"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Blood Freak

Formed: 1988
From: Anaheim, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Blood Freak News

Below is our complete Blood Freak news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Gravehill Playing Goregon Massacre Fest III

California death horde Gravehill is set to invade the Pacific Northwest this weekend as part of the Goregon Massacre Fest III, which will take place Friday, June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd at the East End Outdoor Annex in Portland, OR. Gravehill will perform alongside Cardiac Arrest, Cianide, Phobia and many more. Check out Gravehill vocalist Mike Abominator's preview of the fest at MetalManiacs.com.

Gravehill's most recent album, "When All Roads Lead To Hell," was released last year by Dark Descent Records with vinyl treatment coming from Chaos Records. Below is the roster of thirty bands that will be playing the two dates of the fest. For more information, head over to the Goregon Massacre Fest III Facebook event page.

Friday, June 22nd:


Saturday, June 23rd:



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Maryland Deathfest To Go On At Sonar As Planned

The Maryland Deathfest organizers report that "Sonar will be re-opening before MDF, and technically they already have."

As previously reported, the venue of the Maryland Deathfest was up in the air when Baltimore's Sonar nightclub failed to renew their liquor license and closed its doors.

The organizers futher commented: "These last couple of days have been incredibly confusing and stressful, but we are currently back to the regularly scheduled program. And don't worry, beyond plan B is a plan C, because that's how we roll. See you in a couple of weeks."

As such, the set times that were previously announced should now hold.

Here's the updated flier: More...

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Maryland Deathfest 2011 To Change Venues

The ninth annual Maryland Deathfest has announced the final lineup and set times for the event. However, not long after announcing these details came word that the Baltimore venue, Sonar, unexpectedly closed its doors today. The festival organizers claim to have a backup plan that should involve little to no inconvenience to ticket holders (even those coming from out of town) and will be releasng more details soon.

Until then, the announced lineup and set times are as follows:

Thursday, May 26th
Entrance opens at 4 pm

WITCHAVEN - 4:45 - 5:15
SHITSTORM - 5:30 - 5:55
NOISEAR - 6:10 - 6:40
MIASMAL - 6:55 - 7:30
LACK OF INTEREST - 7:45 - 8:20
FLESH PARADE - 8:35 - 9:10
EXTORTION - 9:25 - 10:00
BUZZOV*EN - 10:15 - 11:00
TRAGEDY - 11:15 - 12:00
CATHEDRAL - 12:15 - end More...

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Blood Freak Signs With Willowtip Records

Portland, Oregon extreme metal veterans Blood Freak have announced their signing with Willowtip Records. The signing comes in time for the band to release its forthcoming studio album, titled "Mindscraper." "Mindscraper" will see its release on April 5th, 2011 through Willowtip Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Psychoplasmics (Intro)
2. Merchants of Sleaze
3. Sleeping In Hell
4. Pink On The Inside
5. Scared Stiff
6. Slaughterhouse Recollections
7. Mindscraper
8. Sex Trash Princess
9. Paralyzed By The Medusa Spider
10. Death Trip…In The Drug Den Of The Damned
11. We Kill Cause We Care
12. Gobble Up Your Guts Pt. 3

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Death Breath Confirmed For Maryland Death Fest

Sweden's Death Breath is the latest band to be confirmed for the 2011 edition of the Maryland Death Festival. Next year's festival will take place from May 26th - 29th, 2011. Further details on the festival can be found at this location. The currently announced lineup is as follows: More...

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Blood Freak Streaming New Song

Blood Freak has posted a new, unmastered song from the band's upcoming fourth album. The new "Gobble Up Your Guts Part 3" can be heard at this location. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Psychoplasmics
2. Merchants of Sleaze
3. Sleeping In Hell
4. Pink On The Inside
5. Scared Stiff
6. Slaughterhouse Recollections
7. Mindscraper
8. Sex Trash Princess
9. Paralyzed By The Medusa Spider
10. Death Trip...In The Drug Den Of The Damned
11. We Kill Cause We Care
12. Gobble Up Your Guts! Pt.3

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First Bands Confirmed For Maryland Deathfest 2011

The organisers of the Maryland Deathfest have announced the first ten confirmations for next year's edition of the festival. Among them are recently reunited death metal outfit Exhumed, reactivated groove metal instigators Exhorder and Italian grindcore veterans Cripple Bastards, as well as Impaled Nazarene, Repugnant, The Kill, Wormed, Blood Freak, Cretin and Nightbringer. The festival will take place from May 27th-29th. Stay tuned for further information.

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Denial Fiend Writing New Songs, Fest Appearances

Denial Fiend members Kam Lee and guitarist Sam have issued updates on Denial Fiend and more:

Kam Lee comments: "DENIAL FIEND is busy working on several things at the moment. First of all we've confirmed several U.S. festivals including the Los Angeles Murderfest in April, and the Central Ill Metal Fest later this July. We're also working on a few European festivals throughout the summer and will release more information as those dates get confirmed.

"Additionally DENIAL FIEND's been creating brand new material including two tracks, 'C.H.U.D.' ( Cannibalistic Humanoid Under Dweller ) - based on of the 1984 movie with the same title, and 'THE BLOOD REAPING' - which is based on of the horror comic strip called 'The Blood Reaping Of Dr. Gore' created by horror artist ZORNOW.

"I've been talking with artist ZORNOW about new art concepts and ideas for future DENIAL FIEND projects which will include new T-shirt designs, new album cover art as well as a mini horror/gore comic book by ZORNOW (to be included with the next DENIAL FIEND release.)

"Also in the works from my end... keep an eye out for the new release by the band BLOOD FREAK out on Razorback Records. Their new album is intitled - 'Scared Stiff' - and it was 'yours truly' that wrote the lyrics for the title track. I will hopefully be doing a guest vocal appearance on that track as well!

"So 2008 will be a Horrorfilled year indeed, with the Horror Metal Legion growing stronger and DENIAL FIEND leading the zombie hordes onward to cunsume as much fresh flesh and brains as we can devour!"

Sam, guitarist of Denial Fiend, comments: "DENIAL FIEND will be playing on March 7th at the Crowbar in Tampa, FL. We will play several covers (Samhain, The Accused, Misfits) on top of our regular set showcasing songs from last year's debut full-length, "They Rise". The show will be recorded for a possible upcoming release on Ibex Moon Records sometime this year. We're proud to perform cover songs from bands that have influenced us greatly throughout the years. Hopefully we'll play a few of them good enough to be released. In any case, it'll be a lot of fun."

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Blood Freak Postpone Debut Performance

BLOOD FREAK drummer Shad has posted the following update:

“I’m sorry to say that I have a family emergency and will be leaving for Colorado tomorrow in the morning. This sucks big time for me all around for I am about to expierence a loss of a person that is very close to me and in turn have to postpone the BLOOD FREAK show until further notice. Please accept my apologies and forgive any inconvienences."

"For those of you that are traveling to see the show please contact your chosen airlines and get your flight postponed until we can reset the date for this show. Once again I’m truly sorry and wished this would of never happened.”

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Blood Freak Add Second Guitar Player

BLOOD FREAK have announced the addition of second guitar player Tim Fouch to the band. As previously reported, the band will play their first ever live show on January 25th at the Satyricon in Portland, OR with FLYING FORTRESS, REEKER, BUNG, and SPLATTERHOUSE.

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Blood Freak's to Perform First Ever Live Show

Razorback Records issue the following update regarding Blood Freak's live debut:

"That's right...the infamous horror-worshipping mutants will play their first ever live show on January 25th at the legendary Satyricon in Portland, Oregon!"

"FLYING FORTRESS will also be playing, along with 2 other bands that will be named soon!"

"Yep...it's really happening! Are you prepared?"

"BLOOD FREAK will be playing songs from all 3 of their albums (Sleaze Merchants, Live Fast Die Young and leave a flesh-eating corpse! and Multiplex Massacre) as well as brand new songs from the upcoming 4th album "Scared Stiff"!"

"Mark this date on your calendar....January 25th, 2008...a day that will live in infamy!!!"

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Blood Freak Working On New Album

BLOOD FREAK have posted the following update:

“Hey, Neil here. 8 songs have been written so far for the next CD. Jamming with Shad and Andrew has been working out great. It’s cool to finally have a full line up with this band. The new stuff is very dark and extreme. A little less thrashy than Multiplex Massacre, more death metal and grindcore influences. We plan to record using a analog 16 track 1/2? reel to reel and make it very raw and ‘live’ sounding. We should start recording in late January early February and start playing live shows soon after!”

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Blood Freak Announce New Bassist

BLOOD FREAK have posted the following update:

“The new bass player for BLOOD FREAK is Andrew from the band FLYING FORTRESS! Everybody add him!

The new BLOOD FREAK line-up is now complete! Get ready, Portland! You’re all in deep shit! muuhhhhaaaaaa!!!!

Maniac Neil: guitar/vocals
Shadman Marz: drums
Andrew: bass”

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Blood Freak Posts Two New Songs Online

Two new Blood Freak tracks ahve been posted online from the horror metalers. Go to Razorback Records myspace page to hear the new song "Cleavage Cleaver", featuring lyrics written by Sly of Fondlecorpse. Then, you can hear "Don't Metal With Satan" on the BLOOD FREAK fan MySpace page.

BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD will be out late April on Razorback Records.

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Blood Freak's "Multiplex Massacre" Being Mastered

BLOOD FREAK's "Multiplex Massacre" is finished and is being mastered at Nettleingham Audio (Frightmare, Lord Gore, etc). The album will be going to press as soon as mastering is complete.

The final track list for BLOOD FREAK "Multiplex Massacre" CD looks like this:

1. The Theme From Multiplex Massacre
2. Cleavage Cleaver
3. Rocktober Blood
4. Go For The Grossout
5. Body By Death
6. If You Have The Guts...He Wants Them!
7. Lady Lunatic
8. Aerobicide
9. Don't Metal With Satan
10. Poultry Pervert
11. Thrills, Chills, and Blood Spills
12. Roadkillers
13. Savage Streets

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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New Blood Freak Song Posted Online

Check out a brand new BLOOD FREAK song from the upcoming 3rd album, "Multiplex Massacre" due out this Spring on Razorback Records, on the label's myspace page

It's an unmastered rough mix track, titled "Body By Death" (about the 1981 horror movie Home Sweet Home!).

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Blood Freak Reveal Feeding Rituals Cover Art

You can check out the cover art for BLOOD FREAK's upcoming new album, Feeding Rituals, here.

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Download Blood Freak's "Axe of Violence" MP3

Razorback Records have posted another new BLOOD FREAK mp3 from the brand new album, "Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave a Flesh Eating-Corpse!". You can download and listen to the song "Axe Of Violence" here.

As previously reported, the final track listing for BLOOD FREAK's "Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave a Flesh Eating-Corpse!" is as follows: More...

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Blood Freak's Sophomore Effort Mastered

BLOOD FREAK's second full-length album, "Live Fast, Die Young... And Leave A Flesh-Eating Corpse!" has gone to press! Look for this out later this month on Razorback Records. The booklet was designed by Sly the Goregnome from Fondlecorpse and Maniac Neil, and is 16 pages in full color with tons of exclusive artwork, all the lyrics, and more. The album was mastered at Nettleingham Audio (Frightmare, Lord Gore, Funerot, etc.) and features cover artwork by metal legend Ed Repka.

You can still download the track "GORETITS" from this album from Razorback Records.

As previously reported, the final track listing for BLOOD FREAK's "Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave a Flesh Eating-Corpse!" is as follows: More...

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Download Bloodfreak's "Goretits" MP3 Online

Razorback Records has posted another new sneak-peek BLOOD FREAK mp3 download. You can download "GORETITS" here.

The final track listing for BLOOD FREAK's "Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave a Flesh Eating-Corpse!" is as follows:

1. Butchermobile
2. Toxic Tomb
3. Bad Case Of Brain Rot
4. Carnage Castle
5. Gobble Up Your Guts Part 2: Revenge Of The Turkey Monster
6. Splatter Of The Highest Order
7. Mucouspewing Lungslasher
8. 30 ft. Arterial Spray
9. Full Moon Sacrifice
10. Last Grindhouse On 666th Street
11. The Flesh And Blood Show
12. Worm Face Executioner
13. Intermission
14. Axe Of Violence
15. Goretits
16. The Nameless Stench Of Forgotten Celluloid
17. The Slaughter Special
18. Psychosexual Burial Ground
19. Boarding House
20. Shriek Of The Mutilated
21. Doctor Bitch S.D.(Sexual Deviate)
22. The Screamatorium Drive-In
23. Right On!

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