"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Aeturnus Dominion

Formed: 2003
From: Central Coast, Australia
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Aeturnus Dominion News

Below is our complete Aeturnus Dominion news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Aeturnus Dominion Reveals New Lineup

Austrailia metal band Aeturnus Dominion has issued the following update regarding their lineup:

"Aeturnus Dominion are once again back in action and will unveil the new line up featuring Dan Barrett on vocals, Adam Minter on guitar, Jarrod Wells on drums along with stalwarts Ted Foster on guitar and Tait Kristen on bass at Samhain Hollows on October 31st at the Sando Hotel. "

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Aeturnus Dominion Issues Update on Band Lineup

Australian metal band, Aeturnus Dominion has issued the following update regarding their vocalist situation:

"AD has been extremely quiet the last few months due to injuries and other unforeseen circumstances, which forced them to withdraw from gigs and take time off from rehearsals. The band are once again back in at it and about to prepare for the Samhain Hollows gig in late October at the Sando. The band have also opted for a more traditional style vocalist and do have a new front man lined up. He was due to audition prior to the forced hiatus and will now get the chance to cement his spot in the band. While traditional vocals will be the prime basis both death and black metal vocals will also be present with Ted and Tait adding their aggressive edge to the onslaught."

"Ted will still be in a below the knee cast for another month, but at least the band can get back on track now."

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Aeturnus Dominion Parts Ways With Vocalist

Austrailian metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, have issued the following message regarding the recent departure of vocalist Darren Goulding:

"As from Saturday the 17th of May, Darren Goulding is no longer associated with Aeturnus Dominion. Until a new frontman has been secured, vocal duties will be shared among the current members. "

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Aeturnus Dominion Announces Return of Vocalist

Austrailian metallers, AETURNUS DOMINION, have issued the following update regarding the return of vocalist Darren Goulding:

"Yes thats right, Darren Goulding has returned to front AD with his devastating vocals. Also would like to announce young Jarrod (Jaz) Wells on drums. He is able to handle Paulie's and Ozi drumming styles as well as bringing his own chaotic drumming to any new material. "

"Manie's return means we are not waiting on a vocalist to learn our songs as he already knows most of it and seeing the rest of us (Spud, Adam, Jaz and me) have been working on a set list the last month or so means we have taken a huge leap forward in a positive direction."

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Aeturnus Dominion Part Ways With Drummer

Australian death metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, have parted ways with drummer Paul Ibbotson. The band has issued the following statement regarding his departure:

"Yeah you read it right, Paul has left Aeturnus Dominion and will play his last gig with the band next month on the 14th June and as such we require a drummer to continue moving forward..."

"Until this stage though all other booking we had are canceled until a suitable drummer has been located."

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Aeturnus Dominion Announces New Guitarist

Australian extreme metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, welcomes their new guitarist Jono Caelli on their MySpace page:

"Former Dead Intent shredder Jono Caelli is the newest recruit to the Aeturnus Dominion legacy. Jono and ex AD vocalist, Jesse Aiken were both in Dead Intent in the early 90s until the bands unfortunate demise."

"Jono has continued writing and recording material in his home studio and is keen to get back into a band situation and playing live again. We had conversed about becoming a member of AD prior to Morbid joining and we are fortunate he is still keen to do it. In hindsight we obviously made the wrong choice."

"Unsure whether Jono will be up to speed for our next gig on the 17th of May at the Woodport Inn, we are hoping and striving to play the gig as a full band. If this is not obtainable then we will perform as a 4 piece."

"Welcome to the madness bro!"

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Aeturnus Dominion Part Ways With Grindhead Records

Australia metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, issue the following update on their MySpace page:

"Aeturnus Dominion will not be releasing Annihilation Process through Grindhead Records. This was an amicable decision, was something the band expected to happen and had already prepared for. We will fund the pressing ourselves and are currently in negotiations with a few distro labels."

"AD would like to thank everyone at GHR for all they have done for us up to this point."

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Aeturnus Dominion Seek New Vocalist

Australian metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, issue the following update on their myspace page:

"Unfortunately, Aeturnus Dominion are reluctantly forced to announce that Mares will no longer be fronting the band as from the 19th of January. The reason for this, is purely a productive one and due to the fact she lives more than 4 hours away from the rest of us and has no means of transport other than public. Her vocal ability, personality, stage presence and musicianship has never been an issue and still isn't. Having to make this decision has gutted me personally, but is done in the best interests of the band."

"When she was accepted into the band it was partly on the basis she was moving to Sydney and for reasons beyond her control, this unfortunately didn't happen. The distance she has to travel and the cost for her to do so, meant she was unable to attend rehearsals on a regular basis, which is unfair on her and unfair on us. This in turn slowed the bands progress to a point where it was unacceptable to continue the way things were going. I'd personally like to thank Mares for the time and effort she has put into the band and wish her every success in the future as do other members of Aeturnus Dominion. I do hope our friendship continues as I have done with every past member of AD." More...

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Aeturnus Dominion Seek Second Guitarist

AETURNUS DOMINION are in need of a second guitarist to complete their lineup.

"We would prefer someone Central Coast based, but Sydney to Newcastle areas would also be fine. Rehearsals are usually at West Gosford during the weekend unless the band has a gig booking. You must be dedicated, have decent gigging gear and own transport."

Email info@aeturnusdominion for more details.

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Aeturnus Dominion Seek Guitarist

Australian metallers, Aeturnus Dominion, post the following update on their Myspace page:

Yes, unfortunately it's that time again.... Thrax is leaving Aeturnus Dominion at the end of 2007 as he is going overseas early next year for several months."

"This means we are on the hunt for a new lead/rhythm guitarist to join the fold and solidify the lineup. He/she must be dedicated, have the required gear, appropriate attitude and own transport."

"Contact: aeturnusdominion@hotmail.com for more info.

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Australian Dimebag Tribute Album Details Announced

"The Art of Shredding - A Tribute to Dimebag" pays respects to Pantera's late guitarist and metal idol Dimebag Darrell, and features 13 Australian bands, 12 of which will be playing some of our favourite Dime tunes, and Sydney thrash band MurderWorld, who will be contributing an original piece to the album.

Some of the money from the profits will go towards the Dimebag Memorial Trust, to help those of the family who are still suffering since the tragedy of December 08th, 2004. There will only be made available 500 copies of "The Art of Shredding" world-wide, so if you want to get your hands on one, be sure to rush on over to this specially-made MySpace page.

The album's tracklisting is as follows:

01 - War Nerve - (McDougall Brothers)
02 - Fucking Hostile - (Malignant Monster)
03 - Shattered - (LORD)
04 - Domination - (Switchblade)
05 - Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath) - (Plague)
06 - Becoming - (Synthetic Breed)
07 - Heavy Metal Rules - (Black Steel)
08 - Proud to be Loud - (The Deadthings)
09 - Mouth For War - (Aeturnus Dominion)
10 - The Art of Shredding - (Imminent Psychosis)
11 - By Demons Be Driven - (Enforce)
12 - Hollow - (Transcending Mortality)
13 - Soul Inside Me - (MurderWorld)

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Aeturnus Dominion Sign With Grindhead Records

Brutal Aussie bastard metallers, Aeturnus Dominion have joined forces with Grindhead Records for the re-release of their 2004 effort ' Semper Tyranis' as well as the band's upcoming offering 'Psychotic' and a third CD currently in in the writing stage called Annihilation Process.

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