"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1982
From: Bristol, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


Onslaught was formed in 1982 by Nige Rockett (guitar) and Steve Grice (drums). The band began life under the influence of the second generation of hard-core punk bands like Discharge, G.B.H, & The Exploited and the more metal influence of Motorhead. After 2 years of writing and hard gigging a deal was secured with underground label Children of the Revolution, and the band released its first album, Power From Hell, in 1985 with the lineup of Nige Rockett (Guitars), Steve Grice (Drums), Paul Mahoney (Vocals) and Jason Stellard on bass. The album was fervently received by the nascent thrash underground and contained a number of tracks that were to grow to become considered as thrash metal anthems, including the eponymous Onslaught (Power From Hell), Angels of Death and Death Metal (itself the subject of some conjecture – was this tune the first usage of the term ’Death Metal’ anywhere?) In 1986, Onslaught with the addition of new vocalist Sy Keeler signed to the mighty ’Music for Nations’ records which saw the release of the highly acclaimed ’The Force’ album, for many this is the definitive Onslaught record, containing more thrash classics like ’Let There Be Death, Metal Forces and Fight with the Beast’, the album received rave reviews across the world and catapulted Onslaught in to the higher circles of thrash metal and were seen by many as Europes hopefuls to end the American domination of the metal scene.. Touring with Motorhead, a legendary appearance at the 1st Dynamo Festival and shows with Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, simply added more firepower to Onslaughts evergrowing arsenal.. The huge success of ‘The Force’ album saw a wealth of major labels chasing Onslaughts signatures for the release of the 3rd album ‘In Search Of Sanity’. Onslaught eventually signed with ‘London records’ before releasing ISOS in 1989, but this was not to be without controversy.. Sy Keeler was unceremoniously sacked by the record company and Steve Grimmett was brought in as his replacement. The album was the bands biggest selling album to date, containing blistering thrashers like ‘Lightning War’ ‘Powerplay’ and the epic ‘Welcome To Dying’.. but die-hard Onslaught fans found the album too much of a departure from previous releases, due to the over-polished production and the replacement of Sy Keeler… Was this Onslaughts ’Final Moment’….? No, 15 years pass, Power From Hell & The Force are re-released on cd through the ’Blackened’ label, the interest in Onslaught is still strong, little did people know the band had reformed and had been secretly writing / rehearsing for 6 months at a hideaway outside Bristol.. Onslaught are returned with Sy Keeler once again at the mic. They then signed a worldwide deal with the impressive ’Candlelight’ label and the band entered ‘Backstage Studios’ Derbyshire, with long time friend Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Exodus) at the production / mixing helm..to record their 4th studio album ’Killing Peace’ The album was released to much critical acclaim in March 2007.

Latest Onslaught News

Below is our complete Onslaught news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Onslaught Finishes Recording Drums And Vocals

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has announced that they have completed recording all of the drum and vocal tracks for their new studio album, "Sounds Of Violence," which is expected to be released by the beginning of next year. This will be the band's first studio album since 2007's comeback record, "Killing Peace."

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Onslaught Reveals New Album Title

British thrash metal veterans Onslaught has revealed that their forthcoming new studio album will be entitled, "Sounds Of Violence." This will be their fifth studio album, and first to be released through their new record label AFM. A message from guitarist Nige Rockett reads as follows:

"Sounds Of Violence is a very fitting title for the new recording, musically and lyrically this is definately the most brutal and intense Onslaught album to date. It's full of machine gun riffs / ferocious drum patterns and some pretty fucked up lyrical content..

"This album was never meant to be pretty, it's not a concept album by any measure but there's a definite theme to the whole package, right thru from the sleeve design to the music and on to the words, its violence all the way. There's a lot of hate in Sounds Of Violence and a whole lot of reality in there too, much of it straight from the heart."

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Onslaught Posts New Demo Track Online

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has posted a new demo track online entitled, "Born For War." You can check it out by heading to the band's official Myspace page. The song is expected to appear on the group's next studio album, which the band will begin recording on August 16th. Onslaught has also announced that Danish producer Jacob Hansen will be working with them on the album. A message from guitarist Nige Rockett reads:

"We’re so stoked to be working with Jacob Hansen on the new album, Jacob has done some stunning work in the past, his production skills are really gonna suit the style of the new album, his mixes are so heavy and lively which is exactly what we are looking for.. It’ll be real cool to capture the live energy of the band in these recordings. Steve and Sy are leaving for the studio immediately after our appearance at Bloodstock Festival, where we should be, if all goes to plan,debuting a track entitled ‘Born For War’ taken from the new album….it’s a violent beast, very fast and heavy with lots of twists and turns."

Jacob Hansen says about the recordings: "This is one of the more exciting productions this year for me! Since their very first albums (Power From Hell + The Force), which made quite an impression on me back in my teenage years, I've loved this dark and heavy band. Working with these guys is gonna be awesome!"

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Onslaught Guitarist Posts New Album Update

Nige Rockett, one of the guitarists and co-founders of legendary British thrash metal outfit Onslaught, has posted another message online regarding the band's forthcoming new studio album, which is expected to be released later this year through AFM Records. The message reads as follows:

"I can't give you any precise details about the album right now, but the basic tracks are sounding totally immense as we demo each one in pre-production," Rockett reveals . "It's extremely violent and back to our roots in many ways, but also sounding very contemporary in its entirety. We just can't wait to get it out there and play these fuckers live, cuz that's what this record has been written for; crushing skulls. We will be updating very soon with news of the album title, track listing, producer, release date etc. Until then keep on thrashing till the death."

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Onslaught Signs To AFM Records

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has announced that they have signed a new record deal with AFM Records. The label will be releasing the band's fifth studio album which is expected to hit the shelves later this year. Guitarist Nige Rockett says about the signing:

"We're so very stoked to be joining the AFM Records roster, our deal with Candlelight had expired and as always Onslaught were looking for a new challenge. There were several labels interested in signing the band, but AFM said all the right things and made all the right moves so it wasn’t a hard choice. Also seeing what the label did with the latest Fear Factory album backed up our decision. It kinda feels like when we were signed to Music For Nations, very personal and very friendly on every level right up to the label owner. We have a real good feeling about the new album release and a very distinctive vision, AFM are right behind this 110%, we’re gonna make a great team and together we're gonna deliver some kick ass new tunes!"

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Sunday Old School: Onslaught

When one thinks of thrash metal, the two countries that come to mine are the United States and Germany. However thrash had it's scenes all over the world. From Canada to Australia to Brazil and beyond, there was no country that thrash didn't touch and of course, Great Britain was no exception. Although the British thrash scene is largely overlooked, those who bother to explore it will find some of the best thrash of it's time and most were in agreement, that the best of these was Onslaught. Onslaught was founded as a punk band in the vein of Discharge and The Exploited by Nige Rockett in Bristol, England in 1983, being quickly joined by drummer Steve Grice. The band released a demo later that year before releasing an EP entitled, "What Lies Ahead" in the same year, which featured new members Jase Pope and Paul Hill.

Hill was soon to be replaced by Jase Stallard and the group took on a more metal orientated approach to songwriting and signed to Children Of The Revolution Records, under whom they released their debut album, "Power From Hell" in 1985. The album contained lyrics which were satanic in nature and also featured a song entitled, "Death Metal," leading to some metal fans crediting the band with coining the term, along with Possessed. That same year, vocalist Paul Mahoney moved to the position of second guitarist, when the band hired vocalist Sy Keeler. This lineup travelled to London to record their second album, "The Force" in 1986, which is now regarded as one of the genre's true classic albums, containing such thrash anthems as "Let There Be Death" and "Flame Of The Antichrist." After the release of "The Force," the band signed to major label London Records for their next album, though things did not go as well as they had hoped. Under pressure from the label, the band let Keeler go and hired Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett, in an attempt to help the band reach a more mainstream fan base. The subsequent album, "In Search Of Sanity" was released in 1989 but proved to be a disappointment for hardcore fans, oweing to the change in vocals and more polished production. Grimmett left the band soon after and the band was dropped from their label, before deciding to call it a day in 1991.

Key members Steve Grice and Nige Rockett remained good friends throughout the inactivity of Onslaught, and upon finding out that a record label had been selling Onslaught albums without permission, the two decided to reform the band. They contacted Sy Keeler who soon agreed to rejoin the band, along with bassist Jim Hinder, who had performed with the group during the "In Search Of Sanity" era. The band performed some low key gigs, along with supporting slots to the likes of Venom, before releasing a new studio album entitled, "Killing Peace" in 2007. The album was regarded as a natural follow up to "The Force" and was extremely well received from fans and critics alike. Since the release of the album, Onslaught have been touring relentlessly to take their rightful place as one thrash metal's true greats, performing all over the world and releasing a live album entitled, "Live Damnation" in the process. The band are currently working on their fifth studio album, which is expected to be released later this year. More...

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Onslaught Announces Mexican Tour Dates

British thrash metal veterans Onslaught has announced that they will be heading to Mexico for two shows next month. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are so fucking happy to announce our first ever gigs in Mexico!!!! Bring on the chaos, lets see how you folks thrash the fuck out and see you in the pit!!!"

The tour dates are as follows:

July 30 - San Luis Potosi, Mexico - Huerta del STIC
July 31 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador

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Onslaught Guitarist Posts New Album Update

Nige Rockett, guitarist and co-founder of British thrash metal veterans Onslaught has posted a message online updating fans on the status of the bands forthcoming fifth studio album. The posting reads as follows:

"Yes we have an album title. Yes we have a release date. Yes we have a producer. Yes we have studio time booked and yes we have a new. Hahahahaha not telling ya.

"It's certainly not gonna be Killing Peace 2 that's for sure. It's old school, It's contemporary, its Onslaught. It's gonna be faster at times, definitely heavier with some songs having their more intricate moments, but not too intricate, cuz that means compromising the violence which this album is really gonna be all about: pure unadulterated musical violence.

"We're gonna be using several different guitar tunings to add some sonic variety and lots of truly stunning solos coming your way from Mr Rosser-Davies. He's on fire at the moment and being pushed to the limits in terms of creativity and originality. More...

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Onslaught Song Used In Short Animated Film

A new short animated film entitled, "Bloody Hands" has been posted online and thrash metal fans will be pleased to hear that the film contains the song, "Flame Of The Antichrist" by reactivated British thrash band Onslaught. You can check out the film below. "Bloody Hands" was created by The Dead Will Arise Studio and has been acknowledged for awards by the Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) and Ourense International Film Festival (Spain). More...

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Bibleblack Cancels Swedish Show Dates

Swedish melodic death metal band Bibleblack has issued the following update regarding the cancellation of two Swedish shows:

"Due to events that are out our control, we are sorry to announce that two of our four upcoming gigs in Sweden have been canceled."

"We can comfort all of you who have dug up skeletons and sharpened your theeth for these two gigs, with the fact that we will reschedule them to a later date this year."

"The bibleblack mass at Henriksberg in Gothenburg, 17/3 - CANCELLED
The unholy ceremony at The Cave in Stockholm 18/3 - CANCELLED"

Remaining tour dates are as follows:

Mar 19 - Club Deströyer - Sundsvall, , Sweden (w/ ONSLAUGHT, SCAAR)
Mar 20 - Maxim - Gävle, Sweden (w/ ONSLAUGHT, SCAAR)
May 08 - Nalen - Stockholm, Sweden (w/ THIS ENDING)
May 14 - Dante’s Highlight - Helsinki, Finland
May 15 - Masters of Metal - Tampere, Finland

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Onslaught Confirmed For Bloodstock 2010

British thrash metal legends Onslaught are the latest band to be confirmed for this year's edition of Britain's Bloodstock Open Air festival which will take place in Catton Hall, Derbyshire from August 13th-15th. This will be the only show the band will play in the United Kingdom in 2010. Founding member and drummer Steve Grice states:

"We are very excited and to be playing Bloodstock 2010. Not only will it be the ONLY UK show Onslaught play this year, but the very first outdoor show we have played in the UK. We look forward to bringing some real Flesh Melting -Thrash Metal to the Guys and Gals of Bloodstock. See you all there!"

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Detente Announces Norwegian Show With Onslaught

California thrashers Détente have announced they will be performing with Onslaught for their "back to school night" in Oslo, Norway on May 21st. Onslaught will play their original 1986 set while Detente will perform material from both "Recognize No Authority" and the upcoming "Decline." Detente's other upcoming tour dates are as follows:

4/29 Tilburg (Netherlands) The Little Devil
4/30 Antwerp (Belgium) De Rots
5/1 Frankfurt (Germany) Die Halle
5/2 Eindhoven (Netherlands) The Rambler
5/6 Hamburg (Germany) Hafenklang
5/7 Ludwigsfelde (Germany) N.V.A Club
5/8 Berlin (Germany) Amnesie

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Onslaught Posts New Album Update

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has posted a new message online which discusses the bands forthcoming new studio album, as well as a recap of the previous year. The message reads as follows:

"We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very successful / happy and healthy year for 2010 and of course send out a massive thank you for all the amazing support we have received from you guys / girls in 2009. It is so very much appreciated.

"For us it's been an exceptional year in the face of such a global recession. We have seen the release of our first ever live album Live Damnation and once again taken in many new territories on the live front (South America in particular). More...

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Onslaught Guitarist Checks In

British thrash metal legends Onslaught are currently half-way through their first ever headlining tour of South America and the band has made sure to give South American fans a real treat by performing their 1986 album, "The Force" from start to finish. A message from guitarist Nige Rockett reads as follows:

"Just got in from the Campinas, Brazil show.. F'ing great night, hottest show so far. 3 hours sleep, off to the airport for the next venue...

"Regarding record companies as some people were speculating about it, we can only say that nothing is decided yet."

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Onslaught Checks In From Brazil

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has checked in from their first headlining tour of South America after finishing their shows in Brazil. The message reads as follows:

"Well here we are for our first time in Brazil, I've been looking forward to this for many years and what an eventful start we got off to...

"First show was in Manaus, a city in the middle of the Amazon jungle with no roads in or out, truly amazing. We arrive at the venue to be greeted by hordes of thrash metal maniacs hanging out around this, I must say gargantuan venue, its a really cool scene... I think within an hour we managed to get our photo taken with everyone there... ha ha ha ha.

"The equipment is not the best and it takes some huge compromises to get things together but with the help of William our sound tech, everything works and he gets a crushing front of house sound. The Force album seems to be order of the day, so we try to play it in its entirity, unfortunately our show is brought to a very abrupt end by the local Police (this is a big problem over here) and we are several songs short which was a huge disappointment at our first appearance here. More...

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Onslaught Speaks On Recent Shows

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has posted a new message online which discusses the bands recent shows in Holland and Belgium. It reads as follows:

"Holland, Belgium! You still know how to fucking mosh like it was fucking 1984 don't you! Thank you so much! Fucking crazy motherfuckers! Damn that was fun, and the stage invasions during 'Power From Hell' were spectacular! Hahaha!!!! See you all again soon!"

The band will be heading to South America for a headlining tour this wednesday (November 4th) before returning home to Britain to commence work on their fifth studio album.

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Onslaught Speaks On Rock Area Festival

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has checked in with a report on Germany's Rock Area Festival, after the band recently performed at the event. The message reads as follows:

"Hi Ladies / Lunatics

"Just got back from a gargantuan but sunny drive from Germany, only to be welcomed by the fucking English rain.

"I am somewhat lost for words about this festival because it was simply breathtaking. We have had the honour to play at so many great festivals in stunning settings but this really did eclipse them all in my opinion. More...

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Rock City Open Air Cancelled

Romania's forthcoming metal festival, Rock City Open Air, appears to have either cancelled or postponed. A message from black metal legends Mayhem reads as follows:

"Unfortunately, Mayhem will not perform in Romania next week as the whole festival has been canceled (or apparently postponed). We are deeply sorry for the fans who wanted to see us performing there. This is of course totally out of our control.

"A statement regarding the reason of the cancellation should be posted on the festival's MySpace page soon."

This news come after the recent news that Immortal, Blood Red Throne, Macbeth and Trail Of Tears have all pulled out of the event. The festival was scheduled to be held from August 20-23rd in Fetesti, Romania.

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Onslaught Posts Alcatraz Festival Report

British thrash metal legends Onslaught has checked in with a message regarding their recent performance at the Alcatraz Metal Festival in Deinze, Belgium. The message reads as follows:

"What a fucking brilliant festival! Seriously, a huge thank you to everyone involved in the organization of this, and and even bigger thank you to all the fucking lunatics that crashed the barriers and rocked out like the old school bastard motherfuckers that you are!

"Thank you so much... did I mention this festival was fucking brilliant?!!!!!!!!" More...

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Onslaught Planning North American Tour

British thrash metal legends Onslaught are apparantly in the planning stages of a headlining tour of North America which will take place later this year. The tour will see the band headlining clubs across the continent as well as performing a special show for fan club members, which will be filmed and made available to fan club members only.

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