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Formed: 1992
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Black Metal Elite To Pay Tribute To Quorthon

A number of well-respected Norwegian black metal musicians will gather to perform a selection of classic BATHORY songs during Norway's Hole In The Sky Festival as a tribute to the group's mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, who passed away earlier this month. So far, the following musicians have been confirmed to take part in this special performance (in alphabetical order):

Abbath (ex-IMMORTAL)
Apollyon (AURA NOIR)
Faust (ex-EMPEROR)
Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE)

The Hole in the Sky organizers have "the utmost respect for all the musicians lending their valuable time to make this a memorable event in the memory of Quorthon and his work of brilliance," according to an official press release. A portion of the profits from the festival — which is scheduled to be held August 25-28, 2004 at three different venues in Bergen, Norway — will be donated to Black Mark Records, the label owned by Quorthon's father, Börje Forsberg.

Commented Samoth: "Needless to say, Quorthon and his mighty BATHORY had a huge impact on me as a musician and definitely sparked my fascination for black metal in the early days. It was sad to hear of his early death. Quorthon was already a legend for years, and left behind an epic testimony blood, fire and death! May he rule among the gods of Valhalla!"

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Gorgoroth Singer Denies Cruelty To Animals

The singer of the Norwegian black metal band accused of "offending religious feelings" during a concert in Poland last weekend has rejected accusations that the group had breached the Polish law on protection of animals by displaying the severed and impaled heads of sheep as part of their stage act.

The concert, which took place at the studio of a local TV station, "was never meant to reach the media," GORGOROTH vocalist Gaahl told the NRK newspaper. "Producers Metal Mind [who were filming the concert for a future live DVD] bought the sheep heads at a butcher shop. We weren't involved in animal-torture of any kind."

As previously reported, in addition to facing possible animal-cruelty charges, the members of GORGOROTH are suspected of having breached article 196 of the Polish penal code concerning offense to religious feelings, according to Miroslawa Kalinowska-Zajdak, a spokesperson for the public prosecutor in Krakow. The maximum penalty for breaching the article is five years in prison.

A TV station in Krakow, which complained about the performance, had acquired broadcasting rights for the show, Kalinowska-Zajdak said, adding that the prosecutor might ask for Norwegian help in questioning group members. Gaahl- the singer of GORGOROTH is no stranger to the Norwegian penal system, having previously been convicted three times for various acts of violence, according to the newspaper Bergens Tidende. More...

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Headline News

Gorgoroth Investigated For Performance In Poland

"A prosecutor in Poland has launched an investigation into whether a concert by the black metal band GORGOROTH has breached the country's law protecting religion. The Norwegian band are suspected of having sent a hateful and offensive message with their performance Sunday (Feb. 1) at the Krakow studios of Polish Television.

The show, which was to be filmed for an upcoming DVD, featured two naked women (with hoods over their heads) and one naked man, all of them "crucified" and covered in sheep blood, a number of sheep heads on spikes and sheep entrails thrown all over the stage, as well as approximately 80 liters of fresh sheep blood. During the performance, which was attended by an audience of 300, one of the models reportedly fainted from the lack of oxygen. The TV show's producers, who were not briefed in advance about the nature of the concert, were said to "shocked" by the activities on stage. The manager of the studio, Andrzej Jeziorek, notified the police and the recorded footage was confiscated by the authorities as evidence of a possible crime. More...

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Gorgoroth's Risky Show...Pictures Online

A bunch of photos and video clips from GORGOROTH's controversial gig in Krakow, Poland last Sunday (Feb. 1) have been posted online at this and this location. Also available is an XviD file containing a report from the biggest Polish TV news magazine.

As previously reported, a prosecutor in Poland has launched an investigation into whether GORGOROTH's concert in Krakow breached the country's law protecting religion. The Norwegian band are suspected of having sent a hateful and offensive message with their performance, which was to have been filmed for a future DVD release.

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Gorgoroth Preparing Live DVD

Gorgoroth are preparing a live DVD which will be released next year. It will be recorded in Poland / Krakow and you can look forward to an amazing live show, unique bonus material and interviews. "We have a big thing going on in Poland this month-DVD production, with lots of pyro, gallons of blood, live crucifixion, nude models used and abused in the name of satan" says Infernus.

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Gorgoroth Move Their Website

Gorgoroth have relocated their website to http://www.gorgoroth.org. The former website (www.gorgoroth.com) has been down for a while of various reasons, and so the band has moved over to a .org address. Check it out!

In other Gorgorth news, Gaahl is still awaiting trial after the proceedings in October were postponed due to the prosecutor's health conditions. He is on trial for "unordinary vile use of violence" - If convicted he faces up to 6 years in jail.

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