"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2002
From: Venray, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Cliteater News

Below is our complete Cliteater news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Cliteater Looks Back At 2016

Dutch grind outfit Cliteater is looking back on a phenomenal 2016 by issuing this end-of-year recap for fans:

"Where to start...2016 was one of the best years of Cliteater since we started back in 2002. First of all our album 'From Enslavement to Clitoration' was released in March. We did a very successful Europe tour with Waco Jesus, A Threat to the Enemy, Krotchripper, Verderver and Monkeysoop. Best times ever.

"Also we did a Dutch clubs how tour with our friends of Legion of the Damned and Sisters of Suffocation. We did some very nice summer festivals like Summer Breeze, Metal Frenzy, etc. and last but not least we had lots of fun with the people we met on the road. We wanna thank everyone who made this year great for us and thank you for the support!!!!! Next year we have a lot a new plans so keep an eye on this site.

"Cliteater wishes you all the best for 2017 and looking forward to see you all back next year!!!" More...

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Cliteater Premieres New Song "CalipHate"

Dutch goregrinders Cliteater premieres a new song entitled "CalipHate", taken from the upcoming new album "From Enslavement to Clitoration", which will be out in stores March 18th via War Anthem Records.

Check out now "CalipHate" below.

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Cliteater Reveals "Cliteaten Back To Life"

Cliteater, which was covered in the goregrind edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, has posted artwork online for an upcoming release titled "Cliteaten Back To Life," which can be viewed below.

"Cliteaten Back To Life" is due out in 2013 via War Anthem. Additional details on the follow-up to 2010's "The Great Southern Clitkill" will be announced as they are made available.

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Unearthing The Goregrind Underground

The other day I was trading video uploads with fellow staff member Carl, whose taste usually gravitates towards classy traditional metal. I sent him a track from the grindcore band Cuntscrape, "Giving Head to Mr. Ed," leaving him speechless. His reply went something like this - "I thought there was a limit to the extreme. I was wrong." Ha ha, poor Carl.

Nope. There's no limit to the extreme in sight. Back in the late eighties and early nineties, the progenitors of twisted and depraved metal like Lividity or Broken Hope couldn't have imagined how contorted the genre would have gotten. Nowadays it gets more brutal than anyone could have ever envisioned. The horror fantasy themes have given way to pornogrind lyrics, inaudible vocals and psychopathic themes. Over time lyrics have been all but done away with, almost as if they are too sensitive and get in the way of what should be primal. It's all meant to be hilarious and over the top, and goregrind is the last frontier when it comes to offensive, loud metal. More...

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Rompeprop To Headline "Gore Grind Over Europe"

Dutch goregrinders Rompeprop have announced they will be headlining the "Gore Grind Over Europe" tour. Support will come from Cliteater and Rectal Smegma. The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

2/19 2010 Kulturhaus Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt Germany
2/20 2010 Graffiti Bern Switzerland
2/21 2010 Steinbruch-Theater Darmstadt Germany
2/22 2010 Boonker/Kozel Pub Zilina Slovakia
2/23 2010 Exit Chmelnice Prague Czech Republic
2/24 2010 Wagonplatz Wroclaw Poland
2/25 2010 K17 Berlin Germany
2/26 2010 Rosenkeller Jena Germany
2/27 2010 Bahndamm Wermelskirchen Germany
2/28 2010 Baroeg Rotterdam The Netherlands

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Cliteater To Record New Album Next Summer

CLITEATER has booked SOUNDLODGE studio from June 19th to 27th, 2010, for recording their next album, the "The Great Southern Clitkill." Jorg Uken (God Dethroned, Inhume, Dew Scented a.o.) will do the recordings.

This album will be their fourth full length CD and Luisma from Haemorrage is once again doing the front design.

The band has announced many tour dates in the interim, as follows:

07. Nov. 2009 FromHell Erfurt (GER)
14. Nov. 2009 Goremaggedon Gorlitz (GER)
21. Nov. 2009 Kassel (GER)
11. Dec. 2009 Pitch Black Niederkruchten (GER)
17. Dec. 2009 Klub Mc-Pekarna Maribor (SLO)
18. Dec. 2009 Escape metalcorner Vienna (AUT)
19. Dec. 2009 Xmas metal meeting Bamberg (GER)
20. Dec. 2009 Helvete Oberhausen (GER)
19. Feb. 2010 Kulturhaus Stattbahnhof Sweinfurt (GER)
20. Feb. 2010 Graffiti club Bern (CH)
21. Feb. 2010 Steinbruch Theater Darmstadt (GER)
22. Feb. 2010 Boonker/Kozel Pub Zilina (SK)
23. Feb. 2010 TBA
24. Feb. 2010 Wagonplatz Wroclaw (PL)
25. Feb. 2010 K17 Berlin (GER)
26. Feb. 2010 Rosenkeller Jena (GER)
28. Feb. 2010 Bahndam Wermelskirchen (GER)
28. Feb. 2010 Baroeg Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland (NL)
11. Jun. 2010 Deathfeast Open Air Hunxe (GER)
12. Jun. 2010 Chronical Moshers open air Hauptmannsgrün (GER)

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Cliteater Reveal 'Scream Bloody Clit' Cover Art

You can check out CLITEATER’s cover art for their forthcoming new album, Scream Bloody Clit, online here. The album is expected to be released late 2007 / beginning of 2008 through Morbid Records.

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Cliteater Part Ways With Guitarist

CLITEATER have posted the following update:

“After nearly 3 years, Analex quit his activities for CLITEATER. He wasn’t able to put that much time in the band anymore and wanted to focus on other things. We wish him all the best in his musical carreer and we want to thank him for the lots of fun he brought us and the dedication to the band.

Still we will do all of our upcoming shows and festivals as a 5-pack. Susan of
DESENSITISED joined the army and will crush skulls together with the other Clitgrinders this summer!! See you there!!”

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Cliteater To Film First Video

On Friday 0ctober 27th Dutch goregrinders Cliteater will be filming their first professional video together with lowelifemedia. The song going to be used is "Cock and Love". According to the band it's going to be the most horrific video ever put on tape.

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Final Bands Confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV

The final 14 bands that have been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV. The festival takes place on May 27 and May 28, 2006 at SONAR in Baltimore, MD. Doors will open slightly earlier compared to last year and advance tickets will go on sale through the web site on January 5th. The final 14 bands just confirmed are:

Dismember - SWEDEN
Vital Remains - RHODE ISLAND
Haemorrhage - SPAIN
Pungent Stench - AUSTRIA
Unholy Grave - JAPAN
Disfear - SWEDEN
Severe Torture - NETHERLANDS
Anata - SWEDEN
Skinless - NEW YORK
Mesrine - CANADA
Catheter - COLORADO
Embryonic Cryptopathia - MASSACHUSETTS

Bands previously confimed for MDF IV include:

Necrophagist - GERMANY
Demilich - FINLAND
Machetazo - SPAIN
Butcher ABC - JAPAN
Sanity's Dawn - GERMANY
Gorgasm - ILLINOIS
Embalmer - OHIO
Yacoepsae - GERMANY
Engorged - OREGON
Burnt By The Sun - NEW JERSEY
Municipal Waste - VIRGINIA
Cenotaph - TURKEY
Mucupurulent - GERMANY
Total Fucking Destruction - PESNNSYLVANIA
Beneath The Massacre - CANADA
Electro Quarterstaff - CANADA

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Maryland Death Fest Loses Two, Adds Five Bands

Two bands have dropped off next year's Maryland Death Fest, scheduled to take place May 27th and 28th 2006 at The Sonar in Baltimore, MD. Those bands are FISTFUCK and FRIGHTMARE. The following explanation has been posted on the Maryland Death Fest website:

"A band member in FISTFUCK had a personal matter come up and won't be able to travel to the US next May. It is not the bands fault, nor is it ours. The band has stated they will play shows in the US as soon as it is possible again.

Also, although FRIGHTMARE was the first band we confirmed for MDF IV, they have canceled. Now they don't want to make their appearance exclusive to MDF and that's the only explanation we can provide you. As frustrating as this for us, that's all we're going to say. "

The following five bands have been added, in addition to replacing FRIGHTMARE and FISTFUCK:

CLITEATER (Netherlands)
ROMPEPROP (Netherlands)

They join the following list of previously confirmed bands: More...

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