"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1993
From: Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Waylander News

Below is our complete Waylander news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Waylander Reveals European Shows

Irish folk metallers Waylander have announced a series of upcoming European tour dates, which are available below. The band will be touring in support of the "Kindred Spirits" release, which is available for ordering right here.

Sunday 24th February Cernunnos Paganfest, Paris - France
Wednesday 6th March Kellys, Galway - Ireland
Wednesday 17th April Fonobar club, Warsaw - Poland
Thursday 18th April Rock Out club Zielona Gora - Poland
Friday 19th April Blackland Berlin - Germany
Saturday 20th April Fenrrs club Klein Pochlarn - Austria
Sunday 21st April Blue Hell Club Budapest - Hungary More...

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New Waylander Song Streaming

Gun Shy Assassin has posted a stream of the title track from Waylander's new fourth album "Kindred Spirits." To access the track, head over to this location. The Northern Irish pagan metallers just issued the album via Listenable Records. In other news, Waylander will be appearing at the Siege Of Limerick VIII on October 28th at Dolan's Warehouse along with 25 other bands.


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Waylander Releasing Fourth Album

Freshly mastered at the Finnox studio in Finland (Children of Bodom, Nightwish), Irish folk metal band Waylander is releasing its brand new and fourth full-length album "Kindred Spirits" on July 16th (EU) and August 14th (North America). The band gave an in-depth commentary about the lyrics for album's the two first songs - "Echoes of the Sidhe" and "Lamh Dearg," which follows below before the tracklisting and cover art for Waylander's "Kindred Spirits."

"Echoes of the Sidhe" - Deals with the enduring fascination in Celtic countries with the Sidhe/the Fairy folk/Tuatha De Danann, which has survived the coming of Christianity as well as the modern age of enlightenment. The belief in the old Gods and the existence of higher plains of existence has endured and will continue to do so.

"Lamh Dearg" - Meaning red hand, the symbol of the northern province of Ulster of which N. Ireland makes up two thirds. For the first time since our debut demo, the conflict in N. Ireland is used as subject matter for one of our songs. This song is about love for the land which transcends politics, where the land itself is sacred while mankind is merely the custodian for the generations to come. Concentrate on what unites us, as it's a lot more than people have knowledge off due to a blinkered mindset. In effect this song is a modern pagan perspective on the conflict we have endured.

1. Echoes of the Sidhe
2. Lámh Dearg
3. Twin Fires of Beltíne
4. Of Fear and Fury
5. Grave of Giants
6. A Path Well Trodden
7. Quest for Immortality
8. Erdath
9. Kindred Spirits


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Black Troll Winterfest Trailer Posted

A trailer for the upcoming Black Troll Winterfest was posted (seen below). The event takes place on November 12, 2011 at Rwe Halle in Mülheim, Germany.

Confirmed bands for the festival are:

XIV Dark Centuries
Chain of Dogs

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Waylander To Enter The Studio

Waylander has issued the following announcement about gearing up to enter the recording studio in July:

"Greetings all, it's been a while but hopefully this update won't disappoint. We've managed to survive the ice and snow putting our energies into the creation of the new songs, which are ticking along nicely. We have decided to entitle the new album, Kindred Spirits. It will contain 8 or 9 songs and will be recorded in Foel Studios in Wales on the first 2 weeks of July. The likes of Napalm Death, Electric Wizard and Primordial have recorded albums there so we're more than pleased with our choice. The studio is set amid stunning scenery and is owned by Dave Anderson [Hawkwind]. With several of us being big Hawkwind fans, well, you can say we're a touch on the excited side.

"Once again, Listenable will release the album, some time around November is the plan. We're talking with a few tour promoters so hopefully we'll get something booked and give you all the chance to experience us in the live arena. Again, I call for anyone who is a promoter, knows a promoter or even has a contact for a promoter to send us a message. We're determined to play in as many places and as often as we can manage with this album but as we represent ourselves, it isn't always easy.

"A touch of sad news to finish. This will be Hugh's last album with us as he's moving to London to attend music college which begins in September. He will continue to write and record with us until we enter Foel and hopefully we'll organize a farewell gig for him before he leaves for college.

"So, we need a replacement and are accepting applications now, Please no time wasters. Drop me a line at ardchieftain@hotmail.com The much delayed Honour Amongst Chaos shirts are getting closer. I will put it up here just as soon as they're ready. That's all for now, take care all."

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Headline News

Original Waylander Bassist Found Dead

Jason Barriskill, the original bass player of Irish folk metal outfit Waylander and later founder of the band Epoch, was found dead in his home in Co. Armagh yesterday morning (February 22nd). This happened only three days after he had a heart attack on friday the 19th. He was only 34 years of age. A message from his old bandmates reads as follows:

"Jason was a once off, a true individual in the truest sense of the word. Almost 15 years after he left Waylander we still talk about him at rehearsal. That is the mark of the man, he left a lasting impression on everyone he met.

"Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his friends and family.

"I hope you have found what you were looking for brother.

"You will never be forgotten."

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Waylander Welcomes New Guitarist, Hugh O'Neill

Irish folk metal band, Waylander, has issued the following statement welcoming their new guitarist, Hugh O'Neill:

“We are very pleased to announce that Hugh O'Neill has come through his trial period with flying colours and will be playing guitar with us on a permanent basis. He has impressed us greatly with his undoubted talent, not to mention his extensive knowledge of Irish Folk music. May his stay be long and fruitful.”

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Waylander Reports On Guitarist Problems

Irish folk metal band Waylander has issued the following band update about losing their live guitarist Gaz:

"It is with angry hearts that we are forced to share this news with you. Just over 2 weeks ago it came to our attention that guitarist Gaz had no intention of either being a member of Waylander nor of fulfilling his live commitments. He had decided to go on tour with another band and hadn't even the decency to let us know in advance. We had our gigs at Winternoise Festival in Germany and a headlining show in London to think about but rather than take the easy option and cancel our performances, we asked original guitarist Dermot O'Hagan to fill in for these gigs and despite not having played electric guitar and Metal in about half a dozen years and only having time to fit in one full rehearsal, i think we can all be proud of both, his, and our efforts and performances at these 2 shows. We are considering our options at the moment but rest assured, no shows or plans that we have, will be put on hold. It's takes more than a knife in the back to stop us. More...

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More Bands Confirmed For Summer Breeze Open Air

The following bands have now been confirmed for Germany's Summer Breeze Open Air Festival 2009:

Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Backyard Babies, Battlelore, Before the Dawn, Beneath the Massacre, Brainstorm, Callejon, Cataract, Corvus Corux, Dagoba, Entombed, Epica, Equilibrium, Evocation, Firewind, Ghost Brigade, Grand Magus, Grave, Hate Eternal, The Haunted, Katatonia, Legion of the Damned, Misery Index, Narziss, One Way Mirror, Opeth, Powerwolf, Raunchy, Sacred Steel, Unhelig, Unsun, Vader, Volbeat, Vomitory, Vried, Waylander, Wintersun.

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Waylander Posts Two New Songs Online

Irish folk metal band Waylander, who recently signed on to Listenable records, has posted two new fully mixed and mastered songs on their MySpace page. Both tracks are from their upcoming album "Honour Amongst Chaos", which is due out in June of 2008. The new songs are titled "Walk With Honour" and "As The Deities Clash", and they can be heard here.

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Waylander Signs With Listenable Records

Long-running Irish folk metal act WAYLANDER has inked a deal with Listenable Records.

Since the release of their last album, "The Light, The Dark And The Endless Knot", WAYLANDER has spent years bringing mosh pits to festivals across Europe such as Bloodstock, Pagan Nights and Ultimo Ratio. They have also spent this time finding and securing a powerful lineup with a passion to match their musical talents.

WAYLANDER's upcoming third album, entitled "Honour Amongst Chaos", is "more powerful and beautiful than ever, using a vast array of Irish folk instruments and armed with their passion for metal in its truest form," according to a press release. "Blending epic atmospheres and relentless brutality, 'Honour Amongst Chaos' reflects the heart and soul of pagan warriors worldwide."

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Guitarist Gazz Murdock Quits Waylander

Guitarist Gazz Murdock of the Irish folk metal band WAYLANDER has released the following statement:

"After over four years of playing with WAYLANDER, I feel it is time for me to leave."

"It's been an honour being part of the Northern Irish metal scene and I am proud to have worked on the upcoming album, 'Honour Amongst Chaos'."

"For the past few years I have considered the rest of WAYLANDER not just as bandmates but as friends and there is no love lost between me and the band. However, I have been playing in WAYLANDER since I was just sixteen and now I am ready for a new challenge, to work with new people and to fulfill my musical ambitions."

"You'll be hearing a lot more from me soon!"

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Waylander Post New Song Online

Long-running Irish folk metal act WAYLANDER has issued the following update:

"It has been a very busy time for WAYLANDER recently, hence the delay in updates and studio reports. [The new WAYLANDER album] 'Honour Amongst Chaos' is now complete and is just waiting to be mastered. A full song off the album, 'As The Deities Clash', is available for streaming off our MySpace page."

"On the surface it may appear that we have spent an overly long time recording this album. Things are never that straight forward for WAYLANDER though. Preparations for the Full Metal Racket festival in Belfast and behind-the-scenes activity in regard to our label gives a fairer reflection of the actual time spent."

"In other news, Dave Briggs (also of RUNECASTER fame and the producer of our upcoming album) has become WAYLANDER's full-time tin whistle and mandolin player, bringing us up to a sextet." More...

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Waylander Look for Artist for New Album's Cover

Long-running Irish folk metal act WAYLANDER are looking for artists interested in creating the cover for the band's upcoming album, "Honour Amongst Chaos". More information is available at the group's official forum.

In other news, WAYLANDER's long-out-of-print debut album, "Reawakening Pride Once Lost", will be re-released on CD format on January 15 (January 30 in the U.S.) via Midhir Records. A vinyl version will follow. The album is being reissued with bonus tracks and altered artwork. The new tracks are remastered songs from WAYLANDER's early demos.

For more information, visit www.midhirrecords.com.

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Waylander Stage Mini-Reunion At Day of Darkness

Long-running Celtic metal act WAYLANDER were reunited with former band member and editor of Ireland's Metalworks magazine, Martin MacCormaic, for a memorable set at the fourth installment of Ireland's Day of Darkness festival on July 9. MacCormaic, who left WAYLANDER in 2002, took to the stage to attend to tin-whistle duty as the band performed in front of a frenzied crowd. Also performing at the festival were doom titans MOURNING BELOVETH, whose powerful performance on the day included tracks from the band's recently released third album, "A Murderous Circus". The festival was headlined by black metal legends ROTTING CHRIST. The four-piece celebrated their first-ever performance on Irish soil and delivered a rousing performance that served as a fitting end to the days proceedings.

The full lineup for the one-day event was: ROTTING CHRIST, DESASTER, MOURNING BELOVETH, SCAVENGER, WAYLANDER, CARNUN RISING, PRIMAL DAWN, DEVILMAKESTHREE, WRECK OF THE HESPERUS and GROUND OF RUIN. Photos of the event can be seen at dayofdarkness.com.

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