"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Butcher ABC

Formed: 1994
From: Japan
Last Known Status: Regrouped

Latest Butcher ABC News

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General Surgery Releases Split With Butcher ABC

Swedish metal band General Surgery has issued the following statement about a split album with the Japanese band Butcher ABC:

"General Surgery/Butcher ABC split is finally released. The story goes back all the way to 2003 (!) when we got asked by then Escorbuto Recordings president Johan Wallin if we would be interested in doing a split with Japanese gore maniacs Butcher ABC.. Naturally we were, and we planned to do it pretty much right after the split 7"s we did with Machetazo and Filth. After that, things got changed up and we found ourselves working on our first album instead, and it wasn't until May 2007 we got around to finally record the songs for this split. By this time it was decided that the release would be handled by Obliteration Records and Living Dead Society/Coperaction Records. Butcher ABC followed suit and recorded their material later in 2007, and finally here's the result, the most anticipated split release ever. Feast your ears on this putrid mess.

The CD will be out on Obliteration on Jan 11th 2009. The LP will be out on Living Dead Society/Coperaction Records, February 2009. Vinyl 12" LP version is a limited edition to 1000 copies in splatter vinyl, with different cover/artwork from the CD version."

The band has also announced the following U.S. Tour dates: More...

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Final Bands Confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV

The final 14 bands that have been confirmed for Maryland Deathfest IV. The festival takes place on May 27 and May 28, 2006 at SONAR in Baltimore, MD. Doors will open slightly earlier compared to last year and advance tickets will go on sale through the web site on January 5th. The final 14 bands just confirmed are:

Dismember - SWEDEN
Vital Remains - RHODE ISLAND
Haemorrhage - SPAIN
Pungent Stench - AUSTRIA
Unholy Grave - JAPAN
Disfear - SWEDEN
Severe Torture - NETHERLANDS
Anata - SWEDEN
Skinless - NEW YORK
Mesrine - CANADA
Catheter - COLORADO
Embryonic Cryptopathia - MASSACHUSETTS

Bands previously confimed for MDF IV include:

Necrophagist - GERMANY
Demilich - FINLAND
Machetazo - SPAIN
Butcher ABC - JAPAN
Sanity's Dawn - GERMANY
Gorgasm - ILLINOIS
Embalmer - OHIO
Yacoepsae - GERMANY
Engorged - OREGON
Burnt By The Sun - NEW JERSEY
Municipal Waste - VIRGINIA
Cenotaph - TURKEY
Mucupurulent - GERMANY
Total Fucking Destruction - PESNNSYLVANIA
Beneath The Massacre - CANADA
Electro Quarterstaff - CANADA

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Maryland Death Fest Loses Two, Adds Five Bands

Two bands have dropped off next year's Maryland Death Fest, scheduled to take place May 27th and 28th 2006 at The Sonar in Baltimore, MD. Those bands are FISTFUCK and FRIGHTMARE. The following explanation has been posted on the Maryland Death Fest website:

"A band member in FISTFUCK had a personal matter come up and won't be able to travel to the US next May. It is not the bands fault, nor is it ours. The band has stated they will play shows in the US as soon as it is possible again.

Also, although FRIGHTMARE was the first band we confirmed for MDF IV, they have canceled. Now they don't want to make their appearance exclusive to MDF and that's the only explanation we can provide you. As frustrating as this for us, that's all we're going to say. "

The following five bands have been added, in addition to replacing FRIGHTMARE and FISTFUCK:

CLITEATER (Netherlands)
ROMPEPROP (Netherlands)

They join the following list of previously confirmed bands: More...

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General Surgery to Record New Album

Swedish grind band, General Surgery have issued the following statement regurading their upcoming album:

"The calm before the storm of gore is upon us, to use a trve metal phrase. Or something equally daft along those lines.
We've now booked studio time for December for our upcoming full-length on Listenable Records. If all goes as planned it should hit the stores three months later, around March/April. It should be a sanguine audio feast of the best of our old material (from our previous split releases, not Necrology... too bad) and a bevy of new material which should hopefully be equally awesome. If not, it's not our fault naturally.

It'll be recorded at Offbeat Studio, since we found that they are the most apt to give us the filthy sound we aspire for. Stay tuned for more updates as we can make them up.
In other news, the long-awaited split CD/LP with us and Butcher ABC is starting to take form. The CD will be released by Obliteration Records and the vinyl version by Living Dead Society Records. Expect it to be out some time later next year.

Beware of our foul stage personas on the European continent in October, more specifically the Bloodshed festival in Holland on the 22nd of October, along with Birdflesh, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Total Fucking Destruction and a myriad of other bands. Yay"

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Bands Added to Maryland Deathfest

6 more bands have added to the Maryland Deathfest line which is scheduled to take place May 27-28th of next year at The Sonar Baltimore. The bands are as follows:

Municipal Waste (Virginia)
Yacoepsae (Germany)
Engorged (Oregon)
Cenotaph (Turkey)
Fistfuck (Canada)

The previously announced line-up is as follows:

Necrophagist (Germany)
Machetazo (Spain)
Butcher ABC (Japan)
Sanity's Dawn (Germany)
Frightmare (Oregon)
Gorgasm (Illinois)
Total Fucking Destruction (Pennsylvania)
Beneath the Massacre (Canada)
Electro Quaterstaff (Canada)

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