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Black Sabbath

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Band Photo: Black Sabbath (?)

Formed: 1968
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Metal Masters' Righteous Revival

Toronto Star wrote an article about how "evil isn't what it used to be."

Parents groups, conservative politicians and religious wingnuts worried daily that exposure to metal was promoting everything from promiscuity, substance abuse and casual violence among teens to an overall increase in Satan's power over the surface of the earth. Tipper Gore, of the then-notorious Parents Music Resource Centre (PMRC), claimed the music told young people "It's okay to beat people up" and successfully lobbied for warning labels to be affixed to potentially offensive recordings. Geraldo Rivera presided over a straight-faced, primetime "news" special exploring the links between heavy metal and Satanism.

Ozzy Osbourne — already notorious in the midst of his drunken "lost years" for biting the heads off a dove and a bat (the latter, in Ozzy's defence, was accidental) — found himself dragged into California court over the first of two ludicrous legal claims that his song, "Suicide Solution," had convinced an unfortunate teenager to kill himself. British metallers Judas Priest would face a lawsuit of their own in Reno, Nevada a couple of years later when the families of two more suicidal teens claimed subliminal messages on the band's 1978 album, "Stained Class," had coaxed the boys to "do it." Slayer would be next in court in the '90s when three teens who murdered, then raped, a 15-year-old girl in a horrific "virgin sacrifice" claimed the band's blood-spattered lyrics were responsible.

Read the full article at Toronto Star.

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Black Sabbath The Complete Recording History

Rockdetector.com executive editor Garry Sharpe-Young has been working on a leviathan account of Black Sabbath's complete recording history, from the earliest demos through to the "Reunion" album and, possibly, beyond. Already having two highly praised Sabbath-related titles under his belt, "The Story of the Ozzy Osbourne Band" and "Black Sabbath – Never Say Die", Garry has spent the best part of a year researching this upcoming tome.

"For me, the fascination with the previous books was in getting all the behind-the-scenes detail on how the bands functioned," Garry said in a press release. "From the many letters from Sabbath fans I received, it just seemed obvious to apply that detail to the songs themselves. With 'Complete Recording History' I'm tackling each album song by song. Where the ideas came from, how they were recorded, evolved and what impact they had."

Garry's previous works received unanimous glowing praise from the Sabbath community. "Even Tony Iommi rang me to say he thought I’d done a good job!" Sharpe-Young said. Exclusive interviews included more than 50 related musicians including, among many others, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler, Ian Gillan, Tony Martin, Glenn Hughes, Rob Halford, Geoff Nicholls, David Donato, Eric Singer, Rudy Sarzo, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Carmine Appice, Tommy Aldridge, Bobby Rondinelli, Dave Spitz, Bernie Torme, Brad Gillis, Phil Soussan, Jo Burt, Terry Chimes and the late Cozy Powell, Randy Castillo and Ray Gillen.

“Right now I’m looking for comments from other musicians on these classic songs," Garry explained. "I'm asking well-known rockers about their favorite Sabbath tracks, what they mean to them, how these songs impacted upon them as musicians and their own musical analysis of the songs themselves. I think its befitting that Black Sabbath's legacy should be honoured by those prominent in the heavy metal community. After all, which metal guitarist has not at some stage played a Tony Iommi riff? Even my 12-year-old son is blasting out 'Symptom of the Universe'!"

"Black Sabbath – The Complete Recording History" is slated for a late 2005 publication. Any musicians wishing to contribute should contact Garry through the Rockdetector.com web site.

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Tony Iommi And Glenn Hughes To Release Album

Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes offer proof in the form of the album 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' set for release by Sanctuary Records on September 28, 2004. The album is being released under the banner Iommi with Glenn Hughes.

'The 1996 DEP Sessions' features eight electrifying songs recorded by these two legends. Iommi is one of the most influential and widely recognized guitarists in the history of rock music, known from Black Sabbath. Hughes was a member of Trapeze before achieving worldwide superstardom as the co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist in Deep Purple in the mid-1970s. He has enjoyed a prolific and diverse solo career.

The two friends had worked together a decade before on 1986's 'Seventh Star' album, which the record company at the time credited to Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi for marketing purposes. The underrated 'Seventh Star' certainly had its highlights, but it featured a then-contemporary 1980s sound. 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' are said to have a much grittier, forceful, timeless sound.

The eight tracks on 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' are: More...

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Black Sabbath: Forging a Genre

The St. Petersburg TImes' Philip Booth caught up with Geezer Butler on their Pittsburgh stop of Ozzfest and wrote an interesting article on the band's origins. Here's a snippet:

Jazz and blues, surprisingly enough, served as musical grist for the early Black Sabbath, as Ozzy Osbourne recently told Rolling Stone. The group, at one point, included a saxophonist and a bottleneck-slide guitarist.

So how did the quartet of working class teenagers from Birmingham, England, make the transition from tunes influenced by Cream, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Jethro Tull to the dark, bone-crunching likes of Iron Man and Paranoid?

In a word: jamming.

It was a matter of survival, Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler said recently from a tour stop in Pittsburgh.

Read the full article at St. Petersburg Times.

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Ozzfest Show Report For August 26th In Camden NJ

The day was August 26th, the day of the Ozzfest, the festival all metal-heads know and worship. Bringing the heaviest tour to the masses year after year. This year was a year to remember with bands like Slayer, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Slipknot, and upcomers Atreyu, Bleeding Through, and Lacuna Coil; among others. More...

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Sharon Osbourne Addresses Ozzy's Camden "No Show"

For those who don't already know Ozzy did not show up at the August 26th OZZFEST in Camden NJ. Ozzy Osbourne's wife/manager Sharon Osbourne has issued the following statement regarding Ozzy's no-show at the Ozzfest stop in Camden, NJ on August 26:

"To those who attended the Ozzfest show in Camden on August 26,

"I would like to address the few complaints that have arisen from BLACK SABBATH’s performance with Rob Halford [JUDAS PRIEST] in Camden last Thursday, August 26th. The situation quite clearly was that Ozzy was suffering from bronchitis. He was hoping from the morning of the show until the afternoon that he would have some sort of voice so that he could perform that evening. Unfortunately by late afternoon he was advised by doctors that that just wouldn’t be possible. So, our options were:

1. Have BLACK SABBATH not to perform at all and inform the crowd at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, which might have lead to a riot.


2. Ask one of the legends of the genre, Rob Halford, if he would step in for Ozzy that evening so that people wouldn’t leave feeling disappointed not seeing BLACK SABBATH perform at all.

"Of course Ozzy’s more disappointed than the fans and he feels incredibly guilty that he let everyone down.


Sharon Osbourne

"P.S. Ozzy and I would like to personally thank Gil Edwards and WYSP-FM for their enormous and continued support of Ozzfest and hard rock music in Philadelphia."

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Ozzy Skips New Jersey Show

siN's Metal News reports that OZZY did not perform live last night with BLACK SABBATH in Camden, New Jersey. Evedently, the Ozzman fell sick and Rob Halford of JUDAS PRIEST handled all vocal duties for the entire setlist. Side reports have also filtered in saying attendees were thrown out for minor rioting.

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Black Sabbath Removes Backdrop Due To Complaints

According to Black Sabbath's official website, the video backdrop that the band are using on the current Ozzfest dates that compares President Bush to Adolf Hitler has been yanked due to "complaints."

Webmaster Joe Siegler also added: "From concert reports I've read, and an email I got from someone associated with the tour who wants to remain anonymous (I have no idea who it is, they're using a free mail account), it would appear that the Bush/Hitler image from the War Pigs video has been removed. The other day, Bill Ward came out on his website saying he wanted to distance himself from it, and there were a couple of reviews that mentioned said video. Today I noticed that there was a USA Today article that says '...was removed after complaints.' While I've not heard anything official from Sabbath's camp about this, I'll go with what was said here and say it was removed due to complaints."

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Ozzfest Report - July 18 in Bristow, VA

On Sunday, July 18, 2004 I enjoyed one of the best Ozzfests I've witnessed at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia, despite a day that started off pretty bad. To put it all in perspective, I'll start at the beginning. I awoke to prepare for the day and immediately noticed that my right eye which was slightly irritated the day before was swollen half shut. After 30 minutes or so of being awake, I was developing a serious headache from the pressure of my swollen eyelid being open. Although I had fully intended to arrive at Ozzfest by 9:30 and see every band perform, I quickly resigned to going in to the hospital to have my eye checked out. The decision was an easy one because the headache was already terrible and I could only imagine the situation worsening throughout the day as dust, rain, sweat, and/or sun screen got into my eyes.

After two hours in the hospital to get some antibiotic eye drops, I was on my way. One side effect of the eye infection was that I was forced to wear glasses instead of contacts, which totally sucks - it's kind of hard to headbang with glasses on.

Factoring in travel time, I arrived at Ozzfest just two hours into the show. The weather was overcast and comfortably cool 70's. They were calling for a 60% chance of rain, but the weather was holding, despite passing through some rain on the drive to Bristow. More...

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Ozzfest Behind-The-Scenes Photos And Live Review

A bunch of "behind-the-scenes" photos from the Bristow show can be viewed at this location (courtesy of Ponyone.net).

Sean Daly of The Washington Post reviewed the Ozzfest 2004 traveling festival when it hit the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA Sunday (July 18).

"With all apologies to the lovable burnout who created this still-mighty bacchanal of 20 beastly bands, lumbering Sasquatchian riffs and a truly sinister food-and-fun midway — featuring a $5-a-try game called 'Kick Me in the [Bleepin'] Head, [Bleeper]!' — it was Halford's recently reunited Judas Priest and not Ozzy Osbourne's recently reunited Black Sabbath that the skin-on-skin Ozzfest crowd was most excited to see," Daly wrote.

"Perhaps that was because the father of stoner rock and MTV's ditsiest dad is downright everywhere these days. Halford, the father of the 1970s New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, which turned sheer loudness into speedy goodness, hasn't been seen since 1993. That's the year he bitterly parted ways with JUDAS PRIEST after revealing — much to the band's surprise (hahaha) — that he was gay."

Read the full article at Washington Post.

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Sabbath, Priest, Slayer Teach Heavy Metal 101

Jon Wiederhorn recounts Wednesday's Ozzfest at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in an article entitled 'Sabbath, Priest, Slayer Teach Heavy Metal 101 At Ozzfest '04' on VH1.com. Here are some highlights:

When a guy in the next row throws up on the seat in front of him and passes out on it, and when two girls 10 feet away lift their tops and make out, and it all happens before 7 p.m., you know you must be at Ozzfest.

And speaking of Superjoint Ritual singer Phil Anselmo:

The singer repeatedly urged fans to stand up and threatened to beat up anyone who remained seated, and when someone in the crowd shouted out the name of his old band, things got ugly. "Pantera's dead," Anselmo replied. "You can boo all you want, it's a waste of breath."

Read the full article at VH1.com.

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Lots More Ozzfest Setlists

Some setlist info is starting to filter in from bands at this years Ozzfest. Here they are so far:

Bleeding Mascara
Someone's Standing On My Chest
Right Side of The Bed
Lip Gloss and Black

Force Fed
Anti Hero
Better Days
Broken Promise More...

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Tony Iommi: 'Dio Deserves A Bit More Credit...'

In a recent interview with Guitar World Magazine, BLACK SABBATH guitarist TONY IOMMI talked about the other legendary Sabbath frontman, RONNIE JAMES DIO, "(On the Dio albums) I'm really satisfied with them. No disrespect to OZZY, but I think it's a shame that they've been buried by all the Ozzy stuff. I think they're good albums, and I think Dio deserves a bit more credit than what he did get. He rarely gets mentioned when people talk about the band. Same with TONY MARTIN."

Iommi is currently working on another solo album and performing this summer at Ozzfest with original Sab members Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

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Tony Martin Asked Lucassen For £20K

Former BLACK SABBATH vocalist TONY MARTIN, who appeared on such albums as The Headless Cross and Tyr , proved a bit out of ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN's price range when approached for the new AYREON project, The Human Condition . Lucassen, who has made a name for himself with his robust operatic metal releases, explains how he filters out vocalists for his projects, "As soon as I get a feeling it's about money, it’s over. It shouldn’t be about money. Like Tony Martin. The first thing he said was, 'You’d better have a big wallet.' He wanted 20,000 pounds for one song. So I passed."

Lucassen has worked with Bruce Dickinson, James La Brie, Ralph Scheepers and countless other name metal vocalists. Yet he has not landed his hero to appear on one of his metal operas as of yet, "My all-time hero, ALICE COOPER. I’d love to work with him, but haven’t been able to work it out."

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Black Sabbath: 'The Ronnie James Dio Years'

Warner Bros./Rhino Records is releasing a new BLACK SABBATH compilation in September focusing on the Ronnie James Dio era(s). "Black Sabbath: The Ronnie James Dio Years" features the following track listing:

01. Neon Knights
02. Lady Evil
03. Country Girl
04. Voodoo
05. The Mob Rules
06. Turn Up The Night
07. TV Crimes
08. Time Machine
09. Letters From Earth
10. Heaven And Hell

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Ozzy Wants Johnny Depp to Play Him in Biopic

Oscar nominee Johnny Depp has begun negotiations over starring as rocker Ozzy Osbourne in a forthcoming biopic. The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl' star is the former Black Sabbath singer and wife Sharon's first choice to take on the coveted role, but say he's not yet committed to the project. Ozzy says, "We're talking to Johnny but it's not 100 percent yet."

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Geezer Butler Back With Ozzy

OZZY OSBOURNE has parted ways with bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson and has re-joined forces with his BLACK SABBATH bandmate Geezer Butler, according to BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

Butler's return to OSBOURNE's band has further opened the door for a possible BLACK SABBATH reunion at this year's Ozzfest. OZZY is currently scheduled to headline the annual festival, with JUDAS PRIEST being billed as a co-headliner.

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Black Sabbath Reuniting For Ozzfest 2004?

BLACK SABBATH are rumored to be reuniting for this year's Ozzfest, and according to guitarist Tony Iommi, a SABBATH set at this year's festival is not out of the question.

"I've heard that rumor as well, and there is negotiations at the moment. As yet, we've not reached a settlement, but there is talk about it. I think it's great, and I would've liked to have done it last year and the year before, you know, but we didn't."

It is not presently clear whether BLACK SABBATH would be a new addition to the tour, or whether they'd take the place of OZZY OSBOURNE's solo set.

A BLACK SABBATH box set, called "Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)" comes out April 27. It comes with remastered versions of the first eight SABBATH albums, as well as a DVD with some live performances.

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New Black Sabbath Single And Box Set Covers Online

BLACK SABBATH fan site Black-Sabbath.de has uploaded a photo scan of the new "Paranoid" / "Iron Man" single, released in conjunction with the group's much-anticipated eight-disc BLACK SABBATH box set, "Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)". The final "Black Box" art can be viewed at this location (courtesy of Black-Sabbath.com).

Due on April 27 through Rhino Records, "Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)" will feature remastered versions of the band's albums with Ozzy Osbourne behind the mike, as well as a live DVD with previously unseen footage. It will reportedly retail for $99.98.

BLACK SABBATH's Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" airing Wednesday, March 31. The live show begins at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET, and fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you, check out www.rocklineradio.com.

You can already pre-order Black Sabbath's Black Box Set on Amazon.

Here's the complete track listing for good measure: More...

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'Eighth Star Bootleg' To Get Official Release

BLACK-SABBATH.com reports that TONY IOMMI intends to release what's commonly known as the "Eighth Star Bootleg" - this material was recorded back in 1996 for what was then to be Tony Iommi's first official solo album - the recording features performances by vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), keyboardist Don Airey (Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple) and drummer Dave Holland (Judas Priest).

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