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Formed: 1992
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Gorgoroth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Headline News

Gorgoroth's Gaahl Sentenced To 14 Months In Appeal

GORGOROTH frontman Gaahl was sentenced to 14 months in prison for beating a 41-year-old man and threatening to drink his blood. The 29-year-old, whose real name has not been revealed by the Norwegian media, was charged with a crime that carries a maximum penalty of nine years in prison.

The black metal vocalist was sentenced to one year and two months in jail by the Gulating court of appeals on Tuesday (Feb. 22), according to TV2. The original 18-month sentence, which was handed down last May, was reduced by four months while the amount in damages Gaahl is required to pay to the victim was increased from 100,000 NOK (approximately $16,000) to 190,000 NOK (approximately $30,400).

Last year, the district court concluded that Gaahl's use of violence was severe enough for him to be charged with aggravated assault. The court of appeals agreed with the disctrict court's findings, but still chose to reduce the 29-year-old's sentence. The victim, whose identity has not been revealed by the Norwegian media, explained that he went to an after-hours party in February 2002 at the invitation of Gaahl's brother and ended up engaging in a verbal disagreement with Gaahl. However, he denied that he physically attacked Gaahl, as has been claimed by the defendant. More...

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Gorgoroth's Gaahl Begins Appeal Process, More News

As previously reported, Gaahl appealed last years sentence by Sunnfjord court, who initially sentenced him to 18 months in prison on charges of violence. He was also ordered to pay over NOK 100,000 in damages and compensation to the victim. Last week the appeal case started in Gulating lagmannsrett, Bergen. The final sentence of the trial will be posted when it is set.

Gorgoroth recently finished the recordings of the drums for the upcoming album 'Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam', and the band are very satisfied with the outcome of the recording session. They will soon enter the studio again to record bass and guitars.

In other news, Infernus and King recently had a photo session with Metalion for an exclusive interview for the upcoming issue of Slayer Magazine.

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Gorgoroth Signs With Regain Records

Gorgoroth has announced that they have signed with Swedish label Regain Records. "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" scheduled to debut on Regain Records 2005. The joint venture enthusiastically inked over the weekend maintains the band's impetus and tenacious momentum this year.

As previously reported, Gorgoroth parted ways with Seasons of Mist, but that label still plans to reissue rematered and repackaged Gorgoroth classics "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under The Sign Of Hell". These reissues are slated for a February 17th release.

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Gorgoroth Confirmed For With Full Force Festival

Gorgoroth have been confirmed for the With Full Force Festival on July 2nd. Also note confirmed March dates in Belgium, France and Holland:

11.02.2005 - Oslo, Norway.
12.02.2005 - Hamar, Norway.
26.03.2005 - Antw., Belgium.
27.03.2005 - Paris, France.
28.03.2005 - Tilburg, Holland.
02.07.2005 - With Full Force.

In other news the drum tracks are complete for the upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". Project development forges forward steadily.

While Seasons of Mist will no be releasing the new album, they will be releasing the reissues of Gorgoroth classics "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under The Sign Of Hell". Remastered and Repackaged in Deluxe Digipak, these albums previously available as imports document Gorgoroth's formative years. Scheduled release dates are slated for February 17th.

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Season of Mist Unable To Reach Deal w/ Gorgoroth

The French record label Season of Mist has issued the following statement:

"Despite negotiating for several months and despite all the rumors, Season of Mist and [Norwegian black metallers] GORGOROTH could not find a final agreement on their cooperation, both on a contractual and personal level. We nonetheless sincerely wish the band the best.

"Season of Mist is still handling the only official reissues remastered of [early GORGOROTH albums] 'Pentagram' [1994], 'Antichrist' [1996] and 'Under the Sign of Hell' [1997], out now in limited digipack with guitar pick."

As previously reported, GORGOROTH entered Lydriket Studios in Norway on January 14 to begin laying down drum tracks for their new album, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam".

"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" will contain eight tracks and is tentatively expected late spring/early summer through an as-yet-undisclosed label.

GORGOROTH were most recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, who released the band's last three efforts: "Twilight of the Idols" (2003), "Incipit Satan" (2000) and "Destroyer" (1998).

Upcoming GORGOROTH shows:

Feb. 11 - John Dee - Oslo, NOR
Feb. 12 - Hydranten - Hamar, NOR

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Gorgoroth's Studio Time Delayed

Gorgoroth's plans to go in studio have been delayed. Anticipated plans for studio time and recording schedules conflicted with an already booked timetable at Grieghallen Studios. The band will however lay down drum tracks for Gorgoroth's eagerly awaited and upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" at Lydriket Studios, on January 14th in it's stead.

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Gorgoroth To Enter Studio This Week

Gorgoroth will enter Grieghallen studio 5th of January 2005 to start the recordings of the upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". The album will contain 8 tracks and the releasedate is still not set.

As previoously reported, Gorgoroth have inked a deal with the French label Season of Mist for the reissues of their first three albums in Europe: "Pentagram" (1994), "Antichrist" (1996) and "Under the Sign of Hell" (1997). All three will be re-released in January/February in a remastered, digipack version. It is not presently clear if Season of Mist will issue the band's upcoming CD.

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Gorgoroth Reissues Albums

Black metal band Gorgoroth have signed a deal with French record label Season of Mist to reissue their first three albums, "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under the sign of Hell".

Gorgoroth has also ended their deal with Nuclear Blast who released their last 3 efforts, "Twilight of the Idols", "Incipit Satan", and "Destroyer".

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Gorgoroth Central American Tour Report

Gorgoroth has issued the following tour report:

The recent Central American tour was very well visited and the fans [were] truly dedicated. Especially in San Salvador and Guatemala city, although the security in the first mentioned city should have been better. Mexico was also great, at least introductorily, but after a few gigs we [had] more and more problems with incompetence from the crew, poor organization and illness. This reached its climax under the last concert in Mexico city, where we, due to technical problems and lousy crew work, had to cancel the last five songs from the set. As a consequence of this we will replace the local oraganizator and come back stronger next time!

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Gorgoroth Comfirmed For Hammerslag Festivalen

Gorgoroth, Pantheon I, Framferd and Lucid Fear have been confirmed for Hammerslag Festivalen, a new Norwegian black metal festival set to take place on the longest night of the year, on December 18, 2004, at an old church in Tønsberg, Norway.

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Gorgoroth To Have First Three Albums Re-Issued

Gorgoroth have inked a deal with the French label Season of Mist for the reissues of their first three albums: "Pentagram" (1994), "Antichrist" (1996) and "Under the Sign of Hell" (1997). All three will be re-released in January/February in a remastered, digipack version. It is not presently clear if Season of Mist will issue the band's upcoming CD, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam", the songwriting for which was completed earlier in the year.

Gorgoroth were most recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, who released the band's last three efforts: "Twilight of the Idols" (2003), "Incipit Satan" (2000) and "Destroyer" (1998).

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Headline News

Gorgoroth Causes Riots In El Salvador

Gorgoroth made the headlines in the major papers in Latin America after performing a show which created big riots in San Salvador. The audience got so extatic over the presence of the first black metal act visiting their country that the situation got totally out of control. The secutity and the police could not handle the people outside the venue so they had to call in the special forces "del cuerpo de Proteccion a Personalides Importantes" (PPI). When the PPI reached the venue the masses of people not getting a ticket for the already sold out show kicked in the entrancedoor and lots of fighting between the audience began. The audience started to kick in doors and toilets, several injuries occured and major damages to the venue. The PPI decided in the end to use gas on the audience to get the situation under control. When Gorgoroth entered the stage 30 security people had to be on stage preventing the audience to enter it. The fighting maintained through Gorgoroths performance and the PPI and the police had to hold the audience inside the venue with firearms to get the band in safety. Gorgoroth came from the incident without any injuries.

Pictures and links will come later (at gorgoroth.org)

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Gorgoroth: Closest Show To The U.S. Next Friday

Norwegian black metalllers Gorgoroth will be playing the only show anywhere close to the U.S. only minutes from San Diego at Box Underground (1500 Revolution Ave.) in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday, November 12. Also appearing on the bill will be Sadistic Intent, Infinitum Obscure and Sumeria. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 day of show, and are available at Dark Realm Records (Downey, CA), Blue Meannie Records (El Cajon, CA) and Last Temptation (Tijuana, Mexico). A flyer for the show can be viewed at this location.

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Gorgoroth Issue Post-Tour Update

Gorgoroth have issued an update following the completion of their European Tour:

The European "Twilight of the Idols"- tour have been a great succsess. Lots of people showed up at the gigs and Gorgoroth broke the venuerecord at two venues. Besides the technical problems at the show in Osnabrück, Gorgoroth delivered great shows and Khoaz productions showed themself to be a serious and reliable company which Gorgoroth will continue to work with in the future. Gorgoroth and their support act 1349 had to cancel all the local support acts because of lack of time, technical problems and the need for getting the crew to function at its best. This created a show with unholy norwegian black metal from the beginning to the end. Just the way it is supposed to be. Hail Satan.

In other news Gorgoroth will participate in a canadian documentary about the history of metal along with bands like Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Enslaved, Rage against the machine and others. This documentary will be shown on canadian television, film festivals and cinemas. Check back for further information.

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Gorgoroth Announce Tour Lineup

GORGOROTH have announced the tour lineup. Dirge Rep (drums, Orcustus, ex- Enslaved, ex-Gehenna) and Teloch (guitars, Orcustus, Nidingr) will be session members for the upcoming European and Mexican tour.

Their mates from 1349, the band featuring Satyricon's drummer Frost, will be joing them as well. Updated list of gigs includes:

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Gorgoroth Announce European Tour Dates

Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH have announced the first dates for their "Twilight of the Idols" European headlining tour. Support at all shows will come from 1349, the Norwegian group featuring SATYRICON drummer Frost.

Here are the "Twilight of the Idols" tour dates:

Oct. 01 - Bischofswerda, GER @ East Club
Oct. 02 - Osnabrück, GER @ Tor 3
Oct. 03 - Berlin, GER @ K 17
Oct. 04 - Munchen, GER @ Titanic City
Oct. 05 - Prague, CZR @ Black Pes
Oct. 06 - Nitra, SK @ Stara Peraken
Oct. 07 - Belgrade, SER @ Dom Oplanine
Oct. 08 - Budapest, HUN @ Mega Pub
Oct. 09 - Vienna, AUT @ Planet Music
Oct. 10 - Ljubljana, SLO @ Galahala Metelkoya
Oct. 11 - Aarau, SWI @ Kiff
Oct. 12 - Bochum, GER @ Matrix

In other news, GORGOROTH have revealed that it is still uncertain when the video footage recorded at the group's infamous gig in Krakow, Poland will be returned. The tapes, which were meant to be used for future DVD release, were confiscated by the local police after the band were accused of "offending religious feelings" during the early February concert. GORGOROTH were also suspected of breaching the Polish law on protection of animals by displaying the severed and impaled heads of sheep as part of their stage act.

The Polish prosecutor has asked the Norwegian police for help in questioning members of GORGOROTH in order to determine whether Article 196 of the Polish penal code (concerning offense to religious feelings) has been breached or not during the band's concert in Krakow. The maximum penalty for breaching the article is five years in prison.

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Just For Fun

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics

Ruthless Reviews scribe Mike From Hobart has compiled a list of the "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time," which includes such bands as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Old Man's Child and Satyricon.

Check out the list and pics here.

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Gorgoroth Shopping For New Record Deal

Gorgoroth have received many offers for a new record deal since parting ways with Nuclear Blast in April. They are currently discussing with the label which seems to be the best alternative. An update on this issue will be announced as if/when anything is signed.

As previously reported, Gorgoroth will have drummer auditions at the second half of August for a possible coming tour. The tour will hopefully take place in October with 1349. In November there is also planned a mini tour in Mexico.

Gaahl will appear on a live tribute gig in honour of legendary Quorthon of Bathory. The gig will be held at this years Hole in the Sky Festival, Saturday 28.8.2004.

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Gorgoroth Write New Material, Audition Drummers

Gorgoroth have now written new material for their upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". Where and when it will be recorded has yet to be decided.

Later this month Gorgoroth are having drummer auditions for the planned European tour this autumn, and an eventual album recording. More information about the tour and the outcome of the auditions will come.

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Gorgoroth Singer Appeals Sentence

GORGOROTH singer Gaahl is hoping that the Norwegian court will overturn the 18-month sentence he received in early May for beating a 41-year-old man in what the victim called a ritual attack. "Gaahl has appealed the sentence to the High Court — criminal division, but as these things take a long time here in Norway, nothing has happened yet," reads a posting on the band's web site.

The 28-year-old black metal vocalist, who has several prior convictions, including one for assault and battery, was sentenced at Sunnfjord court in Forde, Norway. In addition to the prison term, Gaahl was ordered to pay 75,000 NOK (approximately $11,000) to the victim, plus an additional 29,000 NOK (approximately $4,300) in damages.

The court's sentence matched the recommendation from prosecutor Ronny Iden, who took into account the fact that Gaahl had a prior conviction for assault. In that 2001 incident, Gaahl brutalized his victim for hours and was sentenced to one year in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition, he was ordered to pay 158,000 NOK (approximately $23,000) in punitive damages. "Two people have had their lives irreparably shattered by the defendant's actions," the court said in the written sentence.

Gaahl is one of the musicians tentatively scheduled to perform a selection of classic BATHORY songs during Norway's Hole In The Sky Festival in late August as a tribute to the group's mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, who passed away earlier this month. More...

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