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Formed: 1989
From: Parma, OH, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Embalmer News

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Embalmer Releasing New Album

At long last, legendary American death metal cult Embalmer returns with second album, "Emanations From the Crypt," set for international release on April 1st via Hells Headbangers.

The long-running band's first album for Hells Headbangers, "Emanations From the Crypt" is both a new start for Embalmer and a return to its classic, core values. In 1995, the band released an EP titled "There Was Blood Everywhere" (of which Hells Headbangers reissued in 2014) on then-death metal powerhouse Relapse Records, forever etching Embalmer's name into the death metal scene.

Lineup shuffles ensued in the following years, culminating in the band's debut album, 2006's "13 Faces of Death," which is widely regarded (even by the band) as a misstep. Now armed with a vital 'n' vile lineup, Embalmer returns to the dark 'n' disgusting roots of the past with "Emanations From the Crypt." Across a dozen quick-hitting yet complete tracks, you will find all the trademark Embalmer elemen

Says vocalist Paul Gorefiend, “This record is long-overdue, and we acknowledge that. The band never was truly happy with the '13 Faces of Death' album, so we worked hard to really make sure this release was a return-to-form of sorts, and true representation of what we feel Embalmer is, and always has been. We went back to the basics and drew influence from the original 'Into the Oven' and 'There was Blood Everywhere' eras musically, peppered in some extra Terrorizer/Autopsy influences, added some crazed Deranged Rated-X-style riffing over the top, and backed it all against the blasting, non-triggered drum assault Roy has become known for. More...

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Embalmer Signs With Hells Headbangers

Today Hells Headbangers confirms the signing of Cleveland death/grind veterans Embalmer. The band recently completed recording and mixing/mastering at Brainchild Studios with producer Noah Buchanan (Nunslaughter, Solipsist) for the release of second album, "Emanations from the Crypt."

The album will feature 10 new tracks, a re-recorded version of “They Can Smell Our Blood,” and an outro for over 31 minutes of pure audio horror. Full-color cover artwork was done by Chris Moyen at Thorncross Designs, with additional interior artwork by Mark Riddick at Riddick Art.

The album will be released later this fall on CD, LP, and cassette formats and will receive the full Hells Headbangers treatment, complete with extensive booklet with plenty of photos, full lyrics, thanks list, and some special surprises in the works.

This year also marks the 25th anniversary for Embalmer, which will be returning to the stage Saturday, September 5th as part of the Hells Headbangers' second annual Hells Headbash weekend at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. More...

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Hells Headbash II Lineup Anounced

Hells Headbangers just announced the final lineup for the label's three-day "Hells Headbash - Part 2" festival, set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on September 4th - 6th.

After the first "Hells Headbash" last summer - which was held at the label's distribution warehouse, and was filmed for a special DVD release set for later this year - Hells Headbangers expanded the fest to include an additional day and with an even more epic lineup of HHR-affiliated bands.

Set to take place at the Agora Theater, "Hells Headbash - Part 2" will feature the first American performances by Satanic Warmaster and Destruktor and exclusive performances by underground legends Archgoat and Profanatica, as well as 31 other Hells Heabangers-supported bands that span the spectrum of death metal, black metal, thrash, grind, metalpunk, and plenty of filthy points in between. The full list of bands, in alphabetical order, are as follows: More...

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Embalmer Releasing Complete Discography On CD

Sevared Records is releasing a double CD featuring the entire discography of American death metal legends Embalmer. It contains all demos, promos, and a completely remixed and remastered "13 Faces of Death" album which the band claims is so loud it doesn't even sound like the original. Titled "The Collection of Carnage," the two-hour release will also contain the 2012 promo and previously released material.

Embalmer has been streaming the new song "Cannibalistic Future," which is posted below. You can also check out another track, "The Origin of Scum and Deities," over at YouTube. Embalmer's next live gig will be at the Cleveland Feast of the Deceased on Saturday, July 21st at The Hive in Parma, Ohio. On the bill with them will be eight other bands from Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania such as Muzzle Loader and Manticore. Check out Embalmer's Facebook page for more details.

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Sevared Records Announces Brutality Reigns Fest 2

Sevared Records has announced the second edition of its annual festival, the Brutality Reigns Fest 2, will be taking place on June 22nd and 23rd at Hot Shots in Rochester, New York. Below is a preliminary line-up of the bands that are going to play, with more to be added in the coming weeks. Check for updates on the Brutality Reigns Fest 2 Facebook event page. Also check out an upload of Intestinal Alien Reflux, one of the bands on the roster, with the track "Illegal Aliens."

Putrid Pile
Intestinal Alien Reflux
Forced Asphyxiation
Death Sick
The Unborn Dead

Photobucket More...

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Embalmer Begins Work On New Album

Cleveland, Ohio's death grinders EMBALMER are currently writing material for their next full length album, to be entitled "The Apocalyptic Bloodshower" (label tba). According to the band, "the new material is spewing out sicker than ever, and sounding way more intense and brutal than any of the previous stuff." The album is announced as being a return to the classic elements of their "Rotting Remains" and "There Was Blood Everywhere" releases of the '90s, "but with faster, face peeling grinds, a heavier overall sound / production, and all the trademark brutal and tortured vocals the band was known for in the '90s." EMBALMER have just released a brand new "2009 Promo II" that will be shopped to labels, and also be available for free through the band's MySpace page. The material originally appeared on their first 2009 promo, but it got completely re-mixed / mastered with brand new vocals and other improvements. These tracks will also appear on a split 7" EP with Regurgitation (OH), to be released by Goatgrind Records later this year. The EPs will be limited to 350 hand-numbered copies on green vinyl.

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Ghoul Announces European Tour Dates

GHOUL has announced the complete tour dates for their European Roadkill tour. Complete Ghoul tour dates are as follows:

09/05 - Morbide Festspiele XI at Eastclub - Bischofswerda, Germany w/ Malevolent Creation, Vomitory, Satans Revenge on Mankind
09/07 - MKC-Next Bar - Ziar Nad Hronum w/ Jakubysko and Boiling Point
09/08 - Chelsea - Vienna, Austria w/ Municipal Waste
09/09 - Channel Zero - Ljubljana, Slovenia w/Extreme Smoke 57 and Septic Scum
09/11 - Septembertember 2 Dismember Fest - Bologna, Italy w/Birdflesh and Septic Scum
09/12- Uns Scheint die Sonne aus Dem Arsch Festival - Riegenhof, Germany
09/13- Le Klub - Paris, France w/ Altar of Plagues, Eibon, Lava, & Arafat
09/15- Semifinal- Helsinki, Finland w/ AVOIMEN HAUDAN LOYHKA and FORCA MACABRA
09/16- Vastavirta - Tampere, Finland w/ AVOIMEN HAUDAN LOYHKA
09/17- Little Devil - Tilburg, Netherlands w/ Sinister, Regurgitation, Viral Load, Embalmer
09/18- Velokot - Oostende, Belgium
09/19- NRW Deathfest at AJZ Bahndamm - Wermelskirchen, Germany
10/30 - Oakland Metro - Oakland, California, USA w/ Cannabis Corpse, Brainoil, Population Reduction, Ramming Speed

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Embalmer In Writing Mode

Ohio death/grind veterans Embalmer are in the process of writing new material and also shopping for a lable to release there highly anticipated new album, entitled "Apocalyptic Bloodshower".

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Final Bands Confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV

The final 14 bands that have been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV. The festival takes place on May 27 and May 28, 2006 at SONAR in Baltimore, MD. Doors will open slightly earlier compared to last year and advance tickets will go on sale through the web site on January 5th. The final 14 bands just confirmed are:

Dismember - SWEDEN
Vital Remains - RHODE ISLAND
Haemorrhage - SPAIN
Pungent Stench - AUSTRIA
Unholy Grave - JAPAN
Disfear - SWEDEN
Severe Torture - NETHERLANDS
Anata - SWEDEN
Skinless - NEW YORK
Mesrine - CANADA
Catheter - COLORADO
Embryonic Cryptopathia - MASSACHUSETTS

Bands previously confimed for MDF IV include:

Necrophagist - GERMANY
Demilich - FINLAND
Machetazo - SPAIN
Butcher ABC - JAPAN
Sanity's Dawn - GERMANY
Gorgasm - ILLINOIS
Embalmer - OHIO
Yacoepsae - GERMANY
Engorged - OREGON
Burnt By The Sun - NEW JERSEY
Municipal Waste - VIRGINIA
Cenotaph - TURKEY
Mucupurulent - GERMANY
Total Fucking Destruction - PESNNSYLVANIA
Beneath The Massacre - CANADA
Electro Quarterstaff - CANADA

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Maryland Death Fest Loses Two, Adds Five Bands

Two bands have dropped off next year's Maryland Death Fest, scheduled to take place May 27th and 28th 2006 at The Sonar in Baltimore, MD. Those bands are FISTFUCK and FRIGHTMARE. The following explanation has been posted on the Maryland Death Fest website:

"A band member in FISTFUCK had a personal matter come up and won't be able to travel to the US next May. It is not the bands fault, nor is it ours. The band has stated they will play shows in the US as soon as it is possible again.

Also, although FRIGHTMARE was the first band we confirmed for MDF IV, they have canceled. Now they don't want to make their appearance exclusive to MDF and that's the only explanation we can provide you. As frustrating as this for us, that's all we're going to say. "

The following five bands have been added, in addition to replacing FRIGHTMARE and FISTFUCK:

CLITEATER (Netherlands)
ROMPEPROP (Netherlands)

They join the following list of previously confirmed bands: More...

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