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Sunday Old School: Piledriver

Take yourself back in time almost three decades - the year was 1985, only a scant couple of years after a few record labels were issuing independent metal stateside. The commercial bands were starting to get upstaged by these new groups that had this harder and heavier sound. This little known band Thrust put out this song "Posers Will Die" which became sort of a mantra for the new movement. Listeners wanted an alternative to commercial metal, and along comes this album "Metal Inquisition" by a Canadian band named Piledriver. The album cover alone was enough to have you laughing your ass off. The vocalist was this giant dude with spikes, leather and bondage gear plastered all over his body. He was wielding a v-neck guitar like a jackhammer into some young metalhead kid's skull. But what was truly classic was the actual record itself, which contained a track listing of songs that held up to the test of time and are still listened to today. It was the perfect combination of a thrashing power metal sound. More...

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Piledriver Goes On Hiatus

Piledriver has issued the following announcement about putting all future activity on hiatus:

"Lead Vokillist Gord 'THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER' Kirchin has abruptly announced that the he has put all activities of the Exalted Piledriver band on hiatus while he deals with ‘numerous unsurmountable obstacles and negativities that prevent me from moving forward at this time’, adding ’it's only wise that I pull the plug until this metal machine works properly again and no-one else gets hurt’.

"The Leather-bound And Pointy Exalted Piledriver explains, ‘major health problems have been hampering live performances for over a year, and that's one of the numerous reasons for this season of 'down-time' for me right now. I need to have a few things fixed or adjusted, and I'll be back in the health saddle in a few months’. Band-members guitarist Mark 'Kinky Pork Cream' Kopernicky and bassist Rob 'Lobo El Fsnort' Tollefson kindly forced the hiatus move by tendering their resignations on May 9th, 2009 via e-mail ’because we love you’. Kopernicky is presently working on an album with former bandmates Nasty Black and a solo album, and Tollefson is fond of drinking. It is not known at this time that they will be returning to the band lineup after the hiatus. More...

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Piledriver Completes New Album

Canadian metallers Piledriver have reportedly finished mixing their new album, "Metal Manifesto" which is scheduled for an October 31st.

Guitarist Kinky Pork Cream says: "The album is now on its way to get mastered, which should be completed by this weekend. Overall we are more then happy with the results. With Neil Kernon's help, I believe we have made a truly heavy thrash metal album that will definitely make a statement in the metal world. Working with Neil was a blast as he is a man of many interesting stories and insight. I feel confident that Piledriver will be working with Neil again on future releases. Spending five days in Chicago was quite a good experience as we met a lot of great people and lots of metalheads. We ended our stay in Chicago at the famous Kuma's Corner burger joint. We had heard many stories of this place and it didn't disappoint. Good food and awesome metal tunes were played. As for shows, our next show is October 13th with OVERKILL at the Opera House in Toronto. Well, that's all for now. Lots of work in the meantime, including booking a tour of Europe for 2009. Lots of countries to hit this time."

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Piledriver Issue Studio Update and Announce Shows

PILEDRIVER guitarist Kinky Pork Cream issues the following studio update:

"March has been a month in which we have been focusing on rehearsing some new songs that will be recorded for the new album. As I mentioned in prior messages..we are three-quarters done...but wanted to record a few more tunes just to make sure that we have the best material possible for the album. So we should be heading back into the studio within three weeks I would guess. Then off to Chicago to mix with Neil Kernon (CANNIBAL CORPSE, QUEENSRŸCHE). CANT WAIT!"

"I'm also pleased to announce a bunch of shows that will be coming up for the band..these are confirmed:"

"Saturday, May 10th - La Source - Coaticook, QC
Saturday, June 14th - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
Saturday, July 19th - Club Saphir - Montreal, QC"

"There are more shows that are nearing confimation and will be posted here shortly."

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Piledriver Mainman Ink Deal With Gibson

PILEDRIVER mainman The Exalted Piledriver has issued the following update:

"Hells yeah!!!"

"I walked into Long & McQuade, not even remotely looking for a sister for my trusty 'standard', and ended up falling spiked-head over leather-heels for one of her ugliest cousins, a stanky BFG in trans-black!!!"

"RIGHT UP MY GROTTY DIRT-METAL ALLEY!!! Thanks for creating the perfect Gibby for me, The Exalted Piledriver!!! All that I love from my standard lp, with a lowdown unpretentious grunt and greasery in execution of errant-aesthetics... these guitars have no time to hang around the factory getting 'finished'... they're born to burn riffs hot, fast, and loud ASAP!!! Ugliness in urgency!!!" More...

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Piledriver Issue Studio Update

PILEDRIVER guitarist Kinky Pork Cream issues the following studio update:

"Well..as of right now we have eight songs recorded and pretty much ready to mix for the new album entitled The Metal Manifesto. We will head back in the studio sometime in January to record two or three more songs and then prepare to mix the album. We have a few big name people lined up to mix it which is great news...don't want to say who yet until its official, but needless to say I have no doubt this will be The Piledriver album fans have been waiting for. Also we have a few artists working on the album cover. When it's approved, I will post it for you to see. We also have a US record label showing great interest in releasing the CD, so that will definitely help get it in stores around the globe. Like I said before, no names till the ink is dry." More...

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Piledriver Issue Update

Canuck metal legends PILEDRIVER issue the following update:

"Kinky (guitars, vocals) here to give you an update on the recording of our Metal Manifesto album. Well, where to start. OK, to say that I'm pleased with the results so far would be a BIG understatement!! I truly feel that something magical and very metal was captured last night. Our original goal for the day was to go in and track drums and maybe some bass guitar for four songs...but instead we got far more done. In fact we got drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitars and vocals for 4 songs done. Plus I was able to get guitar solos done for two songs. So I think it's safe to say we are ahead of schedule. Oh, I know some of you are probably wondering what songs we tackled so far. They would be: 'Metal Manifesto', 'Blood Bath', 'Saw Your Face' and 'Battle Axe'. We are scheduled to return to the studio in the middle of November to continue tracking another four songs at this rate we should (keep your fingers crossed) be done by Christmas. Well that's all for now...I will post another blog now with photos and more comments."

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Piledriver Hope To Relase New Album Soon

Canadian metal legends PILEDRIVER have issued the following update:

"The band will be playing their only Toronto show of the year on October 19th at The Metal Bar. More info posted soon. In other Piledriver news, the band is currently preparing to enter the studio to begin work on their anxiously awaited new CD. The band hope to have it released before the end of the year."

Piledriver are confirmed for the Metal On Metal 25th Anniversary Concert on Saturday, September 15 at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. Other acts on the bill include RAVEN, ANVIL and DESTRUCTOR (Forever In Leather CD release show!). All four bands will be doing full headlining sets.

The concert will celebrate the 25th anniversary (1982-2007) of Bill Peters' "Metal On Metal" radio program, heard every Friday night in Cleveland on WJCU 88.7 FM and streamed 'live' worldwide at www.wjcu.org. The very popular underground radio program has featured import and independent heavy metal for parts of the past three decades. 2007 also marks the 25th anniversary of Anvil's now classic Metal On Metal album, which was released on Attic Records in 1982 and the theme song of the radio program.

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Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Reveal Upcoming Shows

Relapse Records‘ RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER have lined up the following upcoming shows:

July 14 - Virginia Beach, VA @ The Halfshell
July 28 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber w/ Piledriver, Sacrificial Blood
August 15 - Reading, PA @ Silo Nightclub w/ Into Eternity, Daath, Chthonic
August 17 - Allentown, PA @ Sterling Hotel w/ Mortician
Octobe 27 - Danville, VA @ Plan B

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Destructor And Raven Added To Metal On Metal Fest

The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio will host a "Metal On Metal 25th Anniversary Concert" on Saturday, September 15. Featured bands include RAVEN (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends), ANVIL (Canadian metal veterans and Cleveland favorites who released the classic "Metal On Metal" album in 1982), PILEDRIVER (the "Metal Inquisition" rides again... Canada's '80s underground thrashers' first-ever Cleveland appearance!) and DESTRUCTOR (Cleveland's thrash metal legends... "Forever In Leather" CD-release show!). All four bands will be doing full headlining sets. Each is working on, or soon will be releasing, a new studio album.

The concert will celebrate the 25th anniversary (1982-2007) of Bill Peters' "Metal On Metal" radio program, heard every Friday night in Cleveland on WJCU 88.7 FM and streamed live worldwide at www.wjcu.org. The very popular underground radio program has featured import and independent heavy metal for parts of the past three decades. 2007 also marks the 25th anniversary of ANVIL's now-classic "Metal On Metal" album, which was released on Attic Records in 1982 and the theme song of the radio program.

Tickets are only $15 in advance and available at this location. http://www.beachlandballroom.com/

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Montreal Metal Massacre Fest 2005 Details

The Montreal Metal Massacre fest 2005 will be held at Spectrum in Montreal on December 10th, at 6pm. Bands playing include RAZOR, PILEDRIVER, ANVIL, EXCITER, DBC, AGGRESSION, and LYING TRUTH. Tickets are $32,99 + tax in advance online at ticketpro.ca or by phone for Montreal: 908-9090. Outside Montreal: 1-866-908-9090. Tickets are also sold in stores such as:

In Montreal: Soundcentral, profusion, cdément, freeson.
In Quebec city: Rock star recs
In Ottawa: Vertigo recs
In 3 rivers: L'oreille cassée
At the door: $34,99 + tax

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Piledriver Posts New Demo Tracks For Download

Reunited classic Canadian metallers PILEDRIVER have uploaded full-length MP3 files of four new demo tracks from their upcoming album, "Metal Manifesto".

According to the Internet heavy metal encyclopedia BNR, PILEDRIVER burst onto the metal scene in 1985 "with an over-the-top image (including a ridiculous album cover), tacky lyrics ('Sex With Satan', 'Alien Rape', etc), but also a surprisingly well-executed power/thrash style. [The group's debut] 'Metal Inquisition' was just plain great fun to listen to, one of those guilty pleasures that one could both smile at and headbang to at the same time. Some time later, the follow-up, 'Stay Ugly', appeared, and was quite a disappointment, as the production and songwriting were both below average, and the style had shifted a bit toward messy thrash. Soon after that, the band, disappeared without a trace.

"Years later, the PILEDRIVER story is told. Pile Driver himself (real name Gord Kirchin) tells how the idea of the band came from a record exec who basically just wanted to make a quick buck. The band, as such, never really existed at all, as Kirchin was only hired to do vocals for two separate studio projects (which explains why the two albums differed as much as they did), with all the names made up, as was virtually everything else about the band. Kirchin later formed his own band, DOGS WITH JOBS, and sporadically has been working on solo material since then.

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