"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1985
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Macabre Interviews and Features

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Macabre Discusses Old, New & Future Material

Macabre is a musical entity all of its own. Sure, the Chicago-area group pens songs about the most notorious killers in history. Their music often shares characteristics of death metal, and they often tour with death metal bands. However, death metal is an erroneous tag. Aspects of grind and thrash are also apparent in the band’s music, but their use of other genres besides rock music has resulted in a black-humored concoction known as “murder metal.”

Obviously, the murder metal tag became most apparent when the group named their album that in 2003, but the idea of utilizing other forms of music to accentuate their metal songs goes back much further. The “Sinister Slaughter” album from 1993 featured saloon-style piano notes (“Vampire of Düsseldorf”) and a campfire, sing-a-long acoustic (“Mary Bell"). The group took it even further on their follow up full-length “Dahmer.” A musical based on the life of convicted cannibal killer, Jeffry Dahmer, said album featured the Blues (“Jeffry Dahmer Blues”), a parody of the Umpa lumpa song featured in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (“Jeffry Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory”) and several nursery rhymes like “Grandmother’s House” and “Scrub a Dub Dub.”

The contrast of musical styles—metal meets nursery rhyme and so forth—gives Macabre comic qualities. Even though they write songs on taboo subject matter, their songs guarantee sing-a-longs. The group’s latest album, “Grim Scary Tales,” offers more necromantic nursery rhymes. Guitarist/singer, Corporate Death chatted with Metal Underground about his sordid subjects, using non-metal forms of music and a new album in the works. More...

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