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Band Photo: Gorgoroth (?)

Formed: 1992
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Gorgoroth News

Below is our complete Gorgoroth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Gorgoroth Embark On Euro Tour, Plan Live Recording

Yesterday Gorgoroth embarked upon their upcoming European tour with 1349. A total of 30 concerts are arranged and first on the list is Paris on November 2nd.

Although delaying the work with the next studio album, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam", Gorgoroth intend to do several live recordings at different locations during this tour, which eventually will culminate in a live album entitled "True Norwegian Black Metal". Scheduled for a late autumn release in 2007, it will mark and celebrate Gorgoroth's 15-year anniversary.

Confirmed dates are as follows (as of 10/30/2005): More...

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Former Immortal Frontman Has a New Project

IMMORTAL frontman Abbath (real name: Olve Eikemo) has reportedly joined forces with original IMMORTAL drummer Armagedda, ENSLAVED guitarist Arve Isdal and GORGOROTH bassist King in a brand-new project dubbed simply I. The group have finished writing two-thirds of the material for their upcoming full-length debut, which will feature lyrics written primarily by former IMMORTAL guitarist Demonaz (real name: Harald Nævdal). The band, who expect to enter the studio before the end of 2005, are said to be contemplating making several festival appearances next year. More information will be made available soon.

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Former Gorgoroth Drummer Finishes Book

Former Gorgoroth drummer Erlend Erichsen (participated on Incipit Satan) has finished work on his debut novel entitled «Nasjonalsatanisten», which is scheduled to be released in October via Damm Forlag (major Norwegian publisher).

The story of the novel is set to the early/mid nineties, when Norwegian black metal started to expand. Although the story is fictional, much of it is based on Erichsen's own experiences and observations as an active member of the scene.

Recent articles about the book in Norwegian media (all in Norwegian):

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Gorgoroth Recording Update, Confirmed Tour Dates

The recordings of the upcoming Gorgoroth album "Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam" progress steadily. Infernus and King have been in a studio in Spydeberg (Norway) for the past weeks where they have recorded bass and guitar. They have brought the tapes back to Bergen and will continue their work in Earshot Studios during this summer.

Gorgoroth are planning a European tour with 1349. Here are the confirmed tour dates:


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Gorgoroth Issue Album Update

Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH have posted the following update on their official web site:

"The recordings of the upcoming album, 'Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam', progress steadily. Infernus [guitar] and King [bass] have been in a studio in Spydeberg (Norway) for the past weeks where they have recorded bass and guitar. They have brought the tapes back to Bergen and will continue their work in Earshot Studios during this summer."

"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" is tentatively scheduled for release before the end of the year via Sweden's Regain Records. The band were most recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, who released the band's last three efforts: "Twilight of the Idols" (2003), "Incipit Satan" (2000) and "Destroyer" (1998).

GORGOROTH last year inked a deal with the French label Season of Mist for the reissues of their first three albums: "Pentagram" (1994), "Antichrist" (1996) and "Under the Sign of Hell" (1997). All three were re-released earlier this year in a remastered, digipack version.

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Gorgoroth's August London Show Cancelled

According to a posting on the GORGOROTH web site, the promoters of the band's previously announced August 13 show in London have cancelled the gig "due to financial reasons." The group's next live appearance will take place on July 2 at the With Full Force festival in Leipzig, Germany.

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Gorgoroth Guitarist Gets Three Years In Prison

GORGOROTH guitarist Infernus (real name: Roger Tiegs) was sentenced in a Norwegian court to three years in prison for rape. The incident happened April 27, 2004 when Tiegs, 34, and a friend, 32, brought a 29-year-old woman they met at a nightclub called Garage in Bergen back to Tiegs' appartment after closing hours. The two men allegedly punched the woman in the face and forced her to have sex with them. The defendants admitted that they had sex with the woman, but claimed it was consensual.

"The verdict is full of factual errors and lacks logic and reason. I'm convinced that both these men are innoncent," the defense attorney, Jørgen Riple, told the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Tiegs and his friend, whose name has not been disclosed by the media, were each ordered to pay 100,000 NOK (approximately $16,000) in court costs and an additional 55,000 NOK (approximately $9,000) in punitive damages.

Both men have appealed the verdict.

Check out Norwegian media reports on this story:

Bergens Tidende
VG Nett

The 29-year-old, whose real name has not been revealed by the Norwegian media, was charged with a crime that carries a maximum penalty of nine years in prison.

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More Gorgoroth Fest Dates

Gorgoroth has confirmed a couple more concerts dates, totalling 4 upcoming shows for this summer so far:

14.05.2005 "C4" - Islikon, Switzerland
16.05.2005 "Hulen" - Bergen, Norway
02.07.2005 "With Full Force Festival" - Leipzig, Germany
13.08.2005 "Underworld" - London, UK

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Gorgoroth's "Black Mass in Krakow" May Be Released

On March 2, Gorgoroth was examinated in Bergen Tingrett (Norwegian court) in regard to last year's controversial show in Krakow. It's now up to the Polish authorities to clarify this matter and eventually return the mastertapes so that the "Black Mass in Krakow" DVD can be released.

The band assure that all future concerts will go on as scheduled with Gaahl on vocals, as there is a long waiting time in Norway for going to jail in matters like these.

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Gorgoroth Head To Norwegian Court Over Polish Gig

Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH will head to Norwegian court (Bergen Tingrett) on March 2 in connection with a February 2004 incident when they were accused of "offending religious feelings" during a concert in Poland. The band were also suspected of breaching the Polish law on protection of animals by displaying the severed and impaled heads of sheep as part of their stage act.

A spokesperson for the public prosecutor in Krakow, southern Poland, said last year that they might ask for Norwegian help in questioning members of GORGOROTH in order to determine whether Article 196 of the Polish penal code (concerning offense to religious feelings) has been breached or not during the band's concert in Krakow on Feb. 1, 2004. The maximum penalty for breaching the article is five years in prison.

The group, who are accused of having offended religious feelings by displaying naked women, covered in blood and being crucified, also displayed sheep heads, severed and impaled, with the stage splashed with their blood. [Check out photos from the gig here]

"We are also looking into whether the law on protection of animals has been breached," the spokesperson, Miroslawa Kalinowska-Zajdak, said last February.

Kalinowska-Zajdak said the prosecutor was following up a complaint from the head of a local television station who rented a TV studio to GORGOROTH for the concert, recorded for a DVD.

The local television in Krakow, which complained about the performance, had acquired broadcasting rights for the show, Kalinowska-Zajdak said.

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Headline News

Gorgoroth's Gaahl Sentenced To 14 Months In Appeal

GORGOROTH frontman Gaahl was sentenced to 14 months in prison for beating a 41-year-old man and threatening to drink his blood. The 29-year-old, whose real name has not been revealed by the Norwegian media, was charged with a crime that carries a maximum penalty of nine years in prison.

The black metal vocalist was sentenced to one year and two months in jail by the Gulating court of appeals on Tuesday (Feb. 22), according to TV2. The original 18-month sentence, which was handed down last May, was reduced by four months while the amount in damages Gaahl is required to pay to the victim was increased from 100,000 NOK (approximately $16,000) to 190,000 NOK (approximately $30,400).

Last year, the district court concluded that Gaahl's use of violence was severe enough for him to be charged with aggravated assault. The court of appeals agreed with the disctrict court's findings, but still chose to reduce the 29-year-old's sentence. The victim, whose identity has not been revealed by the Norwegian media, explained that he went to an after-hours party in February 2002 at the invitation of Gaahl's brother and ended up engaging in a verbal disagreement with Gaahl. However, he denied that he physically attacked Gaahl, as has been claimed by the defendant. More...

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Gorgoroth's Gaahl Begins Appeal Process, More News

As previously reported, Gaahl appealed last years sentence by Sunnfjord court, who initially sentenced him to 18 months in prison on charges of violence. He was also ordered to pay over NOK 100,000 in damages and compensation to the victim. Last week the appeal case started in Gulating lagmannsrett, Bergen. The final sentence of the trial will be posted when it is set.

Gorgoroth recently finished the recordings of the drums for the upcoming album 'Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam', and the band are very satisfied with the outcome of the recording session. They will soon enter the studio again to record bass and guitars.

In other news, Infernus and King recently had a photo session with Metalion for an exclusive interview for the upcoming issue of Slayer Magazine.

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Gorgoroth Signs With Regain Records

Gorgoroth has announced that they have signed with Swedish label Regain Records. "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" scheduled to debut on Regain Records 2005. The joint venture enthusiastically inked over the weekend maintains the band's impetus and tenacious momentum this year.

As previously reported, Gorgoroth parted ways with Seasons of Mist, but that label still plans to reissue rematered and repackaged Gorgoroth classics "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under The Sign Of Hell". These reissues are slated for a February 17th release.

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Gorgoroth Confirmed For With Full Force Festival

Gorgoroth have been confirmed for the With Full Force Festival on July 2nd. Also note confirmed March dates in Belgium, France and Holland:

11.02.2005 - Oslo, Norway.
12.02.2005 - Hamar, Norway.
26.03.2005 - Antw., Belgium.
27.03.2005 - Paris, France.
28.03.2005 - Tilburg, Holland.
02.07.2005 - With Full Force.

In other news the drum tracks are complete for the upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". Project development forges forward steadily.

While Seasons of Mist will no be releasing the new album, they will be releasing the reissues of Gorgoroth classics "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under The Sign Of Hell". Remastered and Repackaged in Deluxe Digipak, these albums previously available as imports document Gorgoroth's formative years. Scheduled release dates are slated for February 17th.

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Season of Mist Unable To Reach Deal w/ Gorgoroth

The French record label Season of Mist has issued the following statement:

"Despite negotiating for several months and despite all the rumors, Season of Mist and [Norwegian black metallers] GORGOROTH could not find a final agreement on their cooperation, both on a contractual and personal level. We nonetheless sincerely wish the band the best.

"Season of Mist is still handling the only official reissues remastered of [early GORGOROTH albums] 'Pentagram' [1994], 'Antichrist' [1996] and 'Under the Sign of Hell' [1997], out now in limited digipack with guitar pick."

As previously reported, GORGOROTH entered Lydriket Studios in Norway on January 14 to begin laying down drum tracks for their new album, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam".

"Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" will contain eight tracks and is tentatively expected late spring/early summer through an as-yet-undisclosed label.

GORGOROTH were most recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, who released the band's last three efforts: "Twilight of the Idols" (2003), "Incipit Satan" (2000) and "Destroyer" (1998).

Upcoming GORGOROTH shows:

Feb. 11 - John Dee - Oslo, NOR
Feb. 12 - Hydranten - Hamar, NOR

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Gorgoroth's Studio Time Delayed

Gorgoroth's plans to go in studio have been delayed. Anticipated plans for studio time and recording schedules conflicted with an already booked timetable at Grieghallen Studios. The band will however lay down drum tracks for Gorgoroth's eagerly awaited and upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" at Lydriket Studios, on January 14th in it's stead.

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Gorgoroth To Enter Studio This Week

Gorgoroth will enter Grieghallen studio 5th of January 2005 to start the recordings of the upcoming album "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". The album will contain 8 tracks and the releasedate is still not set.

As previoously reported, Gorgoroth have inked a deal with the French label Season of Mist for the reissues of their first three albums in Europe: "Pentagram" (1994), "Antichrist" (1996) and "Under the Sign of Hell" (1997). All three will be re-released in January/February in a remastered, digipack version. It is not presently clear if Season of Mist will issue the band's upcoming CD.

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Gorgoroth Reissues Albums

Black metal band Gorgoroth have signed a deal with French record label Season of Mist to reissue their first three albums, "Pentagram", "Antichrist", and "Under the sign of Hell".

Gorgoroth has also ended their deal with Nuclear Blast who released their last 3 efforts, "Twilight of the Idols", "Incipit Satan", and "Destroyer".

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Gorgoroth Central American Tour Report

Gorgoroth has issued the following tour report:

The recent Central American tour was very well visited and the fans [were] truly dedicated. Especially in San Salvador and Guatemala city, although the security in the first mentioned city should have been better. Mexico was also great, at least introductorily, but after a few gigs we [had] more and more problems with incompetence from the crew, poor organization and illness. This reached its climax under the last concert in Mexico city, where we, due to technical problems and lousy crew work, had to cancel the last five songs from the set. As a consequence of this we will replace the local oraganizator and come back stronger next time!

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Gorgoroth Comfirmed For Hammerslag Festivalen

Gorgoroth, Pantheon I, Framferd and Lucid Fear have been confirmed for Hammerslag Festivalen, a new Norwegian black metal festival set to take place on the longest night of the year, on December 18, 2004, at an old church in Tønsberg, Norway.

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