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Formed: 1995
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Solefald News

Below is our complete Solefald news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Blastfest Offering Live Stream This Weekend

Last night saw the intimate launch of the third edition of Blastfest at Bergen Norway's infamous Garage, featuring excellent performances from each and every band including Chrome Division and Mistur.

Today the event moves on to a much larger venue, USF Verftet for the remainder of the festival which will host bands such as Gorgoroth, Ihsahn, Abbath and many more in 'A One Time Only Celebration Of The Norwegian Metal Scene'!

With such an amazing celebration, and yet so many people across the world not being able to attend, Blastfest are now coming to you via an online live stream! Although it's not the same as being in Bergen and experiencing the festival first hand, at least you can now experience a part of it.

Stream the festival live right here (direct link at this location):

Blastfest by Blast-tv More...

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Blastfest 2016 Finalizes Lineup

It's been months in the making, but the schedule for Blastfest 2016 is complete. Now in its third year, the Bergen festival has not only put together yet another incredible lineup, but also one in which will be a one-time-only celebration of the Norwegian scene.

A 100% Norwegian lineup, which includes the likes of Abbath, Arcturus, Taake, 1349, Gorgoroth and even some rare appearances from the likes of Green Carnation. Blastfest 2016 will be a truly memorable occasion, with chief and owner Yngve Christiansen comments:

"2016 will be a very special festival edition with a lineup consisting solely of Norwegian bands. The bands represented at Blastfest are the legends, those from the beginning, the ones who made it evolve... the ones who disappeared... the ones who never stopped... the ones whom you should have heard more about... and the ones you will hear about. We have done our best to make a strong lineup representing Norway in the best possible way." More...

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Solefald Streaming "The Germanic Entity"

Tomorrow, Indie Recordings will unleash "World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud" from Norway's prized Avant Norse folk duo, Solefald, upon North American ears.

The group's first new studio full-length in over four years, the eight-track "World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud" was captured in Norway and Tanzania, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Cathedral, Angelwitch, Grave Miasma) at Orgone Studio in London and features guest appearances from drummer Baard Kolstad (Borknagar, ICS Vortex), bassist Alexander Bøe (In Vain), guitarist Petter Hallaråker (Rendezvous Point) and keyboardist Sindre Nedland (In Vain, Funeral) as well as world music player Anania Ngoliga of Zanzibar on the kalimba and guitar.

In celebration of tomorrow's release, today Revolver offers up second track, "The Germanic Entity," for public ingestion. Check it out below. More...

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Solefald Releasing New Album

Unique avant-garde duo Solefald will release a new full-length album after a four year wait, titled “World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud.” The album will be out on February 2nd, 2015 via Indie Recordings. The label comments:

"With this release, Solefald challenges the listener with their complex musical diversity, taking the listener on a surreal adventure to truly unique musical settings and sound constellations yet to be discovered. Merging raw Norwegian metal with Dutch techno and Norse and African folk rhythms, Solefald has beyond doubt crafted an out of the ordinary sound; world music with black edges. A celebration of world culture!"

The new song "Bububu Bad Beuys" can be heard below, courtesy of Zero Tolerance, and the band also comments:

“Bububu Bad Beuys is a merry impro piece conceived in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, where Cornelius ran about in the studio backyard chasing chickens. World music percussionist Gunnar Augland sets the beat with local percussionist Raz, giving the Norwegian Gringo-singer sufficient wingroom for an assault of total chicken chic. The song ends with a hard-hitting stadium atmosphere developed by Lars. You got it: The letter is B!” More...

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Indie Recordings Releasing Holiday Sampler

Just in time for the holidays, Scandinavian hard rock/heavy metal powerhouse Indie Recordings looks back on a delightfully debaucherous 2014 with the Christmas Carnage sampler.

The collection includes sonic devastation from the likes of Viking metal behemoths Einherjer, Pagan extreme metallers Kampfar, avant Norse folk duo Solefald, and more. The compilation is due out tomorrow and will be available at iTunes here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Einherjer - Nidstong
2. Kampfar - Mylder
3. Wardruna - Løyndomsriss
4. Tnt - 10,000 Lovers (in One) Live
5. Oslo Ess - Midnatt
6. Vredehammer - Cthulhu
7. Solefald - Songen: Vargen
8. Iskald - A Fading Horizon
9. Patria - Blood Storm Prophecy
10. Blodhemn - Evig Heder
11. Extol - Sting Of Death
12. Oslo Faenskap - No Skin, No Armor
14. Woland - Conquer All
15. Jack Dalton - 8 Times X Equals This
16. Riwen - Karlsgrundet
17. Posthum - The Black Northern Ritual
18. The Osiris Club - Mystery Sells
19. Deathbed Reunion - Bad Phase More...

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Solefald Releases New EP

After four years of silence, Solefald (covered in our look at underground avant-garde bands) returns with "Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord," an experimental soundtrack to the fjords and mountains of Norway, and a hymn to the nature of the North.

A prequel to the eclectic duo's forthcoming "Kosmopolis Sud" full-length set for release next year, "Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord" was created for release on vinyl, boasts a crew totaling ten musicians, and finds Soleflad venturing into new and unfamiliar soundscapes. The digital edition is also available now via iTunes here.

"Norrønasongen picks up the torch from 2010's Norrøn Livskunst illuminating the same barrenness through the prism of prog rock, electro, folk and noise," elaborates vocalist/guitarist/programmer Cornelius Von Jackhelln. "Norrønasongen is our first release with all the lyrics written and sung in our mother tongue. Norse Jugendstil for eyes, minds and ears: Solefald are delighted to be back with their boots on!"

Adds vocalist/synthesizer/programmer, Lars Are Nedland, "As long-time fans of the progressive movement of the late '60s/early '70s, it was in the cards that Solefald would dive into the world of melotrons at some point. Norrønasongen is a progressive folk-pop-noise release, and sets the scene for the forthcoming album Kosmopolis Sud by being nothing like it. We're Solefald after all!"

The track listing is:

I. Norrønaprogen
II. Det Siste Landskap (An Icelandic Odyssey Part IV)
III. Norskdom
SOLEFALD Vs. Sturmgeist & The Fall Of Rome
IV. Norrøna: Ljodet Som Ljoma
V. Songen: Vargen

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Unearthing The Avant-Garde Metal Underground

The number of metal bands out there has exploded in the last few years, and finding acts that meet your tastes can be quite a challenge, especially if you prefer your heavy music underground instead of well known. To help keep up with the ever shifting sea of metal, each Monday we unearth three lesser known bands all grouped by style or location.

We’ve looked at underground experimental bands before, but today we’ll cover three groups on the far fringe of the avant-garde scene. These three metallic offerings are for fans of the most bizarre reaches of music, combining elements that typically never come within miles of each other.

Age of Silence

Norway’s Age of Silence unfortunately only released a single full-length album back in 2004, titled “Acceleration,” and followed that with an EP the next year. True to its name, the band has been mostly silent since then, only popping up in 2010 to announce work was underway on another album, but nothing has come of it yet.

Age of Silence starts with a distinctly Scandinavian metal sound, but goes primarily for clean vocals, lacing in a variety of odd keyboard sound effects that take the music in a different direction than normal.

While there may or may not ever be new Age of Silence material, band member Andy Winter recently released his own solo album, offering more proggy Norwegian metal for fans who can’t get enough.


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Vreid Hitting The Road With Solefald

This coming April, three of Norway’s most innovative and hard-hitting metal bands will team up for a European tour. Co-headlined by Vreid & Solefald with special guests In Vain, brace yourself for a night of haunting Northern Lights.

A new show at Iduna in Drachten, Netherlands has also now been announced -this show replaces the date in Oberhausen on April 5th.

Vreid recently released new opus ”Welcome Farewell” (reviewed here) via Indie Records. Primarily known as a studio project, Solefald will now unleash the band's creative strength across European stages in April as co-headliners. Special guests In Vain also release new album ”Ænigma” this month, which follows “Mantra” from 2010. More...

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Enslaved Wins Spellmann Award

Norwegian extreme metal outfit Enslaved picked up the Spellmann Award for Best Metal Album of 2010 yesterday (Macrh 5th) for their most recent studio release, "Axioma Ethica Odini," which was released last year through Indie Recordings. The award is the Norwegian equivilant to the Grammys and Enslaved thought off tough competition to earn it, beating Shining, Solefald and former Emperor frontman, Ihsahn to scoop the prize.

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Ihsahn Nominated For Norwegian Grammy

Former Emperor guitarist and solo artist Ihsahn has been nominated for a Norwegian grammy (Spellemannsprisen) for his latest album "After." Ihsahn also recently announced he has begun writing new material for an upcoming fourth solo album.

Additional details on the awards ceremony can be found at this location. Other metal albums nominated for the award are Enslaved - "Axioma ethica odini," Shining - "Blackjazz," and Solefald - "Norrøn livskunst."

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Solefald Posts New Song Online

Norwegian progressive metal act Solefald has posted a new song online, titled "Vitets Vidd I Verdi." The song is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's forthcoming studio album, "Norrøn Livskunst", which is scheduled for release on November 15 via Indie Recordings. You can listen to the new song at this location.

Here is the "Norrøn Livskunst" tracklisting:
1. Song Til Stormen
2. Norrøn Livskunst
3. Tittentattenteksti
4. Stridsljod, (Blackabilly)
5. Eukalyptustreet
6. Raudedauden
7. Vitets Vidd I Verdi
8. Haugferdi
9. Waves Over Vallhalla (An Icelandic Odyssey Part 3)
10. Til Heimen Yver Havet

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Solefald Signs To Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings has issued the following announcement about signing Norwegian band Solefald:

"Indie Recordings is proud to announce the signing of SOLEFALD.

"The Norwegian avant-garde act was formed by Lars Are ‘Lazare’ Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln in August 1995. Lazare on vocals, keyboard/synthesizer/piano and drums, and Cornelius on vocals, guitar and bass.
After 6 albums, they are now ready to release their 7th through Indie Recordings. Date yet to be announced Already from the get go in 1995, it was already quite evident that the band had an experimental edge, incorporating Lazare's choir like clean vocals and lush piano passages into the heavy and intense black metal formula.

"Solefald is a rare breed of band that is able to successfully fuse two opposing feelings of music; beauty and ambiance, as well as intensity and rage.
Indie Recordings is very happy to have the excellence of Solefald in our family."

Cornelius Jakhelln also issued the following statement about the signing and the upcoming album: More...

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Cornelius and Solefald Wish You a Happy 1009 AF

Cornelius of avant-garde metal band Solefald has recently given updates on recent activities. First, he's shared some travel plans: this January, he plans to vacation at Buenos Aires, Argentina. "It will be my first trip to South America, and I look forward to discovering the charms of a new continent." His time "will be spent writing Solefald lyrics, as well as editing a novel" he is working on. He has also announced the following: "I receive questions about when our new album is out: next autumn ought to give you the answer." You should expect some "epic evil." He also wishes that you'll have a happy and meaningful 1009 AF (apparently this is a reference to the Icelandic Odyssey albums).

Feel free to give Cornelius some travel tips at Solefald's MySpace page.

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Solefald Singer Awarded 1st Prize In Novel Contest

SOLEFALD frontman Cornelius Jakhelln has issued the following update via the group's MySpace page:

"I hinted to this being a very special day in a bulletin this morning. Now the day is almost over, and finally I have the time to inform you. At a press conference in Oslo today I was awarded the 1st prize in a big Scandinavian novel contest, for my saga novel "The Fall Of The Gods" (Gudenes Fall). For five years I have worked on that book. There have been more downs than ups along the way, with disappointment and disapproval, lack of motivation and financial strain. Lots of it. At one point I had the novel turned down pretty harshly by my publisher, just before which I contracted tendonitis (past by now). My bitterness was complete. I considered giving up writing entirely.

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New Manes Album Postponed

Due to some unforeseen technical troubles with the cover, the new MANES album 'How the world came to an end' has been postponed to a May the 7th release.

This album will see MANES collaborating with many talented people contributing to the outcome in various forms. Apart from Asgeir, main vocalist on the 2003 album 'Vilosophe', and Tor-Arne, eminent drummer in Atrox and a part of the Manes live formation on percussion since early 2004, quite a few people has been involved in the creation of 'How the world came to an end'.

Below follows a few words on all of them:

Flegmatical - waveforms - Electronica musician involved in the 8-bit/chipart scene
Trine Kolmannskog - vocals - Also in the experimental band/performance group The Four, previously also with Norwegian experimentalists Albino Slug
WT - vocals - MC that masters Norwegian, English, French and Arabic rap, central in the now defunct group Shogunz
Spaz - vocals - MC central in the now defunct group Shogunz. Also in Roll-X-Side and Lo'doe
P. Emerson Williams - vocals, soundstructures - Musician, visual artist and author from the US, maybe best known for his musical ventures with Choronzon and Veil of Thorns
Stein E. Bratland - vocals and synths - Producer and studio engineer in Skansen Lydstudio
Emily A. Saaen - vocals - Russian singer and songwriter involved with a multitude of projects like Aeolight, Íon and Andi Vax
Emil Sporsheim - vocals - Main vocalist on the [view] EP and live vocalist for Manes
Cornelius Jakhelln - lyrical contribution - Musician and author, maybe best known for his role in avantgarde metallers Solefald

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Pantheon I Reveals More Details On New Album

Norway's PANTHEON I have issued the following update in regards to their forthcoming new album:

"Due out April 2nd through Candlelight Records, the new album has been dubbed The Wanderer And His Shadow, and clocks in at just over 40 minutes. The album was recorded and mixed by Christian Wibe at Nye Losjen studios.

The tracklisting is as follows: 'Origin Of Sin', 'The Wanderer And His Shadow', 'Cyanide Storm', 'Coming To An End', 'Shedim', 'Where Angels Burn', 'My Curse', 'Chaos Incarnate'.

Guest appearance on 'Coming To An End' by SOLEFALD vocalist Lazare Nedland and Nachtgarm from NEGATOR on 'Chaos Incarnate'.

Previous Pantheon I member Gunhild has lent us her great violin skills on 'Where Angels Burn'. The front cover will once again be a kick ass painting done by Kjell Åge Meland, who did the front cover to Atrocity Divine.

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Solefald Set Release For "Black for Death"

SOLEFALD, the Norwegian avant-garde metal/black metal band consisting of Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln, will release its much-anticipated new album, "Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part 2", on November 14 (on day earlier internationally) through Season of Mist. The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Red for Fire, Black for Death
02. Queen in the Bay of Smoke
03. Silver Dwarf
04. Underworld
05. Necrodyssey
06. Allfathers
07. Lokasenna Part 2
08. Loki Trickster God
09. Spoken to the End of All
10. Dark Waves Dying
11. Lokeasenna Part 3
12. Stagateller

Commented Lazare: "The Icelandic Odyssey that started with 'Red for Fire' in 2005 is finally complete — the circle is closed with 'Black for Death', and yet again Solefald pays respect to the pagan heritage of the Northlands. Join us in the Chieftain's hall, check out the album, and be sure not to miss the amazing guest appearance of Garm / Trickster G (ULVER) on 'Loki Trickster God'."

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Winds Announce Guest Musicians On New CD

WINDS have announced the names of several musicians that will make guest appearances on their upcoming album. Those appearing are:

Agnete M. Kirkevaag (Madder Mortem, Frantic Bleep)
Lars A. Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald)
Øystein Moe (Ulver, Tritonus)

Andy Winter, piano player and main songwriter, comments: “These guys were selected by the four of us based on our deep admiration for their talents, and we are both honored and grateful that they chose (and found in time in their busy schedules) to participate in enhancing our new record with their presence.” WINDS is currently working on completing the remaining recording sessions for their fourth record, the follow-up to the well-received 2004 offering The Imaginary Direction Of Time. The upcoming album will be mixed and completed during late summer or early fall of 2006. The album will be released on THE END RECORDS sometime before the end of the year.

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Sturmgeist's "Uber" Has Been Mastered

From the new headquarters in Berlin, Sturmgeist proudly announces that the second album "Über" has been mastered and the European release date has been set to June, 19th, on Season of Mist. Like its predecessor "Meister Mephisto" (Season of Mist, 2005), "Über" contains a host of dramatic, down-tuned songs inspired by Germanic culture and history. As 2006 marks the 250th birthday of the Austrian composer Mozart, Sturmgeist think it appropriate to commemorate him with a heavy cover of Falco's song "Rock me Amadeus". Other track titles are "Dobermann", "Party Über Alles", "Grimanic Guerillas", and "Hindenburg". Drummer AntiChristian (Grimfist, Tsjuder) ensures the lethal pounding necessary to the Sturmgeist sound, along with new guitarist John Erik Jacobsen. "Über", recorded at TopRoom Studio in Norway, is mixed by Børge Finstad and produced by Cornelius von Jackhelln.

In related news, the third volume in Cornelius Jakhelln's "Quadra Natura" four-book poetry cycle has now hit the bookshelves in Norway. The book's full title is "Fagernorn. Quadra Natura 0111", and deals with the identity of the individual in relation to nationality and cultural heritage. Avid readers of Cornelius' lyrics in Solefald and Sturmgeist will certainly recognize the eclectic playfulness and hardcore pathos present in "Fagernorn".

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Age of Silence Prepare To Record New Album

Avant-garde/prog/metal act AGE OF SILENCE, the Norwegian band featuring Lazare (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD), Hellhammer (WINDS, ARCTURUS, MAYHEM) and Eikind (KHOLD, TULUS), among others, have issued the following update on the progress of the songwriting sessions for their upcoming album:

"If things have been quiet in the AGE OF SILENCE camp for a while, that is because we have been busy with other musical projects lately!

"We are soon getting closer to preparing for the recording of a new album. All the material has been ready for quite some time, and in order to progress even further we are taking a step backwards with this new release.

"Musically speaking, we are not going to reveal much, but it will be darker, heavier, yet still containing the usual AGE OF SILENCE brilliance! In other words, expect a masterpiece that will undoubtedly set a new standard in ‘extreme-fusion’ for years to come."

In other news, AGE OF SILENCE have launched a new official forum at this location.

AGE OF SILENCE released a three-song EP entitled "Complications – Trilogy of Intricacy" on The End Records last fall.

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