
02. Babylon
03. I And I
04. Carved Inside
05. Arise Again
06. Frontlines
07. Inner Spirit
08. Corrosion Creeps
09. Molotov
10. Riot Starter
11. Bleak
12. (The) March
13. Fuel The Hate
14. Stay Strong
15. Soulfly V

In a recent interview with SoulflyWeb.com, Cavalera had the following to say about the upcoming CD: "The events that took place this past December, with the death of Dimebag Darrell and the passing of [Max's step-grandson] Moses, had a huge influence on the way that I chose to present this album, so I'd say that that made it a bit darker. We did some of the recordings in France, Turkey, and Russia and we used some instruments that you could only find in those countries. Those recordings will definitely have a strong effect on the direction that the worldly and atmospheric elements of the album take. But Marc [Rizzo, guitar] and Joe [Nunez, drums], those guys are both huge metalheads, and they kind of forced me to make a very heavy, brutal album. I don't listen to metal as much as I used to, but Marc just lives and breathes metal. Everything like LAMB OF GOD, SLAYER, MAIDEN, NAPALM DEATH, and some extremely crazy death metal shit. He loves to play those riffs and he's amazing at it, so that'll be on there, too."

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Soulfly Self-Titled Album To Get Reissue

Soulfly's self-titled debut will be getting the Roadrunner "25th Anniversary Reissue" treatment with a reissue of the effort currently set for August 30th. No word yet on extra bonus content. Soulfly's new album "Dark Ages" is currently on track for a September 13th release date through Roadrunner

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Soulfly Dispute Russian's Account Of Incident

SOULFLY have issued a statement disputing the account offered by a Russian politician regarding an incident in Moscow late last month which caused the group to cancel their concerts in the Russian Far East cities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

MosNews.com had previously reported that SOULFLY were boarding a plane from Moscow to Vladivostok on April 29 when Valery Kan, a local MP in the city of Ussuriisk, attempted to take SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera's (ex-SEPULTURA) stepdaughter Roxanne to the business class section of the plane, SOULFLY's Russian promoters, FeeLee Management, were quoted by a Vladivostok television company as saying. More...

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